tagHow ToHow To: Reboot Your Sex Life

How To: Reboot Your Sex Life


How to "Man Up" your sex life with your lady. A tutorial for men.

This tutorial is for a man wants to reboot his sexual relationship with his woman, and be a rock star in the bedroom.

Step 1: Setting the stage in your mind

Your significant other is giving you a very thoughtful, kind, generous gift. She's offering to get naked and spread her legs, inviting you to penetrate her vagina with your penis. She's going to allow you to ejaculate your sperm deep inside, possibly impregnating her.

The greatest gift known to man.

Eve gave Adam this gift, and the world hasn't been the same since.

Remember this during the entire session, giving her the utmost in respect and gratitude as thanks for this wonderful gift she's giving you, and you will succeed.

Step 2: Adjust your attitude towards her. Be the prince

Guys, you are the man here. Obviously, you're the one with the penis, but she wants and needs you to take control of your sexual liaison, from start to finish. Her primary need at the most primitive level is for you to "man up" and just give her pleasure with little or no effort on her part.

She'll return the favor, if you do it right.

Adjusting your attitude starts before the subject of sex even comes up. How should you even get the session going? Should you say something like "Honey, you want to have sex tonight?" No. You're not being a man. You're being a wimpy little boy asking for a cookie. Even worse, say nothing, and wait for her to bring it up.

Much better: state your intentions and desires instead of asking her. "Honey, I've been thinking about you all day. I'm going into the bedroom and getting naked, I'd love it if you joined me!" That kind of take-charge attitude will instantly get her juices flowing. She's all yours. You've taken control.

Maybe she runs things in your house. She tells you what to do all the time. "Take out the trash! Do the dishes!" She's the one with the remote when you watch TV together. That's pretty typical, from my experience and observations.

But things are different in the bedroom. If that's the way it is in the bedroom now, change things up immediately. She has a primitive need to be the beautiful princess lying there on your marital bed, all innocent and dainty, feeling at peace with herself. Her handsome prince comes along and takes away her innocence with his manhood.

She needs that prince. Be that man.

Step 3: Bring her to Orgasm - before penetration

Guys, this is not an option! You need to give her an orgasm before your cock goes in.

She's laying there beside you, all naked and beautiful, your cock is hard as a rock, almost painfully hard, and you really want to stick it into her warm, wet, tight pussy and just fuck her silly.

But that's a bad plan. It's her turn first, you'll get your turn later. Giving her an orgasm is an awesome experience for you, you will feel really proud of yourself. She will get her needs met, and have an awesome experience of her own. Set a personal rule for yourself right now: "I will never again put my cock into her pussy until after I've given her at least one orgasm."

You're asking...Why? Please, can't I just stick it in already? We can cum together!

It's simple: her pussy feels really awesome to your cock, as you know. It feels so good that you may not be able to control things, and the whole thing might be over before she's before she's had any satisfaction at all. You don't want it to end prematurely. You need to make sure her needs get met first.

Even if you know you can keep things under control, at that point your mind will be on other things than her pleasure, which can be a complicated procedure.

Maybe you can get her to cum while fucking, but only about 40% of women can orgasm this way, according to surveys. Most need clitoral stimulation, which is difficult to make happen during sex, for the simple reason that nothing touches her clit in any of the typical positions that couples have sex in.

Again, even if you are sure you can do this, just giving her one or two orgasms before penetration as a "safety net" is a good idea. You really seriously don't want this to be a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am.

How does it feel for her?
Let's set the stage. how does orgasm feel for her? Imagine this: her toes curl, she bends backwards as far as she can, every muscle tightens, especially all the muscles around her vagina, she wants to scream really loud but at this point she doesn't scream she's just too tuned in and in that moment, her eyes are closed-nothing else could possibly matter at this stage. She's holding her breath but can't hold it any longer, the scream comes out now. Then right after a huge satisfaction and relief falls over her and she starts to catch her breath again...

That's how it feels to her. Do you really want to deprive the love of your life of that feeling?

A side note: Most girls can do multiple orgasms, one after another, If your girl can do this already, make it happen. You'll be her prince. If she hasn't done this before, give it a try!

Step 4: Oral sex. Dining at the Y

The best method to bring her to orgasm that doesn't require extras such as a vibrator or dildo is simple: go down on her.

Oral is an excellent method to bring her to orgasm, and it's fun for you too! We won't get into details here. It's really pretty simple, just lick all around until you find a spot that makes her moan, then lick a lot more in that spot. Pretty soon....Score!

There have been millions of pages written on how to do lots of fancy stuff down there. Read up if you'd like. But it's really simple, guys. Just go down there and experiment with your lady, and figure out what works for her. A request like "tell me when it feels really good" is a good idea if she's not being vocal.

Step 5: Oral sex, for you

You might be thinking "I went down on her, she owes me a blowjob." No. She doesn't. She doesn't owe you a damn thing. She's giving you a gift of pussy, remember?

Don't ask for it. Ever. Don't bring it up at all. If she initiates, you are a lucky man! Lie back and enjoy! The most beautiful woman in the world is sucking your cock, can life be any better? Well, maybe a little bit better, we'll work on that later.

If she gives you head, do NOT push her head while she's doing it. That's just rude, and will really piss a lot of women off. Keep your hands to yourself. Give her lots of encouragement and praise. If you feel yourself coming towards orgasm, stop her, give her a heartfelt thanks for her contribution to the cause, and move on to the next step. You need to save yourself for the main event.

Step 6: Get her permission before entering.

Now you're ready. You've been ready for a while, but now's she's had her orgasm, so you've fulfilled your obligation. Her pussy lips are all swollen up and juices are flowing. She feels a void in her body that she didn't even know was there, aching to be filled.

One more thing needs to happen before penetration: permission. Look her in the eyes and make it clear to her that you want to fuck her really bad, maybe say something like "I really need to put my cock into your wet pussy."

Wait for it. She needs to give that permission to you. This might be very subtle, maybe she spreads her legs and smiles, or maybe it's verbal, like "fuck me now, baby" or "my pussy needs your cock too, put it in." But it's important that she communicates this to you in some way.

Don't ask for it. It'll happen. If the permission doesn't come, go down on her again and then give her another hint, like maybe "your pussy is so wet, I bet it wants some cock." Probably at this point, it really does want your cock, and she'll figure out that she needs to ask for it. Her permission puts all the limits and expectations for both of you right on track. Now you're are in control again, with explicit permission to be in control.

This may seem like a bit of a tease, and it is. But it works very well, pretty soon she's going to be begging for your cock. That's exactly what you both need before penetration.

Step 7: Penetration

So now you have permission. Come up and give her a deep, passionate kiss. Your cock knows right where to go, knows exactly where that pink target is. Slow, gentle, all the way in. You want to go further but it's reached the end of that love tunnel. You've filled up her void and the nerve endings near the entrance of her vagina are stretched like never before. Goal! Stop for a moment at the end of the tunnel to give her time to adjust to your size and absorb the feeling. She doesn't want you to pull out. Ever. She loves your cock in her pussy.

Step 8: Fuck her silly

Now it's your turn. Have your way with her. Girls really like you to look them in the eyes while you're fucking them. If it starts to feel too good and you feel it coming on too soon, a good trick is to pull out and go down on her again orally. She'll love that, and it'll give your unit a much needed break. One way or the other, try to keep things going for a few minutes at least, she'll be disappointed if it ends too soon, and so will you.

Your rhythm should be whatever feels good to you. Girls never ask you to slow down, she wants it hard and fast as much as you do. It's that primal urge thing for both of you to fuck hard, so go for it. Some guys think they're going to hurt her if they go too hard, that's a myth. The fact is that a grown woman's vagina can take any size penis as hard as the man can give it to her. She'll be fine.

Now is not the time to be gentle. She'll love it and ask for more. Give her everything you've got.

Try varying the position a bit, pull her ankles up over your shoulders. This allows you to get in really deep, which she likes too.

Remember again, it's your turn. Do what feels good to you. It's a lot of fun to make her cum during intercourse, it's kinda a win-win thing. So go for it if you want.

Step 9: Climax

Before you reach the point of no return, ask yourself, is she about to cum? If so she needs just a little more cock. Just keep pumping rhythmically, let her cum, try to hold back until she does.

It can be a bit tricky to get the timing right, not leaving her unfulfilled if she's close. But don't worry about it too much, remember this scenario is exactly why you made sure to give her an orgasm before. You did, didn't you?

Now it's time to let out all the stops. At this point the bed is about to break, you're slamming your cock into her as hard as you possibly can. Don't hold back. She really is enjoying this. Your sperm will shoot deep into her pussy, you'll feel a great sense of relief, then your entire body will go limp, you'll have a hard time even holding your body weight up with your arms. That's OK, just lay down on her chest and breathe.

Now, hold her tight. Keep your penis in as long as you can. This is a good time to express your love to her with hugs and kisses and full body contact. She wants to keep you inside of her as long as possible. Do your best.


How about reversing the roles? Sure, it can be fun to switch it up, let her get "on top", literally and figuratively. Feel free to experiment with that, once in a while. Do it with the lights on, it's fun to watch, she's effectively using your cock like it was a dildo bolted to the floor. But when she's done having her way with your cock/dildo, grab her, flip her around and show her how a real man gets the job done. Think of the "she's on top" position as foreplay.

Step 10: Cuddling

After sex, cuddle. It feels good to be lying in bed naked with the beautiful woman who just gave you this gift. Tell her how good everything felt. Set the stage for the next session.

You have an overwhelming feeling that you want to just roll over and go to sleep. Avoid doing that. If you do she'll feel used and abused, and maybe even a bit pissed off. She wants to talk and cuddle. Talk to her. Hold her. Love her. Talk about her, not you. She's in high maintenance mode right now, she needs you.

I hope you had a lot of fun, and she did to. Until the next time.....

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