tagBDSMHow to Stop Smoking Ch. 24

How to Stop Smoking Ch. 24

byJim McKay©

I dropped Ann off at work and went to the museum to see Jorge' and Maria.

It wasn't easy to let Ann out of the car. She had played with me during the drive and my cock was just about ready to explode. I'd just have to take care of that later.

I asked to see either Jorge' or Maria and Joan, the receptionist, said she would take me to them. As I followed those long legs down the hall, I couldn't help but admire the fine ass at the top of them.

We reached Jorge's office and she opened the door. Entering, she closed the door behind us. As I realized we were alone, Joan explained that neither Jorge' nor Maria had come in yet.

It's just that she had noticed the outline of my huge cock in my pants and decided to take matters in hand. She reached for my belt buckle. Unzipping my pants, she lowered them to the floor. As she followed their progress, her mouth was level with my stiffening cock.

Weighing my heavy balls in one hand, she placed my cockhead in her mouth and began sucking on me. I don't know how she managed but, somehow, she had taken about half it's length down her throat before reaching a point where she could no longer breathe.

Taking my cock out of her mouth, she said that would hold me until tonight. She ordered me to be at her place by 7 P.M., gave me the address and left. Here I was with a class 'A' hard-on and she just left me with it. I decided to finish the job. My balls could build some more cum for her by 7, so I leaned over and began to suck.

Before long, I came. I tried to swallow as much as I could but some still manage to escape to Jorge's expensive carpet. Oh, well.

Putting my cock back in my pants, I zipped up and left. Joan was not at her desk, so I left a note and headed home.

When I rang the bell, Joan opened the door. She was wearing a Red Latex suit. It looked like a skin diving outfit only thinner.

It was so thin, it looked like a condom stretched tightly over her body. Not only was the outline of her nipples visible, but you could see her aureole's dark circle as well.

The outline of her pussy lips were clearly visible through the thin material. There was no indication of pussy hair. It was obvious that she shaved.

Entering the living room, she wheeled and ordered me to my knees. As I lowered myself to the carpet, Joan reached down and removed the patch covering her pussy.

Sitting down on an ottoman, Joan then ordered me to eat her cunt. Leaning forward with my tongue extended and gave it a few tentative licks.

"Harder," she said. I began licking with enthusiasm. Just then, I felt a snap. Joan had padlocked a collar with a chain attached to it around my neck.

While I was licking Joan's pussy, she was pulling on the chain. Winding it around her waist, she held my tongue captive against her wet pussy.

I kept licking her. As she began cumming, I reached down to rub my stiffening cock. That's when I felt the 'Cat-o-nine tails' on my back. Boy, was I glad I still had my clothes on.

I quit rubbing and settled in for some more serious licking. Pretty soon, Joan stood up. Leading me by the chain, we descended the stairs to the basement. She calls it the playroom.

Leading me to one of the walls, she fastened the end of the chain to a ring embedded into the concrete.

After padlocking it in place, Joan then ordered me to strip. I began removing my clothes.

When I had finished undressing, she stepped forward and fastened my hands and ankles to the wall in a "spread eagled" position.

After chaining me to the wall, she then leaned over, placed my cockhead in her mouth and sucked it. When my cock was rock hard, she let go of it.

Joan then walked over to a cabinet and retrieved a studded leather harness from a drawer. She called it an Arabian Stud harness.

It had a leather strap that fastened in a circle around my cock. Another strap encircled my balls forcing them up toward my cock. This strap also had a sliding strap that fastened to the one around my cock and separated my balls.

When she had it tightened, the skin of my ball sac was stretched so tight that the almond shape of each of my balls was clearly visible.

After she had put on the Arabian Stud harness, Joan measured my cock. It was 21" long and 3" in diameter.

Releasing me from the wall, she led me over to a machine near the center of the room. It had a vertical flat surface that looked much like a table standing upright and had several metal bands for strapping someone to it and a large circular hole in the middle.

Ordering me to face the flat surface, she guided my cock through the hole in the middle and fastened a large band around my waist.

She then proceeded to position and fasten several other bands around my arms & legs, spreading them wide in the process.

After placing a band around my chest, she pushed a button on the table and an electric motor lowered it to a horizontal position.

Pushing several other buttons caused the table to bend at the middle forcing my ass up in the air while, at the same time spreading my legs so that my asshole was fully exposed.

My rigid cock was hanging obscenely beneath the table and screaming for attention.

Leaving me in that obscene position, Joan went into the bathroom and filled an enema bottle with warm soapy water.

Returning to the room, Joan lubricated my asshole with a jell. It must have had some chemical in it because I could feel a warmth spreading throughout my ass.

When my asshole was lubricated enough, she took a massive butt plug from the cabinet and inserted it in my ass. The butt plug was so large that it took her several moments to work it inside. My body was shaking from the exertion of having my asshole stretched so wide and my rock hard cock got even harder.

With the butt plug finally in place, Joan took the nozzle of the enema tube and inserted it through a hole in the center of the butt plug until it was deep within my ass.

Releasing the clamp on the enema tube allowed the warm soapy water to enter my bowels. I must have taken a quart of water before starting to cramp up. The pain was excruciating.

Joan then removed the nozzle from the butt plug. The hole in the center of the butt plug must have been self-sealing as no water came out with she removed the nozzle.

Taking some more of the jell, Joan began slowly stroking my cock. I felt the same warmth that my asshole felt earlier.

My huge cockhead was crimson red and swelling with each stroke until I felt as though I was going to cum.

Releasing my cock, she went into the bathroom and washed her hands. Returning, she raised my head and, placing her shaved pussy against my lips, ordered me to lick her.

I feverishly began working on her and was rewarded with a couple of strokes with the 'Cat-o-nine tails' for my troubles.

Telling me to slow down and make it last, she forced her pussy against my mouth again. I slowed down.

Meanwhile, the soapy enema was doing it's work and my stomach began to growl and bubble until I thought I would expel the butt plug right there.

Sensing my dilemma, Joan removed the straps and led me into the bathroom. The walk was tortuous.

Placing me astride the bidet, she reached underneath me and, taking hold of the ring on the butt plug, yanked hard. God, that hurt!

With the butt plug out, I could finally expel the enema solution. My body trembled with the exertion.

When my bowels were finally empty, Joan took a nozzle attachment and, after inserting it into my ass, attached the other end to the bidet.

Turning on the cold water, she let it run until she was satisfied that I was thoroughly cleaned out.

After drying me off, she led me back to the table and strapped me down again. Taking some more of the jell, she began lubricating my asshole again. As the warmth began spreading through my ass, she continued to rub my tight brown ring.

Inserting first one finger and then two, she continued stroking them in and out of my ass, loosening it. Then she inserted a third finger, working them in and around until she could insert the fourth finger.

Folding her thumb in her palm, she pushed until her entire hand was inside me. The feeling was much the same as when the butt plug was in place except the warmth of the jell was deeper inside me.

Folding her fingers into a fist, she began fist fucking me, rubbing back and forth on my prostrate gland until I told her I was about to cum.

She stopped fist fucking me and, taking some more of the jell in her other hand, she began slowly stroking my cock. My cock seemed harder than it had ever been.

Then I began to cum. Large copious globs of cum spurting forth forming a pool beneath the table.

Joan continued stroking my sensitive cock as she rotated her fist within my ass.

The warmth of the jell and her slippery fingers sliding along my cock was keeping me rock-hard.

Soon, the rotating of her fist against my prostrate gland had me on the verge of cumming again.

As she felt my cock begin to pulsate, Joan placed it in her mouth and began to suck. I knew that I had quick recovery time, but never dreamed that I could cum this much so soon after having just emptied my load.

After Joan had finished sucking me off, she straightened up and began removing her fist from my ass. This wasn't made any easier by the fact that my asshole had tightened up around her wrist when I was cumming.

Soon I heard a loud plop as her fist broke free. My poor asshole was clenching of it's own volition because of the strain it had been under.

After un-strapping me, she helped me up and guided me over to a small low table in the corner. Helping me to lie down, she rolled me onto my back and strapped me down to this one.

Leaving me to recover, Joan went upstairs. I was in dreamland in seconds. Sleep was just what I needed.

I awoke with a raging hard-on. I looked at my cock and saw that it was encased in a long clear cylinder. A padding of soft latex provided a seal around the base of my cock where the cylinder was seated.

At the top of the cylinder there was a piece of surgical tubing trailing off to the side.

There was a low pulsating hum coming from beneath the table. I realized that it was a vacuum pump.

It was alternately pulling a vacuum on the tube, then releasing it. The effect was to produce a slow sucking motion that felt just like a blow job.

Joan noticed that I was awake. Then she reached below the table and slowed the speed of the pump until it pulsed every 5 to 10 seconds. The effect was immediate.

I wanted to cum, but couldn't. The sucking action was just enough to keep my cock at full erection, without allowing ejaculation.

My swollen cock and balls were screaming for attention. I told her so. For that, I received a ball gag. Joan forced a huge rubber ball with straps attached into my mouth and, before I could spit it out, she fastened the straps behind my head.

After putting the ball gag on me, she then turned on another motor under the table. This one spread my legs apart. Just as I thought my crotch would split from the pressure, the motor stopped. In this position, everything I had was fully exposed.

Moving between my legs, Joan made a couple of adjustments beneath my ass. After lubricating my ass with the jell she had used earlier, she began working her fingers in and out of my asshole to loosen it.

A large metal dildo that was attached to the table was swung into position. She began to insert it into my asshole. Once she had a couple of inches inside, she then turned on another motor. The dildo began to pulse back and forth fucking me in the ass with about 4 to 7 inches of metal cock.

My own cock got even harder than I thought was possible. My balls ached with the build-up of sperm. I could only moan through the ball gag, begging for release.

Joan then moved to the top of the table. Reaching underneath, she pulled up some alligator clips that were attached to some electrical wires.

Clamping the alligator clips onto my nipples brought excruciating pain. Then she energized them. The electric current cursing from one nipple to the other burned like hell. My nipples began to swell.

After a few moments of this, Joan positioned herself between my legs again. She reached beneath the table and picked up a couple of suction cups. They looked like the ones you use in a dairy for milking cows.

She placed one suction cup on each of my balls and they were immediately drawn inside. The sucking action was much the same as the one on my cock. God did it hurt!

Satisfied with her handiwork, Joan then pulled up a chair where she could watch the expression on my face.

I wanted to cum so badly, but I couldn't. Somehow she knew just how to keep the torturous pleasure at it's peak without allowing me to cum.

I must have passed out with the pain/pleasure. When I came to, all the attachments had been removed.

There were no straps. My hands were free. No ball gag. Nothing. Nothing except a latex clad beauty sitting astride my hot cock.

As she slowly rocked back and forth on my cock, one or both of her huge nipples grazed my mouth. I opened my mouth and sucked one in. She immediately began fucking up and down on my rigid cock.

Within seconds, both of us had cum. My cock began spurting red hot jism deep within her cunt.

Her orgasms began, making her steaming pussy milk my cock until every last drop was drained from my balls.

She collapsed on top of me. We rested for a few minutes and she began rocking back and forth on my cock again. I hadn't lost much of my hard-on but, as she rocked back and forth, my cock began to regain it's firmness.

Placing her feet on the table, on either side of my hips, she began doing squats up and down the length of my cock.

The cum from our previous fuck was running out of her hot pussy, down my cock and forming a pool around my balls.

After a few minutes of this, both of us were racked in orgasm. She first and, seconds later, I came.

The cum juice continued to flow out of her pussy.

Changing position into the classical '69', she ground her hot pussy onto my mouth. I began to eat her, tasting my own cum as her pulsating pussy tried to clasp my tongue.

Meanwhile, she began licking the cum from my cock and balls, being careful not to waste a drop.

My cock began to respond. God, after the last two fucks, I didn't think I would be able to get it up for a week.

In no time, I was hard as a rock and Joan, hot as she was, was not about to let it go to waste.

Swinging around, she positioned herself above my glistening cock. Aiming it at her asshole, she slowly began lowering herself until she had several inches imbedded within her hot tunnel.

She began raising and lowering her ass, fucking my cock deep within her. As she was fucking my cock, I began playing with her cunt, shoving first one finger inside, then two.

Soon, I had her pussy stretched enough to insert a third finger. Then a fourth. Until finally, I was able to fold my thumb into my palm and attempt to put my whole hand inside her.

She was going wild. Rocking back and forth as she thrashed up and down on my rigid cock.

Finally, my entire hand was buried within her womb. I folded my fingers and made a fist.

Her movements got even more frenetic. I could feel her tight pussy lips clasping and unclasping around my wrist.

My cock erupted within her ass and began to soften. Joan was still thrashing back and forth, her orgasms coming faster and faster.

When her orgasms began to subside, I decided to withdraw my hand from her cunt. Her pubic bones were clasped tightly around my wrist.

As I pulled my fist through the opening, she began to scream. Pain or pleasure - I don't know. I only knew that, if possible, I was going to remove my fist the hard way. She deserved it after what she had put me through.

My fist came out of her cunt with a loud plop. Joan collapsed and fell off the table onto the hard cement floor. Leaving her there, I went to take a shower.

When I returned, Joan was still lying as I left her. I thought, "Why not?" Picking her up, I placed her on the table. Strapping her down, much as she had me, I then positioned the huge metal dildo within the folds of her cunt.

It took me a little time to work out the controls for the motor, but I eventually had that metal cock fucking her at a slow but steady pace.

Placing the suction cups on her nipples, I noticed that she was awake. Her eyes shone with pure pleasure. She was really enjoying this. I'd fix that.

Adjusting the controls on the motor, I soon had the dildo ramming in and out of her at maximum speed.

Her cunt was being pulled and stretched as the huge metal cock fucked her. Drool was running out of her mouth.

My cock was getting hard again just watching the action, so I decided that, since her mouth was open, I might was well use it.

Placing the crown of my cock against her lips, I held the back of her head as I began fucking her mouth.

She closed her lips around my cock and began sucking me as I fucked her mouth until I came.

Deciding I had enough pussy to last me awhile, I un-strapped her. Leaving her impaled on the huge metal dildo, I dressed and left. Time for some food and sleep. Time to rest.

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