tagInterracial LoveHowl Ch. 03

Howl Ch. 03


Author's Note: Sorry about the delay. I've been stuck on this chapter. Hopefully you like it.



Ruaraidh dropped Chiara off at her apartment with a parting gift of fruit and champagne. He did this because they didn't get a chance to actually eat together. Chiara opened the door to her apartment and saw Alexis lounging on the couch.

"Why aren't you at work?" Chiara asked, having trouble getting her keys out the door. In her arms she had a bottle of champagne and a container of fruit. "Can you help me with this?"

"I should ask you the same question," Alexis replied, getting up to help her cousin. Once she got closer to Chiara she wrinkled her nose and commented. "You smell like you been rolling around with ten men," Chiara scoffed and made her way to the kitchen. "Did you just get done having sex?"

"Why does it have to be ten men?" Alexis followed her, putting the fruit on the counter. She glared at Chiara's back, waiting for her to turn around. "And don't give me that look." They stood in front of each other. Alexis with her arms folded and Chiara nervously wringing her hands.

"Okay, I did."

"With ten men? Wow, I didn't I had a world class freak for a cousin."

"No. I mean I just had sex." Chiara brushed passed her and started undoing her clothes. "I had sex in a limo with someone I barely know without any protection." With that said she slumped onto the couch and waited for her cousin to reply.

Alexis gasped and rounded on her cousin with her hands on her hips. "Man, you are a dumb bitch."

"Thanks, cuz," Chiara leaned back on the couch and put her arm over her face. "That's exactly what I need to hear right now."

"No I didn't mean to say that," Alexis said, sitting beside her on their couch and taking Chiara's hand into her own. "What I meant to say was that you're a dumb horny, sleazy, cum filled bitch. That's assuming that you let him cum in your chocolate box. Because I know if it was me, I would have told him to do it on my a—"

"Lexi," Chiara started, rolling her eyes heavenward. "I understand that you are trying to let me know, in your own special way, that what I did was thoughtless, but I'm telling you the entire situation felt so surreal."

"Uh huh, and it's gonna be more surreal-er in nine months when you pop a baby out. Who is this guy? I'd like to have a few words with him on how to treat a lady." Alexis paused, and then started giggling. "Well, I take back that 'lady' part and replace it with 'my cousin'."

Chiara pulled her hand out of her cousin's loose grip. She was irritated with herself and was becoming more pissed off at Ruaraidh. He had taken enough liberties with her body to last him a lifetime. He was so sure of himself, taking everything he wanted and saying some really odd things in the process. Things that unsettled her...

"It was Rauraidh." Chaira stated. "He was the client that the meeting was for and he invited me out for lunch. We got in his limo and it went straight to sex afterwards."

"You talking bout the big redhead from the club?" Chiara nodded her head. "Mmmm, if that's the case, I take back everything negative I just said about you and your character – except the horny part." Alexis got up and headed towards the kitchen. "I know if Faolán asked me to go to lunch me, my ass would be riding that dick and I wouldn't stop until the [in a sing-song voice] break of dawn. You can believe that." She made her way back from the kitchen with the wine bottle and two glasses.

"Speaking of that, are you still saving your virginity?" Alexis told Chiara, when they were teenagers that Alexis planned on saving her hymen for her future husband. "Have you had any guys try to talk you into fucking your 'chocolate box'?"

"You still remember that conversation?" Alexis asked, pouring the champagne and noticing the brand name. "This mess is Armand de Brignac! I'm about to drink the same stuff Jay-Z drinks." She took a sip and licked her bottom lip in delight. "Yummy! Here try some."

"You didn't answer my question," Chiara said, before drowning her drink.

"Right, I got sidetracked. I am saving my vajayjay for my husband, but in the meantime I'm still having fun. Although, I do take care to wear protection all times... unlike someone I know." She poured more champagne into Chiara's glass before getting up to retrieve the fruit. "I also haven't had sex in two years. I really don't remember if the last guy I was with tried me like that. Hell, I kinda think he was a little gay. As a matter of fact, when I first met him he had this odd fascination with anal and strong calves... and now that I think about it, he did tell me that I was the first woman he'd been with. Maybe that's because he's only been with men before. Which means..."

"Okay that's enough, you're making my head hurt with your booty chatter." Chiara held out her glass. "Pour me some more."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Lexi, he said something weird to me before he... put his thing in," Chiara shifted uncomfortably, taking grapes from the bowl. "When I asked him about protection, he said that I wouldn't need any because I was ovulating. How would he know that? Hell, I don't even know when I'm ovulating."

"Well, It's too late to worry about what he meant right now. You already let him in between your thighs to release his seed. I suggest you go get Plan B to prevent you from getting a bun in the oven – if you don't already have one," Alexis stood and went to get her purse. "As a matter of fact I have to go get my prescription. I'll pick it up for you."

"Thanks Lexi, I owe you one."

"You owe me nothing. You're my best friend and I love you. Besides you are also my cousin and you are always there when I need you," Alexis made her way to the door before turning around. "I have a huge test in three days. You know how insane I get when I'm trying to study. I told Joie and she's letting me have this entire week off. Her younger brother is in town, so she's letting him help around the shop to earn a little bit of money."

"I bet he hates being around all those flowers."

"That's what I thought too, but he's a charmer. All the customers that drop by at the shop are women. From what Joie tells me, he loves the attention they give him. He speaks Creole and has a Louisiana accent that could melt the panties off a nun," Alexis joked. "Anyways, let me go before I decide not to."

Once her cousin left, Chiara made her way to the shower. She smelt herself and was ashamed that she didn't run to the shower as soon as she entered her apartment. I'm surprised Lexi didn't raise more hell about the strong odor I'm giving off, she thought; letting the water heat up before shedding her clothes.

The more she thought about her behavior a few hours ago, the more ashamed she got with herself. Chiara has always been the good girl, only having sex with men she's been in relationships with. In fact, she's only had intimate relationships with three men. But with Ruaraidh, she instantly turned into some mindless sex starved hussie.

Chiara lathered herself, being careful of her tender genitals. The hot water soothed her skin, but did nothing to help her conscious. She made a mistake and slept with someone she knew absolutely nothing about and now that somebody probably viewed her as a loose woman who, more than likely, succumbs to her desires. No different than whores being swayed by money to give up their bodies.

Chiara wasn't going out like that. She wasn't about to let this man get the best of her. There was no doubt that they had intense chemistry and that they had tons of potential of taking whatever they had and making it into something substantial. But Chiara wanted to make him sweat. And if he can't take the heat. He can sure as hell get out my kitchen, she resolved before heading to her room to take a well deserved nap.


"Damn Ruaraidh, I would have least thought you would have had a little decorum and fuck her in a bed," Calan quipped when Ruaraidh let the privacy screen down in the limo. "Was your beast that hard up that you couldn't think straight?"

Ruaraidh growled low at his sister's son, mentally going over the threat she and her mate gave him before replying by slashing Calan's head off. He should be used to his nephew's crude mouth and nonexistent manners, but Ruaraidh was Alpha and demanded respect. "Just drive. I don't pay you to comment on my behavior. If you insist on prying into my personal life, I will insist that you return to Scotland, so that your mother can continue to support you."

Calan winced, his uncle was never one to take well to teasing, but damn if he couldn't make you feel three inches tall. "Damn I was just saying... don't you think she deserves better than a quick fuck in a limo --?"

"Enough!" Ruaraidh snarled, feeling his anger rise. "If you must know: Yes, my beast was Hard up and no, I don't think she deserves a quick fuck in a limousine." With that said, he pressed the button to bring up the privacy screen. Ruaraidh didn't need his conscious being voiced by his crude mouthed nephew and he didn't feel like explaining himself further. Calan was lucky to get the answer he got. Any other person would have long regretted questioning his actions.

At least I gave her some food to tie her over until dinner tonight, Ruaraidh thought, bringing Chiara's torn thong up to his nose. Her juices were dried and distinguishable against the dark fabric. He felt he cock harden at the memory of it being moistened at the source; the apparent differences between the dry fabric and wet, clinging indecently to her lower lips -- almost as if her cunt was a vacuum and sucked all the air that separated the fabric from her skin.

Ruaraidh moaned, knowing that he was torturing himself. He hasn't been this sexual since his youth and found that his thoughts concerning Chiara were all but innocent. He wanted nothing more than to claim her as his own. He wanted to keep her within his grasp at all times, never letting her out of his sight. He wanted to physically challenge any perspective suitor that might want her hand with murderous intent. He wanted her to live in his bedroom.

All these thoughts were mad, of course, mainly because they were about a human. His people have been living beside them for centuries, having secret political ties with trusted leaders who could keep their society secret. Weres rarely rutted with humans, females being the more curious and prone to straying to the human race. Males preferred the bodies and sturdiness of their counterpart. They were less open to the thought of being sexually active with humans. Reason's ranging from facial unattractiveness, ill body proportion, frailness, and chaotic emotions. Male Weres were in essence more comfortable with their female counterparts because of the perfection of body and their personalities. Female Weres knew when to submit.

But Chiara was different. She wasn't tall. She wasn't slim. Hell, she wasn't even pale. She was beautiful and she smelled so fucking good. But she was also taboo, something that he knew his people wouldn't accept – especially from him.

Ruaraidh arrived at his estate, deciding to take his date for the night to a quiet restaurant he often frequented when he wanted to be alone. The owner knew him fairly well and they had excellent food. Maybe he could get to know her better and develop their relationship. He didn't know how far they'd go, but he wanted to stay optimistic about the situation. He desired her too much to let anything get in their way.

In the next hour, Ruaraidh made reservations and freshened up. He was in his office working numbers for his business when he was interrupted.

It was Aine, the perpetual thorn in his side.

"You are looking as fit as ever."

She invited herself into his office and took the seat opposite of him. Ruaraidh didn't reply, he just kept working, hoping she would get the hint and leave.

"Someone has told me that you have a date tonight," Aine announced, crossing her legs. "She must be perfect; maybe blonde and tall with large breast." Aine was jealous. It was clear by the tone of her voice.

She moved to the States a month ago, in hopes of getting closer to Ruaraidh. Unfortunately, he never paid her any attention. But that did not sway Aine, she wanted to be his mate and in her mind he would eventually crack and see her as his future.

Aine always made herself presentable for him. She made sure to only wear close fitting designer clothes and to always have a desirable scent. She was beautiful, with her long dark hair and clear blue eyes. She could have any man she wanted.

"Are you going to introduce her to the pack? Let us know who has the alpha's eye?" She was fishing for anything that could help her destroy this person.

Ruaraidh was almost done with his work. He didn't plan on answering Aine's questions. He didn't have time for foolishness. He didn't have the patience for her immaturity. Ruaraidh was interested in her once and he vowed not to make that mistake again. Her father sent her to him in the guise of helping his company; letting Ruaraidh know that his daughter was a marketing whiz. But Ruaraidh wasn't stupid. He knew her father was really hoping for a union between the two families

When he finished, he stood, grabbed his jacket and walked past Aine without acknowledging her presence.


He said two hours. Why hasn't he called yet? Chiara glanced back at her reflection. She rolled her eyes at her actions. She started preparing for her night out as soon as she got out the shower.

"I'm back! Did you miss me?" Alex barged into Chiara's room, handing her a bag.

"I would miss you even more if you knocked."

"You know you love it," Alexis teased before taking in Chiara's state of dress. "And where are you going, my dear?"

"I have a date. Could you help me with my hair?"

"Of course my dear cousin," Alexis smiled, before skipping over to Chiara's vanity and picking up a brush.

"What is wrong with you? Why are you acting more psycho than you normally act?" Chiara questioned, digging into the pharmacy bag to fish out her day after pills. "You bought me some candies, how nice."

"Actually, those are my Swedish fish. I forgot to take them out," With that, she snatched them out of her cousin's hand. "And for your info, I saw Faolán on my way back to the apartment."

"That's great! Maybe we can double date sometime," Chiara held out her hand. "Give me some; you know they are my favorite."

"I'm saving them," Alexis whined.

"Well just give me like three or four. You can save the rest after that."

"Damn you are one bossy bitch. I feel sorry for your future husband AND future kids," Alexis opened the pack and poured some into her hand. "So... are you going to tell me who you're going out with..."

Just then Chiara's cell phone rang.

"Is that him? You better put that shit on speaker!" Chiara rolled her eyes and mumbled. "Who's the bossy bitch now?"


Author's Note: Again I'm sorry for the delay. I feel that this is a very necessary chapter because it shows both main characters having a moment of respite to think about their actions. It was a little difficult for me to write because I originally wanted this story to only consist of parties and hot, wild, nasty monkey sex. LOL! I guess this story has a mind of its own and is starting to develop a plot. Please bear with me while I sort it all out between life, school and work.

Thank you again for your time and reviews. I really appreciate you all.


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