tagInterracial LoveHow to Stop Smoking Ch. 22

How to Stop Smoking Ch. 22

byJim McKay©

I woke up with a massive hard on. Suzy took one look at it and ran. She said she wasn't going to do anything until I had some of her potion.

Knowing that it wouldn't do me any good to masturbate or suck myself off (because of the false cums), I got up and got dressed. Besides, I was hungry.

Remembering Vera, the lady that owned the health food restaurant, had expressed a desire to become more acquainted with my cock, I thought it would be a good time to go out to eat.

Suzy and I dressed and we went to the restaurant. We were seated in a booth. The waitress that seated us had seen the outline of my cock in my pants. I had my cock hanging down the left pants leg.

She led us to a secluded booth near the kitchen. I think she was trying to hide us more than anything else. I couldn't understand why she was embarrassed. It was my cock, not hers.

After taking our order, I saw her whispering to Vera. I knew she was talking about us because Vera turned and looked straight at me.

The waitress went to the kitchen to place the order and Vera brought coffee to our booth.

Sitting down, she placed her hand on my leg as she had the first time I was there. This time she really got a shock.

My cock was 6" longer and about an inch larger in diameter than the last time she squeezed it. And it was rock hard.

Vera inquired about Gail. I told her that Gail was recuperating. I introduced her to Suzy and told Vera that we had an experiment going and were taking time out to eat breakfast. Vera was stroking my cock as she asked if our experiment had anything to do with sex.

I told her that it did and that we could use some help knowing full well that she was willing.

Our food arrived and Vera left to attend to business while we ate. By the time we finished, Vera had returned to the booth and said that she was ready to go.

Leaving money for the check, we left. Vera said that she would meet us at my house in a half hour or so, she had to go by her place and get some things.

I asked if she knew how to get there and she replied that she knew. I was puzzled by this, but I didn't question it. Maybe a witch doctor's daughter does know everything.

Suzy and I arrived and made small talk until Vera buzzed from the gate. I let her in and went to meet her at the door.

While Suzy and I were talking, I asked her not to give me the potion to reduce the size of my cock until Vera had a chance to try it out. She agreed.

When I opened the door for Vera, I got a shock. She had on her Zulu tribal costume. Very fetching. It emphasized curves that I had not yet imagined.

Vera was 6'4" tall. Most tall people stoop over a little when they enter a doorway, but Vera carried herself very upright with her back straight and her tits thrust forward.

She didn't have large tits but they were sharp pointed and fit her slender frame very well.

Entering the foyer, she placed her bag on a table. Wasting no time, she began to remove her costume. She said, "let's fuck" and the three of us headed for the bedroom.

I let Suzy lead the way and I followed Vera. That tall black ass had two big round globes that moved up and down as she glided into the bedroom. My mouth was beginning to water already.

Vera lay on the bed watching as I undressed. As my massive cock sprang into view, she gave a gasp. It was larger than she had anticipated.

I lay on the bed and pulled her to me.As we kissed, I began to play with her tits. Caressing them, then tweaking her nipples until they were like little hardened cocks jutting out from her chest.

My hand traveled down the black satin skin of her stomach, across her pubic bone to the lips of her pussy. Spreading her pussy lips, I slipped a finger inside searching for her clit.

Her pussy was milking my finger. This caused my already hard cock to get harder. This lady was going to be tight. Suzy got a dildo from the cabinet.

She brought over the biggest one she could find - 18"long and 2" in diameter.

I stroked Vera's pussy lips with the dildo, getting it wet to make insertion a little easier. I eased the head of the dildo into Vera's pussy. The more I pushed, the wetter it got. My intention was to stretch her pussy lips enough that she would be able to accommodate my massive cock.

After a couple minutes of dildo play, I turned it on. As it began to hum, Vera began to orgasm. I forced it deeper. Then I began to rapidly pull it out and shove it in roughly until I was satisfied that it had done it's job.

Removing the dildo, I mounted her. As my turgid cockhead slipped past the opening of her pussy, I felt her tense up. I was larger than the dildo and she knew it. I eased 3 or 4 inches of my cock into her and began to stroke it in and out.

The length of my strokes increased until my cock entered her depths. The more I stroked, the deeper my cock went.

I reached 4 false cums before managing to get the entire 22" buried inside her. Meanwhile, Vera had begun to orgasm as soon as I started fucking her. She had continuous series of orgasms.

We rested with my cock deep inside her. Her pussy was as tight as when I first began fucking her. Suzy got a couple of towels from the bathroom and gave them to us. We were perspiring so heavily that the bed was soaked. There was also a large wet spot from all the pussy juice.

I started moving my hips, stroking my rigid cock in and out of her again. Vera asked if she could get on top. Rolling over, with her on top, she sat up. I could see the pain in her face as her pussy was tighter in this position.

She leaned over and placed one of those sharp nipples in my mouth. As I began sucking it, her hips began a little rotating motion around my cock.

We kept this going until, about 15 minutes later, I began to cum. When I came, my jism ran out of her pussy to mix with her pussy juice on the bed.

I looked over at Suzy. Her body was shaking like a leaf. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed. She had been masturbating the entire time and was having an orgasm.

I pulled Vera off me and my cock slipped out of her hot pussy. She would never be the same. After resting awhile, the three of us headed for the shower.

On the way to the shower, I cranked up the sauna. Stepping into the shower, Vera and I decided to pay some attention to Suzy.

Passing the soap back and forth, Vera and I kept Suzy sandwiched between us - me in the back and Vera in front.

Vera soaped Suzy's melon size breasts and leaned forward to kiss her. Suzy opened her mouth and the two of them began French-kissing.

Vera's hot pink tongue worked on Suzy's mouth. Suzy's breasts began to rise and fall as her breathing became heavier and heavier. She was getting hot.

Of course, my playing with Suzy's ass and cunt wasn't helping either. I had been massaging her ass cheeks, toying with her brown ring and sliding a finger or two between her legs deep into her pussy.

We rinsed off and, after putting a towel around each of us, headed for the sauna. Reclining on one of the benches, I watched as Vera pushed Suzy onto her back.

Vera removed Suzy's towel and began to make love to her. She kissed Suzy's neck as she worked her way to those huge tits. Suzy began to respond. She was breathing fast and her hips were straining against Vera's. Vera worked on her breasts until Suzy's nipples were rock hard. Then she began kissing a little trail down to Suzy's shaved pussy. As Vera's hot tongue opened her pussy lips, Suzy uttered a little gasp. Vera began to lick her pussy. Teasing her slowly at first, then faster. Suzy's hips began to move. When Vera reached Suzy's clit, her hips began thrashing wildly and she came.

While I was enjoying the scene, my cock responded until it reached full hardness. Of course, my stroking it had helped. Seeing that I was ready for some action, Vera left Suzy and came over to my bench.

Taking my cock in her hand, she placed her lips around the blood red crown and began to suck on it. Suzy joined us and began playing with and sucking on my balls. As she rolled one around in her mouth, she would give it a little nip, scraping it lightly with her teeth.

In less than 10 minutes, the two of them had taken me beyond all the "false cums" the acupuncture had caused and I was ready to cum. Suzy straddled me. Vera guided my cock into Suzy's hot pussy as Suzy lowered herself on it.

Sliding my rigid cock to the hilt, Suzy began fucking me. She worked her pussy up and down its length with long, rapid strokes.

Within seconds, I came. Spurt after spurt of scalding hot cum hit the walls of her pussy. As my hot cum splashed inside her pussy, Suzy slipped over the edge. She began to orgasm. She continued fucking me until my balls were drained. My cock began to soften while we rested.

The exertion in the steamy sauna had left all of us gasping for air. Vera helped Suzy off me and it was back to the shower. This time to cool off.

I moved over to Vera. Embracing her, we kissed - our bodies straining against each other. As Vera rotated her hips against mine, my cock began to get hard. Moving to the massage table, I lay her down.

Suzy and I strapped her to the table in a spread-eagle position. I had modified the shower head above the table. I had installed a length of garden hose. There was an adjustable spray nozzle on the end of the hose. Turning on the cold water, I adjusted the nozzle until I had a fine mist spray. I aimed it at Vera.

When the ice cold water hit her, her body responded immediately. Goose bumps rose on her skin and Vera's nipples became rock hard. I held the spray on her pussy. Her swollen clit peeked through her sparse pussy hair.

Moving the spray back and forth over her body caused Vera to begin straining against her bonds in an attempt to escape the cold water.

I adjusted the temperature until the water was much warmer. As the water warmed her skin, Vera stopped struggling.

Then, I changed the mist spray to a hard steady stream. The force of the spray massaging her body began to excite her. Once again I moved the spray to her pussy. The stream of water hitting her clit caused Vera to orgasm immediately.

As her hips bucked and thrashed, I turned the water off and Suzy climbed on the table. Kissing Vera, Suzy ground her pussy against Vera's until they both had achieved a satisfying climax. I moved in and placed my turgid cock between their kissing lips. They began sucking me. First Suzy, then Vera.

When I was ready, I moved behind them. Climbing onto the table, I lifted Suzy's hips and slid my cock into her steamy pussy. We began to fuck.

After awhile, I pulled my cock from Suzy's pussy, letting it fall between Vera's pussy lips. I worked my rigid cock against the opening as Vera raised her hips in response. My cock eased into her.

After 5 minutes of fucking, Vera collapsed. She was exhausted. Suzy and I untied her and help her to the Jacuzzi.

I stayed with Vera while Suzy went to mix up her potion. We both felt that it was about time.

I relaxed in the Jacuzzi drinking Suzy's tea with the potion in it. Vera recovered her strength and, after putting her panties on, she and Suzy went to the kitchen to prepare something to eat.

Suzy rummaged around until she found what she needed and the two of them chatted like old school chums as they cooked.

We sat at the counter to eat. Vera on my left - Suzy on my right. After we had cleaned up, we relaxed for awhile sipping tea. I had tea with Suzy's potion in it and I was beginning to get horny - just like the last time. They left me there and went to the bedroom to talk.

I finally decided that I had drunk enough tea. Besides, they had been gone a long time. I went to find them. They were in the bathroom on the massage table. Locked in a classic '69' position with Vera on top.

As I watched them tonguing each other's pussy, my cock began to swell. I decided to join in the fun. I stroked Vera's ass cheeks lightly, rubbing her black ring with my index finger. Her response was immediate.

Suzy's tongue had her on the verge of climax - my stroking sent her over the edge. The two of them separated and pulled me toward them. As I neared the table, they slipped off. Grabbing me, they pinned me to the table and tied me down.

When they had me spread with my rigid cock in the air, they began to work me over. They started with a liberal application of massage oil all over. Vera working on the upper half of my body as Suzy worked on the lower half.

The combination of the warm oil and their soothing strokes was making my cock get harder and harder.

When the two of them met in the middle, they decided to share. Vera stroked my cock with her oily hands while Suzy delighted in playing with my balls.

I told Suzy that I thought the potion was working. She knew that I meant that I was about to cum. Placing my purple cockhead in her mouth, she began sucking on me, pumping my cock with her hand as she sucked. I came. Shot after shot of rich thick cum. Suzy swallowed rapidly trying not to lose a drop.

Meanwhile, Vera moved in and took over when Suzy's mouth became tired. The sight of those big black lips sucking on my cock was very erotic and I continued to cum.

The two of them finally had my balls drained. Vera stopped sucking me and Suzy moved in to start all over. As she sucked me, she was inserting a string of beads into my asshole.

In minutes she had my cock rock hard again. She stopped sucking and Vera took over again. As Vera sucked my cock, taking as much of it's length as she could in her throat, I felt the heat rising in my loins and knew that I was about to cum.

Sensing that I was about to cum, Suzy moved in and grasped the end of the bead string. As I came, Suzy began pulling the beads out. Each bead that was pulled out of my asshole caused another spurt of cum.

Vera was trying to consume every drop but I had too much cum for her. Soon it was running down her chin. Suzy moved in to help, licking the cum from Vera's face and, taking my cockhead in her mouth, finished draining me.

Leaving me tied like this, they left and, after awhile, I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up, it was with a raging hard-on. Suzy and Vera were working on my cock with the warm oil again. Suzy then measured my cock. Mai Ling had asked her to keep a record of its size to determine just how Suzy's potion worked. It measured 21" long and 3" in diameter.

Not much of a change in size but the "false cums" were gone and it was obvious that I was horny.

Suzy climbed onto the table and straddled my cock. Guiding my cockhead into her pussy, she began fucking me. Soon I was cumming. As my balls emptied, my jerking cock triggered Suzy's orgasm.

Her hips bucked as her hot pussy stroked the length of my cock. She was having multiple orgasms again. Finally, she collapsed on top of me. My swollen cock was still rock hard and buried deep inside her.

Vera helped Suzy off me and then climbed on. As wet as my cock was from my cum and Suzy's juices, it slipped deep within Vera in one stroke.

As she fucked me, Vera explained that she had given Suzy some of the same potion that she had made up for Gail.

The two of them were going to see how long they could keep me hard. After a couple hours of fucking, I finally passed out. Exhausted. They let me rest.

When I woke up, it was morning. I had a raging hard-on and they were both gone.

They had left a note thanking me for a wonderful time, but they needed some rest too. They had decided to leave about 9 the night before when they were unable to wake me up.

Well, not being one to waste a good hard-on, I leaned over and began to suck. One thing about having a long cock – you can always do your own thing. In minutes I was rewarded with a copious quantity of cum. When I finished draining my balls and my cock began to soften, I headed for the shower.

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