How to Pleasure a Lady - & Yourself

byTeenage Venus©

Do I Spit it out or Swallow?

You will know when you have brought him to the point of no return, and he is about to spurt semen: so it is ‘make your mind up time’. Some guys prefer to drag their Dick out, and do the last bit of wanking themselves. Most love it if the girl will suck them right off, and swallow the cum as it spurts. Many girls prefer to give head this way too, but you decide - If he doesn’t pull first out first!

Blowjobs are also a great foreplay activity: He’ll last longer for you if you give him one prior to a passionate lovemaking session.” _ _ _ _ _ _

“Dr Mel says: A blowjob is oral sex on a lad. How do you do it? Like this...

Wisely. Only if you want to - not because someone asked nicely - And definitely not because you think you should.

Safely Oral sex can cause infection. Who needs an STI in the mouth? Flavoured condoms are like sweets, which don’t rot your teeth. Fabulous.

Legally Wait till you're 16. • Expertly Practise on your finger first • Slowly There’s no rush. Taking a deep breath and nose-diving your partner till your jaw aches is unnecessary. Relax. • Thoughtfully Ask him what feels good. Talk with your mouth full if you have to.

Gently Avoid teeth. Think lollipop, not stick of rock. And you don’t need to go too deep - gagging is no fun.

Carefully The most sensitive bit of the penis is the top, particularly on the underside.

Experimentally As the saying goes: 'Suck it and see'.” _ _ _ _ _ _ _

“Pleasure Areas” Skill is required to suck your man's cock and provide him with the highest degree of pleasure possible. While his erect penis points toward the ceiling, cup his balls in one hand and gently, using only your tongue, lick softly, but carefully along the entire underside of his erect organ. As you suck along the underbelly you will learn those areas that give him the greatest pleasure when your tongue is touching them. Unless he is made of stone, your partner will provide you with vivid clues as to which areas are most pleasurable. As you discover these areas of enhanced pleasure concentrate on them.

For most men the most sensitive area will be the point where the ring (or corona) of the head and the foreskin are attached. Or were attached prior to his circumcision. By continued licking and tapping along this area with your tongue, you are going to bring forth a geyser. If you are not skilled and you want to please him in a hurry I suggest that you get him off in this manner in order to become familiar at first hand with the nature and delight of his climax.”

Climax As he is getting ready for climax, you will note changes in his penis. These signs will be the same every time he climaxes so you can prepare for his cum properly. The head of the cock may swell somewhat larger then it is during normal erection. He may thrust his hips forward hurtling out his cock with his cum. Usually, just prior to the cum, a clear drop or two of fluid will appear at the tiny, lovely lips at the tip of the cock. When you see this or feel the opening at the meateus through his condom you know that the ‘moment of truth’ is at hand. Launch the torpedoes, full cum ahead!


The best position is by kneeling between his legs and approaching his cock from the bottom rather than from the side or the top. Try the various positions I describe later and see what works best for you and your partner.

Mouth Circle Place his stiff cock inside your mouth but do not tighten your lips around the shaft. With your head begin a circle motion. The cock will slide to different places in your mouth as you continue the circle motion. Watch your teeth on this one. A kneeling position will suffice but it is also effective when your partner is on his back and your head is directly over his cock. The circle should be executed in both clockwise and counter clockwise motions in a slow purposeful manner. When the technique is performed correctly, it means many hours of unadulterated pleasure.

Lollipop With your man sitting in an elevated position and you on your knees in front of him lift his hard cock to reveal his balls. With your tongue, find the underside of his balls. Now, while resting his balls on your wet tongue lick in an upward motion, to the very tip of his cock. It is permissible to use your hands in this technique. It is better to do this technique several times in a row - like licking a lollipop.

Cocksucking Slide his cock into your mouth but not deeply by sliding your moistened tongue lovingly over the head until your lips close around the shaft at the point just behind the corona. Encase the shaft of his penis with your hand. Now you have several options. Try twisting your head from side to side making sure your moist lips stay in contact with the coronal ridge. While doing this gently move your hand up and down the shaft.

When he climaxes he may want to push your head further down the shaft of his penis. He wants to envelop you with his cock. As you are learning his climax you will miss the fine points if you deep throat at this time. Instead gently suck around the corona as he climaxes so that you can intensify his pleasure and increase the force of his orgasm. As you gain more experience you will be able to tell exactly when his climax is approaching and you will be ready for that initial spurt.

Refine this basic technique and heighten his orgasm by placing your thumb at the very base of the penis in such a way as to block the tube through which the cum spurts. The semen cannot escape even though he is spasming and going through the reflex action of ejaculating semen. If at the same time you suck vigorously on the head of his cock, you can delay his cum for several long moments. When you finally allow the cum to spurt, it will last much longer and be just as intense as a result. Even though you delay the cum for only a few short moments you will be surprised by the intensity of his cum.

His Balls Here are two objects that can enhance your partner's feelings more than any other. Begin by gently licking his balls with your tongue and caress his cock with your hand while you are bathing his balls with your tongue. Thoroughly wet them with your tongue before taking them into your mouth. By giving the balls a complete tongue bath prior to taking them into your mouth, you will have pressed these hairs down along the surface of the sac and will not inadvertently cause pain by pulling on them. Try stroking his perineum, the area between his balls and anus. Some men like to have their prostate massaged during oral sex as well. This is accomplished by placing your finger up his ass.

Quickie Blow Job Place your lips around the head of your partner's cock and twirl your lips wetly and gently around the coronal ridge at the back of the head of his penis. This does not require any great cocksucking skill and it works simply because this is the area that is most sensitive on his cock. It is not necessary to be a skilful cocksucker. All that is necessary is for you to find the most sensitive area around the coronal area. By sucking on this area of his cock continuously, you will produce a quick powerful cum. It is not necessary to bob your head up and down on his cock to get him off.

Sixty Nine 69 is not always the perfect way to provide your partner oral satisfaction. Inadvertently, one of you will "let up" your end in order to experience the subtle pleasures the other partner is giving you. Actually, I believe that sixty-nine is the ultimate pleasure. Done correctly and unselfishly when both of you are completely in tune with each others’ innermost desires, the sixty nine is the ultimate.

Deep Throat One of the first things you encountered when you first started to suck cock was a gag reflex. Most men seem to want to force their cocks down your throat as far as they can get it. Particularly at the moment when they cum! The biggest obstacle to taking all of his cock down your throat is the fact that there is a bend of almost ninety degrees behind your tongue leading down into your throat. So, the first thing to do is get the cock past that angle. Get past the angle of the dangle!

In order to practice this, get in a position where you can turn your head in such a way that your mouth and throat lie almost in a straight line. The best position to accomplish this is to lie on a bed so that your head is near the edge with your body sprawled across the bed so that your head is tipped sharply back. This position will put your mouth and throat nearly in a line and will allow your partner to approach you in such a way that insertion of his cock can be made so deeply that his pubic hair presses against your lips.

The natural tendency of the body is to gag when a deeply thrusting cock is being forced down your throat. You can overcome this tendency by completely relaxing your throat at moment the insertion is made. It is equally important that you maintain this relaxation during the entire deep throating. Let him put his cock down your throat and hold it still while you find the most comfortable way to proceed. Because of your position, you will not be able to move or to offer him any greater stimulation than simply keeping your mouth tightly closed around his throbbing cock. If you are able, try to stimulate his underbelly with your tongue, do it!

You will only be able to relax and take his cock in this way if you completely trust him. Your partner is in full control. He must initiate and maintain all the motion. Now he begins an in and out movement that is just like fucking. He should start slowly, especially if this is a completely new experience for the two of you. His only other requirement during this exercise is to keep the motion in the same direction throughout this oral exercise, as there is simply no leeway for him to vary the motion from side to side.

Cuming A word of caution: Don't let him get carried away at the moment he starts to cum. At that spectacular moment, he will be able, for the first time, to thrust his cock all the way inside your oral cavity and that is the most important lesson of this exercise!

Because of your position in bed you will not be faced with the problem of swallowing his cum. And this is not just because he has a condom on his dick. The reason is because he has gotten his cock BEYOND your gag reflex! Without the rubber, his cum would shoot directly into your stomach! If both you and your partner understand what it is that you are trying to do as well as the possible problems that may "cum" up along the way no harm or discomfort will happen to either of you.

It is possible that not everyone will learn the "deep throat" technique but this inability does not make you any less a cocksucker. You must allow your throat to relax completely while your partner is thrusting his cock this deeply down your throat. To do this long enough for your partner to completely get it off is very difficult and may require practice beyond this day. It may be that you will be able to take your partner completely down your throat, but you will not be able to maintain proper relaxation of your throat until he shoots his load.

Hopefully your partner will understand that this is not a rejection of him or of what he is offering you, and it is my sincere desire that you not stop here and think that you will never master the "deep throat" technique. Continue to practice this lesson. your practice will allow you to take his cock deeper into your throat each time and for longer periods of time.

The Butterfly Flutter The best position for this very sensuous cocksucking movement is kneeling over him. If he is on his back kneel between his legs. Or kneel in front of him while he stands. Create the basic vacuum pressure on his cock, but only enough pressure to pull the cock into your mouth ever so slightly. With your lips firmly wrapped around his big swollen cock head and shaft, gently flick the tip of his cock with your tongue. Open around the cock at a depth so that you can touch the tip of his cock with the tip of your tongue. With your lips around the cock make an up and down movement with your tongue. Flutter your tongue up and down the tip of his cock. After several minutes of this continue with the basic vacuum suck.

The Travelling Figure Eight With your lips firmly wrapped around his cock shaft try very slowly to reach the base of his shaft or as close to it as you are comfortable. With your nose trace a figure eight as if the figure eight were lying on its, side. Your figure eight motion should be three to four inches long. Slowly travel up the shaft of his cock to the head, doing the figure eight motion. Keep doing this motion and let your lips firmly travel up and down the cock shaft. Do this for as long as you are comfortable with it. When you get tired of the movement slow down and return to the basic vacuum suck.

Go down on the cock shaft as far as you are comfortable. All the while your lips should be firmly wrapped around the shaft. Open your mouth as wide as you can and suck in as much air as your lungs will hold. While sucking in air, let your open mouth travel up to the cock head. Your up stroke motion should end at the head of his cock just as your lungs fill with air. Now with your mouth still open let the air in your lungs out slowly through your mouth as your opened mouth travels back down the cock shaft. This technique cools the cock on the up stoke and warms the cock with your hot breath on the down stroke. Do this movement as long as you like then return to the basic vacuum suck method. This is great with edible body oils that heat up with your breath. If you feel he is about to cum stop what you are doing and let him cool off for a few minutes.

The Circle Place his stiff cock inside your mouth but do not tighten your lips around the shaft. With your head begin a circle motion. The cock will slide to different places in your mouth as you continue the circle motion. Watch your teeth on this one. A kneeling position will suffice but it is also effective when he is on his back and your head is directly over his cock. The circle should be executed in both clockwise and counter clockwise motions in a slow purposeful manner.”

This Part Is For The Men:

“Licking & Pussy Eating:

Cunnilingus is the act of using the mouth to stimulate the female genitals. This can include sucking or licking the outer and inner areas of the vagina, and most often involves direct stimulation of the clitoris. Some women find cunnilingus to be the most satisfying sexual act. I know this sounds boring but that's the best description I could find. Now what is the mystery of cunnilingus ( better known as licking and pussy eating)!? The fact that almost 70% of women are unable to reach orgasm (vaginal that is) makes them turn to stimulation of their clitoris; which is the core thing of cunnilingus. A great number of women report that oral sex is the only way they can achieve orgasm. That is where you fit in.

First, you should know that many women are shy about their body. Work on her psychologically. Tell her she is beautiful. Complement her on her look and her great boy. Make her trust you and feel comfortable with you in bed. It is much important for a good lick as it is for good fuck so make her feel wanted. After the first shy remarks, be aggressive a little. Complement the breasts and ties. Tell her how much you are looking forward to tasting her sweet juices. Sweet-talking is just to get her in the mood. Remember, each woman is different. Some techniques work better one kind of woman than another.

Before you go off, meet what you'll be working on - Your partners private parts:

Vulva - or the pussy is folded around itself. Sexual excitement will open it like a pretty pink flower. And how to open it? Lightly use the tip of your tongue. Slide it from the top of the slit to the bottom. Very slowly, repeat this until you see the unfolding. This is caused by the woman's sexual excitement engorging her pussy with blood. The labia majora are, pussy lips. The pussy lips are comprised of erectile tissue - Meaning that they fill with blood as sexual excitement builds. The outer more prominent lips are the labia majora. The inner pussy lips are called the labia minora. Both are extremely sensitive to the tongue and lips.

Labia Majora and Labia Minora are the keys that unlock the terrifically sensitive clitoris. Pussy juice or vaginal fluid is comprised of glucose and fructose. In other words, sugar. (If you ever run into a pussy that smells like fish. You can be sure that the woman has an infection and should see a gynaecologist.) Pussy Juice has a slight syrupy consistency, which makes it an excellent natural lubricator. The clitoris or clit, is the most sensitive place on the woman's body. It swells with blood as it is aroused. It is interesting to note that the clit and a head of a penis are made of the same tissue. The clit is the zone we're looking for.

When you start to touch and caress her, don't go down straight to her pussy, start slowly to caress her other erogenous zones of her body, and kiss her gently. Have in view her face (lips, eyes, neck, etc.), breasts, belly, and only after that her legs. Especially, take your time with nipples since nipples have a direct neural connection to the clit. This all will relax her and prepare for upcoming pleasure. Remember and take your time with everything you do.

You must understand the sensitive nature of a pussy. You cannot be TOO soft when you eat pussy. You cannot hurry it along to orgasm. (Make her cum) You must give the woman time, lots of time, for her sexual excitement to build. The labia fold must be parted by gentle touches of the tongue in oral sex. Everything you need is there: sensitive pussy lips that - along with excitement - gives you a clear opening to the clit. Use your tongue gently - moving pussy juice, the perfect lubricant, to each, and every part of her pussy. Gentle moves will give you the pleasure you both seek. Just do not rush with it, and what ever you do, do not use your teeth. Take your time and examine your partner while you are doing it. Her face will let you know if you are on the right track.

Positions Position of giving a pussy licking depends on likes and dislikes of your partner and of course on your durability. You do not wish to be in a position where you can't keep your body too long. There are few simple and most common ones, you should try:

A lot of sub variations on laying flat position, as you can situate yourself many different ways to give cunnilingus to a woman who is laying on her back.

1/ A great beginner position is to have her laying flat on her back with her legs completely spread. Approach from between her feet and lay on your stomach between her legs with your lips at clit level. Another great one is to have her lay on the edge of the bed with her legs up in the air. Approach from the floor and as you put your head between her legs, let them drape over your shoulders.

2/ With her standing facing you, kneel directly in front of her and position your lips at clit level. This is a great position to use your hands and fingers as they are freed up to explore.

3/. Chairs and couches provide can be stimulating accessories that allow for some unique positions. Try having her sit in a chair with arms, draping her legs over the arms. Approach from below.

4/. The doggy style - with her on all 4s waiting for you to explore.

5/ An all time favourite is the 69 position, with the great benefit that you receive as well as give pleasure.

You may certainly think of a few more positions, but it all really is a combination of the ones already mentioned. Remember the key thing is for the position to be comfortable for the both of you.

THE BEST WAY TO EAT PUSSY When a woman finds a man who gives good head, (cunnilingus) she has found a treasure she is not going to let go of too quickly. There is nothing that makes a woman more unique than her pussy: They come in all different sizes, colours and shapes; some are tucked inside and some have thick luscious lips.

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