tagLoving WivesHow We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 07

How We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 07


Chapter 7

When I returned from work, I was hoping to find Laura waiting for me in my apartment like she said she would earlier that morning. But I was not surprised when I didn't find her. I knew she was likely next door with Connie and Sandy exploring the lesbian lovemaking she had been introduced to by my neighbor. I turned on the television trying to lose myself in reruns, watching the minutes tick off the clock. Hours ran by until I finally turned in realizing another evening alone.

I sat through my classes the next day, the voices of my professors in the distant background as I sat daydreaming of what I had allowed to transpire, what I had been an accomplice to – allowing two lesbians to seduce my girlfriend.

I went to work after my afternoon classes trying to make a few extra bucks and returning home found a note on the table that Laura had been there and left me a sub sandwich in the fridge. Connie's girlfriend Sandy had left the night before but the note stated Laura was next door at Connie's and to come on over after I had eaten.

I nearly swallowed the sandwich whole, took a shower and headed over. Knocking at the door, I heard Connie's voice encouraging me to come on in. I should say I was surprised at the scene before me but I was not. Connie was sitting on the couch wearing a red satin robe tied loosely at the waist. Sitting at her feet was my girl Laura, completely nude with her head lying on Connie's bare thigh as the older blonde rubbed her fingers through Laura's long brown hair.

"There's coke in the fridge, or beer, if you want to grab one," Connie said acknowledging my presence. "We're just chilling," Connie added as she looked down at my girlfriend who seemed totally devoted to this older dyke.

I was disappointed that Laura didn't even look up at me, didn't seem to care that I had entered the room. Just that morning she had said she loved me, more than anything in the world but here she was twelve hours later not even acknowledging I was in the room. I wondered if I hadn't irreparably damaged our relationship. Actually been the instrument that killed us for good. My heart was sinking.

It was almost on cue, my thoughts lost in self pity, that Laura bent down and pressed her soft lips to her new lover's thigh. Kisses, one after the other as Connie sighed her approval. Hearing this Laura rose to her knees, positioning herself between Connie's outstretched legs.

It was then I saw the distinct red welts across Laura's ass. The burgundy strap marks were unmistakable and I know my facial expression gave way my concern as Connie took notice and interjected, "Someone received a little discipline this afternoon. They were bad," she purred looking down at Laura who was parting Connie's robe exposing her womanhood and trailing kisses up the thigh to the treasure in between her legs.

"Tell him baby, tell Gary what you did," she encouraged as she moved her hair from her face and slipped it behind Laura's ear.

"I disappointed you," she said like a little girl.

"And how did you do that?" she kept on.

"You asked about Ashley and I told you she was dating somebody," she explained.

"And I didn't ask if she was dating anybody did I" Connie stated more than asked.

Apparently Connie had decided to watch Laura at her tennis practice working out with her doubles partner Ashley. Ashley was a striking blonde, just a few inches taller than Laura. They were the perfect compliment in that Laura seemed to be faster on the court but Ashley had more power in her return and volleys.

I knew that Ashley dated some Sign Ep across campus but didn't know much else about her as the girls were a couple on the court but didn't socialize much off. Ashley spent most of her time either with her boyfriend or her sorority sisters when she wasn't playing tennis.

"She's really pretty and I asked about her. The next thing I know little one here is making excuses why she wouldn't be interested in meeting me. But we straightened some things out didn't we pet?," Connie said looking down at my girlfriend who had now begun licking around Connie's box encouraging Connie to slide down a little on the couch and offering her sex closer to Laura's eager mouth.

Connie winked at me as she completed her statement, "Laura here's gonna make sure we all get together. A little chance to get to know each other, right baby?," Connie added,

Laura simply nodded her head up and down as she busied herself between Connie's legs. I couldn't see her actually going down on Connie with her back to me but I watched as she raised her head up and down obviously pleasuring her new lover.

The marks on her ass were crimson against the white cheeks of her ass which stood in contrast to her tanned body. Laura has a deep tan although you could see the lines around her ankles where her tennis socks blocked the sun leaving her feet paler than her legs.

As Connie stretched out, enjoying the head she was receiving from Laura, she rested her foot on the magazine table. I couldn't help but admire her lean foot with the striking burgundy polish. Connie noticed my interest and commented, "After Laura's little work out we both went down to a sauna I know and relaxed. There's a woman there who gives great foot massages and while we were there we both had our nails done.

I looked down to see Laura, on her knees, with her toes on the floor and soles up exposing her new nails to me. She had soft pink nails on her tiny feet.

"You like them," Connie bragged as she stretched her legs in the air, lifting them off the table causing her toes to part

"Poor boy, you've been all alone these last couple of days. The bad lesbian next door stealing your girl away. I bet you're all stressed out needing a little love aren't 'cha sugar?" Connie teased.

I don't think she was looking for an answer as she encouraged me to take my clothes off. To strip naked for her pleasure. I didn't feel much like arguing and hoped for a little relief. Watching Laura eating my neighbor had an affect on me and I was already half erect when I slid off my boxers and stood naked before my lesbian mistress with a boner.

"Looks like someone's already aching to play," Connie cited looking at my dick swaying back and forth ready for attention. "Laura, be an angel and go back to my bedroom and get that lube we had. I want to play with Gary awhile."

I was overjoyed thinking I might get a hand job or something. Even a little ass play was welcome after the last couple of days beating off alone while your chicks next door making out with two lesbians.

Laura walked back in and after handing Connie the lube took up her familiar position between Connie's legs and began lapping her box again. Standing over her, I could now see her pretty pink tongue dipping between the folds of Connie's blonde bush. Laura used her fingers to pry apart her lips and pushed her face deep into her cleft looking up every once in a while hoping for an admiring and appreciative look from her lover.

"Come over here," Connie demanded as I moved closer to her looking down at my girlfriend lapping her cunt. Connie poured some gel in her hand and eased it generously over my raging hard on. The cool slick lube felt great as her fingers wrapped around my shaft. I closed my eyes as Connie stroked up and down and then was snapped back into the moment as I felt her wipe the excess lube off on my leg.

"Step back a little," Connie demanded as I gave a little ground not quite knowing where this was headed. Connie raised her foot up and let it come to rest on my member. "I'm gonna' give you a foot job. You ever had a foot job?" she asked.

"Can't quite say I have," I admitted as Laura momentarily took a break from her task to look up and see Connie's foot move up and down my shaft. Her toes played with the head of my cock and felt funny as she slid them back and forth. Her burgundy toes toying with the crown of my dick.

I groaned as she pushed my manhood flat against my stomach. "Looks like someone likes their foot job!" she smiled. There was no denying the effect she was having on me. I was so horny I would have fucked a hole in the wall but the soft skin of her arch and toes with the slightly rougher pad of her heel had my cock aching.

"Watch me baby," Connie urged Laura, "this is something you guys can do together. Gary likes a little foot play. You don't even have to get your hands dirty," she laughed as she continued to rub the foot up and down my shaft.

"You want to cum for us Gary? You want to jack that cock for us," Connie hissed as I pressed my dick back into the sole of her foot.

"Yea, I want to cum. I want to bust my nut," I groaned pushing harder against her as she pushed back pinning my prick between her foot and my stomach.

"Cum for us, Jack off, Cum right there on my toes, my pretty red toes. Jack off on my foot," she commanded as she let it down casually on the den table.

I thought it an odd request but I wanted to cum so bad. My cock was slick with lube and slid easily in the palm of my hand as I jacked it back and forth all the while looking down at my girlfriend who was continuing to push her face in between Connie's legs. Connie herself was moaning a little as Laura's tongue slid up and down taking in her nectar.

Connie opened the robe more exposing those lovely breast and she began pulling at her hard erect nipples. She strained to get her right breast to her mouth and tongued the nipple which just barely reached. That was all the encouragement I needed as I shot stream after stream.

The first load of cum shot across the table hitting the floor before I was able to direct it at her foot and the burgundy toes which stretched out as a target. I could tell she was pleased as the cum landed on her toes, dripping down the foot as another load splashed against her ankle bringing a soft coo.

I finally reached the end of my orgasm just as Connie was beginning hers as she pulled tightly on Laura's hair, yanking her into her stomach as she came much softer and quieter than I had.

She pulled Laura to her feet and kissed her passionately on her lips. I watched as the two women kissed, their tongues sliding back and forth before Connie broke the kiss and pulled away allowing Laura to take a seat beside her.

"Now it's time to clean up your mess, Connie smiled as she brought her foot up to my face and wiped the first load which landed on her ankle across my face. "Clean up the mess you made on my pretty toes," Connie demanded as she stuck her foot up to my face.

I didn't hesitate as I let her slide her toes to my lips and then between as I tasted the salty load I had deposited there. I licked the hot semen from her foot, pushing my tongue between her toes, getting it all up as I savored my own cum from my mistress foot as Laura looked on smiling.

We were both Connie's love slaves, each in our own way. There to please her and that in return pleased us.

Soon Laura and I dressed and headed over to my apartment. We stripped and slid into bed holding our naked bodies together. I kissed her softly, little kisses on her lips, her face, the top of her forehead.

We fell asleep in each other's arms for the first time in several days. The lessons were just about over from Connie but now Laura and I were just about to find out when school would really begin.

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