tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHow to Succeed in Business

How to Succeed in Business


I am the owner of a small manufacturing business which will remain nameless for reasons that will become obvious. For the same reasons, my name can't be revealed.

Arriving in my office on a Tuesday morning, I was faced with the usual issues to deal with, none of them enjoyable. Yesterday we had three people call in with the "Monday Flu," and I have to meet with each of them to let them know this is unacceptable. We only have 40 employees, and we need to be able to count on everyone showing up for work.

We are a metal fabricating company, we supply parts and components to other manufacturers that produce final products of some kind. We just received a contract for a large project that will require all of our efforts and resources for about six weeks. It is a very competitive business, but we should come out with a fairly good profit.

Now another issue lands in my lap. My purchasing manager called me to tell me that there is a problem with a steel supplier. I told him to handle it, but he insisted that it needed my attention. An order he placed last week that was based on a price quote of last week was being refused. The sales rep from the supplier was in his office, saying that a mistake had been made on the quote, and they had to revise it.

My blood pressure hit the roof, and I told him to send the guy to my office. He replied, "It's not a guy, and she will be right there."

In a few minutes there was a timid knock on my office door. I barked "Come in!" and the door opened slowly. In walked a young woman, professionally dressed, and very attractive. More and more women are going into sales, and I think the companies that hire them are hoping they will get more business because of their gender, especially if they are good looking.

This woman introduced herself (let's call her Susie for the above reasons.) She was very nervous as she began to explain her situation. In spite of her business suit, her shoes said "Please fuck me!"

She said, "I made a serious mistake on the quote I sent to your purchasing manager last week, and my boss told me to get over here and straighten it out. I don't know what to do."

"Well," I replied, "here is our problem. We priced out our project based on that cost. How are we supposed to pay more for the steel now? We have to honor our price to our customer."

She looked even more upset, and said "My boss said to fix my mistake, or else! Is there anything you can do?"

I couldn't take any more. I practically snarled "Susie, you better call your boss and tell him he has to honor his price quotes, if he ever wants to do business with us again!"

I pushed my desk phone in her direction, but she held up her cell phone and indicated that she would use that. I said, "OK, I need to excuse myself for a minute, you make your call." One of the perks of being the owner is that my private office also has a private rest room, and I needed to get rid of some morning coffee.

Like most men, I am in and out of the rest room quickly if it is just to pee, and when I opened the rest room door, Susie was still on her phone, and she was facing the wall on the other side of my office.

I heard her say softly "I guess I am going to take it up the ass on this deal." As I shut the door she realized I was back in the room, and quickly said "I will call you later" and ended the call.

Her face turned bright red, and she said, "I shouldn't have said that. My language has gotten terrible lately. I work with all the other sales guys, and they talk like that. I just try to be one of the guys, I guess."

I said "Don't apologize, it was a great visual. Very sexy! What did your boss say?"

She looked close to tears, and said "He told me if we have to honor the lower price, it will come out of my commissions, and it will take months to work it off!"

Please understand that this was a young, slender, attractive woman. That still does not get the point across, let me say that she should be working as a lingerie model, not selling steel. My imagination was working full speed ahead as I started to create a plan.

"Susie," I said, "it looks like your decision will come down to whether you want to figuratively or literally take it up the ass on this deal." I waited for that to sink in.

The expression on her face slowly changed, as she understood what I meant. "I don't do that!" as her eyes flashed.

"Come on," I said, "you mean you have never used your good looks and some sex to close a deal?"

If possible, her face turned even more red. She stammered, "Well, maybe a blowjob. But I meant I have never done THAT!"

Even better, I thought, a virgin.

"Susie, we will pay the higher cost. We will rewrite our purchase order, and we will fight it out with our customer. But you need to do something to earn this."

There was a long silence, and I fought the urge to say anything more. Finally, she softly said "OK."

She was not wearing a skirt, but something more like a pants suit. I suppose she thought it was more businesslike. Even though she had said OK, she just stood there.

"You can begin by taking off those pants."

She reluctantly took her pants off and folded them up over a chair. Words fail me. Her legs were even more beautiful than I expected. She had to kick off her shoes before she could take her pants off, and even her feet were beautiful. She stood there in her panties waiting for my next instruction. I told her that she could leave her top on if it made her more comfortable.

I stripped everything off except my socks and tee-shirt. My cock was fully erect, and Susie just stared at it. I am not ready for the porn business, but I am better endowed than most men. I have never been vain enough to measure my cock, but I am pretty sure it is eight inches or more.

Never taking her eyes off of my bobbing and swaying cock, she softly said, "I don't think so."

"Susie, when will you learn that a deal is a deal?"

Once again she looked close to tears. "Would just a blowjob be enough? I seriously don't think that will go in me that way."

I walked over to the cabinet in my rest room, and removed the silly little first aid kit that was in there. Along with the band-aids, etc., there was a small unopened tube of vaseline. Old school for burns, and also old school for sex lube. But it would have to do. I went over to where Susie was standing and said "Hold out your hand." I squeezed out a gob onto her finger, and said "put that on my cock, mostly on the head."

I could have just put it on myself, but there was a method to my madness. I was pretty sure that if she felt my cock, and handled it, it would turn her on.

Her embarrassed look came back, but she did as I told her. She carefully smeared some of the lube on the head of my cock, and then put the rest of it on, all the way down to my balls. As she stroked my cock her attitude changed, and I could tell she was becoming aroused. I was too, and I told her to stop before she made me cum.

She just stood there again, waiting for the next move. A sophisticated, self-assured young woman. For her sex has probably been a polite, structured act, kind of like formal Ballroom dancing. Now she was about to be sodomized like a pretty-boy in a Turkish prison.

"Now, please take off the panties." She pulled them down and stepped out of them. Her smooth, firm, shapely butt was incredible. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair made me want to lick her pussy, but I decided to save that for later. She didn't know what to do next, so I led her over to the couch and motioned to it.

She said, "I am tall, and you are even taller. The couch is not long enough for us." I replied, "I want you to lay face down over the armrest, with your feet on the floor and your butt up in the air." She obeyed me reluctantly.

Her lovely long legs allowed her to stand comfortably on the floor while she bent over the couch armrest and laid her head down on the seat cushion.

"Now reach back with both hands and spread your butt for me."

She did it, but she said "This is so humiliating!"

Good, I thought. Humiliation is an important part of this.

But my view was beautiful.

Her sweet young pussy lips were like pink flower petals, and her asshole looked like a tiny buttonhole. I put the tip of my cock up against her asshole, and waited a few moments. She was quivering with anticipation.

I said "Tell me if it hurts." She mumbled OK, and was obviously thinking she was going to get a reprieve. I eliminated that possibility by saying "I won't stop. But tell me anyway." She whimpered as she realized it was going to go up her ass whether it hurt or not.

She looked back over her shoulder at me and her eyes were full of apprehension, but also curiousity. I started to push gently, then harder and harder. The vaseline did the trick. All of a sudden, the head and another inch or so went into her, stretching her asshole open. She let out a squeal, but she didn't try to stop me.

She did say "It's in!" as if to say thats enough.

I pushed it in carefully, a fraction of an inch at a time. She said "I'm not sure..." and I pushed it in further. She said "I don't think..." and I pushed deeper still.

She said "Are you going to push it all the way in me! Do you have to do that?" I mumbled "Yes."

With each little push, she made a whimpering sound. I am sure she had never had anything larger than a finger up her ass, and I was filling and stretching her to the max.

I stopped pushing it in, and fucked her, just sliding it out and back in again to the same depth. My cock has never been longer, bigger, harder or stiffer.

She kept spreading her butt cheeks with both hands, so I had an unobstructed view. Her vagina was slightly open, and very wet, so she was definitely enjoying this. Her asshole was tightly stretched around the shaft of my cock.

She had surrendered to what was happening to her, and took it without a complaint until just a couple of inches were left. She flinched a little, and said "That's enough. It's up in my stomach! Is it all the way in?"

I lied, and said "No, that is only about half of it." She panicked, and reached over to feel for my cock. When she realized there was only a little left to go in, she said "Very funny!"

I started to fuck her with slow, steady strokes. Her asshole was so tight that I couldn't go fast, I just pulled out an inch or two, and slid it back in. However, if I pushed it in just one-eighth of an inch further with each stroke, you don't need a math degree to understand that after eight strokes it was in another inch. Eight more strokes and it was all the way in, and my balls pressed up against her warm, wet pussy.

She said what all of the young girls say these days, "Oh my God!" I just kept fucking her.

Her head was turned to the side on the couch cushion. Her eyes were open, but they were glassy and staring blankly, as if she was in a hypnotic trance. Each time I pressed up against her butt-cheeks, she exhaled and made a small grunting noise. It seemed like when my cock went all the way in it forced the air out of her lungs.

The only sounds in the room were the gentle slaps made by me bumping up against her butt, and her little grunts, "uhh . . uhh . . uhh.. uhh."

Her feet were no longer flat on the floor, she got up on her toes to get her butt higher up in the air, to give me a better angle to shove my cock all the way up into her. She actually adjusted her position to get more of my cock into her. I wanted this to last for an hour, but I couldn't help myself.

She sensed that I was about to cum, and she whispered "Will you do me a favor?" Oh no, I thought, she is going to ask me to pull out because she doesn't want my nasty cum in her. No way.

She surprised me and whispered, barely audible, "Please make sure it is all the way in me when you cum." Good girl!

I pushed it all the way in, and started to cum. Spurt after spurt of cum squirted up into her stomach, and as I grunted and groaned she whispered "yes" with each spurt, "yes . . yes . . yes . . yes" until I was empty.

I started to withdraw, but she said, "Please don't take it out! Not yet!" She clamped down on my cock, and gave it a series of little squeezes with her asshole. At first I thought it was some kind of spasm, but then I realized she was doing it on purpose. It was like she was milking me, trying to suck more cum out of my cock.

Susie murmured, "It feels like you filled me up. I could feel it so much more this way. It just kept squirting into me."

She let go of her right butt cheek, and reached down between her legs. With a delicate, fluttering touch she felt and caressed my balls, and then she started to rub and stroke her clit. I think it took less than 20 seconds for her to have an explosive orgasm. She grunted and squealed like a monkey, and finally just collapsed.

She let go of the other side of her butt, and her hands fell to her sides limply. My view now was of her silky, smooth underwear-models butt, with my stiff cock disappearing up into the crack.

It would have made a great picture, if I could only have reached my cell phone. I would have kept it for my private and personal viewing, but I know if I had put it out on the internet, millions of men would masturbate looking at it. Who knows, maybe millions of women, too.

She softly said, "Push it all the way in again." I did as she asked, pressing tightly up against her beautiful butt. Once again, she said "Oh my God!"

After a few minutes of very heavy breathing by both of us, I pulled my cock out of her. It came out almost as slowly as it went in. Her asshole was not just tight at the entrance, it was tight all the way. It felt like a hand was gripping and squeezing the entire length of my cock.

When the head popped out, a small river of cum oozed out and trickled over her pink pussy lips. It made a puddle on the armrest, but the couch is leather, so it won't stain.

I helped her to her feet, and she seemed a little dizzy. She wanted to sit down, but she was afraid she would make a mess. I went to my rest room and brought her back two towels and a washcloth wet with warm water. She put one towel on the couch and sat on it, and used the other to wipe up the cum puddle on the armrest.

Then she wiped my cock with the washcloth, to make sure there was nothing on it after it had been so far up her ass. She was a little embarrassed by the mess we had made.

She sat with her legs politely crossed, and looked at me as if she was sitting and having a nice conversation at a cocktail party. I brought her back to reality. My cock was still stiff and hard, and I put it right in front of her face.

"Are you amazed that you just had this all the way up your asshole?" She blushed, partly from embarrassment and partly from arousal.

Without stopping to think she said, "You have a very nice cock."

Then she blushed and said, "I shouldn't talk like that. We hardly know each other."

"God, I never thought it would feel like that. I felt your cum shoot up into me."

She was deep in thought for a moment, and then she said "There was so much of it. I thought I would have to run to the bathroom as soon as you finished."

I asked her "Do you feel that way now?"

She thought about it for a while again, and then said softly, "No, I don't want it to come out of me. I want it to stay in me."

The expression on her face, and the look in her eyes indicated that she was learning some things about herself that she did not know before.

The idea of receiving a mans semen, his living sperm, up inside her belly was a turn-on she had never experienced before.

"Susie, your life will never be the same. The next time it will not be uncomfortable, it will slide right in. And before you know it, you will prefer it this way."

She replied sarcastically, "Well for sure my asshole will never be the same!"

Then she said "Did you say the next time? Is there going to be a next time? Do you really think it will just slide right into me? I hope so!"

Her mood shifted suddenly, and she said "I am ashamed of myself. I am such a pervert. Why did I enjoy that so much?"

"Susie, certainly you must have thought about this before, and fantasized about it. It must be on your mind, or why else would you say things like you did on your phone."

"Do you remember saying, I am going to take it up the ass on this deal?"

She was silent for a minute, but then she confessed, "Yes, I did fantasize about it. Some of my girlfriends talked about it. Some loved it, some hated it. I guess I wanted to try it."

"But I never thought my first experience would be with someone I just met, and hardly know. Someone with a penis as long as yours!"

"Oh God, there I go again, just blurting things out that I shouldn't say."

I said, "So, do you agree with your friends who hated it, or those who loved it?"

She quietly replied, "Obviously, I loved it. I wonder what my girlfriends will think of me when I tell them."

I gave her an affectionate kiss, and she kissed me back. We got up to get dressed, and she saw a large wet spot on the towel she had been sitting on. "God, you are going to be oozing out of me all day!"

I found it interesting that she referred to it as "you", and not just "your cum." On some level, she realized that she had a part of me up inside her.

She was ready to leave, so I said, "When you tell your boss that you got the deal at the correct pricing, he is going to make you sales person of the month!" She just smiled.

"Susie, we do projects like this several times a year. There is a lot more business like this that you can get. You need to tell your boss that you want to manage this account. Tell him you need to meet with me at least twice a week to make sure everything is OK. I think Tuesday morning worked out fine, and maybe we should do Thursday afternoon as well."

She clearly understood what I meant, and nodded her approval. I think she was already looking forward to taking it up the ass again. She said "See you this Thursday afternoon? You did mean we should get started right away, didn't you?"

I answered, "Yes, make it 4:00PM. Don't be late, but be prepared to stay late."

After she left, I couldn't help thinking that this business wasn't so bad after all.

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