tagInterracial LoveHS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 02

HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 02


I would personally like to thank the hundreds of readers who write constantly, expressing their enthusiasm for my stories. For the many readers who say that my stories fill a vast void on this site of the countless ones lacking "heat" or content that builds and builds I say 'thank you. Please be advised that even though there are great differences in the ages of all the participants, the youngest are always of legal age and consent. I hope you enjoy this series. Shoguy

In this chapter, the story includes:

1. The beginning of a hot fuck between Allison (the hot teen cheerleader and her boyfriends sexy mom)
2. Allison's two cheerleading teammates confess to fucking Mr. Jeffers
3. Asian friend Traci craves to fuck the black Principals enormous cock
4. Confession of Allison's boyfriends mom, to fucking Mr. Jeffers (black Principal)
5. The beginning of Allison and Mr. Jeffers cuckold of her father

Continued from chapter 1

We stood in front of his desk and continued our feverous kiss. Our mouths were wide open and our tongues were flicking in a wild blaze across each others. As we were deep into this naughty kiss, our hands were busily exploring each others bodies. Just having this older black mans hands playing with my tits and pinching my aroused nipples, then palming my ass cheeks, then spreading them apart, was sending sparks of electricity right through me. I felt so naughty to be standing completely nude, except for my high heel pumps while I kissed my 58 year old black Principal. Standing completely nude, in just my high heel pumps while kissing a black man who was 40 years older than me, added to the thrill of this being such a naughty fuck. As he bent forward to kiss me, my left hand passionately stroked his massive, black, 12 inch shaft, up and down, as it jutted way-out past my side. As my hand slowly pumped his unbelievable shaft in a slow twisting motion, I kept thinking to myself,

"God, I can't believe how fucking big this cock really is. It's fucking huge!"

As I lovingly pumped his huge black shaft, I broke away from our kiss and said, in a desperate voice,

"Oh baby, I need to suck this huge black cock again."

As I said it, I crossed one high heel over the other and bent at the waist and began flicking my tongue feverishly over his glistening, black cock head. When I looked up, Mr. Jeffers was eying my body with a smug look on his face. His facial expression told me, he was a man that knew he had a huge cock. It was also the type of arrogant look that said, ' I know this is the biggest cock you've ever seen, or ever will'. As I flicked my tongue over his wide cock-head I shot him a knowing grin, then said in a heated tone of voice, that was more of a statement than a question,

"You love having this great big cock don't you. I can tell you're really proud of this monster cock."

I kissed it as I looked up at him then added,

"You love knowing that you have a huge cock, don't you baby. A cock at least 10 times bigger than my boyfriends or every other guy me, and every girl fucks."

As I pumped it excitedly, I said in a raspy voice, with my curled up lip,

"Fuck, I know you love knowing that every girl you fuck says and thinks the same thing about this fucking huge, black cock, don't you baby?"

I watched him gaze at my pendulous 36D tits, as they hung lewdly off of my skinny frame, and then watched his eyes roam to my long extended nipples, which pointed straight up off the ends of my tits from being so turned on. He then looked over my narrow back and took in the sight of my sexy- round ass, as it jutted out invitingly. His eyes then trailed down my long, crossed legs to my black high heel pumps.

As I pumped his huge, throbbing cock I watched his eyes linger on my high heel pumps and the high arches of my size 10 feet. My arches are so high that the high curve could be seen in the center of each high heel. I was so turned on by the way Mr. Jeffers was looking at my body, knowing that he lusted for me, and wanted to fuck me for a long time. As I licked over his huge shaft I moaned with a hunger that told him I wanted to please every inch of it. It was a hunger that bordered on obsession. The way I was licking and kissing Mr. Jeffers huge black cock wasn't like the way I sucked on my boyfriends, or any other guys cock. Anyone looking at me stroking, licking, and sucking his huge cock would have said it was more like worship!

As I eagerly licked all over his long black shaft he said, in a hot voice,

"Yeah baby. Thats the kind of head I like. And, I like takin' in the sight of your wild body while you work on my big black cock, sexy."

He then added hotly,

"Fuck. I've wanted you for a long time baby."

"That's right baby, appreciate that that big black cock. Think about how much bigger it is than your boyfriends, or all you other boys little pencil dicks you've fucked" he added hotly.

I then took his glistening-wet shaft in the palm of my hand and began stroking it up and down feverously, and looked up and snarled hotly,

"Fuck, I can't believe how big this cock really is. Even though I heard so many stories about how huge your cock was, I didn't believe anyone could have one this fucking big."

I then looked right into his eyes, as I saw the hunger to fuck, and said teasingly,

"You must drive them all crazy with this great big black cock Mr. Jeffers."

He responded in a conceited voice that caused me to moan excitedly, and even tremble, saying,

"You're right about that baby. This big, black, 12 inch cock has made them all forget about their husbands, their boyfriends and even their kids."

As I thought about all the women and girls that made up an excuse with their partner to be with this great big black cock, and even the women that would dump their children with their husband or a babysitter, just to get fucked by this monster cock, a hot rush of wanton lust shot right through me. Just thinking about the woman and girls that would do anything to get fucked by this giant black cock, made me actually shudder and cum! As I was cumming, I immediately went back to pleasing his huge cock with my hands and mouth, as he added in a throaty-hot voice,

"Fuck baby, I've had your sexy body on my mind for a long time. You don't know how many times I wanted to pull you out of class and fuck you right on my desk with this big cock. I've wanted your pussy, and that sexy body of yours, real bad baby."

He then groaned and said with a deep voice, which emphasized how much he wanted to fuck me,

"I needed to sample you real bad baby...REAL BAD!"

His words were turning me on like crazy. I was so turned on knowing that this man, who had fucked hundreds of sexy girls, wanted to fuck me so bad. As I pumped and licked his huge shaft, I was moaning feverously.

I then looked up, and said hotly,

"Oh baby, I'm glad I finally got to meet the huge, popular black cock, I had heard so many stories about."

I went then went back to kissing and licking his massive black shaft. As I worked it wantonly, I thought back to a night when some of the cheerleders went to a party at my boyfriends after a game. One of his idiot friends (which there are many), on the football team brought a porn movie as a joke. It was about cheerleaders fucking black guys. The movie stared an actor named Shane Diesel. The only reason I, or rather we all remembered the name was because he was the actor in the movie that had an enormous cock.

As the movie played, all the boys were making crude, racial comments about the black men, but when the scene changed to two young white girls in pigtails and cheerleader uniforms stroking and sucking this enormous black cock of the actor who's name turned out to be Shane Diesel, the atmosphere in the room suddenly changed. Suddenly, all you could hear were the sounds of, "OH MY GOD,LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT THING" and "GOD, THAT THING IS HUGE", from me and my squad-mates. The guys were suddenly rendered silent, as they looked at the scene, in shock and disbelief, with their eyes and mouths wide open. It was so obvious that all these big-shot jocks felt embarrassed, because they knew they were puny compared to the black porn star. They also saw exactly what we saw, and that was, that these young white girls were going wild for his huge, older black cock. In fact, at one point in the movie both girls were squatting down and licking his huge shaft, one on each side, and the actor looked right into in the camera, as if teasing our jock boyfriends and said,

"That's right girls. A lot bigger than your pencil-dick, white, jock boyfriend's right?"

The girls took hold of his big cock and began pumping it with all four hands and started giggling while they looked up at him and said, "Fuck yeah. 10 times bigger"

The irony of this guy bringing the move was that we all knew our boyfriends had dicks that were tiny compared to the actor, so when they were silent, we all knew that they felt really small.

As I was deep into this trance-like state, I was thinking about the scene in the movie, and the similarity of me being a cheerleader, sucking, and about to fuck the huge black cock of my 58 year old Principal. The difference between Mr. Jeffers and Shane Diesel was that Mr. Jeffers actually had a bigger cock than the porn actor! The thing I remember most about the porn-star was that his cock was incredibly wide. So wide, that both girls in the movie couldn't reach all the way around it. The staggering thing about Mr. Jeffers was that he was equally as wide as Shane Diesel, but also was about three inches longer!

The thought of how those girls in the movie went wild, and couldn't stop cumming, once he began fucking them with his huge black, caused me to moan like crazy, as I thought of myself getting fucked by an even larger cock than the porn-star Shane Diesel!

I reached the point where I couldn't take it any longer. I needed to fuck this monster cock again. I needed it in my pussy, in the way that a person needs air to breath. As I moaned, I said in a hot, raspy voice, that sounded desperate,

"Lie back in your chair baby, so I can ride the fuck out of this great big black cock. I've gotta get this big- ass cock, back in my pussy, and ride the fuck out if it before I go crazy baby. Now its my turn to fuck this big-ass cock I've heard so much about!"

Before he sat back in the chair we kissed for a few more minutes. Our wicked kiss remained us of just how hungry we were for each other. Once he sat back in the chair, his huge cock thumped menacingly across his broad chest, until it settled and rose up to the bottom of his big pectoral muscles. I've never seen anything so staggering. Mr. Jeffers 12 inch cock looked so freakishly huge compared to my boyfriends puny 7 inch cock, or any other boy I fucked. It also looked more terrifying, because of how pitch-black it was. In the porn movie, most of the black actors were dark brown in color, but Mr. Jeffers was as black as coal. When his huge cock came to rest against his stomach I moaned out loud saying,

"Ohhhhh fuck. I've never seen anything so fucking big!"

I knew that no matter how many times a woman saw it; they would always be amazed, if not shocked by its staggering size. The wild maze of thick angry veins stuck out from the sides of his enormous shaft, which made it look terrifying!

I bent over and took it in my hands, and couldn't believe the weight of it. I kissed it a few more times, and moaned saying that I couldn't believe how heavy it felt. I then turned my back to him and took hold of his 12 inch cock and lined it up with my soaking pussy. As Mr. Jeffers sat back in his big desk chair I began slowly, and cautiously, dropping my scorching pussy down onto his towering shaft, while saying, in a turned on voice,

"Just sit still baby, and let me use your great big black cock...Let me fuck it for you baby...Oh fuck yeah baby, let me use my pussy to jerk- off this big, black, popular cock of yours. Let this tight, white teenage pussy you've wanted for a long time, please every inch of this sexy, big black cock of yours baby."

Mr. Jeffers was moaning loudly as I crossed one high heel pump over the other, then reached back and put my hands on the arms of his chair. I began slowly dropping my tight pussy down his huge black shaft, in a wide spiraling motion until it finally reached the base of his giant shaft. When my pussy finally bottomed out, I began slowly gyrating in small circles, spiraling from the wide base, all the way back- up to the rim of his huge bulbous cock head. He was moaning like crazy saying,

"Fuck that is one amazing pussy you have baby. This big black cock has never wanted a pussy as bad as yours baby. Yeah sexy, use my big, black dick to make your sexy, young white pussy cum real hard baby. Use that big dick to give your sweet ass pussy the kind of fuck you ain't gettin' from that penciled-dick, white quarterback boyfriend of yours, or any other cocks you fuck."

As he fucked into me, he kept saying that he's had so much pussy in his life, but mine was the best he ever fucked. He also said that he has never bottomed out like this before. He said that I had the deepest pussy he's ever fucked. I was so turned on knowing that I was driving this 58 year old, former football star, who fucked all the time, crazy.

I was delirious from the over- stuffed sensations my pussy was experiencing from the fucking it was getting by his incredible, 12 inch, black, monster cock. I fucked and used his black, monster cock for over an hour, as he remained perfectly still, enjoying the way my tight young pussy was literally sucking on every inch of his endless shaft, with every sexy stroke, from the tip of his huge cockhead right down to the extra-wide base of his shaft. . As I fucked onto his huge cock, I came over and over. I came at least twenty times from the sheer size of his pulsating black monster, as it relentlessly stretched my fuck walls to the breaking point. My pussy was being treated to the fuck of a lifetime.

I was cumming so hard from the sight of this giant black man underneath me, as I stood between his massive legs in my high heel pumps, watching his pitch-black, glistening cock, slide in and out of my stretched-out pussy. As I slowly fucked up and down on his huge black shaft, his hands were running up and down my legs, and then to my inch long nipples, which made me even crazier.

I was going delirious from having a foot, of rock-hard cock impaled all the way to the bottom of my trembling teenage pussy. I continued to moan in my turned on voice,


As my pussy clenched around his enormous pussy pleaser, like a vise that refused to let go, I convulsed uncontrollably in an earth-shattering cum, and coated his giant black shaft in a wild bath of foam. It looked so hot, seeing my white cum coating his entire pitch-black- 12 inch shaft. The sight of my white cum smeared all over his black shaft, made our fuck even hotter. There was something about me being a young white teen and him being a middle-aged black man that made this fuck seem immoral, which only added to the heat inside us, the desire to keep fucking beyond the point of exhaustion. As his huge black hands played with my inch long nipples, then pinched them, sent my body into a frenzy and I moaned hotly,

"Oh god baby your making me so fucking hot...Thats it, pinch my big, turned-on nipples baby. Oh God baby, the way you're playing with my big nipples is driving my pussy insane. God, I can't stop cumming all over that great big, in-demand, black cock of yours baby."

As I bottomed out on his huge shaft, I pushed off of my high heels, then gyrated my stretched-out pussy in a hot, teasing spiral motion, which caused him to groan and say,

"Thats it baby, use that big black cock."

As I spiraled around the beer-can girth of his cock I turned my head to the side and we immediately met in a wild tongue kiss. It was a sinful kiss, with our wild tongues flicking at each others in a frenzied untamed way. As we kissed heatedly, I said in a turned on voice,

"Oh baby, I'm so glad I came to school today."

Mr. Jeffers was moaning like crazy, saying that all he could think about all day was our meeting. He caused me to moan slyly when he said that his big dick was hard all day thinking about my sexy body, and waiting for me to come to his office after cheerleading practice. He caused me to groan and say, "Oh Fuck!", when he said that when I came into his office and he saw me wearing my high heels, instead of my uniform sneakers, he knew his big cock was finally going into my pussy.

The way he was grunting, and the way his huge cock was twitching inside me, told me that another big load of cum was on its way into my turned on pussy, and I was going wild waiting for it explode inside me. As I felt his giant cock pulsing rapidly inside me, I grabbed it by the base and pushed off the ground with my high heels, and raised way up until his huge cocked popped free form my scorching pussy. I immediately turned and bent at the waist to suck on it a little. I said in a deranged voice,

"Oh baby, it's all I could think about all day too. After practice, when I stepped into my high heels, all I could think about was turning you on, and letting you know that I wanted us to get into a real sexy fuck. I was hoping that when you saw me wearing my black pumps instead of my cheerleading sneakers that you would instantly know that I wore them to let you know that I wanted us to fuck."

I added hotly,

"Oh baby, after all the stories I heard about your huge cock, I couldn't wait to come here to fuck it. I thought about this for weeks now baby. I used to lie in bed, thinking about the stories I heard, imagining what your cock looked like and what it would be like if the two of us were fucking.

When Id come home from school, or from cheer leading practice I would strip off all my cloths, then put on some hot music, then step into a pair of high heels and slowly walk around my room, taking in the sight of my turned nude body in my mirrors, as I thought of you and all the things I heard about your huge black cock, and the girls I knew that you fucked.

I'd pinch my big nipples as I imagined the two of us kissing and playing with each other. I'd just walk around the room in my high heels looking at my turned on body, and my big turned-on, nippled tits in the mirror, then turn my back to the mirror and bend at the waist and spread my ass cheeks wide apart, opening my pussy and ass, real wide, as I imagined you fucking me from behind, with your huge, in demand, big black cock. Then I'd lie on my bed with my high heels on, and finger my pussy and ass at the same time while I thought about you and me fucking in my bed all night baby."

He said hotly,

"Oh fuck, you are a real naughty girl."

He then laughed in a sinister way saying,

"I like that quality in you baby."

I then looked into his eyes with a devilish grin, as I pumped his freakish shaft in both hands and said hotly,

"I'll bet this huge, black cock of yours makes every girl, or woman you fuck, naughty baby."

I then got between his legs again, putting my high heels firmly on the ground and inserted his huge, black cock into me again. As I slowly and cautiously took his amazing girth into me again, I hissed,

"Oh fuck. This is exactly what I wanted baby. Your great big black cock, fucking my tight-young-white pussy. Fuck I've never felt so stuffed; So fucking full."

As I listened to him groan and tell me, he imagined fucking me hundreds of times, I could feel his great big cock twitching inside me again, and I said heatedly,

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