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How to Write for Literotica


We've all done it, as we read a story on world famous Literotica we think, 'I can do better than that.' Well why not, maybe you can write a better story but you'll never find out unless you try. You should have a word processing program such as Word, or Works, etc. This helps a lot as it has a built in spell check and will even help to correct English mistakes.

I would think the easiest way to start is to take the story you just said you could write better, now copy and paste into your word processing program. Go through and make some changes to where the tale fits your thoughts on how it should be told. Now read the original and then your version, how'd you like it, was it really better, or just different? OK let's say you thought it came out better, well that's good except now you have plagiarized some hard working artist's story, and that's a sin my friend.

Next let's try a story from your imagination, don't tell me you can't because we all have fantasies we just need to turn them into stories. How do you do that, all it takes is practice. Start by writing something small, not a story, but a scene. Get a picture in your mind now describe that picture as clear as you can. Now read your scene, does it accurately display your mental picture in words? If not make some changes now reread, don't be discouraged if it doesn't work, this is not as easy as it looks and it will take some practice.

If you can't find the words to describe the picture in your mind, then try to fit the picture to your words. If this new mental image is not as interesting as your original, then go back to your words and try to find what missing. Let's say your mental picture is of a woman, that's always a good image to have in your mind. In your mind, she is sexy with large breasts and long flowing hair with sensuous lips. Once you have put this down it describes a woman but still leaves out details of your woman. We now know her breasts are large but how about her nipples, are they erect and large or small but protruding nubs. How about her eyes, are they large and innocent or dark and mysterious. As this is just a scene, you should go into more detail than you might in a story. First, picture her in your mind and describe her in as much detail as you can.

If you're ready, let's try a sex scene, as you can imagine the sex scene is the most important part of a sex story. For your first one you should keep it simple and use a scenario that's familiar with you. The biggest rookie mistake we all make is too many Ahhhs and Ohhhs etc. This might be the way it sounds in your bedroom but it doesn't translate too well on paper. If you feel you need something like this, just describe it as moans and let it go at that. You will soon find out that sex is hard to do well on paper, for basically sex is just 'it goes in and it goes out' and there is only so many ways you can say it. You need to portray excitement for both parties and you do that by the look on their faces or their shortness of breath and the heat of their bodies.

Orgasms need to show satisfaction, again without the two letter guttural sounds we tend to make while climaxing. Just as a public service note here, unless it goes against the story subject we all should practice safe written sex. It is just this world is now full of dangerous STDs and if you can have your characters practice safe sex it will help reinforce people to have safe sex out there in the real world. I know I'm as bad as anybody and I love a good messy cum scene in my stories but I try to sacrifice my art for the sake of the common good.

I know the secret of good writing is practice and as my many critics will tell you, I am not a good writer. Yet I know I have improved and I feel I have evolved into a person who writes stories that I enjoy and if someone else finds pleasure in something I write it's just that much better. I found early on that you couldn't please everybody, so write for yourself, and let the critic's fall where they may.

Literotica has a very talented volunteer editorial section full of volunteer readers who will edit your story free, the one hang up being that most are so busy they take a long time to get back to you. So good luck with your story and if I have encouraged or helped you in any way, send me a note when you story is accepted, I'd love to read it.

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by AngusStewart12/23/18

New here and appreciate the tips

Thanks for posting this article. I appreciate the tips and will keep them in mind as I begin the journey.

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