tagIncest/TabooHow To Tell If She's Cheating

How To Tell If She's Cheating


“You think Leila is fucking around on you? How do you know?” Rebecca asked. She sat across from her younger brothers in her living room.

“That’s just it, Rebecca, I don’t know. It’s just a felling,” Dan answered, looking first at his big sister and then to his big brother as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “She gets home late and she never really tells me where she was. I’m pretty sure it’s cause she’s letting some asshole fuck her.”

“There are ways to know,” Dave said sympathetically.

“How, besides asking her?” Dan responded dejectedly. A mischievous grin spread across Rebecca’s face.

“You say she comes home late and crawls into bed besides you?” she answered.

“Yeah, and she’s snoring within about ten minutes,” Dan nodded, thinking about their nonexistent sex life.

“So why don’t you do a little inspection?” Rebecca suggested.

“A what”

“You know, slip down and have a little sniff,” she said as if that was a perfectly normal thing to do.

“A sniff?”

“Yeah,” Dave agreed, “the scent of cum will give her away.”

“The scent of cum?” Dan asked, confused.

“You know what cum smells like, don’t you Dan?” Rebecca asked with a smile.

“Uhm, I guess so..” Dan answered, suddenly not really sure. Were they really suggesting I smell his girlfriend’s pussy? Dan thought.

“But don’t forget that cum in a pussy smells different from cum in your hand or whatever,” Dave added helpfully. Rebecca got kind of excited.

“I’ve got an idea, how about Dave makes a little deposit in my pussy and we let you have a sniff, Dan, that way you’ll know exactly what to sniff for when you get home tonight!” Dan knew that Rebecca and Dave had grown a lot closer since he had moved in with her. Dave and Dan had always talked about how sexy their sister Rebecca, and a great fuck she much be. Rebecca had always known how they felt and had done her best to tease them ever chance she got. But this!

“What?“ Dan stammered.

“I guess this is as good as a time to tell you that Dave and I are lover now.” Rebecca said, smiling.

Once Dan got over the shock he asked, “You’d do that for me?” his pecker swelling in his pants. “Anything for you, bro,” Dave said. He stood up and dropped his pants.

“Shit!” Dan exclaimed when he saw their sexy sister started sucking on his brother’s huge cock.

“Careful, Becky, Dan doesn’t need to small cum on your breath, we need it in your snatch,” Dave said, as he pulled his hard rod from her mouth. Dan started breathing heavily as he watched Rebecca slip out of her skirt and sit back on the couch. She spread her legs and Dan got a look at her neatly trimmed beaver. Her pink snatch was splayed open and pussy cream oozed from her fuck hole.

“Lick me, lover!” Rebecca moaned, Dave knelt on the floor and started tonguing her cunt as she writhed on the couch. Her pussy was already quite wet so he stood up, brandishing his tool.

“What it they use a condom?” Dave asked, turning to look at his little brother. He shrugged and glanced at Rebecca.

“A condom is no problem, you can smell it too,” She said, “Dan, run stairs to our bathroom, I think we have some rubbers in the medicine cabinet,” Dan stood up, trying half-heartedly to conceal his erection. He returned in an instant with a condom. Rebecca was sucking Dave again, he had his eyes closed and Dan could tell he was doing his best not to cum. which must have been hard with such a hot set of lips wrapped around his stiff pecker. Dave pulled his cock from her mouth and Dan handed him the condom. He tore open the package and rolled the rubber down his long shaft. Rebecca laid back on the couch pulled her legs up.

“Do me first with the rubber, then Dan can have a sniff, then cum inside me,” she said. Dave was happy to oblige. Dave started fucking her right in front of their little brothers. Dan had to admit; watching his two siblings screwing on the couch across from him was quite arousing. His own pecker got very hard and stiff in his pants as he watched Dave work his big bone into her cunt. This was a new experience for him and he loved it. Rebecca and Dave were both pretty good looking and the sight of her gooey cunt being stretched open by his huge erection was entrancing. He pulled his dork out of her and stepped back, yanking the slimy condom off his pecker.

“See what you think little brother.” Dave said with a grin. Dan knelt on the floor, close to Rebecca’s crotch and breathed in deeply. Besides the pleasant aroma of his sister’s cunt, he could smell rubber and lubricant, which coated the outside of the rubber. The scent of a condom was unmistakable. He looked up at his sister.

“You are absolutely right, I can smell the rubber,” Dan told her.

“Good, Dave it’s time to cum me!” she moaned looking Dan straight in the eyes. Dan moved back to his chair and watched as Dave inserted his condom free fascistic into her gash. He quickly started pounding her.

“Oh yeah! I love your sweet cunt sis,” Dave grunted as he filled her full of hard cock meat.

“Slam me Dave! I want you to fill me with your cum! Rebecca grunted as Dave pounded away at her. Dan slipped his hand into his pocket and started to rub his own hard dick as he watched his brother and sister fucking each other. He could smell Rebecca’s pussy as Dave rammed in and out. It made his mount water inhaling the sensuous aroma of her juicy cunt.

“Here it comes sis! I’m going to fill your pussy full of cum!” Dave shouted. Dan thought he still gets off quickly, remembered the year that he and his brother had lived together as roommates. Thanks to thin walls Dan got to hear about Dave’s sex life even if he did not want to talk about it. He always seemed to get off quick but the girls always seemed to enjoy his pussy stretching cock. Rebecca seemed to enjoy it too. Dave’s back arched he drove into her gash. Rebecca screamed as she felt Dave erupt inside her.

“Yes! Yes!… Yes!… Fill me up with cum. Plaster my pussy walls with your sweet cock cream! Rebecca begged. Dave seemed to keep cumming. He thrust in and out as he flooded her cunt with his cum. Dan watched intently as Dave eased his still hard cock out of their sister’s slippery cunt. Semen gushed out of her snatch. Dave had really filled her up. Not only did he have a big cock, he had pumped a mega load of cum into their sister’s hot little cunt and ever spurt seemed to trigger a small climax in Rebecca.

“Get over here and check it out,” Dave said, as Rebecca was a little dazed. Dan got up and moved over to the couch. Then he knelt down in front of her spread legs and moved his face closer to her crotch Dan could smell the pungent aroma of Dave’s sperm as it seeped from her cunt. They were right; it did smell different when it was mixed with pussy juice. Dan brought his nose to within an inch of his sister’s creamed cunt. Dan inhaled deeply.

“What do you think?” Dave asked, “Do you think you will be able to recognize that scent tonight?” Dan sniffed again, committing the scent to memory. Dan could see gobs of thick creamy white cum oozing from Rebecca’s cunt. Dan sat there on the floor, examining her gaping pussy and observing the slow seepage of sperm.

“She’s got a tasty looking snatch, doesn’t she? Dave commented in Dan’s ear.

“Beautiful,” Dan agreed. “Rebecca, you so very sexy.” she reached down and placed a finger on her clit. As she slowly rubbed her little joy buzzer, more of Dave’s cum plopped out of her cunt.

“Stick your finger in me Dan, see what a cummy cunt feels like,” she whispered. Dan looked over at Dave. He smiled at Dan.

“Do it Dan, we’re here to help you,” he encouraged Dan. Dan extended his finger and poked gently at her gooey fuckslit. His digit slid in easily. Her cunt was flooded with her own brother’s cum! His rich sperm thickly coated her pussy walls. Dan stared pushing his finger in and out, noting carefully the feeling of a well spermed cunt. It’s not as if Dan had never fingered his girlfriend, Leila after cumming inside her, this time, He was paying careful attention to the exact sensations.

“What do you think?” Dave asked Dan, he was right beside Dan, watching as Dan fingered Rebecca’s cum filled cunt.

“I uhm, I uh, what do you mean?” Dan stammered.

“Will you be able to tell it Leila is messing around on you?” Dave said with a laugh.

“ I sure hope so,” Dan said, not really sure.

When Dan got home that night, he was still very confused. Although he was still worried about Leila having an affair, something new had crept into his consciousness. The little scene with his brother and sister had really turned him on. At that moment sitting between his sister legs inches from her creamy cunt, He so desired to add his own hot cum to Rebecca’s hot creamy just fuck cunt. But he managed to leave his sister’s place still faithful to his girlfriend, Leila, the woman at one time he wanted to marry. Dan found himself wondering if he’d get another chance to watch his brother and sister screwing. Or if he will ever get a chance to fuck Rebecca as Dave did. He lifted his finger to his nose and sniffed. Dan could still detect Rebecca’s girl goo and Dave’s cum. The combined smell was kind of pleasant.

When Dan got home, the place was of course, empty. He got into bed and laid facing away from the door, staring at the digital clock on his bedside table as a thousand thoughts raced through his mind. What if Leila was fucking around? Who could it be? Perhaps one of her old boyfriends. Or her boss, he always seemed like a bit of a playboy. Or maybe it was that guy from the tennis club…the suddenly, his mind would return to Rebecca, the look on her face as Dave fucked her.

Dan must have drifted off to sleep but he woke up when he heard the bedroom door click open. Dan kept his eyes shut as Leila slipped into bed beside him. He waited until her breathing got regular and slow and she started to snore softly. When he opened his eyes, he was astonished to see that the digital clock said it was five in the morning. She had been out all night! Dan laid there, fuming as the room got brighter and she slept soundly beside him.

Dan got up and gently pulled back the sheets. Leila always sleeps nude. As the covers slid off, her pert nipples came into view. Her breasts are firm and pointy and her nipples always seem to be hard. Wondering to himself whose mouth had last sucked on those lovely boobs he continued to uncover his sleeping wife. Her stomach was smooth and flat. She shifted slightly and He froze, not wanting to be detected. He eased the sheets off her completely; revealing a surprise Leila had shaved her snatch!

This was new to him, she had always kept her bikini zone neat but she had always left a bit of curly dark pubes. Now she was bald and Dan had to admit, the sight of her bare beaver was rather arousing. His pecker stiffened as he studied his wife’s bald pussy. He leaned close and sniffed. He decided this was her legs were closed. Ever so carefully, Dan placed two fingers against her ankle and gently pushed, guiding her legs apart. Leila shifted again and her legs came wide apart. He moved around the bed so he was between her legs. The sun had risen enough that he could see clearly.

She really does have a sexy little twat. And Dan must say it looked absolutely fantastic all bald and smooth. He moved his face closer to begin his investigation. He sniffed but he couldn’t smell anything but the pleasant aroma of her gash. It wasn’t quite the same as Rebecca’s but it was very tempting. He moved his nose to within an inch of his wife’s cunt. He could not see any cum leaking from her pussy and he definitely could not smell rubber or lubricant- just the sexy scent of her cunt.

“What are you doing?” Leila asked, opening her eyes and looking down at him.

“I, uh, I’m…” Dan muttered before deciding to make the best of a good thing. He mashed his face against he crotch and stabbed his tongue into her cunt. Leila’s thighs slammed around Dan’s head and her cunt started oozing. With his tongue planted firmly in her cunt, he was able to determine with absolute certainty that her snatch was free of cum. Dan still had his suspicions but he set them aside so he could concentrate on licking her. As Dan ate out his girlfriend, he found his mind wandering to Rebecca and Dave. Thinking about them made his cock very hard. Leila reached down and pulled him up over her.

“Fuck me. Dan, it’s been so long,” she whispered. She grabbed his hard cock and guilded it into her love hole. As her velvety soft cunt walls enveloped his shaft, she kissed him, sticking her tongue into his mouth. They tongue kissed as he started fucking on and out of her hot little cunt. She broke their kiss and grabbed his hand, sucking three fingers into her mouth. Suddenly her eyes shot open and she got very still.

“What’s wrong honey?” Dan asked.

“I can taste pussy and cum on your fingers, what have you been doing?” she said accusingly. Dan knew he was caught. For some reason, instead of ruining the mood, being caught just made him hornier. “Who are you fucking, you bastard?” She demanded from beneath him.

“Rebecca and Dave, but I didn’t fuck them,” Dan said. He braced himself expecting Leila to freak out.

“Tell me everything,” She whispered, grinding her hips against him. She squeezed her pussy muscles tight around his rod.

“Uh, I, what do you mean?”

“Tell me what you did with them!” she insisted. The gyrating motion of her hips felt great. Relief flooded though him as he realized it turned her on to hear he had messed around with his two friends. He continued fucking her as he told her everything. His story finished just as they had one of the best mutual orgasms they had ever had. Dan flooded her sweet box with his thick cum.

“So why were you sniffing my cunt, Dan?” Leila asked as they laid beside each other, the early morning sun streamed through the window.

“I though you were cheating on me,” Dan confessed, feeling like an idiot, Leila laughed. “What’s so funny?” he asked.

“You didn’t check my ass, buddy!”

New writer here, hoping that you enjoy the story. Please all comments are welcome, so feel free to send me an email. I try response to any and all I receive. Last please don’t forget to vote on the story, thanks.

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by Jagnag08/19/17

So obvious an ending

Very poor story, no descriptions, nonreal story, no build up and an ending that a 15 year old could guess.
Then theres the spelling, plus one minute its his girlfriend, then his wife, one moment its hismore...

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