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How to Play - Doing Hard Time


NOTE- This is just a game and the terms are for entertainment purposes only. No real "rape" is meant to occur. The game is to be played by consenting adults only!

If you do try the game let me know if you had a good time.


The wife and I have been having swinger parties for the past ten years. Even though they are fun, they are a lot of hard work. You always have to come up with different themes, and different games to get the party started. While sitting down one night preparing for the next soirée I came up with a little game called Doing Hard Time. You don't need many items and it is real simple to play. It is a mixture of Truth or Dare and Three Man (that is a drinking dice game). The game is designed for 3 or more players. Here are the items you will need to play this fun game:

-A pair of dice

-Some restraints- scarves, handcuffs, zap straps or what ever else you can find to tie your wrists up

-A toy of some kind- vibrator, dildo, butt plug

-Lube, of course

-Any kind of currency- we try to use cigarettes for authenticity but you can use coins, candy or monopoly money even poker chips would work

The object of this game is to become the "Big Dog" of the jail. And you do that by accumulating everyone else's "currency".

You start of with an equal set amount of currency say a pack of smokes each. You each roll one die to figure out who rolls first. The highest roller gets this privilege. Now going in a clockwise order you roll the dice.

If you roll a double you take the number on one die and become a "taker". You choose who you want to take from. You may split it up if you want to. If you roll a double you must roll again.

*Note- All doubles count for taking except double sixes (that will be explained later)

If you don't roll a double you become a "giver". Unlike being a "taker" you don't get to choose who you give to.

If on your roll, you roll and even number 4,6,8,10 then you start handing out a single "currency" to each person starting on your right. Until you have given the amount on the higher of the two die. So if you rolled a 10, and it was a six and four you would start on your right and six people would get a "coin" each. If you have a small number of people playing you just skip yourself and continue distributing around the circle.

If you roll an odd number follow the same instructions but this time start on your left.

If by chance you roll double sixes then you must remove your clothes and keep them off for the remainder of the game. This is know as "solitary confinement". You still get another roll after since it is doubles. If you happen to roll second double sixes in a row then you get to pick a person of your choice to join you in "solitary confinement".

*Note- Once you lose your clothes they stay lost!

As the game goes on some will run out of "currency". If this happens they become the "prison bitch". If you become a "prison bitch" you can no longer collect on rolls, however the dice now have different meaning for you.

If you roll three doubles in a row you are no longer a "prison bitch". So when you roll a double it makes it a safe roll for you.

If you don't roll a double and it is an even numbered roll you once again take the highest die and count from your right. The person who is in that spot you must perform a "favor" for. A "favor" is much like a dare in Truth or Dare. You have the right of refusal on any dare but you forfeit your next roll.

If you roll an odd number then you start from the left following the same rule.

If someone else rolls and is a "taker" and they choose you, you must perform a "favor" for that person.

*Note- a "taker" can not receive "currency" and a favor on the same roll. They must pick which one they want.

If one rolls three double sixes in a row they get "prison raped". They must either take a toy or an "inmate" of there choice and have intercourse. However the person gets their fourth roll before any "prison rape" can occur and if the person happens to roll double sixes a fourth time in a row they become the "rapist" and get to choose the "target". The "rapist" also gets the privilege of binding the "target" up in restraints.

*Note- You do not have to become a "target" but you forfeit your next turn. But if you are the roller and have to receive "prison rape" then you must at least use a toy on yourself.

Once again the winner becomes the "Big Dog" on the cell block and this is achieved by collecting every one else's "currency".

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