tagLoving WivesHow Was Your Day?

How Was Your Day?


It began like a typical evening for them, settling in to bed after dinner. They had already done the, " how was your day" usual dinner and evening conversations. He slid under her arm and began nuzzling her neck, kissin softly down her throat towards her slowly heaving breasts. She moved just enough to allow him access to begin their typical foreplay of nipple play followed by pussy licking to warm her up. This would invariably be followed by him rising above her, stroking his own dick a few times to fully harder in before sliding into her. She knew she would get off in the ten or so minutes of love making that would follow before he collapsed on top of her and kissed her sweetly.

In reality he was and excellent lover, attentive and tuned to her needs and desires but tonight she hoped would be a little different.

As he made his way down her stomach and nibbled her inner thighs, licking towards her outer lips he could already smell her arousal and see her wetness forming. "My you are already wet and ready for me baby. What's this all about?" he asked curiously. "Oh baby keep licking me and I'll tell you." She replied. Curious but aroused he continued his ministrations, lapping gently at first up and down her lips and spreading them with his tongue.

She moaned, lifted her hips towards his mouth slightly and began to talk, "honey I was at one of our satellite offices today and ran into an old friend from college. One I haven't seen in years. It was so random, I was just heading out to eat and literally bumped into her on the sidewalk. We we both so surprised but happy and hugged quickly. It must have been at least 10 years but she looked just like I remember her. She is taller than me by an inch or two, but otherwise we are roughly the same size and her tits were just as big as I remember, just a little smaller than mine but just as full." He paused and looked up at her, "you've seen her tits?" He asked curiously? "Well we lived in the same dorm silly of course. Anyway, she asked what I was doing here at the same time I asked her and we were chatting away a mile a minute in the middle of the sidewalk till I finally said I was only on my lunch break and would she want to join me and eat. She was parked on the street and I was a block so we hoped in her SUV and headed out. We went just a few miles down the road and found a nice cafe. We ate and had a few cocktails and talked and laughed forever. I realized how well we had gotten along and what a great person she was. We both had to get back so we cut lunch early and made plans to have lunch or dinner again next time I was in the area. We got back in her car and started driving back to the office. Traffic was tight so we ended up parking about a block or two away from my office. We began to say our goodbyes and she leaned over to give me a hug. Of course I wrapped my arms around her waist and as her arms circled around my next, her mouth ended up on my neck, right where yours was a few minutes ago baby. I could feel her warm breath and soft lips and a jolt down my spine. Honestly our hug lingered longer than I guess would be normal but I honestly enjoyed it."

At this point he had been consistently drinking her juices for several minutes and noticed her wetness increasing steadily. He took the moment to slide his first two fingers into her and gently begin to massage her. "It sounds like you had an interesting time baby." He mummered almost into her as he moved his focus to her now fully exposed clit.

"Well there's more honey." She softly said. He body shifted, her legs spread a little wider and draped over his shoulders. "If you keep eating me so good I'll tell you".

Although uncertain about what she could possible say, he continued to move his fingers and mouth in unison and she took his renewed vigor as assent.

"Well we pulled apart and both looked at each other and the next thing I knew she had leaned forward and was resting her mouth just an inch away from my lips. I've never even considered kissing her and as I licked my lips nervously my tongue touched her lips. I guess she took this as an invitation because she pressed her big, soft and full lips against mine."

His licking all but stopped as he heard this. Could this be true? Had his beautiful and loving wife actually kissed another woman? Was he upset about this? Did he feel like this was cheating or was he alright with it? Would he be more upset if it was a man? Why was he so turned on by the thought of her sexual activity with someone else? He pushed all those thoughts out of his head and quickly resumed licking her, not wanting to miss the end in case there was more. He noticed her beginning to move quicker and holding his head into her as she continued to talk.

"Baby it was just instinct that made me open my mouth to hers and feel her tongue in my mouth. I couldn't believe she had kissed me and was even more surprised when she moved my hand under her sweater and up to her tits! She wasn't wearing a bra but you wouldn't have known it. I've never touched another woman's tits before and wasn't sure how so I just did to her what I know I like and she kissed me harder and moaned right into my mouth. It was so foreign and warm and wet but still felt good if that makes any sense. I barely noticed her hand moving inbetween my legs and up my thigh. I was wearing that short black skirt you like today and her fingers crept right

up to my panties. God baby it turns out I was soaking wet! Her hand was rubbing me right where your tongue is right nooooooow! ". Her voice pitched and she held her breath as she always does when she cums really hard and as she finished talking gushed fluids onto his open mouth as her legs shook and clamped down around around his fingers with her pussy so tightly it surprised him. She had never done either of those things before.

He waited a bit and let her catch her breath, moving slowly up her body feeling her excitement and breathlessness. She reached down and grasped his already hard cock firmly. "Well I see you liked my little adventure today? You are never this hard just from eating me"

" honey that was so hot, I can't believe you actually did that and didn't bother to mention it to me! When can I meet this friend of yours?!"

"Such a typical man. Who says she even exists?" She replied as she kept stroking him and his long awaited orgasm broke to the surface and he coated her fingers...

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