tagIncest/TabooHow to Seduce Mother Version 01

How to Seduce Mother Version 01


I saw this book on how to become a masseuse/masseur on my son David's desk and asked him about it.

"I just thought I might be able to pick up a few bucks giving massages. You do a lot, tuition is expensive, so I thought I could help out a bit by making some extra money." I certainly wasn't going to stop him from earning his own money. "I've already practically memorized the book, the only problem is that I have to find someone to actually massage, unless you wanna volunteer. I'll get the practice I need and you'll get free massages. Sound good?"

My ex-husband never gave massages, unless it was to the whores that he screwed around with during our marriage. And I certainly could use a good massage. "Sure. Why not?"

He didn't have a massage oil warmer, or massage oil for that matter, so later that evening he put a bottle of baby oil into some hot water that he'd just taken off the stove. A few minutes later, David asked if I was ready for my massage. Actually I had been looking forward to it all day.

"Yeah," I said.

"Alright. Uhhh...we don't have a massage table just yet, so we'll use your bed. Take your clothes off, wrap a small towel around your waist, lie on your bed and let me know when you're ready."

"You want me to take all my clothes off?"

"Of course. You don't give somebody a massage through their clothes, do you? If you went to a professional he'd tell you the same thing. Let me know when you're ready." I went upstairs. At no time did it occur to me that I wouldn't have any clothes on, but in retrospect it only makes sense. Neither did it occur to me that my young son would be touching my almost naked body. I changed and tried not to think about it. Then I laid on my stomach and called to David. A few moments later he came in.

"I downloaded some New Age music, the sound of waves on the beach, the rain forest, whales, some soft classical music. Which one do you want." I always loved the beach, so I told him to put that on.

"Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind. If your mind is tense, your body will always be tense no matter what I do." I forgot about my boss, my coworkers, my ex, everything, and tried to imagine I was lying on the sand at the shore. David, meanwhile, bent my lower leg back and started to massage one of my feet. The warmth from the oil on his hands penetrated deeply and the result was incredible. What walking, running and tight, uncomfortable shoes had done to my feet in the past thirty seven years was now disappearing within seconds.

After an all to brief amount of time spent on one foot, David began to massage the other. Then he went after my calf muscles and thigh muscles, one by one, kneading the baby oil into my flesh and working each portion of my legs until they achieved a state of relaxation I'd never experienced before.

"Alright so far?" he asked.

"Perfect," was the most accurate word to describe my current condition, but it was still an understatement. The warmth of the oil penetrated my back as my son's hands glided up my spine then down my sides. Or maybe it wasn't the oil. Maybe it was the heat generated by my own body as I became flushed from the physical pleasure I was receiving. All my ex ever focused on was my mouth, tits and pussy, but in the past few minutes I'd experienced more bodily gratification than any sexual encounter I'd ever had in my entire life. David's hands eased up to my shoulders and neck and I was intrigued as to how someone as strong as my son could impart such a gentle and tender caress. I decided then not to ruin the moment by overanalyzing it. I simply let myself enjoy what was happening.

"Let me get another towel," he said. He came back and placed it on the bed next to me. "Lie on your back and use that to cover up your...top." He turned around and I was more than half tempted to just throw the other towel away. I was even tempted to get rid of the one I was using to conceal my pussy. I'd never felt so in tune with my body before. I was no longer a drone for big business or a vote for some self-serving politician or a mortgage holder with debt and obligations. I felt like a free and carefree human being again and I didn't want to submit to the requisite covering on my body that society dictates. I wanted to feel free and natural.

But I covered my tits with the towel anyway. Civilization was still wielding its control over me.

"O.K." I said. David placed one of my hands on his shoulder and began to rub my arm up and down. I looked at him and cursed the fact that he was my son. If he was anybody else I would have pulled him down, shoved my tongue into his mouth, ripped the towel off and put his hands on my tits. He was a phenomenal masseur. He had removed virtually all the of tension that was created by stress. Unfortunately, he was replacing it all with sexual tension.

After he attended to my other arm and hand, he went to work on my throat. I always loved the feel of a man's hand on my throat. The idea of a man having the power of life and death over me. Or maybe my own sense of helplessness and being at the mercy of someone else...the whole rape fantasy thing. But even better was when my son began caressing my chest. He never went lower than the top of my tits, but I was still getting so aroused that I could feel some juice trickling out of my tingling pussy and slowly rolling down my thighs.

The attention he gave to my tummy and legs only increased the flow of liquid streaming down my thighs and onto the towel. If David smelled my horniness he never let on, which was unfortunate. If he had known that I was primed and more than ready to get laid, he might have been willing to fuck me silly. Teenaged boys can be very accommodating that way. Almost as bad as not feeling his dick inside me was the fact that I was so caught up in my sexual awakening, I didn't even realize that the massage was over.

"Well, how did it feel?" he asked.

I wished I could tell him that it made me feel like throwing off these cumbersome rags and demanding that he shove his big, fat cock into my pussy and fuck me until a gallon of cum came bursting out of my cunt. But "Very good," was my only reply.

"Do you think I could make any money from it?"

"I'm sure a lot of women would happily pay to feel the way I do right now," I said, "provided you were willing to consummate the deal," I thought to myself.

I was more than delighted when the following night he asked "Should I heat up the baby oil for your massage now or do you want to wait until later?" as if it was automatically understood that we would be doing it again.

"Let's wait 'til later," I said. This time I wanted him to pleasure my body just before I went to sleep. Unlike last night, I would be ready for bed as soon as he finished. I wouldn't have to get up to pee and ruin the renewing touch David would impart to my feet. And since I would have the towel around my waist, I could just masturbate after David leaves. In fact, I was already getting wet thinking about lying in the goo that would result, in large part, because of my son's magnificently talented hands.

The second and third night went very much as the first. By the fourth night I was automatically relaxed knowing what was about to come. I wasn't sure if I was Pavlov's dog or just a bitch in heat. But that fourth night something else happened. Instead of my son's palms gliding up my spine and down my sides, he went up my sides, all the way up until his fingers were clearly touching the sides of my tits. Then he went down my spine and back up my sides to my tits. I said nothing, of course, and I couldn't be sure if my son did it on purpose or accidentally. I was hoping that it was on purpose but I couldn't be sure. Either way, it got my pussy flowing to the point where there was a small but noticeable wet spot on the towel when I turned over. I assumed he didn't see it, but the following night I used a thicker towel.

Then on the sixth day David said "Don't wrap a towel around your waist tonight. Some women might want other parts of their bodies massaged too, you know, like their butt or their breasts, so I'll practice on those places tonight."

My heart jumped into my throat, but I instinctively said "I don't know about that." I immediately wanted to bite my tongue off for what I just said.

"Well then we can forget about the massage altogether because I pretty much know what I'm doing with the rest of the body. I don't need to practice any more on those areas." I breathed a mental sigh of relief as he gave me an excuse.

"Alright, you can work on my butt and my boobs, too, if you think they're that important."

"Fine. The oil should be warm by now so go upstairs, take your clothes off and get into bed." The sound of those words made me giddy with excitement and I bounded up the stairs.

All the time I was stripping down I couldn't help but think that I hadn't much time left. If all I really was to him was a practice dummy, then in a few more days it could be all over. The magic that his fingers performed on my flesh was the kind of foreplay that I'd never once received in over nineteen years of marriage and now that I was finally getting some I was on the verge of losing it.

Maybe I should just stop fucking around and I should start the fucking around. If he won't make the first move, then I should. I mean here's this nice, relatively young piece of pussy that's totally available to him. The only effort he has to put into getting it is a twenty minute massage. In fact, for just one massage a day I'd let him screw me anytime he's horny, day or night, for years to come. And if the day ever comes when he wants to break it off...fine. I'm no longer the naive, pregnant fifteen-year-old who got married thinking it would last for all eternity. I'm mature enough to know that nothing lasts forever and I should grab whatever opportunities life is kind enough to throw my way. And tonight, it's my son's cock I'll be grabbing.

David appeared in the doorway as the last of my clothes fell to the floor. His eyes moved up and down my body with the same elegance as his hands. Then his shorts tightened as his dick swelled. This was the first time I'd seen him with a hard on, and I'd definitely been looking for one for the past few days.

"Just let me pick these things up," I said. I stepped between him and my clothes, turned around with my legs spread apart and bent over, giving David a clear, long view of my ass and pussy lips. I placed the towel flat on the bed and laid down on it. Soon I felt my son's hands on my feet. Then on my legs. Then he must have put too much baby oil on his palms because as he started to massage my ass cheeks, I felt the oil seeping into my butt crack. As he worked one cheek with both hands, sometimes his pinky would slip down low into my anal crevice, and rather than lift his hand higher, he kept it there, slowly sliding it up from my crotch to just below my waist then back down. He may have even made contact with my sphincter, or perhaps it was just the baby oil pooling into my puckered shithole. Either way my heart was racing, my flesh was overheating and my cunt was aching for something deep and wide. And judging from the size of the bulge my son had in his shorts, I was going to get it.

After spending a satisfyingly inordinate amount of time on my ass, David did my back, shoulders and neck. Then I turned over and gave him another look at the hot, dripping cunt that he was going to be fucking tonight. He started on my legs this time and worked his way up. As I expected, he saved my tits for last.

It felt the same on my tits as it did for the rest of my body...firm but gentle. Yet this time it wasn't so much a massage as it was just a man playing with my tits. But that was fine with me. That was what I wanted at this point. My son had put a lot of time and effort into stimulating my flesh and turning me into a horny piece of ass who needed to be fucked badly. He was holding one of my big oily tits with one hand as best he could and stroking my areola with the fingertips of his other hand. Round and round his fingers circumnavigated the dark patch atop my fleshy mound. And harder and harder my nipple got. By the time my son had finished with my other tit, my nipples were so big and hard, they looked like two giant pencil erasers sticking up out of my body.

I stared at my son's concealed erection and started to masturbate. I spread my legs apart and furiously rubbed my clit. My breath started coming in quick pants, hoping that my cunt would follow suit and come quickly too. David looked at my pussy and said matter-of-factly "Would you like me to massage your pussy?" I was ready to strangle him.

"I want you to fuck me you stupid bastard! I want your cock pounding my cunt until I die from an orgasm overdose! I wanna cum so much I can swim in a pool filled with my sex juices! Take my pussy and fuck me silly!"

"All you had to do was ask." He held my swollen clit firmly between his thumb and index finger and rubbed it fast and hard with his free hand. I came within seconds. He didn't slow down and a minute later, I came again. My baby stood up, took off his clothes and revealed his thick, pulsating prick. His magnificent member gently bobbed up as his heartbeat forced even more blood into his overstuffed cock and then it bobbed down, a little, as his heartbeat rested. His shaft was so engorged that except for the veins snaking their way around his meat, there was not the tiniest wrinkle to be seen. His dick skin was stretched so tight, it was near the breaking point. I was impressed with how he was able to put up such a good front, but thank God that he really wanted to get laid as much as I did.

He climbed on top of me and my baby entered my body. I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist in the vain hope that I could keep him inside me forever. He took my hands and interlocked our fingers. It made me feel safe and secure as he held my hands, knowing that my strong son was there to protect me. At the same time I felt like he was in control total, unconditionally dominating me, and that was such a huge turn on. His overheated nuts slapped against my oily, cum soaked ass cheeks as his tongue invaded my mouth and we exchanged saliva. Within seconds his overstressed cock discovered relief and was pumping its hot cum into my love canal. With every spasm of his heavenly prick, my baby's thick, white cream burst out of his balls and fed my hungry snatch. David must have had scrotal muscles like an elephant because every convulsion sent his goo flying with such force, I could feel each shot of cum as it jettisoned against the back wall of my pussy.

After he unloaded his seed into my eager but spent cunt, he continued to french me, much to my satisfaction. Sometimes he removed his tongue in order to shove it into my ears or kiss and suck my neck. His lip service wasn't as hard and furious as when he was drilling my hole. Instead it was as slow and soft and tender as I've come to expect from my baby with the skilled hands of a virtuoso. Minutes passed, I don't know how many, and my son pulled his shaft out of my hole. But my disappointment was quickly assuaged when he shoved his meat back into me. He was ready for a second helping and, as a good mother, I was going to make sure my baby got his fill.

His second fuck was slow and steady, like a marathon runner pacing himself to go the distance. But even at his age, it would still be a while before David's nut sac was replenished with sperm. However, that just meant my cunt would be getting the long, slow humping it so richly deserved and enjoyed. His kissing and tonguing never stopped all the time we were slow humping until he broke for a moment and said "I love you, mommy." He hadn't called me 'mommy' since he was about eight, but just like everything else David had done to me, hearing that word again started my pussy flowing.

"I love you too, baby," I replied. My mind and body felt like they were floating inside a cloud of romance and passion. I almost ruined the feeling by cursing how long it took me to find the love of my life. Instead, I felt grateful and lucky that, unlike a lot of women I know, single and married, I actually did find the love of my life. My pussy began to throb even more as I came again. But this time I didn't come because of physical lust. This time I came because my entire mind was consumed with love for the young man inside of me. Literally for several minutes my pussy twitched and spasmed with an orgasm here and an orgasm there as my baby's thick cock slid in and out of me. They were unlike any orgasm I'd ever had before, each one sending a rush of warmth through my body and soul. It was almost like a religious experience. "How about that?" I happily thought to myself. "My first emotional orgasm."

Later I found out that on the other days, he had masturbated before massaging me so his erection wouldn't interfere with the business at hand. And he didn't 'let me find' the massage book on his desk until he knew exactly what to do to my body.

"So you had no interest in doing this professionally. You just wanted to screw your mama, you little bastard," I said as I smiled at him.

"I think calling me 'motherfucker' would be more apropos than 'bastard'." I laughed a little and agreed with him.

Since then I bought David a massage table and told some of the women I know or work with about my son wanting to be a professional masseur, even though that wasn't his original intent, and if they would be so kind as to let him practice on them. Most of them are now his clients and they even get a discount if they give him a blowjob when he's finished working his hand magic on their pussies. In the beginning I had conflicting thoughts about pimping my son out to other women, but I eventually came to terms with it. First, it's just part of male evolution to plant your seed in as many fields as possible, so I didn't want my son resenting me because he couldn't fuck other women or feeling guilty for cheating on me if he did. Second, we agreed that other women would only suck his dick. The pussy or ass he needs would come from me. Third, as long as he gets some from other women, he'll have no reason to 'break up' with me in order to find someone else. Fourth, I'm actually proud that my baby is so popular and in such demand with the ladies. Fifth, I'm always guaranteed to get my three or four massages each week. Sixth, he's actually able to afford his own tuition now, and then some. And perhaps most importantly, my son is my soul mate. So when we're both dead and buried and our bodies are dust, our souls can be one forever.

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