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How to Power Up Your Masturbation


For those of you who are tired of having to sneak into your local sex shop or of receiving those knowing looks from your mailman or mailwoman when you receive that "special" package, there is a feasible alternative. The alternative will also save you from spending a lot of money for that special vibratory toy only to find it is a cheap, poorly made product that doesn't last very long. Additionally, with all the problems with children's toys imported from China, the adult toy markets are experiencing some similar problems.

Wouldn't it be nice to avoid the embarrassment, hassle and disappointment in your search for a truly satisfying masturbatory experience? Well, for the well equipped handyman the perfect answer may already be in your garage. While there are a considerable number of items in the garage that can provide some exciting sexual experimentation, I am specifically talking of the vibratory sanders.

Power tools, more specifically the large vibratory sanders have been looked at in some earlier How to submissions here at Lit, but I think, with the growth of the small, detail sander market there is a wonderful untapped resource for masturbators looking for a more discerning application of vibratory power. Yes, the large sanders are a handy devise, especially for milking that one extra orgasm out of your, already spent cock, the smaller detail sanders are small enough to access some of the tenderest, most hard to get to places on your body.

The Sears Craftsman vibratory sander has a pad sixe of approximately 4" x 9", which, if used with a towel can vibrate a cock and the accompanying balls easily drawing out orgasm after massive orgasm, but hold that bad boy up to your girlfriend, wife or significant other and they'll be heading for the door. Now, Ryobi has an attractive design with a small 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" triangular head that can easily titillate in and out of some of the most intriguing places.

For guys, try slipping the head of your Ryobi between your balls and cock. The sensation there will not be as intense as if you hold the head actually on your cock, but this level of vibration will slowly work you up, leading to an extended session tortuously hanging you on the edge of orgasm before tipping you over the edge. You older guys will find yourself spurting your cum up your chest and over your shoulder just like you did back in college.

Of course if you are in a hurry, slip that tiny triangle on your frenulum, you know, that sensitive spot on the underside of your cock near the tip. Yeah, you'll be splashing your cum in just a few moments, letting you get on with your day. On the other hand, if you are looking for a slow burn, try wrapping the vibrating pad in some towels or even better your wife's or girlfriend's panties. You can dull the sensation that way and tease yourself to some expansive climaxes.

Now, if you are interested in including your female partner in the vibratory delights, you might want to look at some of the more petite detail vibratory sanders. Black and Decker has several models that even the moat feminine and discerning of your companions will not be afraid of. You will most likely want to wrap the vibrating pad in some delicate fabric before sliding it over her most sensitive areas. Perhaps once you get her used to the petite sanders she might even consider the Ryobi or even the Craftsman. Hook her up to one of those big boys and she will be coming all night long.

The smaller vibratory sanders may also let you share in the delight. Those of you who have had fun watching her use a small vibrator while your cock is deep in her pussy, imagine how nice it will be with one of those detail sanders getting her off time and time again, all the while your cock is feeling her come again and again. Hell, grab that Ryobi with the long handle and train it up near your balls while you are inside her, that will get your attention and hers.

Some of these tools have battery attachments, while others must plug into an outlet so you will need to make sure the outlets are handy before you start to play. Additionally, don't be foolish enough to try these tools in the shower or bathtub, even the battery powered tools aren't built for wet conditions.

So there you have it, next time you want to investigate some sex toys to use and share with your lover, you don't have to sneak into the local sex shops or even go online, just head out to your local hardware store and get your toys there. For those of you into a bit of the BDSM, they do have an assortment of clamps, ropes and chains there for your perusal. In the meantime have fun powering up your masturbation.

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