tagNonHumanHowl with Me Ch. 02

Howl with Me Ch. 02


Hey guys! I can't believe people actually read my story! I love constructive criticism and I look forward to hearing your suggestions! I apologize about the first chapter being so short. It was a lot longer on Word.. Oh well, I promise to make the rest of the chapter's longer! I'm sorry it took so long for me to post this chapter! I was trying to get an editor but I couldn't get one to reply.... If anyone would be willing to or knows someone that can help me edit and proofread my story, please email me! I decided to take it a little slower so there is no sex in this chapter. I hope you enjoy chapter two!



Rachel woke up to sunlight streaming on her face from the window next to her bed. Grumbling about how she needs to get sun shades, she rolled out of bed and walked out of her small bedroom and down the hall into the only bathroom in her small apartment.

Rachel, like most people, does her best thinking in the shower. She replayed the events of the night last week when she met Daniel in her head. She had agreed to go to dinner with her friend Rick. She knew Rick liked her as more than a friend and she wanted to fall in love with him so badly. He was everything she could have dreamed of. He was wealthy, smart and good looking. She just couldn't figure out why she never felt any romantic feelings towards him.

Then she saw Daniel. He stole her breath away. Just that one small contact had her buzzing. She couldn't keep her eyes off of him for the rest of the meal. Her reaction to him scared her. She had never felt this strongly about someone in such a short time. As she was getting out of the shower, Rachel found she was hoping she would see him again soon.

After towel drying her hair and body, Rachel made her way back into her room. As she was walking to her dresser, she glanced at the clock and realized she was late for work! She ran to her dresser and threw on her scrubs. Rachel worked as a nurse at a pediatric hospital. Running out of her apartment in record time, she nearly forgot to lock the door! After turning back to lock it, she dashed out of the building and hopped in her 2004 Chevy Impala.

She sped down the streets, barely making it through a few traffic lights before the light turned red. 'One more mile,' She thought to herself. It was then that she saw the red and blue blinking lights in her rearview mirror. Cursing to herself, she pulled over.

Se sat, nervously waiting for the policeman to come up to her car and tell her she was going to get a ticket. She rolled down her window in anticipation of the impending ticket. In her head, she was imagining all of the worst case scenarios. She was so lost in thought, she didn't realize the officer had come up to her car until he cleared his throat. Startled, her eyes flashed up to his face. She gasped as her eyes focused and she could take in the man before her. 'It's Daniel!' She realized with a start.

When he saw the recognition in her face, he flashed her a heart stopping smile. She was speechless. "Hello again Rachel." He drawled through his impossibly lush lips.

It took her a minute to register his words. "H-hi Daniel, what are the odds that we would meet like this?" She said with a dry laugh. God she was nervous. She was usually so calm around men. What was with her? She had to force herself to keep her face a neutral mask as he shot her another dazzling smile.

Daniel chuckled internally, seeing her again was no coincidence. After having Chris research her, he found out where she worked and which shifts she worked. After a few days of observations, he figured out her daily routine. He had asked one of his betas if he could borrow their police cruiser and their uniform. Most of the betas in the Fenris pack were policemen.

He had followed Rachel most of the way to the hospital where she worked, a few cars behind. He had to wait for the right moment to make his move. When he was first given the idea by Chris's mate, Kiana, he was hesitant. He was worried he would do something to scare her off.

After exchanging a few pleasantries and asking for her licensee and registration, Daniel informed her that he had to give her a ticket because she was going 20 miles over the speed limit. He wrote one up and handed it to her. She gasped at the price. "Sir, I don't think I can afford to pay this..." She said, trying to fight back tears. She had just settled in at her new apartment and it was a little too expensive; she was already struggling to make payments. This ticket would prevent her from paying her rent. The landlord would most likely kick her out.

"Well..." Daniel started, pretending to think, "How about this, come do dinner with me tonight and I will let you off with a warning." He was crossing his fingers behind his back, sending a silent prayer to Luna, begging for Rachel to take his offer.

"I would love to." She said it so quietly he almost missed it. If he had human hearing, he would have. He then gave her the most dazzling smile she had ever seen. It reminded her of looking at the sun. She didn't think she had seen a smile that was so beautiful.

"Good. I will pick you up at seven. Cocktail attire. I look forward to seeing you Rachel." He gave her a wink and walked away. It took her a minute to regain her wits and then she drove off to work.

The rest of the day went by in a haze. When one of her coworkers said something to her, she would reply in one word answers. The other nurses didn't bother asking her what she was thinking about.

Finally it was four o'clock and she was free to go home. She strode out of the hospital, going through her wardrobe in her mind. After a minute of deliberation, Rachel decided she had to buy a new dress. She got in her little car and drove to the mall.

Walking into the mall, she went directly to her favorite dress store. She then started perusing the different racks. She started with the clearance rack as usual. Seeing nothing, she moved on to the sale rack where she again found nothing. Deciding everything else in the store was too expensive, she started to walk out. When she turned to face the door, a gleam caught her eye. Curious, she walked over to it and saw that it was a red leather dress. She loved it. She took it off of the rack and brought it to a dressing room. After slipping it on, she looked in the mirror and gasped at what she saw.

The dress was perfect. It was a tight, low, V neck cut which made her 36 D breasts push together. It made her cleavage look more pronounced than usual. Her eyes traveled the short length of the dress. It ended just below her crotch. She was pleased at how well the dress hugged her shapely hips and luscious ass. Smiling to herself, she pictured Daniel's reaction. She then looked at the price tag. It was very expensive. After some deliberation, she decided to get it anyway. Then she decided she needed some sexy panties to go with it.

After walking across the mall to the lingerie store, she was dumbstruck. She had no idea what to buy. After a whole hour of walking around the small store, she found a small, black lace thong. Satisfied with her purchase, Rachel put her bags in the back seat of her Impala and drove home.

Glancing at the clock, she realized she had more than enough time. She put on the dress and panties and a light touch of makeup. Looking in the mirror, she was satisfied with the look. Walking back to her closet, she grabbed her favorite pair of stilettos and put them on just as there was a knock at her door. She was suddenly very nervous. She walked over to the door and opened it. A sultry smile on her face.

In her doorway stood a God come to earth. He was wearing a tailored suit the fit him perfectly and hugged his cute butt. She had to fight to keep her jaw from dropping at the sight of him.

Staring wide eyed at the sensuous vixen in front of him, he was at a loss for words. His wolf sat down and howled loudly. Clenching his fists at his side, it was all he could do to stand still and keep from bending her over her small kitchen table and claiming her. He forced himself to smile at her, hoping she couldn't tell how much he was struggling internally. "Shall we go? We don't want to miss our reservation." Daniel said while holding out his arm for her to grab on to.

Walking out of the apartment building, Daniel led her to his car. It was one of the most beautiful cars Rachel had seen. It was the new 2013 Jaguar XK. Rachel had always liked the sleekness of Jaguars. If she could afford it, she would get one but unfortunately, she couldn't afford a car as nice as this one.

Daniel led her to the passenger door, opened it, and helped her get in, all the while trying to catch a glimpse under her dangerously short dress. After she was seated, he closed the door and walked around to the other side of the car and slid in. When he started the car, Rachel had to suppress a moan at the quiet purr of the engine. This baby was everything she dreamed of and more. "So where are we going?" Rachel asked, trying to break the silence.

"La Lune." He said with a smile. He had a feeling she would be excited. This was the fanciest steakhouse in the state of Michigan. Fortunately, her reaction didn't disappoint.

"No way! I've always wanted to go there! How did you manage to get a reservation?" She squealed excitedly. Usually you had to make a reservation weeks in advance.

"I pulled a few strings." He said with a smile. But in reality, all he had to do was talk to Liam, the owner of La Lune and Beta of the Fenris pack. Daniel wasn't about to tell her that though. At least not yet.

When they arrived at the restaurant, the hostess sowed them to their table and after a few moments, a pretty blonde waitress sauntered up and handed them both menus and asked for their drink order. They both ordered a glass of wine. The waitress, whose name was Liza, kept looking at Daniel in a way that unsettled her. It made her want to leap across the table and choke her for looking wt her man like that. 'Woah, where did that come from?' She thought to herself. Luckily, Liza turned and walked back to the bar to get their drinks. After Liza left, Rachel turned to Daniel.

"So, our waitress seemed to like you a lot." She said, trying to hide the venom in her words.

"Oh, I hadn't noticed. I tend not to notice other women when you are around. You outshine them all my dear." Daniel replied, smiling to himself at her reaction to Liza. She was definitely feeling the mating pull. In reality, he did know Liza. Being a werewolf, he was very sexually active. Liza was one of the Betas in his pack that he had lain with. But no more. Now he only had eyes for his Rachel.

When Liza came back to take their order, Daniel ordered the T-bone steak cooked rare. Rachel ordered the Filet Mignon. While they waited for their dinners, they talked about each other's lives. They talked about their parentage and their upbringing and anything they could think of. Then Daniel asked the question he had been dreading, "So who were you with last at dinner on the night?"

"Oh, that was Rick. He's just a good friend of mine. No one to worry about." She said with a wink.

Daniel couldn't help the sigh of relief at her words. He couldn't bear to think about her sleeping with someone other than himself. That thought had him picturing fucking her for all he was worth.

After this, they got their meal and Rachel gasped at the amount of food on her plate. It had a large filet and a large pile of vegetables and potatoes. Daniel had twice the amount of food she had. Despite this, they ended up finishing at the same time. After chatting for a few minutes longer, Daniel stood up and walked to Rachel's side of the table to help her up.

Walking out of the restaurant, Rachel realized that Daniel hadn't paid for the meal. 'Oh well..' She thought to herself, 'I'm sure he knows what he's doing....' When they reached the car, Daniel helped her in again and they drove back to her apartment in companionable silence. At least that's what it seemed like. The car quickly filled with her intoxicating cherry blossom and honey scent which made Daniel's wolf go crazy.

Too soon for her liking, they pulled up in front of the building. As she got out of the car, she almost expected him to just wave goodbye and drive away. But, he decided to walk her inside.

When they got to her door, she invited him inside and as he walked in, he took in her shabby apartment. He was not pleased by what he saw. There were three small rooms. The kitchen, if you could call it that, consisted of an old, beat up microwave and oven/stove and a small stainless steel sink. There was a small table that could seat two people in the corner. A half-wall divided the kitchen from the sitting area. There was a small, loth couch that had tears in it and looked far from comfortable. To his left, there was a door that he assumed led to the bedroom and bathroom but it was closed so he couldn't see inside.

"Thank you so much for taking me to dinner tonight. I really enjoyed it." She said, snapping him out of his reverie.

"Oh, you're welcome, maybe we can do it again sometime soon." He said with a smile as he was slowly walking towards her. He finally reached her and he brought his hands up to cup her face. "You are so beautiful." He said in a husky voice filled with need. He wanted her NOW. Without further ado, he slowly leaned forward and gently brushed his lips against her baby soft lips. It was too much. With a small groan, he crushed his lips to hers.

Rachel was on fire. She had never felt this way because of a kiss. She backed up against the wall, still kissing him hungrily. When she hit the wall, he reached down and lifted her left leg up to wrap around his waist. He pressed close to her, his rapidly growing erection pressing against the crotch of her pants. She moaned softly against his lips as she ground her hips against him. He swore he heard her purring. Too soon for her liking, he pulled away.

Breathing heavily, he looked down at her and smiled. "Sorry, love, I couldn't help myself. You are so mouthwatering."

She met his heated gaze with one of her own. "Don't apologize, that was great." She said with a breathy sigh.

Chuckling to himself, Daniel backed away from her. He knew if he kissed her any more tonight, his wolf would break free and claim her. With a regretful sigh, he told her he had to go. Sd he turned to walk to the door, she followed behind him. When he reached the door, he turned to face her. "When can we meet again? I would like to see you soon." He said, trying not to sound too desperate.

"How about Friday? That's only two days from now." She said with a smile.

"That sounds great!" He said, relieved that she had accepted his offer. With a quick peck on her lips, he turned and left her apartment without another word. Walking out of the building, he didn't notice the man hiding in the bushes, watching him leave.

To be continued...

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