tagRomanceHow to Tame a Dragon Ch. 05

How to Tame a Dragon Ch. 05


She only agreed to do it as a favour to her sister -- but HE more than made up for the inconvenience...


Izzy didn't stir until Mrs Coats shook her gently awake. "Come on now love it'll soon be time for dinner," she said softly.

Izzy's eyes fluttered open, and she smiled up at the little woman, who was hovering over her so anxiously.

"Hello Mrs Coats... how are you today?" she said dreamily.

"I'm good my dear and I've bought you a nice cup of tea just like Mr Daniel asked me to," she told her.

Izzy sat up and started to sip the drink. "I could really get used to this tea in bed thing," she laughed lightly.

"Dinner's in an hour or so love," Mrs Coats said as she left her in peace.

Izzy sat sipping the tea, and thinking about what she would wear that evening. She mulled over her wardrobe thinking that she would like to wear something pretty tonight. She went for a shower, and then settled down in front of her mirror to apply a little more make up than she usually bothered with. She pulled out a long gypsy style skirt and a loosely woven white jumper which fell off her shoulders and flared out into wide bat wings. She teamed this with high heeled shoes, to try to kill the illusion of, 'tiny and useless', which Richard had referred to.

She hooked long dangling earrings into her lobes, and then picked up the matching necklace. She rarely bothered with it because the clasp was so awkward but she'd always thought it to be so pretty.

She sat fiddling with it for about five minutes before rising with a grunt of frustration. Izzy walked from her bedroom straight into her sisters. "Jess could you just..." she began still fiddling with the thing.

Jessie's room was empty.

"Richard decided to take your sister out for the evening," Daniel said from behind her.

Izzy spun around in surprise. "What?"

"Jessie was feeling restless, so Richard told her to doll herself up -- and then he took her down to London to see a show." He raised his brow. "What's the problem?" he asked indicating the necklace she was still fiddling with.

"Oh I was just going to ask her to fasten my necklace for me."

Daniel moved into the room. "Turn around" he ordered huskily. Izzy turned and allowed him to take the two ends of the chain. "Move your hair for me."

Mutely Izzy did as she was told. She lifted her arms and raised her hair exposing her neck to him.

She felt Daniel's knuckles brush the back of her neck and a shudder ran through her.

"Izz?" Daniel said softly turning her to face him.

She looked up at him with huge eyes; as Daniel gazed down at her, searching.

"Oh Daniel!" Izzy whispered.

His head lowered, his mouth moving towards hers, and Izzy allowed her eyelids to drift down, as his lips touched hers. Softly, oh so softly!

"If someone doesn't eat this food soon it's going to spoil!" Mrs Coats could be heard saying loudly in the hall.

Daniel swore softly and pushed Izzy gently away from him. He rested his forehead against hers and looked at her with regret.

"Later Izzy," he promised quietly, before leading her from Jessie's bedroom and down the stairs.

Izzy sat opposite Daniel, eating whatever was put in front of her. Her mind was blank, empty of any thought -- other than Daniel, and what his eyes promised her.

Rosie cleared the table and disappeared to go home for the night, and shortly after, Mrs Coats brought their coffee in and stood hovering uncertainly.

"Is there a problem Mrs Coats?" Daniel asked, as he became aware of her still standing behind him.

"I just wanted to say goodnight sir... and I thought you might like to know that it's started to snow."

They both looked at her in surprise for a moment, before Izzy ran to the window.

"It doesn't look too bad," she said turning to Mrs Coats.

"They've said it might get worse."

"Well then you should get home, don't you think Mrs Coats?" Daniel told her impatiently

"Good night Miss Izzy. Good night Mr Daniel." She left the room clearly not happy -- but not feeling able to say anything more.

A few moments later they heard the front door slam, and Izzy suddenly realised that she was all alone in the house with Daniel. She licked her lips nervously, and realised that his gaze was fixed on her.

"Shall we settle in the living room Izzy?" he asked her lazily, although his eyes bright... a little too bright for her comfort.

She looked at him as though he had just said something outrageous to her, and something in Daniels eyes seemed to die.

"It's alright Izzy..." he said mockingly, "I'm not going to force myself on you."

"I didn't... I never said..." she flushed painfully, looking away miserably.

Daniel watched her in silence for a moment, before taking pity on her.

"It really is alright," his tone was more reassuring that mocking this time. "I just thought that since it's such a terrible night outside... that it would be nice to curl up in front of my nice, 'piece of pointless ostentation.'"

Izzy looked up at him sharply, to see that he was laughing quietly and inviting her to join him in the joke.

She grinned sheepishly. "It is a perfect night for that sort of thing, isn't it?"

"Indeed it is Izzy," Daniel said quietly, his face open and friendly, said one thing; while his voice and his tone said something very different; and Izzy wasn't sure which one to believe... indeed she wasn't certain which one she wanted to believe!

"Come on." He stood and held his hand out to her as she still hesitated.

In the drawing room Izzy was surprised again, when instead of sitting in his chair he joined her on the sofa, he sat side on so the he could look at her, and draped his arm across the back so that it snaked behind her.

He spent the next hour or so making light conversation; and making her smile a good deal.

He would occasionally run a finger down her arm, or as he would try to emphasise a point he would tap her on the wrist, or the back of her hand.

On one occasion he reached across to touch the ear ring that dangled down. "These are pretty," he murmured, allowing the back of his hand to brush against her ear and her cheek.

Every time he touched her, Izzy felt a little tremor run through her.

And Daniel...Daniel knew exactly the effect he was having on her. She could tell that he knew, because every time she reacted; he would give a little smirk of satisfaction. By about ten o'clock, her nerves were in shreds, and she had had enough. She leapt up suddenly taking him by surprise. "Right then... I think I'll turn in for the night... Goodnight Daniel!" And she bolted for the door.

She was little, but she was fast. Daniel was big, and he was faster -- when he wanted to be. His hand stopped the door from opening as she tugged on the handle. She froze to the spot her head bent, as Daniel's arm stretched over and past her.

"Look at me Izzy," he demanded huskily.

"I'm afraid," she whispered.

"Don't be... turn around and look at me."

Izzy had never thought of herself as a meek kind of person, but every time that Daniel issued a command; she felt powerless to resist.

This was the case now.

She turned slowly and looked up at him.

His eyes were blazing down at her and she blinked several time.

"Now shall we try that again?" he asked softly, his arm still holding her firmly in place. "Say 'goodnight' to me Izzy."

"Goodnight... Daniel."

"Goodnight Izzy." His mouth came down on hers, to move and explore as he held her firmly. His lips massaged her lips until she responded hesitantly. His fingers tugged lightly on her chin, encouraging her mouth to open slightly, and when she complied, his tongue dipped in to lightly taste and tease.

His lips became a little harder against hers, a little more demanding. "Izzy!" he growled as he draped her hands over his shoulders, and placed his on her waist to pull her against him; where he then let his hands begin a light exploration of her body.

How long they stood there, kissing and embracing; Izzy couldn't have said but, it was Daniel who finally stopped it, and pulled back.

"Now then don't you think that that was a little nicer?" he asked lightly; although Izzy saw that his hands shook. He reached past her again, to open the door for her and Izzy slipped through it to walk in a daze up to her bedroom.

She closed her door and hesitated with the key; she shrugged and went and got ready for bed.

Her dreams that night were of course of Daniel, following her to her bedroom and finishing what he'd started downstairs...


Izzy woke to the sound of knocking on her door.

"Izzy! Izzy are you awake?" Daniel called through the door.

She sat up rubbing her eyes, and looked at her watch; it wasn't even six yet!

"What is it Daniel?"

"Open the door I need to talk to you."

Izzy frowned. "It's not locked!" she called sitting up and pulling the cover up to her chin.

The door opened and Daniel poked his head around it.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, but I need to go to the factory and Mrs Coats hasn't made it in this morning... and neither has Rosie."

"What about Jess and Richard?" she asked quickly.

"They didn't make it out of London."

Izzy frowned at him. "What's going on Daniel?"

"I think you need to look out of your window."

Izzy scrambled out of bed and rushed to the window. "Oh my!" she exclaimed in horror.

"Exactly!" Daniel came and stood behind her to look out as well.

The world was covered in a thick white carpet of snow more than several inches in depth. The clouds were heavy with it and as Izzy watched more and more flakes drifted down from the sky.

She looked up at Daniel her mind blank.

"I have to go to the factory," he told her again, "and I don't like to leave you here on your own..."

'Don't!' she wanted to cry. 'Don't leave me! Please! Take me with you!'

She didn't speak, just stood staring up at him with her huge blue eyes.

"Get dressed!" he growled suddenly. "And wear something warm, we may have to walk."

He strode from the room and pulled the door too.

Izzy didn't waste any time. The minute the door closed she dove under the shower and washed briskly.

She dressed in jeans, t shirt and a thick sweater. Pulling on thick socks and flat heeled boots, she brushed through her hair and tied it back to hang down her back in soft damp curls.

Daniel was in the kitchen, frying eggs and bacon; and Izzy could smell the coffee brewing.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" she asked hesitantly.

Daniel glanced at her briefly, before turning back to the stove.

"Set the table and sit down?" he suggested absently.

She pulled out plates and cutlery and did as he had ordered.

"You know your way around Mrs. Coats's kitchen -- I see!" He was dishing up breakfast as he spoke, and Izzy flashed him a little grin; a dimple showing briefly in her cheek.

"She sometimes lets me help her," she told him softly.

They ate breakfast in silence, but every so often; Izzy would glance up to see Daniel regarding her with a slightly puzzled expression.

"I need to go and see if I can move the car in all this," Daniel said pointing out at the snow. "It's a good heavy car so it should be able to handle it."

Izzy washed the pots and put them away while Daniel was outside. She was just wiping down the table when he walked back in.

"All ready?" he asked quietly.

She smiled up at him. "Yes... I just need my coat."

"That's no good!" Daniel told her looking at the long wool coat, which was the warmest thing she had with her.

"I've nothing else with me," she whispered sadly; 'he was going to leave her behind', she thought 'it was the perfect excuse', and she knew that he hadn't been happy about taking her with him, in the first place.

"Wait here," he ordered briskly, striding from the room.

Izzy sat down at the kitchen table her head bent in defeat.

"Here try this on!" Daniel came marching back holding a huge parker.

She leaped to her feet, her eyes shining 'he wasn't going to abandon her!'

Daniel looked at her for a moment and then swept the coat around her shoulders.

Izzy pushed her arms into the sleeves and Daniel pulled the zip up. "Give me your hands." he demanded holding out some woolly gloves.

She tried but the coat sleeves were too long and her hands were buried somewhere deep inside. She held her arms up helplessly letting him see the extra sleeve length hanging over.

Daniel gave a little sigh of impatience, before slowly folding the length up to reveal her hands. He grabbed her wrist and started to roll the glove on over her hand. "So tiny..." he murmured softly, before dropping it and turning his attention to the other one.

He bundled her outside and half lifted her into the car, where he'd left the engine running and the heater on full so that it was warm inside; and she was relieved to see that it had stopped snowing for the moment.

"It won't last," Daniel told her, when she said as much.

"The weather forecast has given it out for the next couple of days... they're warning that it's going to get worse, and advised that people stay where they are; if possible."

"Should we be going out at all then?" Izzy asked uncertainly.

"The factory isn't far," he told her quietly. "And I want to make sure that everything is shut off properly, and locked up tight before the weather closes in again."

"Will it take us long?"

"Half an hour round trip, and half an hour -- at the very most, there... we should be back for about half eight." he grunted keeping his attention on the road.

The factory when they reached it looked cold, empty and lifeless.

Izzy had thought that it was cold outside but it was nothing compared to this barren place. She shivered, deep in her oversized coat as she followed Daniel around. He would reach up and pull at this lever or check that window, before grabbing her hand and leading her onwards... deeper inside.

By the time he was satisfied, and led her outside into the cold sunshine; Izzy felt frozen. She blinked in the brightness of the sun reflecting off the snow, and gave a sigh of relief. "What a horrible place," she whispered softly.

Daniel looked at her sharply before looking back at the empty factory. "I suppose... like this it is..." he murmured distantly; but he looked down at her suddenly with bright shining eyes;

"But Izzy! You should see it when it's in action! The people, moving around doing their job, laughing and calling to one another over the noise. The machines churning out the merchandise!" he stopped talking suddenly, he even looked a little embarrassed by his outburst. His eyes turned back to that forlorn place a slight bitter twist to his lips.

Izzy reached out to touch his arm and he looked down into her clear eyes. "Will you show me?" she asked quietly. "Will you bring me back... when it's all working again?"

He smiled down at her. "That's a promise!"


It was starting to snow again by the time they got back to the house; and Daniel parked the car and hurried Izzy back inside. He took her coat of and hung it with his, just as the telephone started to ring, and he turned to answer it.

"It's Jessie for you," he told her, handing her the receiver and leaving her to it.

"Izzy? Izzy is that you?" Jessie sounded frantic, and Izzy winced.

"It's me Jess... where are you?"

"We're stuck in London," Jessie's worried voice crackled down the line. "We're okay, Richard's got a flat here, and we're staying there..." she paused for a moment, and Izzy wondered briefly if they'd lost the connection. "What about you Izz?" Jessie suddenly asked. "You're all on your own with Daniel... will you be ok?" Jessie was working herself into a state.

"Jess I'm fine!" she said sharply. "Why can't I be alone with Daniel? What's he going to do, eat me?" Izzy laughed a little as she said this, as she tried to calm her sister, but a movement out of the corner of her eye caused her to turn quickly.

Daniel was standing leaning against the door, his expression unreadable.

The line crackled ominously again, and Izzy said quickly to Jessie. "Jess I think we're going to lose the connection any second... I'm okay so worry about yourselves."

"But..." Jessie began just before the line went dead.

Izzy slowly replaced the receiver, not quite sure how to face Daniel. He'd heard her joking about him; she knew that he'd heard. And he so wasn't impressed.

"Are you going to yell at me again?" she finally asked shooting him a nervous look.

"No, but I'm seriously thinking about the eating you bit though."

She looked at him sharply to see a fiendish grin on his face.

"Daniel!" she whispered apprehensively.

"Relax Izzy!" he finally took pity on her, he frowned though; "why is it that everyone thinks that I can't be trusted with you?" he suddenly asked.

She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, I certainly don't think that!"

"Well that's a good thing because we're likely to be stuck here on our own for at least a couple of days," Daniel told her quietly.

"That long? You really think this snow is going to last that long?"

"Yep, and before it's gone we'll probably lose power and heating and maybe even water."

"Oh Daniel!" Izzy groaned in despair, "do you really think that it's going to get that bad? What will we do? We'll freeze!" she could feel the panic rising up in her and her face paled alarmingly.

Daniel strode forward and grabbed her by the arms. "Relax Izzy!" he snapped again, but he pulled her into his arms and held her tight. "We'll be fine," he promised her softly. "There's plenty of wood for the fire in the living room... we've got lots of candles, and bottled water. Cooking food is going to be tricky but Mrs Coats always stocks up on soups and she froze some stew for when she has her days off... And I've a little camping gas stove..." Daniel was rambling, trying to soothe her and he felt her relax against him. "We will be ok Izzy," he told her firmly.

"So what you're saying is; that we should move down into the living room and camp it out. We'll need some pillows, and blankets." She was thinking as she stood secure in his arms and Daniel grinned down into her hair.

"Sweet, practical Izzy," he murmured, laughing gently.

She pulled away from him. "I'll go and get the bedding and put it in the living room, you can dig out the candles and things..."

His grin widened at her bossy tone; "Yes miss, no miss, three bags full miss!" he chanted mockingly.

"Oh you heard that!" she whispered her hands up to her flaming cheeks.

Daniel laughed. "I don't blame you Izzy; I was an ungrateful pig to you, and all you did was to help me."

"I'll go and get those things," she laughed awkwardly, as she backed away from him, her hands up in defence.

Daniel made his way to the kitchen whistling. Whistling for crying out loud, he couldn't remember that last time he's felt like whistling.

By the time Izzy came back down with the blankets, Daniel had stacked a nice pile of wood in the far corner of the living room. She put the blankets and pillows on one of the sofas further away from the fire place; and then she went to the kitchen, searching for Daniel.

There were four boxes of a dozen candles stacked on the table along with several candle holders and a large box of matches. There was a carton of six bottles of water and there was some sort of stew bubbling merrily on the stove.

"Daniel? Daniel?" Izzy called softly. There was no reply. "Daniel!" her voice rose in alarm, as a sudden sense of isolation swept over her.

"I'm here Izzy!" Daniel suddenly spoke from behind her. He was coming out of another door which had steps leading down; and he was holding a box with several rather dusty bottles in it. "I just thought that a bit of brandy might help to keep us warm."

"Oh Daniel!" she sighed; the relief unmistakable in her voice.

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