tagBDSMHow We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 01-03

How We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 01-03


Chapter 1

Last week my wife Laura and I celebrated our anniversary. Not the anniversary of our marriage but the anniversary when I gave over the rights to both of our bodies to an older couple we met online. Just over a year ago we began a search looking for something that was missing in our life. Laura and I have been together since college, discovering then that we were both submissive.

My name is Gary and at 28, I am two years older than my wife Laura, a gorgeous brunette. Only 5'2" and 120 lbs, she had a 34B-26-36 body and perhaps her best feature was her stunning ass. I mention had because a few months ago Carl paid for her to have breast augmentation. She now fills a 36D cup that neither Carl nor Wanda grows tired of playing with.

As I mentioned, we just celebrated the anniversary when we both agreed to be the sexual servants of a couple we met on a swinger's internet site. Carl and Wanda were everything we were looking for in a master and mistress and we have grown in our total servitude to our owners.

Carl who is 43 understood our needs and helped us explore a side of both of us which had been missing for along time. He and Wanda, both very dominant, had been searching for a couple to train as their submissive sex slaves. To our family, neighbors, and long time friends, Laura and I seem to be the committed married couple they have always known, however, to a close circle of friends we have met at swinger parties and others Carl introduced us to, we are their complete slaves to do their bidding.

Tonight, Carl and Wanda have taken Laura to a swinger's party where she will be passed around from couple to couple. Laura is bisexual and enjoys having sex with women as well as men. Before the evening is through, she will likely be fucked by half a dozen men and perhaps go down on as many women. My wife is now totally insatiable and never tires of being fucked in the pussy and ass while eating a hot juicy snatch.

Often I wait up for her and enjoy cleaning up the hot loads deposited earlier in the night as she recounts how she was used over and over. All the while Carl captures it on disc to show us when we go over to their house on the weekend.

Before leaving tonight, he asked that I write about how Laura and I came to be their devoted slaves and what led us both to the lives we lead today.

It began in college when we were both attending North Carolina State. I met Laura off campus at a pizza place when she and her friends were grabbing a bite and we started dating her freshman year. She was attending State on a tennis scholarship and I was immediately drawn to her toned and tanned frame. While I was instantly smitten, it was her smile that I locked in on. I introduced myself but it was a few days before I actually got up the nerve to call her.

One of her friends had slipped me her number, noticing the intense attraction between us both. Soon we were pretty exclusive, and while I didn't know it was love, I knew she was something special. As crazy as it sounds given how sexual we are today, we took it slow in the lovemaking department. We were both a tad shy at first and it was several months before we moved from kissing on my couch to having her jack me off. I was later to find out that she had only had sex with one other guy in high school.

I was no Casanova myself. The few times I had actually fucked a girl, it was usually them taking the initiative and undressing me. Regardless, we soon began to explore ach other's body and she was always willing to experiment.

We had been dating just over a year when something happened that would change our lives. In my sophomore year, I had moved in with a fraternity brother in an apartment. While the housing was still on campus, they were not like the dorms and offered a little more space and privacy. When my roommate graduated, I intended on replacing him with one of my fraternity brothers but at the last minute he backed out when he didn't make the grades and didn't come back to school.

It was the beginning of my senior semester when a woman who resembled the actress Ashley Judd, moved in across the hall. I had just pulled up when I saw her unloading things out of her car. I had no idea she was headed across the hall from me when I offered to help her with her things. She was in a word "stunning."

She thanked me as we made a couple of trips back and forth. I couldn't believe my luck having such an attractive and sexy woman next door. She introduced herself as Connie and over a cola informed me that she had done an undergraduate at Georgia Tech, married, divorced, before deciding on going back for her masters.

The whole time we talked I couldn't help but notice her hard nipples pointing through the yellow tank top she was wearing. Her sandy blonde hair fell just below her shoulders as little beads of sweat trickled down her neck to the damp fabric of her top.

She was wearing a tight pair of black shorts which showed off the very firm legs which she pulled up on the couch as we talked. She had slipped off her flip flops, and while I've never considered myself to have a foot fetish, I did notice her pretty feet with the soft pink polish decorating her toes.

Over the next few months, Connie and I exchanged pleasantries in the hall and occasionally borrowed things from each other when we cooked or entertained. I had long abandoned the idea of a roommate and on several occasions, Connie met us either coming or going as Laura made her way to my apartment. If there was embarrassment on the part of Laura, caught as she left my apartment in the early hours by Connie, she never let on.

It was during the Christmas break that Laura went home to Greenville leaving me at the apartment. My folks were from Raleigh so I just stayed on campus. I had a part time job and was making spending money but more than anything I enjoyed the privacy of having everyone gone or so I thought.

I was startled one night when I heard a door open and footsteps in the hallway. Curious, I opened the door to find Connie had stayed as well. She informed me that her father was deceased and her mother was traveling. While she had a brother, she figured she'd stay put and get with them all in the spring.

The first few nights were uneventful but on Friday after a long day putting in extra hours at the store, I decided to see if Connie might want to unwind with me. She came to the door wearing a robe and it was all I could do to stammer out my invitation. She indicated she would be delighted to join me once she had slipped something on.

Even though I had not cheated on Laura since we started dating, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thinking how I wished she wouldn't slip anything on! Visions of her in that skimpy robe, slipping it off her bare shoulders filled my head.

I made a vodka tonic and waited until I heard a knock at the door. I called for her to come on in and she walked through looking absolutely ravishing. Connie was 29 at the time and was perhaps one of the sexiest women I had ever met. I often wondered what kind of guy would marry and then divorce her. But then again I had never asked and it well could have been she that divorced him.

She walked over barefooted with a button shirt tied up in a bunch at the waist with a pair of cutoffs. Her hair was still damp from a recent shower and while she wasn't wearing makeup, she was still a knock out.

I turned on the television and made us both drinks. I hadn't planned on company and had not stocked up with any food, so I cut up a few vegetables that we munched on with some ranch dip. The drinks went down fast as she quizzed me on Laura, how we met, my job and the like. Eventually I headed to the bathroom and when I returned, I was horrified that she had begun looking at a stack of erotic DVD's I had borrowed from a friend.

Connie had one in her hand looking at the back cover. Even now I recall it was an amateur video from the Ed Powers collection called Dirty Debutantes that featured young coeds making their first sex video. I was almost frozen in place as Connie looked through the videos, replacing them on the shelf focusing on one that featured anal sex.

My heart was racing as I wondered what she was thinking. Seeing me reenter the room, she put me quickly at ease, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to go through your stuff. I was seeing if there was a movie we might watch when I found your little collection," she smiled.

"They belong to a friend. He thought they'd keep me company over the break," I replied sheepishly.

"Oh," she gathered, "You have a favorite?"

My mind was racing as I thought about what she was saying. She didn't appear to be the least bit offended. In fact, I got the impression she was interested. If I hadn't had a few drinks I would have likely dismissed the idea but the next voice I heard was mine asking if she'd like to watch one?

My face felt flush when she said, "Sure" with a smile and handed over the one featuring anal sex. Before putting it in the machine, I fixed us both another strong drink thinking where the evening was likely to head.

As the video started, we both retreated to my sofa. I kicked off my shoes as well and we both hiked our feet up on the table as the movie featured a young college coed sucking on a hard cock, before she began fucking the guy. True to the title, he squirted lube on his member and moved it slowly to her puckered asshole before easing the head in.

It wasn't long before my own cock was straining in the khakis I had worn that day. A couple of times I thought I saw Connie look down at the tent that was forming in my pants. I was just before making my move, perhaps touching her bare leg, when her voice broke the silence, "Look's like someone is enjoying the show."

Connie turned and faced me, "Tell me Gary, do you and Laura enjoy a little anal action?"

I thought about my response wondering did I lie and tell her yea we did it often or the truth, which was neither of us had ever tried it.

"Well, it's never come up really..." I thought about my choice of words, embarrassed at "come up!!!"

"I mean we've just never done that. Laura has a nice ass and everything and I think I'd like to...I mean I know I would. We just haven't done it," I rambled as she smiled at my discomfort.

"You have a nice ass yourself," Connie remarked. "That was one of the first things I noticed about you," she went on.

Connie studied my face, "Does it surprise you a woman commenting on your ass?" she laughed.

"Yea, I guess. I mean I never thought about myself that way," I answered back.

"I'd love to see it," she said back softly as her right hand moved slowly and came to rest on my crotch.

I thought I'd cum in my pants when her hand moved just slightly as she rubbed the crown of my cock head through my pants and shorts. There was just a momentary thought about Laura, just an instant of guilt, quickly dashed as her hand squeezed my cock.

I stood up and dropped my pants in a pile at my ankles. "Slow, go slow love. Take everything off but do it slowly," she urged as she settled into the couch, appraising my body with her eyes.

I slipped the polo shirt off and then as she asked, slowly, tugged down my briefs with my thumbs before stepping out of them. My cock was rock hard almost touching my stomach as it stood straight in the air.

"Do you have any lube?" she inquired.

"Lube," I questioned back.

While Laura and I would come to purchase the magical ointment by the box load later, at the time we simply made do with the saliva and natural lubrication from our bodies.

"Vaseline then... anything like that?" she countered.

"Yea," I shot back realizing I was likely going to get my first piece of ass.

I almost tripped on myself getting back into the room.

"Lay across my lap," she encouraged.

I wasn't real sure what she was up to but at the moment I didn't want to do anything that interrupted where this was headed.

I lay across her lap as I could feel my cock rubbing the denim of her cutoffs. Her soft warm hand rubbed my ass cheeks, wandering, tickling, before she smacked a cheek forcefully.

"Agghhh, " I yelled as the tingling spread across my ass.

"Ooom, I love a man's ass," she cooed, as she again began rubbing my cheeks, her fingers tracing my thighs until she smacked me again. I could feel my cock dig into her crotch, covered by her cutoffs.

I had never been spanked or at least not since I was a boy when mom or dad would take a belt to my backside. But that was never intended to be pleasurable and while the pain was evident, I didn't try to stop her as she rubbed and smacked, my cheeks beginning to burn.

After a few more smacks across my bare ass, I heard her uncap the jar of lube and felt her pry apart my ass as she rubbed a dollop of lube across my puckered asshole. I suppose I knew now what she had in mind as her slick finger invaded my anal cavity for the first time. My ass has seen lots of vibrators, dildos and dicks since, but I will never forget the first time Connie explored my backside as she eased her finger and then several fingers in.

It was very uncomfortable at first and I started to tell her to take it out but each time she felt me tense up, she seemed to retreat slightly. Soon I felt myself pushing back at her hand.

"That's right baby, you're getting the hang of it. You're starting to like what I'm doing to you aren't cha' sweetness?" she teased me.

I merely moaned as she kept probing, pushing deeper and deeper, two, three, four fingers as she sunk her hand in. Meanwhile, I was moving my ass up and down to meet her thrust. My backside felt like it was on fire.

"You like me fucking you don't cha' baby? Damn, I didn't know you'd be this easy but you want me to take that ass don't you? Give it to me. Fuck me back with your ass," she chanted as I actually rose up on my hands and knees as she sawed her hand into my virgin asshole.

I looked down to see her cutoffs wet but it was from a pool of my semen which seemed to be leaking from my engorged cock. A thin stream of cum hung from my dick as it dropped off landing on her shorts as she continued to fuck me.

She was fucking me with her left hand when she reached under me and squeezed my nipple with her right hand. That was all it took as I launched stream after stream of hot cum which splattered on the couch, across the cushion and onto the bare wooden floor.

"That's it! Cum! Shoot that load bitch," she urged as I lurched back and forth before collapsing on her lap, exhausted.

Connie removed her hand with a slight suction sound as she rubbed my bottom again with her right hand. Smacking my ass playfully, she teased, "Let me up. Let me get cleaned up," she said as I pulled up and let her slide out from under me.

I heard the water running in the bathroom and then what sounded like her peeing before she ran the water again and walked back in the room. I hadn't moved an inch, now lying across the cushions, wet in my own semen.

There was a sadistic smile on her face as she took in my naked form spent, lying across my couch. "You want to head back to my room?," I managed to get out, assuming this was the foreplay for the evening.

"No love," she smirked. "We need to get something straight. I'm not your girlfriend...not your lover. I have a bit of a kinky side. I guess you see that. But I'm not looking for a boyfriend. On the other hand, I love getting a little ass myself now and then. Especially a virgin ass like yours."

Connie seemed to be appraising me as her words registered her intent. "We've got a few weeks before school starts back. Could be a lot of fun. But it's on my terms. You think about it. I'm out of town tomorrow but if you want to play, and I mean really play, you come over Sunday night," she said as she started to move toward my door.

I sat up watching her walk away. "I have a real kinky side and will take you places you've never been. But refuse me one thing I ask...just one time and it's over. You understand," she questioned.

I sat motionless. I couldn't believe what she was saying.

"I asked you a fucking question! Do you understand?" she shot back.

It was almost as if it were somebody else as my head moved up and down.

"Good. It's just us here so come over at seven. When I open the door I want to find you naked. Go out and buy you a fleet enema. Clean yourself out real good. Then lube yourself up with that Vaseline. I want you clean and ready... and no beating off between now and then. I'll know if you've been playing with yourself and if I find you have I'll whip your ass good. You understand?" she scolded.

I nodded again,

"I didn't hear you! I asked you a fucking question. Answer me, you understand?" she shot at me.

"Yes mam," I replied back meekly, "I understand."

Her look said it all as she smiled and turned. She left my door standing open as I heard hers open and close. I got up off the couch. My limp member, still dripping a stream of cum to the floor as I walked over shutting my door.

The video was still playing on the television, a different girl but the same result as I watched a guy ramming his cock into her asshole. I thought about what had just transpired. My next door neighbor, a woman, had just fucked my ass with her hand. What's more, I had loved it! I couldn't recall cumming as much as I had as she rammed her fingers up my tight ass.

I thought about Laura. There was a guilty feeling that swept across my body. I had never cheated on her but I had to admit to feelings I had never felt before with Connie. Her spanking me, fucking me, using me like that.

Then it occurred to me, I hadn't even seen her naked. I was totally nude lying across her lap. My cock was getting hard at the thought of what we had just done. I wanted to jack off but remembered what she said. "No beating off....she would know."

She had called me a bitch. That was weird but then again it was all pretty weird. But I knew I enjoyed it. And I knew I'd be there Sunday evening just as she had said. I had never given myself an enema before but I was pretty sure what she had in mind and I knew I wanted it. I wanted her to take me places I had never been.

Chapter 2

My stomach was in knots most of Saturday and then Sunday waiting on the evening. There were times I felt waves of remorse for cheating on Laura. Although technically up to this point Connie and I hadn't really had sex. She had just asked me to strip and play with my ass. While I was sure more ass play was involved in our next meeting, I assumed we'd actually have sex.

Connie was a gorgeous woman and while I had regrets about what I had done, they were quickly put to rest at the thoughts of going down on her. Having her suck my cock and perhaps the two of us fucking long into the night.

I heard Connie at her door in the hallway, the click of the keys and then the creaking of her door. I looked at my clock. It was three thirty and she had mentioned to be over at seven. I wasn't familiar with a fleet enema but realized it would be a several hour ordeal and I needed to start early to be ready by the evening. I had never done one before but did exactly as she had said. Then a quick shower and a dash of cologne before I toweled off.

Connie had been crystal clear about coming over nude. The apartments were empty with all the students on break but it still felt weird as I opened my door and peered both up and down the hall. I left my apartment door unlocked just in case and stepped gingerly over to Connie's front door. The oak floor felt cold on my bare feet. I felt weird as I stood in front of her door naked and knocked softly.

I actually had to knock again before I heard a movement behind the door. Connie had a peephole in the door and I was sure I saw a shadow across it as the door opened slowly. Connie stood in the doorway, dressed in a bright red top, blue jeans and barefoot as she looked me up and down.

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