How We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 04-06


All the while Laura was moaning, thrashing about as Sandy worked her pussy over with the her fingers, stopping momentarily to suck and lick the juices that ran down her thighs.

"It's what you want isn't it angel" she asked as she lifted Laura's chin with her fingers.

"Yes, yes," Laura moaned. "I want you to fuck me. I want you and Sandy to take me. Make me a lesbian. I want to be like you. I want you to make me your little lesbian slut, That's what I want, please," she begged. "I love your pussy. I love eating your pussy," Laura went on.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My once shy girlfriend was begging to eat snatch, to be used for sex.

"You hear that Gary?" Connie teased. "Go ahead, jack off watching your girlfriend eat my pussy. Jerk that little dick off watching her go down on me."

That was all could stand as I launched stream after stream which settled on my leg, dripped on the floor, and pooled around my fist. Connie just smirked and pulled Laura's head into her crotch enjoying the head she was receiving.

"Clean that shit up," Connie directed and then go ahead on home. I'll send this one in the morning. We have plans for her now."

I walked into the kitchen and using a paper towel cleaned the cum off my dick and then wiped up what had spilled onto the floor.

When I looked over, Connie had changed positions and now she had Laura on her back on the couch and she was squatting over her face, lowering her pussy down to my girlfriend's lips. Sandy in the meantime had taken up a position between Laura's legs and had produced a vibrator which she pushed in and out of Laura's hot twat.

As I headed for the door, I knew that Connie would make good on her comment she would turn Laura into a full fledged lesbian. I guess lesbian is too strong of a word. Today Laura is bisexual enjoying a hard cock as well as pussy. But there's no doubt she prefers both the taste of pussy and the touch of a woman to that of a man. But that's another story.

As I shut the door behind me and entered my apartment alone, I knew that Laura's life had changed like mine. Since that Christmas break when I spent time along with Connie, I had become her sexual toy. That night was the first step in Laura's transition as well.

The girl who came home the next morning was a different person than the one I took over to Connie and Sandy's that night. She was my girlfriend. That much was sure. But we both belonged to Connie and that was not in doubt.

Chapter 6

I lay awake until nearly 2 am waiting on Laura to come to bed but finally I fell asleep only to wake the next morning with her snuggled up behind me. Sometime late in the morning she had entered the bedroom, disrobed and slipped between the sheets. She didn't stir as I rose from bed and headed into the kitchen for coffee. I checked on her a few times, each occasion, she lay motionless in the bed, exhausted from the previous evening.

I took a shower and prepared for work trying to be as quiet as possible. Unfortunately I woke her just as I was preparing to leave the room. "Is that coffee I smell," she inquired as she stretched, the sheet pulled tightly over her nude body slipped from her breasts exposing her upper chest. Her tits were marked with small red patches giving evidence to the rough sex play of the prior evening.

"Yea, I'll get you a cup," I answered back as I headed into my kitchen and then returning with a cup of hot coffee.

"So what time did you get in," I inquired.

"It was late and I tried to be quiet," she replied back.

"You were. I didn't hear a thing," I responded. "Did you have a good time?"

I already knew the answer but thought I'd hear what she had to say about her evening spent with Connie and Sandy.

She looked at me a second, took a sip of the coffee as she collected her thoughts. "About that, you know I love you. More than anything in the world. Connie said you wanted all that. You wanted them to do what they did. Is that true?"

I didn't know how to respond. I did want it. I'd agreed to be a willing conspirator. Now here was Laura asking me, did I set her up. "I guess the question is, did you have a good time?"

I thought that was a safe question back Answer a question with another question!

"Yea, I did. I had a great time. I never thought I'd ever do anything like that. Never thought about it really. But yea, I had an awesome time. But that part about being a lesbian. I guess you know, I'm not really a lesbian. I kind of got caught up in the moment. I love you. I mean I enjoyed being with Connie and Sandy and everything but I love being with you too. It's not like I have to choose between you or her right?"

Laura was really starting to ramble and I really didn't want to get into such a conversation this early in the morning.

I looked at her. She looked perplexed. Like she wanted to say something but just didn't have the words. I guess I felt the same way.

"Look, I got to get to work. See you this afternoon when I get back," I said as I started to walk out my bedroom door.

"She told me about you two," Laura shot out. The short sentence cut through the room. I froze, thinking of what those few little words meant.

"She told you what?" I asked back.

"What you guys have been doing. What you're into... and I'm okay with it. I mean I guess I should be pissed, you fooling around with another woman. But I'm not. She is a lesbian after all and I know she's not interested in you, not in that kind of way," she reasoned.

"So it started over break?," she asked.

"Yea, I didn't mean for it too, I didn't plan it or nothing but..." I tried to find the words.

"Don't," Laura interrupted. "You don't have to explain. "I know the control she has. There's something about her. She has something that just draws you out. She told me how it started, what you like, all about it.... the strapons, everything," Laura informed me.

"Actually it turns me on thinking about it. Having a woman fuck you in the ass. A lesbian at that. Fuck, that's really hot. I'm just finding it fucking hard to believe it was my But then again, I can't believe what I did last night either," she confessed.

"I take it, Connie used her strapon on you too?" I asked starting to feel my cock stir in my briefs at the thought of the lesbian with my girlfriend.

"Connie, Sandy, both of them. I don't think I've been fucked as long or as often as I was last night. I'm sore as hell today if you want to know the truth. I'm not sure I can walk," she smiled. "Come over here," she patted the bed beside her.

I walked over and sat down. The sheet now falling at her waist as she sat up in the bed. Her glorious tits on full view to me. Laura was gorgeous and I loved her.

"You're okay with me being with her, aren't you. I mean if you have a problem with it," she was saying before I interrupted.

":No, I don't have a problem." I Paused for a minute thinking of what I was gong to say. "Truth is, I was turned on as hell watching you. I can't explain it but seeing you with those two women, doing those things. Man, it was fucking hot. That's the truth. I love you Laura and I just don't want to lose you. I don't want to fuck this up," I said trying to explain my feelings.

"Baby, you're not fucking anything up. We both experienced something new... something together. And I think we both liked it. I know we liked it. I liked giving into Connie. Doing what she said. Being her little slut," she smiled.

"And you do too. You've been doing it behind my back now for months. Now this way, you don't have to sneak around anymore. You have my permission. Better yet, I'd like to see it. I want to see Connie fuck you. I think that would be such a turn on," she admitted.

"Did it hurt... I mean the first time and everything. Did it hurt when she fucked you back there?" Laura inquired.

"Not really. Uncomfortable at first but I grew to like it. You're right, I do like it. I never thought I'd get off having a woman dominate me like that but I do really get into having her do that to me,"

Laura was quiet for a second, her brow a little furrowed as she thought about her next admission. "She wants to do that to me," she blurted out. She told me last night, she would have my ass too. Just like she was fucking my pussy. She wanted to be the first to fuck my ass."

Looking at Laura in the bed, naked between my sheets, I wanted to disrobe and fuck her right there. I likely would if I didn't have to be at work in just a few minutes.

"You going to let her?" I shot back.

"Do I have a choice?" Laura smirked. "I'm her little slut. Her little lesbian slut," she smiled. "And you're her little bitch too." Laura reached out and grabbed my cock through my pants. "Go ahead into work. I'll be here when you get back... or next door with Sandy and Connie. Either way, you know where to find me."

I looked at her. I knew, regardless of how sore she might be. How her pussy might ache from the pounding it took the night before, she was headed right back over to Connie's for round two. Another day of training in how to be the perfect little lesbian whore. Passed around from one woman to the next. I only wish I was there to watch. Watch as my girlfriend gave up her ass for the first time to the dyke next door.

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