tagLoving WivesHow We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 12

How We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 12


The Conclusion

It was strange coming home to Lee instead of my wife but over the next few days I became more accustomed to my new mistress. It took some time to adjust to the chastity device that had been installed but eventually I accepted the fact it was there to stay. I also no longer took issue to the panties Lee had me wear. I resigned myself to the fact that the CB6000 and the undergarments were reminders I was no longer in control and completely subservient to her.

Each night she had me pick us up both dinner and afterwards I would run her bath. She would have me massage her with oils or lotions, rubbing her body and particularly her tiny feet. I would then spend a great deal of time performing oral sex on her until she came over and over.

Lee loved to have me lick her slit, including her succulent ass, for the better part of an hour or more while she watched television. Actually, I enjoyed licking her beautiful bare pussy and savored her tasty juices.

On our third night together, Lee fastened her strapon around her slender waist and after having me kneel on my knees, sucking on the rubber cock, she had me lay on my back on the floor, holding my feet while she positioned the dick to my asshole. The cock Lee had was much bigger than the rubber dick I was accustomed to with Laura but my asshole accepted it and Lee generously applied lube to ease her delivery.

Soon I was rocking back into her encouraging her to fuck my ass.

I was surprised on Friday when I arrived back at our apartment to find a young man with her on the couch. Lee had instructed me to strip naked when I arrived each day and I was a little taken back by our visitor but Lee gave me a look that did not need to be interpreted. I was extremely embarrassed when I took off my trousers to reveal the red panties she had me wear earlier that morning.

It drew laughs from her guest who said he thought she was kidding when she said she had a live-in sissy. It was even more embarrassing when I removed those as well only to reveal the CB6000 chastity device encasing my cock.

"What the fuck is that thing on his dick," her friend Bryan asked.

"Gary does not have a dick. That is a chastity device around his little clit. It keeps him out of trouble and prevents his little clit from getting hard," she smirked.

I bowed my head in shame as they both laughed at my humiliation. Lee had me get them both another beer as I turned and walked away, my face red with embarrassment. When I returned Lee and Bryan were frenching on the couch as he locked his lips with hers.

I opened their beers and set them down on the table and knelt on the floor awaiting whatever directive she would give me next. That drew a glance from Bryan who remarked, "Fuck, you've got him trained like a little puppy dog."

"That's not all," Lee chimed in. "Come over here Gary and show Bryan your specialty."

I knew what she wanted me to do and walked on my knees over to the couch, the plastic device bouncing from side to side. When I started to reach for his jeans, Bryan drew back reactively.

"It's alright," Lee smiled at him. "You'll enjoy this, I promise and besides, no one will know but us."

Bryan seemed less sure but made no attempt to stop me as I unsnapped the jeans and unbuttoned his fly removing the large cock from his briefs. He was still quite flaccid as I placed his warm cock to my lips, kissing the head before I took him in my mouth. The soft cock hardened in no time as I moved my mouth up and down on his slick shaft.

Bryan appeared surprised at first. Unsure what to make of me until Lee took her hand and moved his face to hers and began kissing him again. I looked up to see her soft pink tongue dance across his lips before he willingly accepted it into his mouth as they again began kissing passionately.

Bryan moved his hands along the outside of her shirt squeezing a breast until, finding no resistance from her, moved his hand under her shirt. Lee seldom wore a bra and he was free to grope her titty drawing soft moans from her.

Bryan had a nice size cock and it fit comfortably in my mouth. I knew he was really enjoying what I was doing when he took his left hand and started pushing the briefs and jeans lower onto his thighs giving me more access to his cock. I took that as a hint to remove his pants and shorts altogether. Once removed, I went back to bathing his cock, along with his balls, with my tongue. His cock was now fully erect as I moved up and down on the slick member.

Lee, seeing his hardon, stood and removed her clothes. It was evident this wasn't their first time together as he looked over her lean body. He removed his shirt as well now leaving us all naked. Lee had me lay on the floor as she took up a doggy style position above me and he fucked her from behind.

I licked her slit, sucking on her clit, while he pounded her from behind. "Fuck me Bryan, fuck that pussy," she panted as I sucked on her tiny clit, watching his dick slide in and out of her hot box.

If he was uneasy with having his dick sucked by me initially, he quickly got over it as he would often remove his cock from her wet pussy and into my anxious mouth. Bryan pushed his meat between my lips and seemed to get off on having a guy suck his member. He really picked up steam when I licked his hairy balls sucking each of them in my mouth one at a time.

Lee in the meantime bucked back into his thrusting cock and the two bodies came together in a rapid wet slap. Without much warning, she moved back up on the couch urging Bryan to mount her, with her toned legs thrown over his shoulders.

I simply stayed on the floor watching the two of them fuck. Lee's little feet pointed in and teased the back of Bryan's neck as he plunged his cock in and out of her gushing pussy. Her moans became louder and I knew she was moments from cumming as she gripped the cushions of the couch as wave after wave wracked her body. Bryan also became more deliberate as he grunted loudly and banged into her ass, time and time again until he slowed and then came to rest as her small feet slipped off his shoulder.

When he disengaged from her, Lee's look at me said volumes as I moved in quickly and took up a familiar position between her outstretched legs.

"Fuck, look at that bastard doing you," Bryan remarked as I licked the wet pussy where he had just moments earlier deposited his giant load. Her pussy leaked the warm, slick, salty deposit that oozed out mixed with her sweet pussy juice. I lapped it up as she squeezed out more and more of it for me.

"Mother fucker," Bryan commented as he watched me clean up the cream pie he had launched into her womb. It was the first for me and Lee although I had sucked up many from my wife since we had begun having threesomes and swapping with other partners.

It didn't bother me to have Bryan look on as I performed my duties and actually I now got a little excited myself having another man watch me lick Lee's shaved pussy. While I was not allowed to fuck her, or anybody for that matter, I doubted he could perform oral sex on her with the thoroughness that I did.

Lee stroked my hair as I licked all around her slit, getting up all the semen that trickled slowly from her puffy lips. I looked up to see her smiling at me and I smiled back knowing that I pleased her so.

When she was satisfied, she asked that I clean off Bryan's cock as well. I took up a position on my knees as I licked the mixture of cum and her juices off his shaft. His limp cock actually stirred under my assault and Lee encouraged me to leave them as I retreated to my bedroom leaving the two of them alone.

I was already asleep when Lee woke me well past midnight encouraging me to join her in her bed. Before she went to sleep she thanked me for a wonderful evening by fucking my asshole. She took me from behind as we spooned, her strapon moving slowly into my "boypussy" as she often referred to it. I looked down and saw that I was leaking cum out of the tip of the CB6000 on the sheets from the workout she was giving my prostrate.

On Sunday night, she said she had a real treat for me. She hooked in our computer to the TV screen, using it as a larger monitor, as she played a video that she had downloaded. I recognized it immediately as Laura, Wanda, and Carl. My wife Laura was now referred to as Anna.

Anna was naked in what appeared to be a hotel suite. However, both Wanda and Carl were fully clothed. Soon there was a knock at the door and Carl left the room. Anna was on her knees by Wanda, her head resting on Wanda's thigh. Anna had a black collar around her neck. It appeared to be the same collar with silver points that she had worn at Carl's home.

Voices could be heard off camera and I watched as Anna raised her head. I could not actually hear what was being said but I could distinctly make out the voices were two men as I heard the camera lifted from its tripod and now focusing on two naked men. Both had large cocks that dangled from their waist. One was clean shaven but the other had a considerable amount of body hair on his chest and crotch.

"Welcome our guests Anna," Wanda encouraged her as my wife slid over to the men and knelt between them. Anna reach out for the guy with the hairy crotch and slid his cock into her moist mouth while gripping the other between her fingers, pumping as she bobbed her head back and forth.

It didn't appear there was any changes to her body - no piercings, tats, or breast enhancements I could see as she sucked this guy's dick. Saliva trailed from his cock to her lips when she moved her mouth from his shaft only to take the other hairless dick between her anxious lips.

She moaned as one of the men leaned down and tweaked one of her nipples which hardened immediately. My wife has lovely nipples which I love to suck on all day as she worked the two cocks over.

One guy moved behind her, wet his fingers with his tongue, before dabbing it at her pussy just as he positioned the cock to her gaping hole. He pushed it in as she now focused her oral talents on the other guy. She was now getting fucked from both ends as she moved her hot ass back and forth with his thrusts all the while getting fucked in the face by the huge dick, that she licked and swallowed.

Her slurps mixed with the slapping of skin as Lee encouraged me to watch Carl's slut. "Look at her Gary. Look at Anna suck that cock. She's such a whore now. Carl says she can't get enough cock."

I was fixated on the screen watching my wife, The camera zooming in on her lips. She gazed up at the man whose cock fed her face, her tongue moving all around his penis as he guided her head with his free hand.

"You like watching her get fucked, don't you Gary. You like watching Anna being such a slut. Sucking off all those men. Having them shoot their loads into her dripping pussy. This is a video from earlier in the week. Carl said she's fucked about two dozen men now and more than a few women. The woman you married, what was her name...Laura? She's long gone now. Those pictures of the two of you I put away earlier in the week.... that woman does not exist any more," Lee informed me.

"She's in your past and we'll never see her again. You know that don't you?" Lee inquired looking at me. I could feel her stare and looked back at my mistress. "You know things will never be the same don't you sweetie? You can never go back to the way things used to be between you two. Even if you were no longer Carl and Wanda's slaves, the two of you are changed. Anna is a slut and you are a little bitch. You will always be a bitch. A little cuckold who gives his woman willingly to other men. That's what you want, what you desire," Lee said.

"Your little clit can't make her happy the way your tongue can. You have a wonderful tongue. It was made for pussy and you like eating pussy don't you baby," Lee purred.

"Yes mistress," I heard myself answer.

"Yes, you love licking pussy, and cleaning up the sperm, and sucking cock. You have a wonderful talent sweetie. I love watching you suck cock. It makes me happy. Anna likes watching you suck cock too. She told me that first night she stayed with us. She also told us how much you like to have a cock up your ass. You do don't you baby?" Lee went on.

"Yes mistress, I love getting fucked up the ass. I love when you fuck me up the ass," I added.

"I know you do darling and I'm going to see you get lots of cock. Lots of cock to suck and to fuck you. Over the next few weeks we're going to see if we can catch up to Anna although it will be hard. She's really being a slut fucking all those guys over in the U.K. But I'm going to bring you some men home to take care of... and me too. You can clean me up when they shoot their loads up my pussy," she cooed.

"Now get over here and lick me," she commanded. I looked back at the screen one last time as I saw this guy's cock pounding away at my wife's pussy. Her moans muffled by the large cock moving back and forth in her hungry mouth.

I spent the next thirty minutes or so licking Lee's pretty pussy and took a break only when Lee directed so I could see one of the guys cumming all over Anna's face. She licked her lips taking it in as she was flipped over onto her back and Wanda came over and sat her pussy down on her lips.

Anna ran her tongue up and down the older woman's slit, licking from her vagina to her asshole as Wanda moved back and forth. Anna's face was almost completely obscured between Wanda's ass cheeks.

It had been about a week since Laura and I gave ourselves over to Wanda and Carl, signing a slave contract giving the rights of our bodies over to them both. But I knew now, there could have been no other decision.

Lee and I had been together for about eight weeks when one day she met me at the office. It was actually her first time in my office and she drew quite a few stares from my associates. I had never told anyone about our arrangement and for all they knew Laura was still at home when I got off every day. Lee told me that today was a special day for me and informed me that Carl, Wanda, and Ann were all headed back home by the weekend.

That being the case, there were a few loose ends Lee needed to take care of. In the weeks we had been together, Lee had brought home a dozen or so guys. All of whom she fucked and then made me suck and clean up afterwards. I had become not only accustomed to this, I now looked forward to those evening when I could suck the load out of her delicious pussy or look on as she was well fucked by some young stud.

More than a few laughed when they saw me with my chastity device and were surprised further when she had me suck their cocks. She had already informed me life for neither me or my wife would ever be the same and I was now completely resigned to that fact. Anna was a complete slut and I knew I would not likely be allowed to fuck her pussy again. I would have the privilege though of licking her and sucking the loads from her lovely pussy from the men she brought home or that Carl and Wanda directed her to fuck.

Lee drove us both down to the Tattoo and Piercing Parlor called "Wild Ink" where she had received her tats. A man named Rob directed us to a back room and we were his only customers as he locked the door behind us. He examined a piece of paper that Lee handed him and chuckled as he looked back at me and then shook his head.

Rob directed me to strip naked and chuckled again when he saw the CB6000 which had now been on my cock for eight weeks. While Lee kept my balls shaved as well as much of the area around my cock, there was still a little hair that was growing around and under the cylinder.

Just as Carl had ordered, Rob took his gun and began inking just above my cock and slightly to the right on my lower stomach. It was a cuckold tattoo. Three circles symbolizing two males and a female with the arrows and the cross. One circle had the erect arrow of the male penetrating the female symbol which was linked to another male symbol with the arrow hanging down - limp!

When he was done he began working on my ass cheek. I was pretty sure what it was and had long ago resigned that it would be done. I knew, barring laser removal or having it inked over, which were both possibilities, the tattoos on my stomach and ass would serve as reminders to both me and anyone who saw them I was a submissive cuckold. The tat on my ass would also let everyone know I had given myself over to another man to be his cock sucking slave.

I was unprepared for how long the tattoo would take and Rob took several breaks as he rested in between. Finally, he inspected his work and remarked it looked pretty damn good.

Lee had me pay him for the tat and to add to my further degradation I was made to suck his cock. While I'm sure Rob thought it humiliating, I actually enjoyed taking his hot load down my eager throat.

Lee kept my ass bandaged and changed it out herself and did not allow me to see the tat until we unveiled it for the first time to Carl, expected home the next day.

I almost didn't recognize Anna when I saw her. She still had the blonde hair that Wanda had given her but now she had an injection of something called artecoll that had plumped up her lips. They were not too big but definitely larger and fuller than before and really gave her a sexy sultry look. What startled me the most though was her chest.

She had been a gorgeous 34B-26-36 but now had a 36D chest. I could not believe it when Carl had her remove her clothing to reveal her large firm breasts capped off by her nipples, now pierced with two small gold hoops. She also had her belly button pierced and I was informed the diamond she wore there was from the engagement ring I had given her.

Like the tattoo Lee had, she had two Chinese symbols on her right breast that stood for female slave along with a series of little black stars which began at her pussy lips, and moved up her lower stomach gaining size until they produced a flower on her left side much like a blossoming lily. She also had a tribal tattoo on her back along with a red green, and yellow dragon on her right shoulder blade.

What was not visible unless she wore her hair up was the word "SLUT" on the back of her neck just under her hairline.

I suppose the tattoo though that made my heart sink a little was the word "Carl" just over her smooth cunt in small bold black letters.

Anna seemed delighted to show off her markings but what really surprised me was when Anna whispered to Lee whether she had done what she had requested. I wasn't sure what she was speaking about till Lee had me turn around and removed the bandage covering my new tat. I had yet to see it myself and I heard everyone laugh and voice their hearty approval.

It was only then that Wanda brought in a mirror for me to see. Carl had informed me he would have a kneeling naked man, collared and bound with his arms behind his back sucking the cock of another man who stood before him. That much was given.

I was blown away though to see behind the standing man was a blonde, closely resembling my wife who was naked as well, huge tits pressing into his back as she had her right arm around his chest. His head thrown back kissing the woman. Clearly the picture was Carl kissing my wife as I knelt before him sucking his erect cock.

According to Lee, Anna had requested the design herself. She wanted to have me inked with our images, creating a permanent notice to everyone who saw it that Carl was our master.

I hung my head in shame but knew its what both Anna and I both wanted – what we needed. Wanda produced a key and unlocked the CB6000. It was the first time my dick had been free of the device in two months. It seemed smaller than I recalled and one thing I noted was it seemed to take more for me to get an erection.

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