tagInterracial LoveHow We Fell Into The Life

How We Fell Into The Life


We got married right out of college. Since Candy and I both had great jobs, we could afford to do it right. The best man, Bobbie, was my best friend in college and the man who introduced us. He was also her old boyfriend from high school where they made quite a scandal. She was the typical blue-eyed blond most of the boys fantasized about; he was the big, bad black dude that just didn't come onto white chicks in Shreveport, Louisiana. He was her first lover, taking her virginity when they got high at a party in their junior year.

We got married in Shreveport and planned on taking a Caribbean cruise for the honeymoon. We were to board the ship in New Orleans the day after we got married. Our first night would be spent in a hotel on the river. Bobbie and his girl friend decided to join us for the evening and see us off the next day.

The four of us had a great night touring Bourbon Street, drinking way too much, of course. On the way back, we decided to take advantage of the hotel sauna and sweat out some of the alcohol before we called it a night. We went to our rooms to put on bathing suits, which was probably our first mistake of the night. The hotel had thoughtfully placed a bottle of champagne in the honeymoon suite which we brought along to share with Bobbie and Stef. Watching my new wife strip stark naked and then put on the tiniest of bikinis got me very horny. We played a little slap and tickle before we reluctantly put on the hotel robes and went down to meet our friends.

Bobbie and Stef were already in the sauna when we arrived. With towels wrapped around them it was impossible to see if they were wearing anything underneath. I made a wisecrack about it and they flashed us for laughs. He had on a Speedo and she must have bought her bikini at the same place Candy found hers. We flashed back, showing them that we were just as thinly dressed as they were.

We popped open the champagne and passed the bottle, each of us taking healthy swigs until it was all gone. Having just a little buzz on when we came into the sauna, the bottle we consumed went straight to our heads. All four of us were ripped by the time it was empty. Stef slumped over, dead to the world, and Bobbie picked her up to carry her back to their room.

"Poor Bobbie goes horny tonight," giggled Candy as she cuddled closer. I slipped my hands under her robe and began exploring her tight little body, secure in the thought that no one would enter the sauna this late at night. I was kicking around the idea of taking her right there on the bench or just getting her good and primed, then dragging her back to the room. After a few minutes of groping, her hand slipped inside my robe and started playing with my hard on. Taking a hint, I slipped my hand over her ass which was almost completely exposed by the thong she was almost wearing. I was inching down the crack of her ass toward the promised land when I sensed the door opening then quickly closing.

I thought someone had just peeked in and left until I heard the door latch slip into place. I looked up and saw Bobbie settle into place on the bench across from us. "Christ, guys, get a room," he whispered. He was alone.

Candy just giggled and continued with a long, wet kiss. Nuzzling my neck she whispered something about being skunk drunk and horny as hell. Her hand, covered by my robe, stayed on my cock. I looked down at her and noticed that the top of her robe had parted and from my point-of-view, those perfect little tits were almost completely exposed. It took me about half a second to forget all about Bobbie.

As I eased my hand down over her back, she rocked her hips up into my hand until my fingers found her dripping wet slit. She eased her hand inside my trunks to caress my dick. Although we were well-covered, it had to be obvious to Bobbie that she was jerking me off and I was finger fucking her right in front of him. As horny as I was, it only took a minute or two for her to get me off. I groaned and relaxed, leaving her high and dry for a moment. She knew she would have to do something to get me back up again.

She stretched out on the bench with her head in my lap. Her robe had ridden up far enough so that about half of her ass was showing. Bobbie was getting an extremely close up and intimate view of a body he hadn’t known in about five years. I looked down and thought that if my robe and trunks weren't in the way, she could give me some great head. Her mouth was perfectly positioned for it. I started to get hard again and she sensed my "growth" through the robe even though she was almost totally bombed. Pressing her face against my crotch, she puffed hot air through the material and used subtle tongue and lip pressure to urge me on.

I had lost track of Bobbie until I heard Candy whisper that she loved the way I was playing with her ass. I looked down the bench and saw that it was Bobbie, gently stroking the exposed part of her ass cheeks. Damn! The sight of his coal black hand on her lily white butt was amazing. If I was sober, I would have punched his lights out. If he had been sober, he wouldn't have been doing it.

Instead, I slipped my hand inside my robe and freed my cock. It slipped easily into Candy's mouth and she began nursing on it like a contented baby. I watched Bobbie work his hand over her ass, enjoying the soft roundness of it. He lifted the thin strap between her cheeks, then realizing where this was going, looked at me for the first time. I nodded, almost breathless at what I had just given him permission to do to my new bride.

With her robe already up around her waist, he flicked the strap aside and his finger trailed down the crack of her ass, drawing nearer and nearer to her pussy already wet and wide open from all the playing we had been doing. In a moment, she gasped and her butt cheeks quivered. I knew he had slipped his fingers into her cunt. He began fingering her and she responded for a few minutes by rocking her butt in a fucking rhythm. My cock was still in her mouth.

I noticed the little shiver she always gives when she comes. Her first orgasm as a married woman was caused by the fingers of another man, I thought. For a second, it caused her to suck harder on my cock. Then, as he palmed the front of her cunt to lift her ass off the bench, she realized that it was Bobbie and not me that had gotten her off. She looked up at me, startled at what had just happened. Bobbie kept lifting her ass upwards. He was on his knees on the bench. Sometime earlier, he had shed his Speedo and his rock hard cock was poised to fuck Candy.

"Go for it." I said.

Just as she glanced back at him, he aimed his meat at her wide open hole and thrust forward, burying himself balls deep inside her in one thrust. She uttered a cry that was a cross between a moan of passion and a cry of protest. It only took two or three thrusts of his cock for her to start fucking back. She was arching her back then pushing down, an action that caused her pussy to move up and down his cock. She had eagerly taken on the responsibility of doing most of the fucking. I pushed her head down on my cock again and watched Bobbie regain control of this incredible sex act as he began power fucking my bride.

Her arms were wrapped tightly around me as I pumped into her mouth and counted her orgasms --- one, two, then three -- before Bobbie roared and emptied himself deep inside her spasming pussy. I came at the same time, filling her mouth. Her legs were quivering as he slid his spent cock out of her depths and she collapsed back down on the bench.

Bobbie and just looked at each other for a minute, realizing what we had all just experienced. Without saying a word, he put on his trunks and left the sauna. Candy had passed out from the alcohol and the massive orgasms she had. I replaced the thong and carried her back to the room. It would be the next night on the boat before I consummated the marriage. From that night on, though, Candy would only be able to get off when she was getting fucked by two men at the same time.

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