tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHow We Became Exhibitionists

How We Became Exhibitionists


Hi... Nick and I thought it would be nice to share our personal story so that readers could better understand who we are and why we like to write our stories about our real life experiences.

Not too long ago our love life had become stale and kind of boring. It was the same thing every time and the redundancy took a lot away from the excitement and pleasure we used to enjoy.

By accident, we found that we love being exhibitionists. We got caught in a compromising situation when on whim, we decided to visit a warm water hot springs. Thinking no one else would be there and being a last minute decision, we took a chance and went without suits. We arrived at the springs and found ourselves alone so we found a dry place to put our clothes, stripped down and got in the pool of warm water. We found we really enjoyed being naked out in the open. We both commented it was kind of a turn on and both our libidos shifted to high gear and we started kissing and then fondling each other in the hot springs. We didn't notice that a car load of people had parked down the road and walked up to the hot springs area. We were caught totally by surprise when our love making was interrupted by the people talking. We then noticed them and it became obvious they had been watching for a while before they made any noise. We were so embarrassed, and Nick apologized to them, but they were gracious and said it was alright, and actually and kind of kinky watching us. They, with their suits on, joined us in the springs (it was about the size of a small swimming pool), and we chatted with them for a while. Seeing their eyes roam over my breasts and hearing them talk about our love making session was both uncomfortable, but very arousing.

We realized we needed to get going so then we had to deal with the problem off exiting the hot springs. They did not offer to look away, but seemed excited by the thought of being able to see us naked without the cover of the water. We were nervous and embarrassed, but we tried to exit with some dignity. That's when I found out the steep and slippery side of the springs would not allow me to walk out, but instead I had to crawl out exposing my bottom and my secret treasures down there to everyone watching just a few feet away. When we gathered up our clothes around us we dressed in the car and then we both confessed that as embarrassing as the whole experience was, it was also totally erotic and exciting. When we got home later, we immediately stripped off our clothes and enjoyed awesome love making, which was some of the best we had had in a very long time.

From that experience we discovered we love the effect exposing our bodies had on us and how the combination of fear and excitement ramped up our sex drive. Now when we travel, which we do quite a bit, we look for opportunities to show ourselves, like playing in front of our hotel window hoping that someone might be watching.

We found that we really enjoy surrendering control to the other and having to perform sexual dares or challenges. We will often start by playing cards where the loser has to obey the commands of the winner which usually involves a slow striptease in front of a window with lights on and the window curtains pulled back. As the game progresses, the penalties for losing get more explicit and challenging.

One time I lost a game and was feeling really nasty so I challenged Nick to make me do something really daring. He invited me to step outside our hotel room naked. He said he would close the door behind me, but look through the eye hole and watch me. I stood in the hallway until Nick decided to let me back into our room. It seemed like he made me wait forever and all the time I kept scanning the hallways waiting for someone to come out of their room, but it was pretty late so no one showed up. Eventually, he let me back in the room and by then I was dripping wet with arousal.

Now we enjoy making bets on just about anything, and we always have a sexual punishment for the loser. For example, Nick won a bet not too long ago and my punishment was to strip naked and play with myself in our car as we traveled down the highway.

We had to drive to another city that was about 3 hours away so Nick suggested that would be the time to pay my debt. I was not too excited about doing it, but Nick was reassuring saying we didn't have to do it at all if it was too much and that I could quit at any time if I wanted to. I said I was alright doing it, but I was just really nervous. For our little adventure I wore a button down sleeveless blouse without my bra (at Nick's request) and a pair of shorts and panties.

As we traveled through the city to the highway, Nick put his hand on my leg and rubbed it for reassurance. When we had entered the highway, he moved his hand up between my legs and began to stimulate my clit. His touch felt wonderful and within a short time, I was getting aroused and wanted more so I undid my shorts and slid them and my panties down together and pushed them off my legs. The only thing I had left on was my top. I wanted Nick's touch and I figured my lower body would be covered by the car door anyway. He continued to rub my clit and he commented how moist I was getting. He then slid a finger and then two inside of me pulling out and then going back and forth for a while before he went back and focused on my clit.

Nick could tell I was really aroused and when I get in that condition, I become very submissive and obedient so when he told me to unbutton my blouse I obeyed his request and undid all the buttons, but left the top closed. I reclined my seat a little for more privacy and then he went back to stimulating my clit. We passed a few semi trucks and that was scary because they could look right down inside our car, but again we were going so much faster than they were, my exposure to them lasted only a few seconds.

Nick then pulled out the vibrator that I enjoy because it's smaller, but quite powerful, which he handed to me and told me to pleasure myself. Nick loves to watch me touch myself so this was a real turn on for him. As I took over rubbing my clit, he dried his hand and then put it inside my top and began to cup my breasts and play with my nipples. He didn't try to open my blouse, he just slid his hand inside. The combination of the vibrator on my clit and his hands roaming over my breasts was so powerful, that I lost focus on what was happening around me and concentrated on the pleasure I was receiving.

Nick then told me to pull the two sides of my top apart which I did fully exposing my breasts as well as the rest of my body. He let me adjust to the new situation for a little while and then he challenged me again, this time to remove my top and be completely naked and fully exposed. I was so aroused that I didn't really process what that meant, I just obeyed, but I did recline my seat a little further so I was now almost laying down. I went back to touching myself again and could feel I was now getting close to a climax.

I didn't realize that Nick would take advantage of the situation, he started to slow down to match the speed as we passed semi-trucks so the drivers could get a longer view of me naked pleasuring myself as we went by. I watched him approach the first truck and realized what was happening, but I was enjoying the vibrator on my clit so I didn't say anything, I just let him do it. I knew he wanted this and he was really enjoying exposing me so I went along with it.

I didn't want to make eye contact with any of the truck drivers since that was too much, so I closed my eyes and concentrated on my own touch but I could stillI hear the engine sound as we'd approach another semi and I knew a trucker would be looking down from his window staring at my body with my fingers and my vibrator massaging my clit.

As we came up on another truck Nick slowed down for a few seconds and then slowly started to speed up. He said the trucker was increasing his speed as well to keep up with us. Nick told me to give him a good show. This time I opened my eyes and made eye contact with the truck driver. He was probably in his fifties with a full beard and not bad looking. Making that visual connection with him that in my mind anything I did from that moment on, was not for Nick anymore, but for my new voyeur The thought of pleasing this stranger was so sexual and exciting that I spread my legs apart so the trucker could really good view. The thrill I got watching him watch me and looking back and forth at each other was amazing. My thought process changed and instead of me touching myself, it was now the trucker's hands on my body.

Wanting more, I started to insert the vibrator into my pussy imagining it was the trucker's cock inside me and his hands cupping by breasts and squeezing my nipples, with Nick watching. Sadly, we eventually passed that trucker but I was so stimulated that I felt my climax take over and within seconds my whole body stiffened, my back arched and my senses flooded with the pure pleasure of one of the most intense climaxes I had ever experienced. I could feel the blood flow to my face as each wave of pleasure enveloped me. When I was finished, I was exhausted. Nick looked over at me and said he was so lucky to have me and that he loved me so much. I was still naked as we pulled off at the next Exit and parked along the side of the road. I helped Nick undo his pants and pull them down giving me access to his semi erect dick which I stroked till it got hard and then took it in my mouth and began to suck him, but still in my mind I was fantasizing that it was the truckers cock in my mouth that I was sucking on. Nick was obviously very aroused from my little performance and within a very short time he came in my mouth. Our playtime now over, we both got dressed and got back on the road and finished our drive. When we got home later that night, we took time to enjoy slow and wonderful sex.

We welcome any suggestions for erotic punishments for our lost bets... not too crazy, but something that would give us a buz knowing we have to expose ourselves to some extent or the other.

Needless to say our favorite Literotica story subjects are about exhibitionism, being watched or caught naked, and stories about losing bets and having to do punishments that involve getting partially or completely naked in a public setting.

We also enjoy taking erotic photos of each other. We had never showed the photos to anyone, but now the thought of someone seeing our photos and commenting on them is a major turn on.

The story of how we decided to share our pics is pretty funny. We've been taking erotic photos of each other for a while but never ever shared them. We'd just begun collecting original art pieces and I wanted an original nude sketch for the bathroom. We talked about it and decided it would be fun and kind of daring to use one of my own photos for the subject so we reached out to a couple of artists online and found one we really liked.

When it came time to share the photo, I starting feeling shy and a little resistant, but eventually I decided to go forward and we emailed my photo to the artist. Later that night, we talked about how we felt knowing a virtual stranger had a nude photo of me. We both confessed the thought of someone looking at my photo, with me lying on a bed completely naked gave us both a giant buz.

Then when we decided it might be fun and exciting to share, we had to figure out how. We decided the Literotica venue worked best. We contact a writer we like or we are contacted by a reader who is interested in getting to know us better so when we share our experiences & even photos with them, we have the opportunity for followup and feedback.

Recently we shared some photos with another writer. He wrote back with a short story about one of the photos and inserted himself into the scenario. He described how he enjoyed walking into the room and seeing me naked, he described my body and the position I was laying in and then he approached my bed and started to touch me, he sucked on my breasts as his hands roamed over my body. He then told me to put his cock in my mouth and to suck it. He eventually described how he made me get on all fours and how much he enjoyed penetrating me from behind and how much I enjoyed him doing it while Nick watched. Reading his story was so erotic because he was writing personally about me and my body and how he used me, which seemed so real because he had my photo as his inspiration.

We'd love more experiences like that so if you'd like to us to share some of our photos or even trade photos so we can enjoy looking at you, please just ask.

We invite you to reach out to us. We can be contacted by private messaging via Literotica or the email address on our profile.

And last, but not least, please enjoy our stories. All of them are based on true experiences.

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... Count me in!

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More please

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Dig the story

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