tagRomanceHow We Got Started

How We Got Started

byTexan Missy Jean©

We met while online in a local chat room. We asked each other the standard “ASL” and found that we were both in the San Antonio area. He told me his name was Jay and I said that my name was Amanda. He was 6’ 6”, 230lbs, sandy blonde hair and hazel/brown eyes. He had only a neatly trimmed mustache and wore glasses. I told him that I was 5’ 6”, about 185lbs, had brown shoulder length hair and that my eyes were blue and green. We spent several hours over the next few days getting to know each other talking through instant messenger. I knew he didn’t have a picture of himself to send me, nor did he have a web cam. But after I got to know him, I felt comfortable sending him a few pictures and also turning my web cam on for him. When I referred to these times with my best friend, I called them our “cam dates”.

Jay was such a romantic man. I knew this from the way he talked to me. He was open with me about being married. As I was with him about having a husband. He told me he loved his wife, but things were not as he wished they could be sexually. I admitted to him that I had lost nearly all my love for my husband due to the emotional upheaval he kept me in. We disagreed on everything. I told Jay of my hopes for a divorce in the future.

Jay and I talked about trying to meet in person. I occasionally went out with some friends of mine to a country and western dance bar and thought it may be a good chance to meet him. Unfortunately he had no way of letting me know ‘til I got on the computer to talk to him the next day that issues had come up at home and he spent part of the evening on the phone, and the next part of the evening trying to get over a headache, so he was not able to join me and my friends for the evening.

He promised to make it up to me. The opportunity finally arose, when on a Saturday afternoon, we made plans to see a movie and to have lunch after ward. It was great. I finally got to see what a handsome man he was. He was also such a gentleman. I couldn’t remember when the last time was that I had been treated so gently. He never made a real pass at me. He would gently touch his hand to the small of my back as we walked down the hall to the theater room that was showing the movie we had decided on. We held hands during the movie. And during lunch we kept constant eye contact from across the table as we talked comfortably.

After that afternoon, our cam dates became a little more interesting. I began to reveal a little more than just my face or my choice of clothes of the moment. I would put my children to sleep for the night, then slip on my pajamas or a silky nightie and we would talk ‘til either one or the other of us had to go to sleep. The conversation sometimes would eventually become sexual. Talking of how things could be between us. I admitted to him that I had tried anal sex before and that I thoroughly enjoyed it. He said he had never tried, but would like to. We fantasized over many scenarios. One of our mutual favorites was a shower scene.

I really enjoyed the time Jay and I had to talk online. While we talked of how we would make love to each other, we would become so sexually aroused that we would have to masturbate to relieve the tension. Jay loved it when I would undress for him on my cam. He would ask me to bare my large breasts and play with my nipples while he stroked his large cock. My nipples would get hard just trying to imagine him lying in bed stroking his cock. Jay also loves my fair skinned ass, especially when I am wearing a thong.

Jay asked me if I had any toys that I use to help when I need to take care of my sexual needs on my own. I told him that yes, I do. We talked about how he may some day use them on me. We also talked of ideal foods that could be brought into a wonderful round of sex. We decided we would like to take turns eating chocolate syrup, whipped cream and cherries off of each other. I told Jay that I would love to feed him chocolate covered strawberries.

We discussed him coming over some night before he had to return home. His time in San Antonio was soon coming to an end. My husband is a truck driver, so it was not too complicated of an idea to pull off. We agreed that we would enjoy having sex, but that if it didn’t happen because either of us was too shy or nervous, that would be okay and that we would just enjoy each other’s company.

I put the kids to bed, showered, put on my make up, and dressed as I told him I would. I wore a blue sweater, a white bra, blue plaid skirt that was above my knees, a white thong and my white thigh high stockings. My heart was racing while I waited for him to show. Finally the knock at the door came.

I quietly opened it to allow him into my home. There he stood, in his bomber style jacket, black T-shirt and blue jeans. First thing he said was, “hi baby”. I smiled (I loved it when he called me that) and said hi back. He took me into his arms for a hug and asked me how the kiddos were. I told him that all three were doing fine and that they were all asleep.

I led him further into the living room so that we could sit down on the couch side by side. We talked idle chat for a while between scenes of the movie I had on the television. Jay laid his hand on my stocking clad knee and lightly stroked it with his thumb as we talked. I was leaning up against the side of Jay’s chest, with my left hand on his knee while he held my right hand with his left. He gently took my chin in hand and pulled my lips to meet his for our first kiss.

His lips were so soft and gentle on mine. I just melted into him. Jay caressed my cheek as our tongues tasted each other. A low moan escaped me and slowly traveled up my throat. I broke the kiss to throw my head back with my eyes closed. I felt Jay kissing along my jaw line and up to my ear.

Shivers of arousal raced throughout my body. My hand caressed the side of his face, feeling how smooth his cheek was since he’d just shaved before coming over. His hand slowly moved down from my face to my breast, gently stroking the nipple through my sweater and bra. I brought my lips back to his to meet in a kiss once again.

I felt his hand slide from my breast to the bottom hem of my sweater. Slowly, inch, by inch, up under my shirt, across my stomach his hand roamed ‘til it reached my breast. His large, warm hand covered my bra, encased breast. I softly moaned my approval.

As Jay was gently fondling my breast, I let my hand slowly roam from his face to the zipper of his jeans. I opened my hand to fully feel his erection through his jeans. His kiss increased in intensity; our heads moving from side to side, from one direction to another to kiss harder. Expressing through our kissing our increasing need to feel each other skin to skin; to make love.

We broke the kiss when Jay pulled the hem of my sweater up to take it off. I felt his warm arms go around me to unhook my bra. Jay slowly pulled the straps down my arms, exposing for the first time in person, my 40DD breasts. He bent his head down to suck on my nipples. I let him do this for only a minute, for I wished to shed his shirt as well. I sat up and pulled the hem of Jay’s shirt from the top of his jeans and pulled it up over his head and put it on the floor.

He laid across me, pushing me down into the couch, his warm hairy chest against mine. As he kissed me down my throat, I could feel his state of arousal increasing as his body laid across my legs. Jay’s hands cupped my breasts; my fingers threaded though his hair, holding his mouth to my nipples. I threw my head back as he traveled down my stomach, kissing as he went. Jay searched my skirt, trying to find the zipper. I showed him the zipper on the left side. He slowly pulled it down. Then he slid the skirt down my legs after I raised my hips to allow him to remove the skirt more easily.

I laid there on the couch as he looked at my body. I felt like covering up, I’m not too proud of my body, but he wouldn’t let me. He sat there and stared at, what he considered, my beautiful body. His hands caressed me from my shoulders, across my breasts and down my stomach. Jay hooked his fingers into the top edge of my panties and pulled them off. Then he slowly removed each stocking.

He lightly ran his hand down between my hips to touch my hot wetness. My eyes were locked on his until he slid a finger inside me. I couldn’t help but throw my head back and close my eyes. Jay told me he couldn’t believe how wet I was. I told him he aroused me to that point. The next thing I knew, Jay put his head between my legs and I felt his cool breath against my heat. My hands went to his head, holding him there. I nearly came instantly when Jay slid his tongue into me. It felt so wonderful.

As Jay licked my pussy, he flicked my clit with his thumb. He was making me so wet. My hips slightly thrusting to meet his tongue and thumb. He looked up at me, and as our eyes met, he replaced his tongue by sliding two fingers of his other hand into my pussy. That made me buck harder. I was thrusting so hard and becoming so wet, I knew that at any moment I would be coming. And I did. Jay leaned over and kissed me as his fingers continued to slide in and out of me, getting wetter as I came.

Then his fingers stilled. I had to catch my breath.

After a moment, when I had come back to my senses, I sat up. I began to unfasten Jay’s jeans. It was a little difficult to get them unzipped because his erection had made his jeans a bit tighter. Finally I was able to get them undone and pulled them down his hips. After removing his jeans, I was met with the sight of his boxers tented from his erection. I pulled them down his hips and completely off of him.

Finally I was able to hold the warmth of his cock in my hands. I moved over a bit on the couch and had him sit down. After caressing Jay’s cock for a little bit, I got down on the floor between his knees. Keeping eye contact with him, I slowly lowered my mouth down to his cock. I didn’t fully take it in immediately. I had one hand around the base of Jay’s cock holding it in place as I slowly put the tip of my tongue to its head.

The moan I heard from Jay told me he loved what I was doing. I looked up to see his eyes on me. I smiled as our eyes met just before lowering my mouth fully down around his cock. Jay threaded his fingers through my hair, holding my head down between his legs. I could feel the moisture build between my legs again as Jay was communicating his pleasure to me. I stroked the base of his cock as my hot, wet mouth sucked his cock, moving up and down. I slowly brought my mouth to the tip of his head, pulling it out to run my tongue down the underneath of his erection. I ran my tongue up and down, loving the taste of him; the feel of him. I kissed my way back to the tip of Jay’s cock. Then I moistened my lips with the tip of my tongue and took his cock back into my mouth.

I only had a chance to suck his cock a couple more minutes before Jay pulled me up to straddle his lap. As I lowered myself down around his cock, Jay took a breast in each of his hands and alternately sucked on each nipple. I rocked back and forth, my head back, enjoying the sensations his attention to my breasts was causing. My wetness increased, I bucked back and forth on Jay’s lap faster, harder. The pressure became more intense. I took Jay’s head in my hands to bring his lips to mine as I orgasmed.

I rested against his chest as I regained my breath, my breasts flat against his chest, my head on his shoulder. I felt Jay’s full erection throbbing inside my tight walls. I looked up into his eyes, a smile across his lips. I smiled as I lowered my mouth to Jay’s for another kiss.

Jay pulled from our kiss as he laid me on the couch. Kissing me, he entered me. I pulled my legs up around his hips and locked my ankles across Jay’s butt. Jay kissed me as he pumped his cock in and out of me. I felt the wetness building again caused by the throbbing of Jay’s cock as it went in and out of my pussy. I felt him so deep. My head went back again as Jay’s mouth kissed my neck and down to my breasts. I clenched my legs tighter around his hips to hold him deeper inside me as I felt my next orgasm come on. I moaned, letting Jay know without actual words how good it felt to have his body joined to mine.

Jay sat up, pulling me to a sitting position as well. Standing up, he took my hand and led me to the floor. I knew what Jay wanted without him having to tell me what to do.

I got down on my knees, my hands out in front of me. I looked behind me as Jay got down on his knees behind me. His cock easily slid inside me because my pussy was so wet from my multiple orgasms. Jay grabbed my hips as he slid in and out of me. It felt so wonderful. Doggy style is my favorite of all positions. As Jay pushed his cock into me, I told him to fuck me harder. This aroused Jay to the point of no return. He pulled my hips to him harder and faster. I heard him panting, moaning. Then he told me he was about to cum. I asked him to cum, I needed him to cum and told him that I would cum one more time with him. One last final thrust and I felt the fluid leaving him and entering me. Our juices mixed inside my body. Jay thrust deep inside me as he came. All I could do was thrust back against him and stay in that one spot until Jay’s final thrust from coming was stilled. We stayed there on the floor, on our knees with Jay still inside me, his arms around me until we both calmed down.

After a few minutes, we got up from the floor and sat down on the couch. Jay put his arm around my shoulders, holding me tight. We kissed and talked of him having to go home soon, but that we would keep in touch. He’d talk to me from work as often as possible. We agreed that he would make sure to let me know if and when he had to come back to San Antonio so that we could see each other again.

And he did…

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