How to Stop Smoking Ch. 18

byJim McKay©

John reached out and put a hand on my cock. The feel of the slippery oil as he stroked my cock was highly erotic. I didn't want him to have all the fun, so I took hold of his.

As we slowly masturbated each other, Renee' took it all in. Both of our cocks had swollen to capacity. John's 20" cock looked massive in my hand and I wondered how it would feel in my ass.

He must have read my mind because he told me to lean over the massage table. As I did, he began to rub some of the oil on my ass hole and inserted his finger. Moving his finger around in circles, he loosened it up enough to put in another finger. After a few minutes of prodding and poking, he pulled them out.

Placing his massive cockhead at the entrance of my asshole, he pushed. The crown plopped inside and he stopped. Giving my ass hole time to get used to it.

Then he began slow in and out movements, working the crown back and forth until he could put more inside. His cock was so huge that he could only get 8 or 10 inches in. The feeling of his cock working on my prostrate made my cock stiffen even more.

John then reached around and took hold of my cock. As he moved his cock in and out of my ass, he stroked mine. His balls slapping against mine and his stroking caused my balls to tighten and I came.

My cumming made my asshole tighten around his cock and John began to cum. I could feel the heat as his cum spurted deep within my ass.

Renee' had been taking all this in and her breathing continued to be as rapid as ever. When I came, John had aimed my cock at Renee' and I saw that she was covered with cum.

After a quick clean-up, John and I returned our attention to Renee'. We didn't want her to cool off too much

Un-strapping her, we carried her into the shower and placed her on the scrub table. Tying her down, we turned on the shower and began to soap her.

Using plenty of water and lots of suds, we scrubbed her body in much the same way we applied the oil earlier.

We rubbed her down very slow and sensuously. I could imagine the feeling of 4 hands rubbing her sleek body

I started at the feet and John started with her chest and shoulders. As I soaped her feet, I treated each toe to a sensuous massage. Moving to the ankles, I soaped them and her calves.

Rubbing slowly, I spent some time with her knees and then on to the thighs. Meanwhile, John was soaping Renee's chest and stomach, staying away from the nipples.

Occasionally, John would just brush a nipple in passing, sending electric jolts through her. When he reached forward to work on her sleek belly, his cock brushed her lips and her mouth opened.

Renee' gave his cock a little suck and John moved it out of reach. As he was doing this, I was soaping up her inner thighs. The texture of the skin was soft as could be.

Working slowly toward her swollen pussy lips, I applied a thick coating of lather to them and rubbed it in slowly. As her hips began to move in rhythm to my ministrations, I left them and move back down the thighs.

John leaned forward and inserted his cock in Renee's mouth again. As she began to suck it, his 20" cock began to get harder. John wouldn't let her have much more than the crown. That was the most sensitive area anyway.

When his cock was rock hard, he pulled it out of her mouth. John and I changed positions and continued to apply the soap and water.

I leaned over to begin on her belly as John started on her inner thighs. Spreading her legs a little more, he zeroed in on her clit. Flicking it a couple of times caused Renee's hips to begin their gyrations.

I squeezed both tits, rubbing her nipples between my fingers. This served to excite her even more. Slipping my cock into her mouth, we began to rinse the soap off her.

As I applied water, John did the rubbing. Her thrashing hips told us that she was ready to fuck. John climbed on the table and inserted his massive cock into her pussy.

As he began to thrust, her hips rose to meet him. Meanwhile, she was sucking on my cock as if there were no tomorrow.

As John began to cum, he withdrew his cock from her steaming pussy and aimed the jets of hot cum at her belly. The sight of his cum and Renee's sucking caused my balls to tighten anew. I started cumming.

As I did, I pulled my cock from her mouth and let the jets of cum cover her tits. Stroking my cock to drain the last of the cum, I noticed that John was doing the same. When I finished cumming, I put my cock back in her mouth and Renee' continued sucking it.

As she sucked my cock, it began to stiffen again. John was sucking on her clit, licking her pussy with his broad pink tongue. Renee' was still hot. By the time my cock was hard, John and I traded places. I eased my cock into her steamy pussy and began to fuck her.

John offered Renee' his cock and she began sucking it. It was very erotic watching her suck that black cock.

After we finally came, John and I cleaned up Renee', untied her and helped her to the bed.

With Renee' sandwiched between us, we fell asleep. After breakfast the next morning, John left with Renee' to take her home.

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