tagIncest/TabooHow to Seduce Mother Version 02

How to Seduce Mother Version 02


My son, David, was at his Saturday classes while I was finishing up the laundry. After putting his clothes away, I noticed his journal on the desk. I didn't even know he kept one. Should I give in to my curiosity and read it? No, that would be invading his privacy. But (I tried to think up a good rationalization) what if he was doing drugs? His health, even his very life, is more important than his privacy. Yes. Not only can I read his journal, I must, for his own sake. My conscious eased, I opened his diary. Some dates were blank. Some entries were about college. Some entries were about his girlfriend, Alicia. (I always liked her. She looks a lot like me when I was her age) One entry was about me.

April 15th - Mom wore that white dress to Easter mass today. The one that really shows off her firm, tight ass cheeks. Also, she had on those shoes with just the white straps above her toes and around her ankles. Her red toenails were a hot contrast to all the white she was wearing. She looked sort of virginal with just a hint of slutiness. That's the way I want her. Pure and proper for the rest of the world but behind closed doors, I want her to be a whore in heat who craves my cock.

I was stunned. How could he say those things? I mean who writes about their own mother like that? I had to know more so I started at the beginning.

January 1st - Last night was perfect. I swear to God, in the dark, fucking Alicia is almost like I'm fucking mom. And now that she's O.K. with the 'you call me daddy and I'll call you mommy' thing, I can really pretend that it's mom's cunt that I'm drilling. I'm sure she just thinks the name calling is a kinky thing on my part. I don't think she really believes I'm fantasizing about mom when I'm fucking her and calling her 'mommy.'

My own son fantasizes about making love to me? I couldn't believe it. I never had the slightest inkling that he felt that way. There were no signs or signals whatsoever. I could understand an occasional thought every now and then, but he talks about me like I was Angelina Jolie. I turned the pages and read on.

January 18th - Had an excellent dream about mom last night. I was lying in her bed, naked and waiting for her, when she came and stood in the doorway. Her hands were above her head, resting on either side of the doorframe. One of her legs was bent forward so she was standing on the toes of that leg. The silhouette of her magnificent nude form was an image worthy of an art museum. Dainty toes and feet. Shapely legs. Curvy hips and slender waist. Ample breasts that, despite cleaving together over a wide area at the center of her body, were still so large that a third of them protruded out past either side of her upper body. Graceful arms. Delicate fingers. Elegant neck. And beauty that makes her a rival to Venus herself. After drinking in the splendor of the earthbound goddess before me, she moved closer.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, mom gently caressed my raging hard on with her delicate fingers. There was almost a childlike wonder and innocence to the way she moved over my erection. Tilting her head as if in curiosity, she traced along the rim of my cockhead. Then she slowly explored every inch of my manhood. Every vein. The bulging underside. My balls. God my balls. Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, her fingers circled around each of my overheated nuts. The cum inside my ball sac was boiling. If I didn't get relief soon I felt certain that my nuts would explode. Precum juice was flowing out of my dick constantly, unendingly, like a ceaseless flow of lava rolling down out of a volcano. I looked at mom and she returned my gaze. A smile formed on her lips. It was a wicked, sinful smile. The innocent countenance she had only a second ago was replaced by an immoral lustfulness. A fire lit in mom's eyes as she looked back at my prick. It was like watching the devil taking possession of a soul. Her mouth opened and some saliva spilled out onto my waiting cock as her cool, wet tongue slithered over her hot, crimson lips. Bending over, she used the tip of her tongue to momentarily stop my flow of dick juice as she gently probed my piss hole. Mom then began to coil her tongue around my shaft like a snake, lapping up the precum that coated my entire prick. My cock belonged to her now, along with the rest of my body and my soul.

She momentarily lifted her head up off my dick, looked me straight in the eye and smiled. She knew she owned me and her smile told me so. Mom lowered her mouth onto my throbbing cock and swallowed it whole. I had seven very thick inches but every single inch slid quickly down her elegant throat with ease. Then up. And down. And up. And down. It seemed like forever that I was on the verge of cumming. And her mouth was tight around my shaft. Tighter than any cunt or ass I had ever fucked. But still I didn't cum. She stopped frenching my dick and lifted up her head. Her overactive salivary glands sent my precum and her drool flowing out of her mouth and onto my body. She lapped up and swallowed what she could. Then staring at me she said "You won't cum unless I cum with you." She dove back down, taking everything I had in her mouth, when her tongue slowly emerged and began licking my nuts. "Mmmmmmmmm" was all she managed to articulate, but she didn't do that just to let me know she was enjoying my balls. As she hummed, her vocals cords vibrated around my engorged prick. A million little tingles stimulated every single nerve ending on my cock skin. A million tiny jolts of electrified pleasure buzzed throughout my entire meatstick. Then she straddled my body and slid my pulsating member into her bald, wet pussy. I placed my hands on her legs and began caressing her flesh. Up her fine legs to her tight ass, her flat tummy and her glorious tits. Then back down again while she bounced up and down on my cock.

"Oooooooooo, you feel so wonderful inside me. You're so hot for your mommy, aren't you?"

"Yes!" I screamed as I grabbed and squeezed her big, bouncing tits.

"You're a horny mother fucker, aren't you?"

"Yes!" Suddenly I had the strangest sensation. It felt as if my dick was growing. I looked down and, perhaps it was the light playing tricks, perhaps I was delirious from the incredible fucking I was receiving, but my dick did in fact look like it was swelling in size. Wider and wider it got. Two inches wide. Three. Four inches wide! It was stretching my mother's cunt seemingly beyond it's limits. It was also getting thicker. Thickening until I could swear that I saw the contour of my cock pushing her belly from the inside out. And longer and longer it grew until the head bumped up against her ribcage. Then she grabbed the hair on my chest. Her delicate fingers dug deeply into my flesh causing her hands to become soaked with my blood. The pain was unbearably exquisite.

"Give me your lust!" she demanded. "Let me feel what you feel when you fuck a woman so we can be one!" Mom fell onto my body and kissed me. Her tongue penetrated farther down into my mouth and throat than what I would have thought was humanly possible. My blood smeared all over her magnificent tits as she interlocked our fingers and held me tight. Then she began to drain all my lust like a sexual vampire. That's the only way to describe it. She began to know the pure animal lust and sexual pleasure, completely devoid of any emotion, that a man can feel. But I received something in return. The understanding of why a woman has such a deep seated need for emotional fulfillment during sex. It was a religious experience. Our souls were merging into one. She momentarily pulled back and looked at me.

"You understand, don't you?" I did understand. Everything.

"Yes. I do now." Mom kissed me again with an intensity that fused our souls together in a deluge of love and our bodies together in a torrent of lust. We both came at the exact same time. My cock unloaded a gusher of cum into her cunt, mixing with all of her pussy juices into a cocktail of passion. The heady concoction from our forbidden love flooded out of her pussy and all over the bed. She kissed me softly, tenderly, as I lay there totally spent due to her sexual prowess. We were completely united, body and spirit. I was actual able to experience her bodily pleasures and emotional feelings while simultaneously experiencing my own. It was sort of like hearing and understanding two separate pieces of music at the exact same time. Just after this realization, I awoke from my dream. My shorts were soaked with my precum juice but fortunately I hadn't cum yet. I quickly jerked myself off to one of the best orgasms I'd ever had, cleaned myself up and wrote down the entire dream. I think I managed to record every single detail. Now when I jerk off I can relive this incredible dream over and over again.

I put David's journal back and somberly walked to my own bedroom. I needed to sort out what was happening. My son fantasizes about making love to me. Alright. During my marriage I used to fantasize about having sex with other people sometimes. No biggey. I never fantasized about doing my own son, although he is very cute and sexy. But from what I just read, he seems to have it really bad for me. That description of me while I was standing in the doorway. Although I'm over forty, I do keep myself in shape, but practically no woman is that perfect. Then again, he may be seeing me through a lover's eyes.

Did that thought really just enter my mind? Did I really refer to my son as my lover? How long has he felt this way? The diary is only for one year. He may have felt this way ever since he began noticing girls. That's quite sad actually. To have an unrequited romantic love that might have been going on for years. Especially when the person you love is right in your own home. Someone that you see and talk to every, single day. God how that must tear my baby up inside.

Later on, when David came home, I didn't know what to do. I tried to act normally, but I couldn't even call him 'honey' like I always do. I was afraid he might take it the wrong way, although how could he? I've called him 'honey' ever since he was a little boy. Why should he interpret it differently now just because I read his diary? I was the one who was interpreting it differently. I needed an answer to my predicament. I had to get inside his head a little more, so when he went out Tuesday night with Alicia, I went back to his diary and read some more.

February 3rd - Saw Baywatch on t.v. and it reminded me of last summer when mom wore that sexy little black bikini and laid in the backyard getting a suntan. Thinking back, I know exactly what I should have done. After she changed, got the suntan oil and that thick beach towel to lie on, I should have asked her, quite innocently, "Do you want me to rub the suntan oil on your back?"

"O.K." she would have said. She spread the towel out on the grass and laid down. Then I untied her bikini top in the back.

"You don't want tan lines, right?" I asked.

"No." I gave her a good massage as I rubbed the oil in. I spent an inordinate amount of time rubbing the sides of her big tits that were bulging out from underneath her. She said nothing. I started to untie her bikini bottom.

"What are you doing?!"

"You said you didn't want tan lines."

"I know, but I meant…."

"I know exactly what you meant. But you have an incredibly sexy ass, mom. You shouldn't be afraid to let people see it. In fact, you should be very proud to show it off." I pulled the bikini back to expose her delicious peaches and I started to run my hands over her cheeks. "Your ass is soooo beautiful. Did you like it when dad used to kiss and lick your ass?"

"What? He never…."

"Oh, that's a crime. This is an ass that deserves to be kissed." That's exactly what I did and she gasped. "And licked." I pulled her cheeks apart and shoved my tongue deep into her bunghole.

"David! What are do…oooo…ooooooooo that feels so gooood." I penetrated her darkest nether region as far as my tongue would go. I wanted mom to know to the fullest extent what kind of pleasure she'd be receiving from me. "Oh God. God, please don't stop," she begged, not knowing that I had no intention of stopping. I snaked my way into her asshole, twisting and wriggling my tongue while she twisted and wriggled her pelvis in satisfaction. I felt her fingers brush past my chin as they searched out her cunt. I was tempted to go down on her pussy, but there would be plenty of time later on to satisfy her snatch. Right now, it was her ass that got my full attention.

I pulled out of her hole and said "Get on your knees." Mom did as I ordered but she also straightened her body. "No, no. Bend over." She obeyed and with her beautiful ass sticking up in the air, desperately in need of another oral fix, I needled my tongue back into her. I wiggled around inside her poop chute then pulled out. In, around and out. In, around and out. For several minutes I teased mom's asshole in this fashion, all the time listening to the wonderful music of her moaning and groaning from the anal delight she was receiving. Intermittently there was a change up as I licked and swabbed her crack, bathing it with my saliva. The cool liquid must have provided a stimulating contrast on her hot flesh. Plus I hadn't shaved in a couple of days. The sensation of my rough stubble scratching her delicate butt cheeks could only have added another dimension of sensual bliss. Her poor, overworked little ass must have been approaching stimulation overload. I even took a few soft bites out of her perfect pair of peaches but never took my eyes off the prize - mom's wrinkled little pucker of skin that was now the most erotic and exciting part of her body. I could feel her hand moving on her cunt faster and faster, occasionally bumping against my face.

"I'm gonna cum!" she screamed. I quickly plunged back into her hole as deep as I could and gave it my all. Mom let out a piercing squeal of ecstasy that had my ears ringing for hours. Her body bucked and convulsed, knocking me backwards onto my own ass. I sat there and enjoyed the spectacle of my mother shaking, trembling, quivering from the orgasm that sent her body reeling out of control. To the untrained eye, one might have assumed she was having an epileptic seizure. Of course, that would also be assuming she wasn't naked with her hand shoved up her cunt, cum gushing out of her snatch and rolling down her lovely thighs and her ear-shattering shrieks of "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" She collapsed onto the towel but managed to roll over. Her big, luscious tits rose and fell with her deep and heavy breathing. Her eyes met mine, and that was all I needed to know that her body now belonged to me to use and play with as I see fit. As she regained her breath, I removed my clothes. I looked at my throbbing hard-on then looked at mom. Her gaze was transfixed on my cock. Eventually she looked up at me and smiled. She lifted one hand and clawed at the air as if desperately trying to grasp my dick. I knelt down next to her. Mom quickly clutched my cock while I gently rubbed the smooth, hairless skin of her pussy.

"There's nothing sexier than a bare pussy," I said. "It looks so inviting. I guess you're inviting me to fuck your cunt then."

"My pussy's a little too spent after that workout." She grabbed her oversized jugs and shook them a bit. "Do you like my tits, honey?" she asked. Duh.

"I love your tits." Without another word I mounted her and forced my cock between those two incredible mounds of flesh. I'm not much of a tea drinker but I can never get enough t-bags. At the level of horniness my cock and balls were already in, it didn't take long for me to unload all those little baby makers that were aching to get out. I fucked those wonderful tits harder and faster until my scrotal muscles contracted in a spasm so intense, it shot my cum over a yard past mom's head. Again and again my cream came bursting out, missing her completely. Only the last few drops made it onto her face. Mom's slender, little fingers sought out my seed and transferred all they could find to her mouth.

"Absolutely delicious," she said before she swallowed.

"Give me twenty minutes to rest and you can get the next batch directly from the source."

"There's nothing I'd love more than having my baby's cock in my mouth. Well…except, of course, having my baby tongue fuck his mommy's asshole. But what are we gonna do for the next twenty minutes?" My dick hadn't gone fully soft yet, so I slid it into mom's wet pussy, laid down on top of her big, soft tits and invaded her mouth with my tongue.

By now I didn't know what to think. I knew that no man I'd ever known ever had such an intense desire for me. Certainly not my gay ex-husband nor even any of the men I dated after my divorce and two boob jobs, which I now suspect were a knee-jerk reaction to my husband dumping me for a guy. There were a few things I did know. My heart was beating much faster than normal. My pussy was unusually wet. And I was trying to remember how David looked in his bathing suit at the beach last summer and wondered hard about what he would look like in his birthday suit today.

I was reading a romance novel before going to sleep at night, but it wasn't nearly as erotic as some of the stuff my son was writing. Perhaps it was because I was the one starring in his dreams. As I changed my panties, I thought about the thick patch of hair between my legs. When David wrote about me, he mentioned a few times that my pussy was bald and I wondered about that. Picking up some hair remover the next time I went shopping, I decided to experiment. Just before I showered, I cut off most of my seaweed, that's what some of the guys in high school used to call it, and used the remover on the rest. While I was waiting for the stuff to work, I wondered what it would be like if David and I…you know. If it was anything like his writings, the sex would certainly be great. But emotionally? I don't think I could ever love any man more than my son, but that's a maternal love. A romantic love would be very different, although the maternal aspect could add more flavor to a romantic relationship. I recalled reading somewhere that incest between consenting adults is legal in France. That's one plus for the French.

I wiped the cream and stubble off my pussy then rinsed myself off. The full-length mirror in my bathroom showed me why my son was so into it. What used to be a thick, bushy mess only a few moments ago was now soft, smooth and pristine. It no longer looked as if there was a barrier to my womanhood. Just the opposite. My pussy looked available, alluring, even vulnerable and helpless. Most men love a woman's body to be soft and smooth and since this is the part of a woman's body they love the most, shouldn't it be soft and smooth, too? If women will remove the hair from their legs and armpits because it's sexier, why not the pussy? My only conclusion was because of the way women dress. The arms and legs are usually open to public viewing whereas the cunt has a very limited audience, for most women anyway. Perhaps we want to look as sexy as possible for friends, coworkers and strangers on the street but not for the men in our lives. I was shocked out of my revelry by the sight of my son standing in the open doorway.

"What are you doing here?! Why aren't you in class?!"

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