tagLoving WivesHow We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 09

How We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 09


Laura and I got married shortly after she graduated and we decided to make our home in Raleigh. The first few years of marriage was great but we knew we both enjoyed a little variety in our lovemaking and we tried experimenting with threesomes and swapping with other couples that we met in clubs. But it was difficult as neither of us was rather bold when it came to picking up partners.

I'm not sure shy is the right word but neither of us were comfortable being the aggressor and coming onto a woman or man at a bar. Although we were a little more successful when we found an adult internet dating site but even those encounters left us wanting a little more.

Laura and I acted out our fantasies at role playing, tying each other up and being the master/slave for the evening but neither of were entirely comfortable in the role. Then one night I came across a live webcam of a couple dominating a woman on that website. I watched as these two spanked and beat the woman and later she was made to perform oral sex on them both.

After the show ended, I looked at their profile and found they were from Greensboro not far from where we lived. I emailed Carl and Wanda and shared that my wife and I were looking for just such a couple. I was delighted when the next day, I had an email in my mailbox on the site from Carl.

He required that I tell him more about ourselves, particularly what turned us on, and to submit several pictures of us both. He left an email address and said we could use it to send facial pictures which he required.

I had taken quite a few already and emailed him back that day. Obviously they liked what they saw as he sent an email asking if we could meet. I was a little surprised when I found out they too lived in Raleigh and they listed Greensboro on the internet for some degree of privacy.

Carl asked that we meet them at a Ruth's Chris Steak House off of North Hills Avenue. I was very familiar with that area and the restaurant although that was a little pricey for Laura and me. We were on a tight budget as she had recently been let go from her position at a bank where she had worked as the executive assistant to one of the corporate loan officers. Actually it was his position they let go and she was one of the many casualties.

Carl had instructed me to ask for the Parker party when we checked in and the young hostess took us over to meet the couple who would dramatically change our lives. Carl was fifteen years my senior. A very handsome striking figure that exuded confidence. He was a fairly athletically built man with broad shoulders, short black hair, and square jaw. He could easily have been a model for one of those marine commercials although he confided later he had never been in the military.

He did have a scholarship in college in baseball and had a short run in the minor league before he gave up life on the road. His wife was just as striking. Wanda was a gorgeous blonde, perhaps 5'9 with large breasts that her top displayed as she took my hand.

The four of us hit it off as if we were old friends as Carl ordered us a couple of bottles of expensive red wine to go with our meals. While both of us guys enjoyed the steak, my wife and Wanda had the Blackened Tuna.

After polishing off the second bottle of wine, Carl ordered another bottle for us but switched to a scotch for himself. That's when the conversation turned a little more intimate as Wanda probed Laura about our sex lives and particularly our experiences with Connie.

Laura detailed how Connie and Sandy had seduced her into her first lesbian affair in college and then later whored us out to her friends as we serviced men and women alike. Carl seemed to be unfazed but interested as he listened how Connie had Laura seduce her tennis partner and then once she had a taste of lesbian sex herself, introduced her to Connie.

While Laura enjoyed lesbian sex, and certainly Connie had done everything possible to reinforce a strict lesbian lifestyle on my girlfriend, Laura was never completely a lesbian. Laura confided that Connie knew she was still having sex with me and that was a source of major disappointment as she wanted to completely turn her into a little dyke.

Instead, Laura remained a submissive bisexual who perhaps did enjoy sex with women more than she did with me or any other man for that matter. But that wasn't the case with her tennis partner Ashley who once she got a taste of pussy fell under Connie's perverse spell. Ashley and Laura had been tennis partners and played doubles on the women's team.

A stunning girl, Ashley had been dating a guy at State she had actually met in high school. After a few sessions with Connie, Ashley became totally devoted and began staying over at Connie's apartment. Connie enjoyed Ashley but was in a serious relationship with Sandy who lived in Atlanta.

One night Ashley and Laura were attending a party with Connie when she met this woman named Pat. I never met the woman but Laura said she was extremely butch and about twenty years older than Ashley. Laura said Connie introduced them and this older dyke really took a liking to Ashley.

Connie shocked the young coed by telling her friend that she could have Ashley for the weekend. Laura said Ashley was visibly shaken at the suggestion and actually retreated to the restroom crying.

Laura was sent after her but when she wasn't able to retrieve Ashley, Connie went back there. Laura never heard what was discussed between the two but Ashley, her eyes still puffy from crying, left with the older butch lesbian.

The thing that blew me away was that next Monday when Laura and Ashley were back on the court Ashley had little to say about the matter. Just a few weeks later though, Ashley moved out of her dorm room entirely and Laura found out it was to live with that dyke.

Again, I had not seen pictures at the time of the older woman but Laura insisted it was quite a contrast. Ashley was a very pretty blonde and this older lesbian had short brown hair, rarely wore any make up, and had few feminine mannerisms. According to Laura she was extremely butch.

Laura's biggest disappointment was that Ashley finished up the season but didn't come back to school in the fall. Word through mutual friends, who had no idea about Laura's own bisexuality, was that she met some older woman and the two got married. Actually it was just a civil union which took place in Quebec, but they and their friends did treat it like a marriage.

It was really the story in the locker room as the girls talked about how the woman was so much older and that Ashley was the wife and this woman Pat was the husband.

The girls on the team said her boyfriend was so embarrassed that he transferred to another school rather than face their friends who knew he had been dumped for some older butch lesbian.

A few years ago, Laura did receive a card from Ashley for her birthday. Ashley apologized for dropping out of touch but said she was very happy. She indicated in the note that she and Pat had actually been one of the first couples to actually get married in Massachusetts.

What Laura never knew and Connie had never shared was that Connie had given the bride away at the little civil union ceremony years ago. Ashley said the little wedding really got wild as all the maids of honor (lesbian friends of Pat) had sex with the new bride after Pat.

Ashley said she could hardly stand the next morning after all the tongues and dildos had been between her thighs the night before but it was an evening she would never forget.

Ashley had included a photo in the card and I barely recognized her. Gone was the long blonde locks which she had cut much shorter. While she was by no means overweight, she had picked up some weight particularly around the hips and face.

She had her arm wrapped around an older woman who certainly looked more like a man except for the noticable bosom. Laura's former partner said she had never been happier and the two were considering having a child together.

Carl, hearing enough about Connie and the past from Laura, looked at me and asked if we truly were ready to make the commitment.

"We're not looking for a submissive couple," Carl began. "We're looking for a man and woman who will give themselves over totally to us." Carl looked at Laura, "I have a pretty successful business in real estate and Wanda manages many of our properties. I would be happy to employ you to work for Wanda and we would reward you quite comfortably with a nice salary. However, we require total subservience. At work you will be her executive assistant but in the privacy of our homes you are our slave to be used in any manner we see fit."

I was a little taken back when he said homes and would later find out how wealthy this couple actually was.

"... and you," he said directed back at me. "Your wife will become our property, given to us unconditionally. She will legally still be your wife but her body, even her spirit, will be completely consigned to us. Do you understand what we are asking?" Carl said, as his dark brown eyes seemed to pierce right through me.

I looked at Laura who seemed stricken, sitting completely upright as she reflected on everything Carl had just said.

He looked back at Laura, "I understand our terms are very direct and you may have been unprepared for our demands. Wanda and I understand if you are not prepared to make that type of commitment. It will be a big step. A huge step for any couple. However, if you agree to our terms, strict as they are, you will both be taken care of. We will shower you both with affection. We have no interest in coming between you as husband and wife. It's just that your physical contact, all intimate touch, will be at our discretion not yours," he added as I saw the smile on Wanda's face at the remark.

I could feel the erection in my pants as I listened to the forcefulness of this man's tone and imagined us kneeling naked before him. I looked over to see Laura's nipples pointing through her blouse, even in the darkness of the room, lit by the low sconces and candlelight, her nips were straining through the soft fabric of the top.

Earlier in the evening I had asked that she go braless as her little tits were firm and sat up pert on her chest. Now they gave away her excitement as Carl detailed his intentions.

The older couple could see the excitement on both of our faces as he decided to press. "Do you understand what we are asking Gary?" When I nodded, he gave me a stern look, "Then answer me. Do you understand fully what we are asking of both of you?" he asked more forcefully.

"Yes sir, I understand," I replied as I looked down at my plate.

"Good, very good," as he looked back over at Laura. "I can see the excitement in your face little one. The thought of serving us is making you flush. I bet that little pussy of yours is wet, dripping, thinking of taking my cock, worshiping it. That's what you want isn't it Angel. To become mine. For Wanda and I to use you for our personal pleasure."

Laura had a blank stare on her face and I watched as she nodded her head up and down.

"Very well," he began as he looked back over at me. He took an envelope from the inside of his jacket and slid it across the table. The white of the envelope blending into the white linen tablecloth. "While you are reading that," Carl began, "I want you little one to go back there to the women's restroom. Are you wearing panties Angel?" he asked.

Laura merely nodded her head.

"Yes, I thought you would be," he began. "In the future they will not be necessary. Go back there and remove them and bring them to me. I want you to take them off and when you return to the table simply set them down by your wine glass. Have I made myself clear," he asked.

Laura nodded and then slowly rose from the table as she walked away leaving me in awe of what had just transpired.

"Open it up and read it," he directed.

The two page document was a contract between Master Carl and Mistress Wanda and Slaves Gary and Laura. The document read:

As slaves, we agree to submit completely to our Master and Mistress unconditionally. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which we as slaves may willfully refuse to obey the directives of our Master or Mistress without risking punishment. We understand there shall be no safe words in the relationship, simply an understanding of what is accepted to by all parties.

The slaves also agree that, once entered into the Slavery Contract of their free will, their bodies belong to their owners, to be used as seen fit, within the guidelines defined herein.

All of the slave's possessions are of no consequence to the owners. On the contrary both the male and female slave shall be provided for, and taken care of, in a manner that exceeds their current standard of living. The slaves agree to please the owners to the best of their ability, in that they now exist solely for the pleasure of said Master and Mistress.

It is understood that the slaves will be required to engage in sex with either male or female partners at the discretion of the owners. The male slave will be required to maintain a chaste relationship with the female slave unless specifically directed to do otherwise.

Slaves will be photographed and videoed engaging in various sexual activities. These photos and videos will be the exclusive property of the owners to view, show, or display so long as the images are not made public without the permission of the slaves. At the conclusion of this contract, all photos and videos will remain the property of the owners.

All jewelry such as necklaces, rings, lockets, watches and otherwise personal possessions, particularly those presented by the slaves to each other shall be stored in the possession of the owners. No jewelry, gifts, objects, or pictures conveying marriage shall be worn or displayed by slaves for the duration of this contract.

Only jewelry presented by owners to slaves may be worn or displayed. Jewelry presented to the female slave should be worn accordingly. A slave collar will be required of the female both in private settings and in public venues as directed.

Both slaves will be required to enter their name in a slave on-line directory designating their status with other masters and mistresses.

Owner's Role

The owners accept the responsibility of the slave's body, to do with as they see fit, under the provisions determined in this contract. The Master and Mistress agree to care for the slaves, to arrange for the safety and well-being of the slaves, as long as they own the slaves. The owners also accept the commitment to treat the slaves properly, to train the slaves, punish the slaves, love the slaves, and use the slaves as they see fit.


Both slaves agree to accept any punishment the owners decide to inflict, whether earned or not.

Rules of Punishment

Punishment of the slaves are subject to certain rules designed to protect the slaves from intentional abuse or permanent bodily harm.

Punishment must not incur permanent bodily harm or the following forms of abuse:

Blood will not be drawn at any time. There shall be no burning or branding of the body. There shall be no drastic loss of circulation, or a cause of internal bleeding. There shall be no loss of consciousness through strangulation or otherwise. Owners will not withhold necessary materials, such as food, water, or sunlight for extended periods of time or cause permanent bodily harm.

Since the body of the slave now belongs to the owners, it is their responsibility to protect that body from permanent bodily harm. Should the slave ever come to permanent bodily harm during the course of punishment or in any other slavery related activity, whether by intention or accident, it will be grounds for immediate termination of this contract, should the slave so desire. Permanent bodily harm shall be determined as: any damage that involves loss of mobility or function, including broken bones, scars, or burns.

Tattoos and piercings will likely be required but will be subject to the full acceptance by the slave. While the location and number of markings or piercings shall be approved by the slave, the actual design, description, character, word, or emblem will be totally at the discretion of the master and mistress.

Any permanent hair loss or electrolysis will also be approved and accepted by the slaves.

Punishments may include but is not limited to whippings, clamps, wax, suction, enemas, or other physical torture to genitals, nipples, and breasts.

Owners will not engage in activities considered water sports such as urolagnia.

Slaves may be from time to time loaned out to other masters and mistresses and as such owners will take all necessary precautions to screen any other sexual partner for sexually transmitted diseases. The female slave will be allowed and encouraged to take birth control pills as her master will not use any contraceptive devises.


The slaves may not seek any other owners or lovers or relate to others in any sexual or submissive way without the Master or Mistress's permission. This includes any sexual relation between the slaves themselves without the explicit permission of owners. To do so will be considered a breach of contract, and will result in extreme punishment. The owners may accept other slaves or lovers, but will consider the slave's emotional response to such actions and act accordingly. The owners may give the slave to other Masters and Mistresses, provided the rules of this contract are upheld. In such a situation, the owners will inform the new Master/Mistress of the provisions stated herein, and any breach by the new Master/Mistress will be considered a breach by the owners as well, subject to all rules stated in this contract.


All physical evidence of the slavery will be kept in secrecy, except where both owners and slaves agree. Any violation of this clause shall be cause to terminate this contract, should the injured party wish it. The materials and physical evidence shall be kept under lock and key in a place acceptable to both parties.

Alteration of Contract

This contract may not be altered, except when both owners and slaves agree. If the contract is altered, the new contract shall be printed and signed, and then the old contract must be destroyed.

Termination of Contract

This contract may be terminated at any time by the owners, but never by the slave, except under special conditions explained within this contract.

Slave's Signatures

I have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety. I agree to give myself totally to my new Master and Mistress, and further accept their claim of ownership over my physical body. I understand that I will be commanded and trained and punished as a slave, and I promise to be true and to fulfill the pleasures and desires of my owners to the best of my abilities. I understand that I cannot withdraw from this contract except as stated in this contract.

I was surprised to see both mine and Laura's name at the bottom with a line intended for our signature. I was just finishing the contract when Laura walked back to the table and sat down, her fist clenched tightly. As she relaxed it, the red satin material of her thong became visible.

"That's good. Now remove your hand and leave them on the table," Carl directed as Wanda smiled at Laura's first act of submission.

"So, do you agree to our terms?" Carl asked as he stared into my eyes. My response was a slow nod as he reached into his pocket and drew out a black Mont Blanc pen. I uncapped the instrument setting the tip to the paper as I slowly, picking up speed, signed the contract.

"Okay Angel, look this over" Carl said as he picked the two pieces of paper and slid them across the table to Laura. I tried to gauge her expressions as I watched her eyes dance across the page, stopping with every few sentences to grasp their meanings. I saw her body stiffen and then relax as she read one and then setting it down read the second page of our contract.

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