tagLoving WivesHow We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 10

How We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 10


I was anxious all of Saturday and Sunday waiting for Carl to call. I had left my wife with a couple we barely knew from an Internet sex site and they had taken over our lives. Laura, now renamed by them as Anna, and I had signed a contract stating we were to be owned by this older couple Carl and Wanda. I had left her with them and was awaiting the call when it would be my time to succumb to their wishes.

It was about 3:00 o'clock on Sunday when the text came through with an address. I put it in my Garman and raced out of the apartment making a made dash over to Carl's house. I was unfamiliar with the neighborhood but wasn't surprised at all to find their home in a very exclusive section of the city. I knew Carl was quite wealthy and found myself in awe of the beautiful homes set back from the road.

The address I had been given was gated but he had text that as well as I punched in the numbers that released this gate which swung open slowly allowing me to enter. I pulled around in front of a circular drive, standing in front of a home that may well have been as big as our whole apartment building. It was simply magnificent with a fresh cut lawn and boxwoods sculpted in various sizes and shapes.

I rang the doorbell and was greeted moments later by Carl who looked vastly different than the last time we met. He was now dressed casually with shorts, no shoes, and a bright yellow shirt unbuttoned that showed his massive chest and ripped abs.

"Come on in. Oh and lose the clothes. You can just stack them on the table. You're a slave here and you are to be nude at all times," he directed.

He didn't wait for a reaction as he turned and walked through this foyer through a den and then to a side kitchen where I heard him making a drink as the sound of ice clanked in an empty glass. I pulled my pants down my legs after removing my socks and shoes and then eased the shirt over my head until I was naked.

About that time Carl had reappeared holding his drink and appraising me said, "The girls are out by the pool." He then walked back through the den to a set of French doors overlooking the back yard.

I saw the spacious pool with the sun kissing off the blue tinted water as we entered the back deck. I saw three women reclined in chaise lounges, two who were sunbathing nude but none of them was Laura, my wife. As the thought ran through my mind, I had to remind myself of Carl and Wanda's strict instructions, she was not my wife anymore. I wasn't to refer to her by that term and I was to call her Anna. The new name they had given her.

I looked around for "Anna" but didn't see her until at last all three raised up hearing Carl announce my arrival. I was shocked when Anna raised her head. Gone were her long brunette locks replaced by blonde tresses that came just to her shoulders.

Laura had always been a brunette and had never discussed changing her hair color and it really threw me looking at this familiar face framed with someone else's hair. The hair appeared to be the same color as Wanda's although Wanda's hair was longer and today pulled back in a pony tail.

The other woman I recognized immediately from the live cam where I had first seen Carl and Wanda. She had jet black hair, long and running mid way to her back. She had definite Asian characteristics that I had not really seen in the cam that night. Carl introduced her as Lee. As she stood up I took in her naked awesome beauty. She had an olive glow, dark eyebrows accented by big brown eyes and her pussy was shaved clean.

I also could help but notice an assortment of tats that decorated her body beginning around the bottom right leg, what appeared to be a dragon on her right side set in colorful flowers, another set of colorful flowers on her back shoulder and Asian letters or symbols on her right breast. She also had a really nice set of tits for her small frame. I judged her to be the same height or perhaps a tad smaller than my wife at 5' 1" or so and her breasts had to be 36D's as they jutted out capped by two dark nipples.

"Lee's been with us for quite a few years," Carl explained. She came over on a student visa and we've legally adopted her although like you and Anna, she is our slave now."

Lee smiled when Carl said the words, beaming a beautiful bright smile, and dipping her head in reverence to his words.

"I believe you saw Lee one night on our webcam?" Carl inquired knowing the answer. "Anyway, she's one of the family and will be working with you, mostly, as we get you situated," Carl said as he took up a chair on the deck.

I saw Lee nonchalantly look my body over as subtly as possible before she walked away toward the back door to retrieve fresh ice water for the girls. I watched her as she made her retreat and marveled at how beautiful and exotic she was.

Carl interrupted my trance, "Like I was saying, Lee will work with you for the next few weeks as you become adjusted to our new relationship. Anna will remain with us and you will go back to your apartment with Lee. She is a slave, just as you are but she is your mistress... Anna's too. Both of you will answer to her and do everything to the letter she requires or you will be harshly and strictly punished. Do you understand," Carl inquired with a stern look on his face that demonstrated he meant business.

"Yes sir," was my quick reply.

In the meantime Lee had returned with a pitcher of ice water and several empty glasses along with some diced fruit that she presented first to Wanda. Wanda rose up in her lounge and I couldn't help but stare at her chest. While she had on an orange bikini top, it did little to contain her big bosom which had to be 38DD breasts. They were simply big and the dark hard nipples were very apparent contained within the flimsy top.

Wanda saw my stare and smiled to herself as Carl told Lee to take me inside and get me prepared. I wasn't sure what that meant until later when Lee took me to a sprawling stand up shower and bathed me before she shaved what little hair I had on my chest off and then preceded to lather and shave all the pubic hair around my cock, balls, and ass until it had all washed down the drain.

Lee informed me that in the future, I would be taken to a spa and have the hair removed by wax which did a much more thorough and longer lasting job. She stated that both Carl and Wanda were smooth and hairless and required the same of their slaves.

Whether it was part of the treatment or not, I enjoyed the soft touch of Lee's hands and fingers as they soaped my chest and genitals particularly as she ran her fingers along my shaft and through the crack of my ass. I felt her dab her finger in my opening and placed my hands on the tiled wall as I let her gently explore my back door.

All too soon it was over as she dried me off and led me back into the den where now Anna, my former wife, Carl, and Wanda had gathered. While the older couple both had on clothes, Wanda her bikini and Carl his shirt and shorts, Anna was nude and it was the first time that I saw she too had been shaved bare.

Laura had always been very neatly groomed but left just a patch of brown pubic hair just above her pussy lips but she was now as smooth and hairless as I was. I also took notice of a gold small anklet on her right foot with a little "C" hanging down leaving no doubt that Carl now possessed her.

The wedding and engagement ring as well as a necklace I had given to her for her birthday, all things she had on at the restaurant were no longer in evidence. Anna walked past me and Lee without making eye contact and returned a few minutes later with an object in her hands. She handed it to Wanda as I recognized it to be a black leather collar with several silver points and a D-ring from which she could be leashed.

Wanda buckled the collar in place and then looking at me stuck out her tongue and ran it across the leather, the nape of Anna's neck, and across her face to her mouth which turned to capture hers. Anna and Wanda locked in a long, deep passionate kiss as I saw the older woman's tongue snaking into my wife's as she squeezed and pulled at her nipples causing Anna to wince.

"And today is your day sport, on you knees," Carl boomed as I dropped to my knees on the expansive oak floor knowing full well what was coming next. Carl stood inches from me as I reached up with no hesitation and unsnapped his shorts and pulled down the zipper. He wasn't wearing underwear and just as Lee had alluded to earlier, his hairless smooth cock flopped out of the opening.

His dick was long and fat and much bigger than mine. While I always thought I had at least an average size dong and was never embarrassed in the locker rooms with other guys, this man's meat was something else. It was heavy as I lifted it to my lips, kissing the head before allowing it to part through them and rest on my tongue.

I could feel Lee's eyes on me and looked over to see Anna and Wanda were watching as well as I cupped my master's balls and moved my mouth up and down his fat shaft. If there had been any doubt as to his ownership of me, it was behind me now as he took my head and guided it at a speed along the shaft of his cock. Meanwhile Lee walked up and parted his shirt, placing soft kisses on his smooth chest and then zeroing in on his hard nipple which she took in her small mouth.

I was lost in the blowjob I was giving Carl and had not noticed that Wanda had slipped off her bottoms and Anna was now feasting on her hot pussy. Our owners now had us both going down on them as we savored their bodies.

"That's right, suck my cock. Lick it good. That's the cock that was fucking Anna all night long last night. Fucking her hot juicy pussy. Stretching out that little asshole. Can you taste her pussy on my cock? Can you smell it," Carl teased.

"What kind of man gives up his wife's pussy to another man?" Carl taunted. "You don't deserve her pussy, any pussy. You're just a slave boy that's good for sucking cock and getting fucked. That's what you love anyway isn't it. A cock up your ass?" Carl teased.

"Anna told us how you sucked all that cock in college and Connie made you go home with other men who fucked that ass raw. You allowed some dyke to seduce your girlfriend. Try to turn her into a lesbian. What does that say about you boy?" Carl kept up getting me hornier and hornier as he taunted me.

"You're no man. You're just a fucking cum slut. A faggot boy who likes to watch your woman get fucked by other men and suck up their cum from her hot pussy. Well, that's what we're going to do. You both are our slaves now and we're going to have her sucking and fucking other men... women too. And the only time you get any of her pussy is when you're cleaning it out. Sucking up all those juices. That's as close as you get to that pussy. But that's what you want isn't it cum boy," he chided me.

My muffled response was drowned out by the huge cock that kept pushing in and out of my mouth, going in further as my spit dribbled out of the corner of my mouth.

The more he humiliated me in front of Anna, the harder my cock got. I had allowed that to happen. To allow two dykes to take my girlfriend. I wanted that just as I wanted this couple to take us now. My cock was fully erect as he grabbed my hair and yanked me down thrusting my face in his balls which I bathed with my tongue before I sucked them in my mouth.

"We own her now. We own you both. After you leave here today you won't see Anna for a few weeks. We're going on a little trip. Leaving you here with Lee. But when we return you will not recognize her," Carl informed me. "She's going to get a little boob job like Lee here. We're going to make those tits stand out and plump up those lips a little. I like a nice soft pair of lips sucking on my cock and balls. Then I'm going to mark her. Decorate that blank canvas," he teased as he looked over at Anna.

Wanda had her legs spread wide and my wife was really going at her pussy good as Wanda moaned hearing her husband detail his plans.

"Yea, we're going to get her some tats and then pierce those sweet little nipples of hers with some hoops so I can lead her around by her titties at the parties I take her too. She's going to be a dirty tramp when I'm done, a little common slut like you. But that's what you want me to do isn't it you worthless cuckold. That's what you both want," he continued as he rubbed my cheeks with his cock and positioned my face to look up at him.

"Go ahead, admit it to her, tell Anna what you want," Carl demanded.

"Yes, I want you to do that to her. Put your mark on her, please yes. I want you too. You own us. We both belong to you," I moaned as he fed his dick in and out of my mouth.

"And you know once done, it cannot be undone. A piercing can heal over but the tat I place on her subtle delicate body will remain a permanent reminder of who you are, what you allowed us to do," Carl intoned.

"Yes, yes do it. I want you to," I uttered between slobbers.

Carl was chuckling. "But you haven't asked what I will have done to you," he smiled. I looked up as I waited for his next response.

"Lee is gong to take you downtown to a little shop she knows well. Where she got all those beautiful tattoos she has. They are beautiful aren't they?" Carl asked as he gazed at Lee who was still licking his nipple, sucking, biting lightly as she ran her slinger fingers over his exposed ass.

"We're going to place the mark of a cuckold right over your little dick. Right below your waistline. You know what that looks like?" he asked.

I shook my head back and forth as the cock moved in my mouth. He pushed the meat in and would pull it out without ever fully escaping my lips.

"You seen the little circles symbolizing a male and female with the little arrows and the cross? The tattoo you will have is the erect arrow of the male penetrating the female sex symbol which is linked to another male symbol with the arrow pointing down instead of up. Hanging limp! You know you that represents boy?" Carl sneered. "You, it will let everyone know you're a pathetic little cuckold that likes to watch other men have their way with his woman."

"And for good measure Lee will have an artist place a naked man kneeling in submission, bound with his hands behind his back, his head thrown back wearing a collar like Anna's as he sucks on the erect cock of a much stronger man standing before him. I will have that placed on your ass, to cover your whole cheek," Carl taunted.

"No one will ever know about either tat, provided you have your clothes on. But any woman who ever sees you naked, including Anna here, for the rest of your life will see both. If you leave her for any reason, your future wife will see what a pathetic cocksucking cuckold you have been. You will never escape it. That's what you are now, that's what you wanted to be, that's what we have made you," Carl groaned as he shot his load deep into my mouth.

I clamped my lips tight over his shaft and took his warm salty spunk as Lee looked down appreciatively. As humiliated as I should have been, I had never been more excited as this 21 year old Asian girl reached down and jacked the cock, ensuring I got every drop of her master's juice.

When Carl was totally spent I heard Wanda groaning her orgasm as well. After Wanda was satisfied from the oral assault Anna had given her, Carl instructed Anna to come over and suck on my cock.

I couldn't believe my master was actually allowing my wife, or former wife, to suck my cock, but I relished her warm, soft familiar lips as they wrapped around my shaft.

Anna jacked my cock and reaching around stuck a finger up my bung hole. The excitement of the moment and that action in itself had me shooting stream after stream of hot cum into her mouth in no time. I hated that I had cum so prematurely and wanted to hold out but it was not to be as I unloaded.

When the last of my cum was dribbling out of my cock, Anna stood up on her knees and kissed me forcefully on the lips prying my lips open with her tongue and depositing most of my salty load back into my mouth. I took the warm liquid from her and allowed her tongue and the semen to mix with mine as our owners allowed us an embrace, the first we had since we parted at the restaurant sealing the contract of our ownership.

I locked my arms around her and felt her nipples, hard and pointy, pressing into my chest as we kissed as lovingly and with as much passion as we ever had.

Lee was cleaning up my cock with a cold washcloth which actually felt uncomfortable temperature wise. I felt her cleaning up the cum and saliva, wiping it away as my balls and cock shriveled a little in the cool wet cloth. While I was still kissing Anna, I felt Lee doing something to my balls, pulling them through a hoop or something but Anna kept me distracted with the kiss.

There was a feeling of hard plastic, something she was doing as I heard a few clicks and then a final snap. Looking down, I saw that Lee had encased my cock in a clear plastic shaft with little slots both in the side and the end. It was bent slightly and my balls hung down with a clear hoop behind them. All this was locked together with a small brass padlock at the top.

"It's a chastity device dear," Anna said. It was actually the first words I heard her say all afternoon. "A CB6000 to keep that little wee wee of yours caged up while I'm gone. We wouldn't want you doing something with Lee that would get you in trouble."

"How the fuck do you shower? How do you go to the bathroom with something like this," I protested as I lifted the plastic cage surrounding my penis.

"You can go to the bathroom but you'll have to sit like a little girl. No more standing or you'll wet all over yourself. You can wash and clean but no jacking off, no erections, nothing of the kind. You're a little cuckolded slave boy," Anna teased me, reveling in my humiliation.

"And I have the key," Wanda chimed in looking over at my situation.

"If I find when we return that the lock or device has been tampered with, you will be severely disciplined. But don't worry, that fucker isn't coming off," Carl taunted.

"Lee is very, very talented at milking the prostrate and will make sure you have opportunities to cum and relieve the pressure but it will be all anal, I assure you. There won't be any jacking off with that contraption. No blowjobs for you cucky boy. You can get use to it, simply watching. You can eat all the pussy and suck all the cock you want. And Lee loves fucking men in the ass, don't you sugar?" Carl smiled.

Lee simply nodded her head up and down.

Here I was with a male chastity device around my cock and balls. Caged while another man takes my wife and fucks her. Next week I was to be inked with tattoos that would permanently serve as a reminder of what I had become, what I had allowed both my wife and I to be, slaves, owned by another couple.

As I sat on the floor with the plastic cage around my cock, Anna stood up and kissed my master on the lips. I watched her slender hands caress his cock and balls as his tongue snaked into her mouth. Her head tilted back and Carl sucked on her neck as she thrust her naked breast up to him to take in his mouth.

Lee went over and sat on the couch with Wanda as they in turn kissed as well, Lee snaking her finger into Wanda's hot box, toying with her clit causing the older woman to groan. Looking up at my master, I saw him sucking my wife's tit, as she moaned her approval. Picking her up he carried her over to a chair, sat her down and then kneeling buried his hard cock in her hole.

Just as he said moments earlier, I was watching another man take my wife as his cock thrust in her, stretching the pussy that was once mine. It wasn't mine now, it belonged to Carl and to any man Carl wanted to share it with.

I sat there watching, my own dick caged and worthless as I waited for the opportunity to suck his cum out of her steaming pussy. That wasn't the idea I had when I watched the cam that night. It never occurred to me when I suggested we get together with a dominant couple, I would end up a cuckold. But here I was and things were just getting started.

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This garbage is in wrong category...it should be in Gay session

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What ugly and nonsense story

The author did a very poor job on this pathetic story. In fact it seems the author has some serious gay issues mixed with some cuckold issues that were transported to this bad story.
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