tagInterracial LoveHow to Stop Smoking Ch. 09

How to Stop Smoking Ch. 09

byJim McKay©

After sleeping a few hours, I got up. I went to the kitchen, made a roast beef sandwich and grabbed a beer. As I was enjoying the roast beef and beer, I was reflecting on the condition I was getting into.

I picked up the phone book and looked up the nearest health spa. I thought that I would go register and have a good work out. When I arrived at the health spa, I parked my car and headed across the parking lot.

I cut between a couple of Cadillac's, stepped out and ran right into the side of a Ferrari. As I got up off the ground, this good looking black chick stepped out. She was very concerned if I was O.K.

I assured her that my ego was all that was bruised. She took one look at my crotch and said "Thank God."

We introduced ourselves and I found out that her name was Mandy. She was a body-builder and often taught at various health spas to help finance her quest for a national title. Today she was teaching at this spa. She invited me to join her class providing that my bruises would permit. If they didn't, she offered to massage away the pain later. She said she had a bit of experience in that area as well.

We excused ourselves and headed our separate ways. Mandy went to teach - I went to get registered.

When I arrived at the desk, I was directed to the beginners classes. I got the room number and headed to the men's locker room to change.

As I wandered down the hall, I ran into Mandy again. Guess who my teacher was? When we arrived at the exercise room, I walked in and took up a position against the nearest wall. Mandy headed to the front.

Calling the class to order, she spaced everyone far enough to do their gyrations without cold-cocking their nearest neighbor.

Eyeing my crotch, she asked me to move to the front line. She explained to the class that she had just knocked me down with her car and wanted to keep an eye on me. Her being black and me white, caused no eyebrows to turn, so the class thought the idea entirely plausible. Mandy really had other ideas.

As we started to get into the exercises, Mandy kept looking at my crotch. She had hit me in the right leg, not the cock. Well, if that was her way of keeping an eye on me, who was I to argue? As my cock began to swell, I could see Mandy was pleased.

I might not be capable of walking, but I could fuck. Mandy looked like she was hot and really needed it. We exercised for 15 minutes and took a break. I was just going to sit down when Mandy asked if she could talk to me outside.

When the door had closed behind us, Mandy asked me what I did for a living. I asked why she wanted to know. She said that she wanted to fuck me, but she wasn't going to if I were a bum.

After I told her what I worked at, she said that was O.K. At this point, I stalked off telling her that I didn't give a fuck if it was O.K. or not. I had my life to live and I didn't need her interference.

I returned to the exercise room and settled against the wall. Soon, Mandy returned and headed toward the front of the class. Catching my eye, she silently motioned for me to join her at the front. I was still sulking, but I moved up there anyway. Fifteen minutes later I regretted it.

Mandy put everyone in that room through their paces this time. By the time she finished, I could hardly move. Mandy came over and I told her that my leg hurt.

Thinking that it might have something to do with the accident earlier, she had me helped into the Director's office. When we arrived office, Mandy asked me to sit down on the sofa. Then, she asked where the pain was. I showed her where it started to cramp up during the exercise.

I thought that I had been all right, but exercising had aggravated the problem. Mandy thought that she should get a better look at it and asked that I remove my pants. As I lowered my sweats, her eyes never left my cock. She just stared at it.

With my pants down, Mandy proceeded to examine my leg with a practiced eye and hands. She felt and squeezed every inch of both legs. Working from the ankle to the crotch until she was satisfied that she had a good comparison between them.

When she finished, she placed her hand on my cock. The heat of her hand was causing my cock to swell. She remarked that I had no problem getting an erection. That was astute since my cock was swelling in her hand.

Mandy pronounced that she thought that I needed a good massage to lessen the pain. My reproductive organs looked to be in adequate shape.

Adequate! Your ass. They were in fine shape. However, I didn't say anything and she offered to give me a massage, at my convenience, to get rid of the pain.

I replied that now was as good as any and her response was simply "your place or mine?". I told her of my professional massage table at home. It would be easier to explain her to my neighbors than the other way around.

She agreed and said that she would meet me in the parking lot after class. I told her to give me a 10 minute head start and she had a deal. I figured that way I could be in my car before she hit the parking lot. Then I'd have some protection.

We met in the parking lot. After giving her my address, I headed out. She made some comment about my Rolls Royce being very conspicuous, but I didn't catch all of it.

I headed out with her hot on my tail. I didn't really try to lose her, but I got to my place about 5 minutes before she did.

Time enough to straighten up a little and hide all the underwear that other guests had left behind.

When she arrived, she had to buzz me from the gate to be let in. After I hit the switch and the gates opened, the video cameras tracked her to the front door.

When she got out of the car, I noticed that she liked leather. She had on long red leather boots, skin tight black leather pants and a black leather jacket that fit like a glove. She even had on black leather racing gloves. To match the Ferrari, no doubt. She looked very sexy.

I pushed the button that opened the door and she entered the foyer. Keying the microphone, I told her to go up the stairs and turn right. She was to enter the third door on the right.

I could see by the look on her face that she was impressed. She had been worried about getting involved with a nobody. That had changed in the last 5 minutes.

She walked up the stairs, turned right, found the door and opened it. I wasn't there. Instead, she faced an empty desk that looked as if I had just left it. Looking at her through the video camera, I could see the perplexed look on her face.

I then spoke to her and told her that I had to be careful of people trying to rip me off. If she were genuine, she would undress right there and prove that she didn't have any hidden weapons.

She figured out what was going on, turned, faced the camera and began to strip. First came the gloves. She put a couple of fingers of each glove in her mouth and, making little growling noises, pulled them off her hands.

Then came the boots. Hooking one heel against the other toe, she nudged them off. Then, she unzipped the leather jacket. I had said that it fit like a second skin - it did. There was nothing underneath it.

As she peeled it off, it became obvious that she had adequate tits, nothing spectacular unless you count the size of her areolas. They were about an inch and a half in diameter. Her nipples were beginning to harden with the erotic thoughts of undressing before a camera and someone that she didn't know.

She then reached for the zipper on the pants. It was on the side.

I opened the door to the room and stood transfixed as Mandy removed the rest of her clothing. First her leather pants and then, the black thong that blended in so well with her ebony skin.

I have to admit that she had a fantastic body. Better than I remembered from the health spa. Her muscles rippled as she moved and her whole body spoke of strength. I began to fantasize about what that tight pussy could do to my cock. My cock started to rise.

As she had removed the last of her clothing, I entered the room carrying a black silk robe for her. I hoped she would like it. As I handed it to her, I told her that she passed. With a wry smile, she replied that she wouldn't have it any other way.

I then took her hand and led her into the other room. It was my den, with a large fireplace on one wall. I had built a roaring fire in it and the room was quite warm.

I led Mandy over to the bar and offered her a drink. She said that she would have some carrot juice it I had any. I took a large glass out of the freezer and filled it for her.

She was, again, impressed. Thank god for cellular phones. I had phoned ahead and had a juice bar set up for her. I mixed a scotch on the rocks for me and we toasted each other.

As we sipped our drinks she eyed me, wondering just what I was all about. She asked just what kick I got out of alcohol. I said that it was what I wanted to drink, so I drink it.

I was watching her while we talked and I couldn't help noticing her eyes kept wandering toward my crotch. As she looked at my massive cock, her breath got a little quicker. I sat my drink on the bar and reached for hers.

As she handed it to me, a little bolt of electricity passed between us. I could tell that she had not cum here to just give me a massage.

It was time to take her into the Massage room. I call it the Massage room when I want a Massage. When I want to use the Jacuzzi, I call it the Jacuzzi room. Same place.

I led her down the back stairs and into the room. I told her to take a look around while I got undressed for the massage.

As she wandered around looking at the Jacuzzi and the king size bathroom with the monster shower in it, I got undressed. I had put on a pair of nylon bikini shorts and I could see the effect it had on her. The outline of my cock was clearly visible as it strained for release from the shorts.

Mandy was watching and I noticed that her breathing was getting deeper. The sight of my huge cock had stirred her.

I asked her in what position she wanted me on the massage table. She replied that she should give me an overall massage to ease my aches and pains. She said that stomach down would be O.K. and I crawled onto the table.

Mandy noticed that I had already put a bottle of scented oil on the burner to warm. She reached over, took a big handful of oil from the bottle and began rubbing me down.

She started at the shoulders, working her way down to my hips. Reaching the buttocks, she dwelled awhile on that area. She rubbed, pinched, prodded and poked. I was becoming more aroused then ever.

When a beautiful woman gives you a massage that really turns you on. She took some more oil and worked on my legs. Occasionally, she would get a little high on the legs and brush against the outline of my ball sac or cock. Making sure that she didn't linger too long, yet long enough to cause a fantastic erection and keep me that way.

She asked me to roll over. It was then that I noticed that she had shed the robe. She said that it would only get in the way.

With that she took some more oil and started in around the neck and shoulders. She was very good. I began to relax. As she worked her way down toward my cock, I could feel it stiffen even more. Mandy noticed also.

When she reached my crotch, she removed my string bikini shorts. As soon as she pulled them down past my cock, I heard her give a little gasp.

She reached over and stroked it with an oily hand. My cock twitched and jerked and Mandy smiled. She knew the effect that she had on men.

Mandy oiled up again and moved to my feet. Working on them all the way to the crotch, she made sure that my cock stayed erect.

If it looked as if it were going to sag, she would do something to make it get super hard again.

She took a handful of oil and began to massage my ball sac. As she did, she stroked my cock with her other hand.

After about 5 minutes of this, I was ready. Her breathing was coming in rasping gasps and I knew that the sight of my stiff cock was getting to her.

Suddenly Mandy leaned down and took the head of my cock in her mouth. As she began to suck, I could feel the juices welling up inside of me. My ball sac started getting hard and I thought that I would cum any minute.

Mandy let go of my cock and climbed on the table. Sitting on my face with her hairy pussy, she took up sucking my cock, right where she left off. The more I sucked on her pussy, the harder she sucked and stroked my cock.

Finally, I told Mandy that she was going to waste a lot of good cum if we didn't fuck. She moved down and, when she was in position above my cock, grasped it and plugged it inside of her.

As she started an up and down motion, she leaned back toward me. I reached up and grabbed a double handful of tit while she was resting.

As I kneaded her tits, the nipples stiffened even more. Her tits weren't very big, but the nipples were enormous.

As she moved up and down on my cock, she started babbling. She was talking in a tongue with which I was not familiar. I found out later that it was Swahili and that she never reverted to it except when she was overcome by passion. That was the only time when she babbled.

She continued to rock up and down on my cock, savoring every inch of it. Little did she know that the 7-1/2" she had now would become 12+ by the time she finished. Soon she was coming and I got my "false cum" - number 1. I was keeping count. The erratic number of "false cums" lately had me worried.

When she had finished coming, we rested for a couple of minutes. Then I began stroking my cock in and out of her, ever so gently. I intended on making her hot beyond belief. I stroked in - then out. I kept this up, real slow, for about 4 or 5 minutes and I could feel her body begin to stiffen. I knew that she was on the verge of coming again.

After she reached her second orgasm, we rested awhile then I settled into another slow, steady stroking motion with my cock. I could feel her responding again. A few minutes more and I was getting my second "false cum" as she was reaching her third orgasm. When she came, this time, she passed out. Her head went limp and it was as if she was asleep.

My cock was still rock hard, but I gave her a few minutes before I began to stroke in and out of her again. As I increased my movement, she began to cum around and moaned. I decided to change positions so I rolled her over to the side. Making sure she didn't fall off as we moved, I climbed on board.

I lifted her ass high in the air and scooted my knees under her ass. This way, all I had to do was lean forward and slide my cock into her. I started stroking back and forth.

I had her pinned down where she couldn't move. That bothered her a little and she started wriggling her ass back and forth. The more she wriggled, the hotter she got because my stiff cock was working back and forth inside her hot pussy.

Soon, I reached my third "false cum" and didn't slow down a stroke. My cock had reached it's maximum size. I thought that, by keeping up the tempo, I would cum. As I stroked in and out, she became frantic.

Apparently, she had never been fucked enough to cum this much before and she wasn't sure whether or not it was enjoyable or painful. The size of my cock didn't help matters either. Before long I began to cum. As my hot juices filled her insides, her head did a little dance and she passed out again. Now this could get embarrassing.

I waited awhile until my cock had subsided. Then, while she dozed, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and went to wash up.

When I came back, she was still out, so I picked her up and carried her to the Jacuzzi.

When I placed her in the Jacuzzi, she began to cum around. When she saw where she was, she smiled and leaned back to enjoy.

That gave me my first chance to admire her body. She was only about 5'4" tall and had medium sized breasts with large nipples but she had something else going for her.

She had wide flaring hips that were made for fucking. She had an athlete's body that was enhanced by the body building.

And she had a cunt that milked you dry when it started working on your cock. She was really quite pretty.

The combination of the fucking we had just done and the water made her ebony skin glow. As I watched her, my cock began to stir again.

We relaxed for awhile then decided to get out of the Jacuzzi and take a shower.

I took Mandy into the bathroom. When she saw the size of it, she was amazed. She asked me how any one could person could use all this space. I told her that usually I had company to help me wash my back and the extra room came in handy.

With that, I pulled out a couple of washcloths and towels and we climbed into the shower.

As I adjusted the spray for maximum effect, Mandy began to lather up a washcloth.

When she had it lathered, she gave me the soap and began to work on my back and shoulders. Mandy had strong hands and I could feel the aches and tension of the day subsiding as she worked on me.

Telling her that it was her turn, I turned us around so I could work on her back. I concentrated on a softer massage approach, covering her entire back.

She had a beautifully shaped ass with big round globes and I made sure that they got a good working over. Occasionally I'd slip a hand between them, rubbing her tight little ring. Then I worked my hand to the top of her steaming pussy.

Then I had her strike a pose the way she would if she were on the stage in competition. She placed one foot forward with knees slightly bent, arms level with her shoulders as she flexed those massive pectoral muscles. When she was positioned like I wanted, I told her that she was not to move until I told her she could.

Then, with more lather, I began to work on every square inch of her body. As I soaped up her muscular calves, working my way toward her pussy, I marveled at the thickness of her thigh muscles. They were flexed for maximum effect. I worked my way past her pussy to her stomach. The muscles on her stomach rippled like a wash board and were as hard as a rock.

I lathered up her chest, paying a lot of attention to her tits, then I moved around behind her. I started on the upper arms and shoulders, working my way down her back and reached around to rub her nipples as I went.

I noticed that the armpits were especially sensitive. Every time I stroked her there, her body quivered a little. I continued down her back until I reached those huge ass cheeks again. She had her butt muscles tight as could be. I massaged each globe and slipped a hand between them to make sure that her ass hole got special attention.

Then I moved around to the front again. I stopped to admire her body. It was fantastic. I took the soap and, starting just above her pubic bone, began to massage her stomach, working a hand down to her upper thighs. As I moved to her inner thighs and neared her pussy lips, her body began to quiver again.

I covered her pussy lips with one hand and squeezed them together. She shook. Then, I slipped a finger inside and found her clitoris. As I flicked it back and forth with my finger, her body went into spasms. I decided that was enough, so I told her to quit the pose and we would rinse off and go to the bedroom.

We rinsed and toweled each other. I gave Mandy a brisk rubbing with the coarse towel causing her skin to glow. As she rubbed me down, she knelt down and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck. As she rolled her head around the crown, my cock started to respond.

It took no time at all until my cock was jerking and I reached a "false cum." Mandy noticed that my cock had gotten larger while she was sucking it. I explained the treatment to her as we walked to the bedroom.

When Mandy saw the size of the waterbed, her eyes got wide as saucers. She asked if this was the entertainment room. I smiled and didn't answer.

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