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How to Pick Up a Stripper


First Let's go over of few things like why you go to a strip club. Admit It You want to get LAID! Wait what about the rules. As far as I am concerned forget the rules. Ever Adult club I have ever been to have said absolutely no touching the girls. Yet I have every time I go I fondle them, suck their tits and even get blowjobs every once in awhile. And if you are really lucky you can take one home. I have took a girl back to my home three times in recent memory, but there is different set of rules if you want to take one of them home.

Rule Number 1 is never tip them onstage. They need to come to you. If she doesn't don't sweat it because there will other hot babes stripping for you in a minute. Rule number 2 when she does come to you engage her in some light conversation, but remember she is trying to make money of you. Go ahead and get a lap dance or two. In some clubs the girls will have a drink with you. Doesn't hurt to ask even if it is a no alcohol, it give you more of chance to talk to her. The goal her is to make her feel comfortable around you. Get her talk about herself. One Very serious no no is don't ask about her body, a compliment is okay but don't ask if they are real. If you ask if she is likes women she most likely say yes because it excites men and that's how she gets money. Things you ask her where is she from things like that.

Rule number 3 is about when you are getting the lap dance. The rules of the club are not written in stone. They will let you break them to some extent depending on there own personal taste. They are more likely to let you break the rules if they like you, and if they are having a slow day. Most guys just sit there and let the girls rub their body all over you and never move a muscle. But I say do this the other way around. Show your excitement to the girl she will like it. She likes for one or two reasons. One of course is she has the potential to make more money. Two she just might be getting turned on by your excitement. Try to touch her she might let you get away with it. If they let you get away with keep doing it. If the say something tells them you were not aware of the rules. Keep in mind all the girls have a different point were they will say no more you have to test the waters. When all is said and done don't let her just walk away. You need to keep her attention. Also do not ask to go back to your place straight out. You need to test the waters.

The are many ways to test the waters. One thing is for sure though if she is not trying to get away by this point she is open for whatever. That means you got her were you want her. This is the best time to engage her in conversation. Pick a feature and compliment it and be original don't compliment her ass or breast or her body. She knows she has a nice body. Remember guys pay to look at her body. If you are going to ask a girl to leave the club with you the best way to do it is to hold her hand and ask. Never say for sex when you ask. Think of something creative to tell her. She needs a good reason to leave with you. Hopefully you had a couple of drinks together and this will be a lot easier to do. Also don't say my place when you are asking her to leave with you unless she is obviously wants you. Strippers do on occasion slip phone numbers but don't count on it. What you say when you ask her to leave must be original not a line.

This is a few notes about the girls who work as strippers. Some of them are just there for the money in which case you won't get lucky. Some of them really enjoy their work and the attention they get from that come there. This is the kind of girl you want to try this on. She is the one that will come to you when you are just sitting in the back. The other one will go the people who are spending their money on tipping the stage dances first. These are the girls that will do something extra during your lap dance as long as you don't ask her. This is the one you want. She won't be looking for it but when it finds her she be ready and willing if you know how to kick your game. All the things I mentioned about sucking tits and getting blown was done during a lap dance at some all nude clubs. One last comment it really doesn't matter what shape you're in or how old you just how you talk to them and such!

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