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The idea of typing out your every move during a sexual encounter might sound tedious and boring to some, but the age of technology has created an intense and intriguing opportunity for many -- cybersex.

I would argue that there is a difference between cybersex and roleplaying. The former is simply two individuals typing out how they would engage in sexual intercourse. The later is more detailed including a location set up, character set up, and much more detail on the 'why' of sex, as opposed to the end result. It would make sense from a sexist perspective to assume that only men enjoy cybersex and only women enjoy roleplaying. That is not the case as it is simply depends on what arouses the individual.

The reason that online sex playing is so popular is that with the right partner you can enjoy whatever you want in a sexual experience. Money, location, physical looks are not limited. Role-playing is an art form that is growing for so many reasons. For me it's simply the fact that emotionally and physically I cannot have a one-night stand. I get too attached and would never go out and find someone just to have sex. Physically the world is much different then ten, even five years ago. You can never be too safe when it comes to sex. Therefore I believe that role-playing online is the safest sex you can ever have.

Role-playing is an art and requires a certain amount of skill and knowledge. From my perspective I have heard and seen almost everything outrageous and crazy when it comes to this enjoying situation. I have come up with my top five of how to role-play

1 -- Honesty!

Be honest with yourself and what you want from the situation. You can pretend to be someone your not but don't do the whole bait and switch thing. If you say you want a romantic, sensual scene then do that. Don't change half way through and decide that you need to fuck like an animal.

It's best to spend a few minutes talking about what you want out of the situation. Discussing what both people look like, the type of sex you enjoy, any limits of things that are total turn offs and things that really need to be done are all important. Laying out your expectations may not sound romantic or sensual but will save both parties in wasting their time with someone who is so desperate they will lie about their interests just to 'fuck you."

2 -- Speak English!

It's not necessary to have a degree in English and have the latest grammar textbook memorized. It is important to be able to communicate effectively on a simple level of words and sentences and paragraphs. Not being able to spell your partner's name correctly many times will not earn you any points. Nor will using words such as 'wot', 'yah', and a multitude of short forms. Doing all these things simply distract from the enjoyment and fun of role-playing online.

3 -- Details!

The reason that online role-playing is so popular and so arousing is that two people are able to put in words what they would do in real life. Any one can type out 'cock in pussy.' The realism of the scene is based on typing out the five senses. Sex is not just about thrusting, it's about the smells, and the tastes, and the feelings of the encounter. Being detailed adds enjoyment for both parties.

4 -- Know What You Are Doing!

So this tip is more of a rant about one of my biggest pet peeves. You don't have to have fucked over a hundred guys or girls to be good at role-play. You do need to know how sex works. Saying things like how your cock is so big it went into a girls' uterus is not only painful but also incorrect. Having a woman who is one month pregnant lactate is also incorrect. If you don't know the details of how you actually want to fuck at least read online before you initiate it.

5 -- Don't Cum and Leave!

I'm sure that more men then women do this but just the same its just plan rude. There are a lot of things that fall under this issue. These include leaving early, suggesting something that the other person clearly does not want, and suddenly demanding things that are off limits.

Roleplaying is clearly the new way of having one-night stands. It can be enjoyable for both people and when done correctly can be just as arousing as phone sex, cam sex, and maybe even real life sex.

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