Howl Ch. 02


Ruaraidh chuckled, "I wear briefs on occasion, but today I wanted to be free."

Chiara bit her lip and kept going. Her nipples were painfully hard and distended. She could feel her pussy juice running down her thighs and her clit was beyond swollen. She unzipped his pants and saw the base of his erection surround by curly dark red hairs.

"Pull down my pants."

She did and saw that his cock was uncut, long, thick and heavy with blood. It leaned toward his right leg and had a slight curve to it. If she had one word to describe it, it would be 'gargantuan'. Chiara bent lower to take off his shoes and socks, before sliding his pants down and off his muscular thighs.

"I would ask you to touch me, but I fear that if you did I wouldn't last very long." Ruaraidh proclaimed before bending down and kissing her lips. It was a mild kiss that spoke nothing of the heat that once set the atmosphere of their coupling. In the kiss, he made sure to explore her mouth with his tongue; tracing her teeth, massaging her tongue and lightly sucking her lips.

He ended the kiss stating, "Let it be known that, that is the only gentle moment I will grant you in this vehicle." With that he reached down and tore her thong from her body and put it someplace to start his new collection.

He palmed her full breast and pushed them together, bending his head to try to fit both nipples inside his mouth. Chiara moaned and once again attached her hands to his head. 'He is making me go crazy with lust,' she thought, trying to get him in between her thighs.

Ruaraidh felt her irritation and situated himself in the middle of her thighs. He abruptly ended his assault on her breasts to spread her legs wide. He took his cock in hand and pulled back his foreskin to show its angry red head. Ruaraidh then placed it at Chiara's opening, bending her thighs to her chest.

"Do you have any protection?" Chiara asked, knowing that she wasn't ready to deal with any offspring that may result in this affair.

"You are not ovulating," He replied, feeling a little disappointed that his seed wouldn't catch in her womb. 'Odd,' he thought, 'I've never felt that way before.'

Chiara's eyes were squeezed shut, waiting for him to penetrate her. A few seconds went by without any action. She opened her eyes and gasped at the vision in front of her. Instead of his iris' being an emerald green color, they had changed to silver. His hair was unbound and flowed around his visage given him an almost ethereal look. If it wasn't for the cock pressed into her, Chiara would have thought him an angel.

"Keep your eyes open." With that he plunged forward. Her liquid desire making his passage a little easier, but she was still unbelievably tight. 'Damn she's tight!' Ruaraidh thought, pulling out slowly to quickly thrust forward. 'And very responsive.' He noted between each noisy thrust.

Chiara felt full with each forward thrust. He was doing things to her body that she's never had done before. Bottoming out at her cervix and discreetly brushing past her g-spot, she felt her first climax swiftly coming.

"Do NOT close your eyes!" Ruaraidh growled, trying to control his beast. He was already taking the female roughly, but his beast wanted to properly mount her and thrust into her without any control. He needed to focus on her eyes to keep his resolve, but as she climaxed her eyes closed. That's when his beast broke free.

Still joined and in the throws of her climax, Ruaraidh twisted Chiara's body to knees. He then began to mount her the traditional way, pushing her upper body down and grabbing hold her hips.

"Aaahh ooo, too much," moaned Chiara. Her first climax had just ended, but she could feel the start of another. "Please."

"I will not stop until I am satisfied," His beast growled low, his voice reverberating through his body to hers. Chiara let out a low moan at the sensation it caused. "You disobeyed and this is the consequences." He started beating it low, rolling his hips to hit her spot directly sending her over into multiple orgasms. Sounds of their coupled flesh filled the limo. Ruaraidh grunted at the feel of his balls brushing against her sloppy wet clit.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck oooo. Aaahhhhh OOoooo. No, no, no..." Chiara cried climaxing, the sensations too much for her to handle; her eyes tearing up. 'Damn this man,' she thought before blacking out.

But Ruaraidh wasn't done. He came shortly after her, but he wasn't done. His beast wanted more of Chiara and he decided to pursue her. Where their relationship would end... he didn't know. He just wanted her more than he wanted anything in his life.


Chiara's eyes were closed. 'Oh my God. It must have been a dream.' She thought briefly. She smiled at herself remembering the details of what occurred.

"Actually it wasn't a dream," Oh shit! I must have said that out loud. "Open your eyes. I took the liberty of programming my number into your phone. Expect me to call you in two hours. We will be having dinner together tonight and I will be telling you the details of it then."

She was speechless. She looked down at herself... and dressed; which meant that his sex really did knock her out for a long period of time and that she'd be wise to keep this one, even though he had taken liberties any other man would have gotten sassed for. Oh well, maybe another time I'll teach him what and what not to do with my stuff.

Never in her life had she reacted that way in sex. Maybe he was just what she was looking for. He didn't seem hesitant in wanting to see her again. He also didn't seem shy about his attraction to her, which was a different experience for her because she always seemed to intimidate the men that she was with. Whatever they had, Chiara was going to make sure to enjoy it. You only live once, right?

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