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I love erotica. I started reading and collecting it about seven years ago and have amassed an enormous collection since. The 'smut files', as one of my friends affectionately calls my collection, is proudly housed on 3, floor to ceiling bookshelves in my living room, not hidden away in boxes under the bed, as my poor mother prays for daily. I've catalogued my collection and submitted it along with the list of my jewelry and other valuables for my home owners insurance. My State Farm agent got a good chuckle out of it, but he added my books to my policy and reminded me to let him know if the value of my collection goes up another $1,000.00. I could probably sell my erotica collection and buy a small car! It's my one vice, but since I'm in the middle of planning a 200 guest wedding, and trying to appease my boyfriend, I've put myself on a book budget. When I've reached my book buying limit for the month, I turn to Literotica.

I share my books with my boyfriend and my friends, so they are stored on carefully labeled shelves. If I'm in the mood for Bi, BDSM, Gay male, Hentai, Romance, or whatever, I can go to the bookshelf, pull down a book from a particular section and know what I'll be reading. The love of my life is only into girl on guy action, it can be 7 guys with 1 girl, but the 1st trace of homosexuality totally kills it for him. He however absolutely loves that I have no taboos and will read anything printed about sex. He knows where the stories he likes to read are kept and only gets books from those shelves. My book system is fool proof; even my friends know where to find the books they want to borrow because the shelves are clearly labeled. They know that pulling something from the 'Gay Romance' shelf will get them a book about gay lovers.

I've been a fan of Literotica for about 5 years and I absolutely love this site for its user friendly index. If I'm in the mood for Incest, I simply click the index and I'm taken to a list of Incest stories. But Literotica goes a step further; they actually add a synopsis of each story making it unbelievably easy for me to choose if I want my incest story to be about a mom and son, or about a two brothers. I've also found that the synopsis is not always necessary because the titles of some stories clearly state what the subject matter will be. If the category, synopsis, or title don't make it clear what the story will be about, some authors add a very detailed disclaimer in which they let readers know what to expect in the story.

Unfortunately, even with all these preliminaries, some Literotica readers just can't seem to get it. Why read an interracial story, and then leave racist comments? Why read a gay story and leave derogatory gay comments? If my boyfriend ever read something from my 'Gay Romance' shelf and made a negative gay comment, I'd just asking him if it was misfiled, if not I'd then ask why the hell he read it when he knew what the book was about. My next question to him would be the one I'd love to ask some Literotica readers; why deliberately read something you are "opposed" to, only to turn around and leave nasty comments?

I'm all for leaving feedback, if that feedback is constructive. I'm a math science person who would much rather be in a lab than writing an essay, so I'm sure the English and grammar people are going find all the errors I've made in this submission. If I felt qualified to give constructive feedback on grammar, I'd definitely do it. However, I've found that despite the problems with the structure of their stories, most authors are able to deliver on the content promised in the category, title, and synopsis. By all means comment about structure, grammar, character development, and all the other thing real writers know about, (again, I only read this stuff, I'm not a writer). But calling the writer a "disgusting fag" because you read their gay story is totally uncalled for.

The publishers of the last 2 erotic novels I've purchased have placed a warning on the back of their books that say " WARNING! This is a REALLY HOT book. (Sexually Explicit)". Nothing in that warning, the cover photos, or even the story titles prepares readers for the fact that the books contain everything from bisexual orgies to bestiality. Literotica has made their story index completely idiot proof, so it is inexcusably idiotic to bypass the many hints to the subject of a story, read it, then turn around and bash both the story and the author. If you don't like the subject, don't read the story!

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