tagLoving WivesHow Was That Movie?

How Was That Movie?


It started out like any other date night, instructions for the babysitter, reminding the kids to behave. Laurie is stunning -- even as she points out where the emergency phone numbers are, I catch myself ogling her in that sexy new dress I picked out for Valentines Day. She's slender with a tight ass and ample D cups -- her pale skin and red hair have always been my downfall.

We decide to eat dinner quickly and head directly for the movie theater. I notice a twinkle in Laurie's eye as she finishes her food and leans into me when she talks to me. She keeps pushing those beautiful breasts together, challenging me not to stare as we make conversation -- it takes all my strength. She knows how to control me.

She usually has me get our standard popcorn, Raisinettes, and a coke -- but tonight she says no and ... there it is again, that twinkle. She visits the restroom and comes back just as the lights are lowering for the previews. Unexpectedly, she pushes something into my pocket. I reach in, it's her underwear -- they're silk and small enough to easily fit into my front pocket.

She leans over and tucks her head into my shoulder, and puts one leg over mine. Her hair smells like flowers. I can really smell her perfume now too. It dawns on me - one leg ... usually she puts both together on me and we snuggle up together as we watch the movie. My mind is racing now and I can't even remember what movie we're watching.

I slowly trace my fingertips down her arm and brush the side of her breasts. I can hear her mouth open and her breathing start to increase. I lean in and kiss her gently on the cheek, jaw, neck ... There are people all around us, not paying any attention but we're right in the middle row, middle seats of the theater. I don't care ... I keep kissing her neck as I let my fingertips slip gently between the spaghetti straps and her skin.

With my other hand I start to caress her knee and thigh. I can feel her skin reacting to my touch. My fingers slide far into her dress and find her nipple already erect and sensitive. I trace the perimeter with my index finger and she's loving it -- she lays her head completely back against the seat exposing her beautiful neck.

By now we're both breathing hard. I don't want to be too obvious but I want to kiss her ... everywhere. Patience I remind myself -- it's a long movie, some sort of film noir piece she picked from no where. Wait, it's dark -- I get it. She planned the whole thing. The panties, the dark movie, no popcorn to upset the mood. Now I'm really excited and ready to bring her to movie theater heaven. I think she likes the danger of being in a public place but I know she doesn't want to get caught. Got it -- be discrete.

I take my jacket and place it over her lower body -- she's usually cold in movie theaters. We've done that a million times before. She gets the idea and shifts her weight forward. I take my hand and gently find her moist lips. I trace their outline while I use my other hand to massage her breast. I can feel her heartbeat and her warm breath is sweet and sensual on my neck.

I slowly insert my finger into her moistness and begin massaging her clit with my thumb. There's no sound in the theater except the movie conversation. I look around and see everyone engrossed in the movie, Laurie is somewhere else entirely. If anyone looked at her right now, they would know exactly what was going on. Her eyes are rolled back and her mouth is open, breathing heavily. I lean down and kiss her passionately. I kiss her neck and shoulders while my fingers tease her nipple and clit.

She's so wet now I can easily get two fingers into her wet pussy -- she opens her legs wider to give me better access. I can tell she's close to coming so I back off -- she hates it when I do that but I have a plan. I slide my fingers out and start to circle her clit. I slide her strap off her shoulder and expose her beautiful breast. If anyone in the theater looked, they would get an eyeful but I lower my head and take her nipple into my mouth. She rewards me by squeezing her thighs together around my fingers.

I imagine the people behind us can tell what's going on but don't care. Laurie is in ecstasy and I'm loving being so naughty in a public place. The movie's about half over now and I'm wondering if I can keep her going until the credits. My hand is wet from her excitement. Take my fingers up to my mouth and lick them so she can see. She knows what I'm thinking and looks at me as if to say, "Won't someone see?" I kiss her lips and gently lick them -- she shudders and I know I've got her.

Nonchalantly I slide down the seat and kneel on the floor beside her. I don't know if anyone can see what I'm up to but I don't care -- I put the jacket over my head and begin kissing her thighs. I move higher and can smell her pussy -- it drives me crazy.

She shifts back in her seat and lets her legs open wider. I dive into her wetness and she moans out loud. My hands find her breasts and I begin rhythmically licking her and squeezing her nipples. Her body is hot and her skin is sweaty. She puts her hands on my head and strokes my hair in unison with my strokes. She's so wet now, I drive my tongue into her wet pussy gently sliding it in and out.

I return to her clit and she sinks into the theater chair. Her body is relaxed she's totally into the feeling. She puts her hands up over her head -- just like we were at home in bed. She doesn't care that someone in the theater must be aware of what's going on by now. We could be in the middle of mall and she wouldn't care.

I can tell the movie is close to the end so I decide it's time to let her come. I begin to suck her clit with light then firm pressure, alternating with almost imperceptible flicks of the tip of my tongue. Her nipples are rock hard now and I grip her large breasts with my palms, squeezing them. Laurie is completely lost in the moment.

I hear her breath quicken, her body begins to tense and I intensify my sucking on her clit. She explodes into the most intense, body shaking orgasm I've ever seen. She closes her lips but her moans are audible even over the movie sound track. She brings her hands to my head and pulls me in closer, harder -- it seems like 2 minutes she's cuming and cuming. Her stomach tightens and her legs close on my head like a vice. I know better than to let up until she lets out that little squeal. I think the whole theater knows what's going on now but neither of us care. I'm so into her -- I love giving her earth-shaking orgasms.

Her body finally relaxes again and I brush my lips against her thighs and very gently kiss her pussy lips. I know we're not done so I let her enjoy the moment a while longer while I circle her nipples with my fingertips. Her skin is wet now with warm sweat and her breathing is deep and steady. I tongue her from deep inside her pussy to the top of her clit. She responds by putting both her legs on my back and shifting forward again so I can get at her clit once more.

I skillfully use my tongue to slide her pussy lips apart, taking her sweet clit into my lips again. She moans deeply and squeezes her legs together around my head. I don't realize it but her dress straps are off her shoulders and her breasts are only covered by my hands. She's in ecstasy and close to having another orgasm. I can feel the tension building -- her arms are above her head and I can feel her toes begin to curl. This time she can't hold back she says "O God Chris!" and tucks her hands back under the jacket to touch my face. Her body is limp now, her legs are relaxed and off my back.

I slowly slide out from under the jacket to see that the couple sitting behind us looking at me and smiling big. I put my arm around Laurie and draw her into my shoulder. She's spent. I put her dress straps back on her shoulders and caress her soft arm. She melts into my side and leans up to kiss me. It's a long, slow, deep kiss.

Just then the credits start to roll and the movie lights come up. I can tell how many people heard us by the looks we're getting -- mostly smiles. Laurie is glowing and doesn't see them. I just sit there enjoying the moment. Holding my beautiful wife in a semi-dark movie theater, her scent still on my lips.

I wonder if the movie was any good?

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