tagNonHumanHowl of Lust Ch. 04

Howl of Lust Ch. 04


I sat in the grass, Samantha sleeping in my lap, as I stared up at the cloudless blue sky. I was in my wolf form, as I preferred it over being human (Not to mention I learned that the girl had a thing for wolves). It had been several days since I had first revealed myself to Samantha. Since then, she and I had mated...or rutted, if you prefer, like there was no tomorrow. I was honestly starting to wonder just what she planned to do once she was due back from her 'camping trip."

Would she stay with me and live up here in the mountains and forests? Or would she take me back with her to the urban world she had lived in for all of her life? It was driving me mad, but I didn't really want to ask her. I think I was afraid of what the answer might be. Honestly, I did not want to go live in a city full of humans, but I was certain she would miss her family and friends too much to remain in the wild.

I looked down as she stirred in my lap, and slowly opened her eyes. She looked up at me, and gave me a sleepy smile. "Hey you..." She murmured, leaning up to kiss the side of my muzzle. My tail started to wag reflexively, although I tried to control it. She noticed, and giggled softly, reaching one of her hands up and scratching behind one of my ears.

I growled in pleasure, leaning into her hand, my eyes closing briefly, until she stopped. I gave her a look of false-irritation, but she just laughed, and I had trouble maintaining the look, eventually allowing myself to pant happily.

She stretched her arms, and leaned against my chest, murmuring, "Sorry to sleep so late..." I shook my head, growling, as I scooped her up in my arms, pressing the tip of my muzzle to her lips. She giggled, returning the kiss eagerly, wrapping her arms around my neck.

When I pulled away, she kissed my nose, smirking up at me. I felt my face heat up beneath my fur, and my cock began to stir, as she leaned up to nip at the side of my muzzle, and then she reached down with one hand, taking my cock in her hand, and stroking it until it was fully erect.

I growled, closing my eyes and leaning my head back, my hips thrusting upwards into her hand. She giggled, her smirk widening. "You want it, boy?" She murmured, referring to me like I was a dog. I shivered, a small part of me finding it arousing, despite my dominant preference, as I nodded slightly.

She slid out of my arms and down my body, never taking her hand off of my cock. Finally, she had her head level with my crotch, and she touched the tip of her tongue to my cock, causing me to whimper, as I dug my fingers into the grass. Suddenly, she engulfed the head of my cock with her mouth, sucking lightly.

I barely resisted the urge to howl, instead only growling and clenching my jaws together, as she took my cock into her mouth at an agonizingly slow rate. She bobbed her head up and down on my shaft, rolling her tongue around the head of my cock before managing to take more of my dick down her throat.

I was getting delirious with pleasure, as she moaned around my cock, closing her eyes. I occasionally couldn't help but thrust my hips up when she took more of my shaft into her mouth, and I heard her gag a few times, but she didn't stop, fortunately for me. I could feel myself getting close to cumming, and I let out a whine, a shiver traveling down my spine into my tail.

Samantha clearly noticed, as she opened her eyes and looked up at me seductively, pulling her mouth off of my cock, stroking it with one hand while murmuring with a smirk, "Enjoying yourself, Isaac?"

I nodded rapidly, squirming as she continued to massage my cock with her delicate fingers. "Are you close to cumming...?" She asked softly, still smirking up at me. Again, I nodded, digging my fingers into the grass beneath me.

"Good..." She gave me one last look of lust before she took my all the way into her mouth, sucking hard. I howled, unable to take it anymore, shooting streams of cum down her throat, which she swallowed without hesitation, much to my surprise.

I fell onto my back in the grass, panting quickly, as I struggled to catch my breath. Samantha climbed onto my chest, looking down at me. "I hope you enjoyed that..." She whispered breathlessly, licking her lips. She had a faint blush on her cheeks, and she was still smirking at me. In all honesty, I think that was the first time in my life I was truly speechless...even though I couldn't have spoken in that form anyway.

As she caught her breath on top of my heaving chest, I stared up at the sky, thinking that it would be better to postpone my question until a later time. Eventually, both of us managed to breath normally, and I sat up again, which placed her back in my lap.

I nuzzled her cheek with my muzzle appreciatively, growling softly. She giggled, pushing at my muzzle half-heartedly. "Cut it out, Isaac..." I ignored her light protest, nuzzling her neck as well, licking her collarbone. She moaned softly, leaning her head back, exposing her neck to me.

I took the opportunity to nibble on her neck, causing her to gasp and dig her hands into the fur on my chest, her eyes shutting tightly. I pushed her onto her back in the grass, leaning over her, doing my best to show off my sharp teeth in a wolfish grin. I planned to get her back for what she had just done.

She stared up at me, her face turning red, as I slid my tongue down her neck, over her collarbone, to her breasts, flicking my tongue over her nipples lightly, latching onto one of them after a minute and suckling, as she groaned and writhed beneath me. I brought my hand up to her other breast and fondled it roughly, pinching and pulling her nipple.

She nearly screamed, arching her back as her mouth opened wide. I switched to her other tit, taking it between my teeth and pulling on it as my hand move to her thigh, massaging it roughly.

"I-Isaac...please...lower..." She whimpered, placing her hands on my head and trying to push me towards her pussy. I growled in amusement, giving her a cruel look before trailing my tongue down her stomach, around her navel, and below her waist, stopping just above her clit.

She moaned in frustration. "Please!" She cried out, squirming beneath me. Finally, I touched the tip of my tongue to her clit, making small circles on it. She screamed, shoving her hips upwards, grinding my muzzle into her cunt.

I thrashed my tongue around her pussy, licking up her sweet juices as she continuously groaned and cried out, her wetness coating my muzzle. She dug her fingers into the fur on my head, pushing my face down into her cunt, as I greedily lapped at her dripping pussy.

She started moaning louder and louder, and I could tell she was getting close to cumming. I withdrew my tongue, and, after waiting a moment, pinched her clit between my sharp teeth. She screamed, wrapping her legs around my neck reflexively, arching her back again, her cunt overflowing with her cum.

When her orgasm subsided, I gently pulled her legs off of my neck, licking my chops tauntingly, as I stared at her. She smiled, breathing heavily. "That...that was...amazing...as always..."

I panted happily, my tail wagging, as I sat down beside her. She continued to lie in the grass for a little while, staring lovingly at me, occasionally appearing as if she were thinking about something.

Finally, she sat up and murmured softly, "Isaac...you know, my friends and family will only believe I'm camping up here for so long...And I don't want to leave you..." She was fidgeting slightly as she spoke.

I blinked, nodding silently. It was strange how she and I had the very same question on each of our respective minds. I truly hoped she would stay in the mountains with me, but it wasn't likely.

"So...we need to figure out someway to stay together..." She continued, pulling up some grass from the ground. "Would you prefer it if we stayed up here, or if we both returned to my home...?" She asked finally, staring at me with a serious look, which looked unusual on her face.

I shrugged, shaking my head slightly, attempting to get the message across that I didn't think we should try and decide at that time. She nodded, understanding what I was trying to say.

She climbed into my lap, leaning back against me, sighing to herself. "Oh, Isaac...what are we going to do...?" She murmured, and even though it was addressed to me, the question was more to herself. She leaned her head back, and the two of us stared up at the cloudless blue sky.

After a while, I stood, lifting her in my arms. She gave me a questioning look, tilting her head to one side, and I gestured with my muzzle in the direction of her camp. She didn't understand, so I shook my head and began to walk, my tail swaying behind me with each step.

Eventually, her tent came into view, and she finally understood where I had been taking her. "Oh, we're going back to my camp..." She murmured, looking up at me. "Why?" Obviously, I was unable to verbally answer, so I again shook my head.

When we were in her campsite, I set her down on a flat rock, sitting down on the ground beside her. Suddenly, a delicious taste reached my nose, and I began to sniff, following my nose into her tent. I found some sort of jar, containing a tan paste or something of the sort.

Tilting my head, I brought it out of the tent, staring at it between my hands curiously. I unscrewed it and licked at some of the paste. It tasted extremely good, so I began to lick more, and after a while, I became thirsty. Setting down the jar, I licked at my teeth and the roof of my mouth, trying to get the paste off.

I suddenly noticed Samantha was laughing, and I couldn't figure out why. It was incredibly annoying to have whatever the tan paste was stuck all over my mouth, and she seemed to find it hilarious. I growled at her, which only made her laugh more.

"What, Isaac, you've never seen peanut butter before?" She asked, still laughing a bit. I raised both eyebrows, shaking my head. This only made her giggle a bit, and she waved with her hand in the direction of the lake, "You should probably go get a drink."

I quickly took her suggestion, sprinting to the lake and using the water to clean my mouth as best as I could, before returning hastily to the campsite. When I returned, the same scent of this "peanut butter" reached my nose again, but it was coming from somewhere outside the jar.

"Isaac..." I heard her call softly, turning to see her sitting on the rock with a devious smirk on her face. "Want a bit more...?" She asked, giggling to herself. After a few more sniffs, I knew exactly where the scent was coming from...

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