tagInterracial LoveHS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 03

HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 03


This is the continuation of HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 02. It continues from the last page (6).

This series features Allison 5' 8" tall. 110 pounds. 36D-21-33.Raylene Richards look alike.

Mr. Jeffers. 58 year old black Principal. 6'5" tall. 300 pounds. 12 inch cock

Allison's father. 50 years old. 5' 10" tall. 165 pound, slender build. 11 inch cock


As we drove to my house Mr. Jeffers and I kissed at every light, with his hands running all over legs and across my big tits while mine were teasingly messaging his huge black cock, which was once again throbbing in his pants. I loved rubbing his huge cock through his pants as he drove the fast sports car through the streets of Beverly Hills.

I felt so sexy and so naughty to be, a white, High School senior cheerleader, in the car of my 58 year old, black Principal after we had just sent over five hours fucking in his office, and were still hungry to fuck. He was a man that had a reputation for fucking the sexiest girls in my school, and their hot mothers too. His reputation was built on him having a 12 inch cock, that could cum and fuck for hours. Mr. Jeffers was a former professional football player, who was a giant of a man. He stood 6' 5" tall and weighed 300 lbs, with most of that weight going to his enormous cock!

I was the head cheerleader, and learned about his huge cock from two of my best friends who had fucked him. I also learned that Mr. Jeffers wanted to fuck me for the longest time and that my body drove him crazy. He was a man that had always had two or three young teens in his office, or in his bed during the week. He fucked constantly, and, because of his reputation for having an enormous cock, always had a teen like myself curious to fuck him.

This was also true for a lot of the mothers in my school. After hearing, from my two friends tell me how they both fucked him one night after a game we were cheering at, and how incredible it was, and that he told them how hot I was and that he wanted to fuck me, I couldn't resist the temptation to fuck him myself. I just had to find out about his legendary black cock. I was so turned on about what I heard that I just had to get together with him, to find out for myself about the rumors of his huge tireless black cock.

I came to his office after cheerleading practice wearing my shortest cheerleading skirt and a sheer blouse and lacy white bra. Instead of sneakers I wore a pair of black high heel pumps just to add excitement to my schoolgirl uniform. The high heels accented my long, tapered legs, and combined with my short skirt sent Mr. Jeffers a clear message that I wanted to fuck him. And, fuck we did. Before we were finished we spent over five hours fucking in every position in his office. He was the second older man with a huge cock I had fucked, the first being my boyfriends father had an enormous cock, even bigger than my black Principal, but Mr. Jeffers was the first black cock I ever had.


As we drove to my house, Mr. Jeffers asked about my father and what he did. I told him that he basically did whatever my grandfather needed him to do. I told him how my mothers father was very wealthy and gave my mother and father everything we have. I told him about my grandfather, and how he always had a flock of young girls on his arm, whenever I saw him. I told him that the reason I loved to tease my father, was because I didn't have any respect for him as a man.

I told him that I always thought of my father as a very weak man, because he relied on my grandfather to provide for us. I confessed that, that was the reason I loved to tease him, because I didn't have any respect for him as a man. I told Mr. Jeffers that knowing my father was hot for me combined with the fact that I lacked any respect for him, caused me to purposely dress sexy around the house when my mother was away just to drive him crazy.

Mr. Jeffers started to laugh and said hotly as he scanned over my body,

"Baby, if I had a daughter that looked as sexy as you, with a body like yours I'd have her pussy wrapped around her daddy's dick every night too."

I grinned then squeezed his long, hard cock affectionately and said,

"Ummmm..If my daddy had a cook this fucking big, I'd fuck him every night too."

What I didn't tell Mr. Jeffers was that my father was an incredibility sexy and very handsome man, looking exactly like the actor James Morrison. My father had that same chiseled face and slender, tight physique with sandy gray hair as the actor James Morrison, which made him look irresistibly distinguished. If I didn't loath my father for being so spineless I would have easily been fucking him by now. I hated to admit it, but my father had the mature look that young teens like me got wet for. What I didn't want Mr. Jeffers to know, was that deep down my father turned me on like crazy.

Everyone of my girlfriends thought my father was the sexiest man they ever laid their eyes on too, and were constantly flirting with him when they were at out house, especially when they were in their bikinis at our pool. I especially felt it when my friends were at our pool dressed in a hot bikini with high heel pumps on, and they were always flirting with him, running their hands up and down his tight chest and kissing him on the cheek as they told him how sexy he was, then telling me after that my dad was so hot, and that they would love to fuck him. The fact that they had just 18 seemed to make them really pour on the attention.

Seeing my friends flaunting over him, made me want to fuck him even more. What can I say, except, that it was a twisted 'lust,' hate relationship. With my friends constantly telling me how sexy my father was, and admitting how much they would love to fuck him if they could, made me really jealous, and drove me to tease him even more, as I used my body to drive him wild.

I had my suspicions about three of my friends fucking my father and later found out that he fucked eight of my friends, four of which were my cheerleader teammates who he fucked on a regular basis, sometimes in bed with two and even three at a time, and four who were daughters of neighbors in our up-scale Beverly Hills community. Even though I saw my father as a weak-spineless man, these girls saw him as the most incredible fuck they ever had.

When we pulled into the driveway Mr. Jeffers and I kissed for about 10 minutes. Of course as we kissed, my hands were busily messaging his incredible 12 inch cock, that was throbbing again (even after having cum three times already), while his massive hands were playing with my excited nipples and my wet pussy.

Between kissing and playing with each other, we talked about our upcoming weekend and all the fucking we were going to get into, with my boyfriends mom. I knew that it was going to be so hot, starting with me and my boyfriends mom, Mrs. Hall spending all day on Friday shopping for sexy lingerie, than going to a hotel to spend the entire night getting into our long, overdue sexy fuck, that had been building between us for months.

As Mr. Jeffers and I were in our heated kiss I looked up and saw my father watching us in the window. I couldn't believe it, but you could see he had his cock out of his pants and was actually rubbing it while he watched us kiss and play with each other. Mr. Jeffers saw it too and laughed a snide voice and said,

" Look at your pervert Daddy. I guess your Daddy really does have a hot thing for you baby."

Mr. Jeffers got out of the car and came to open my door. When I got out of the car I immediately put my arms around the 58 year old black man and stood on the tips of my high heels and kissed him deeply. I was really loving the fact that my father was playing with his cock, as he watched me hungrily kiss the massive,58 year old black man. Mr. Jeffers didn't even care.

As we kissed he lifted my cheerleading skirt and cupped my ass checks with his huge hands, and spread them wide apart, exposing my pussy lips, knowing that my father was watching us. Mr. Jeffers had shredded my thong in his office so I was nude under my skirt. He then suggested that we give my daddy the show he's always wanted. He put his arm around me and walked me to the door then knocked loudly. As we waited we went back to our hot kissing and sexy hand-play.

Mr. Jeffers didn't care in the least that we were kissing and running our hands all over each others bodies at the front door of my house and that my father was home and was about to open the front door. This was making me real hot, because deep down, I wanted my father to see his 18 year old daughter kissing this massive 58 year old black man. I was so wet knowing that the sight of me with my older black Principal was going to drive my father crazy with jealously, and lust. I knew that this would have him jacking off for months, maybe years! It took my father a few minutes to answer, because he had put his cock back in his pants and zip up his fly. When he finally answered the door, you could visibly see that he had a hard on, form his noticeable imprint bulging from his pants.

When the door opened Mr. Jeffers continued our kiss for almost a minute before he acknowledged my father. When he broke our kiss he took my fathers hand and gave him a shake. My fathers hand disappeared in Mr. Jeffers huge black hand, in fact my father who stands 5' 10" tall looked like a midget as he stood in front of the giant 6' 8",300 pound black man. When my father introduced himself by his name ( which is James), Mr. Jeffers said in a patronizing voice,

"Nice to meet you Dick."

I had to laugh inside when Mr. Jeffers called my father Dick. I knew it was his way of putting my father in his place, and letting him know that he was dealing with a superior person. My father was speechless as he looked up at my giant black Principal. He then starred up and down my body, as he did a million times before, with that look of lust in his eyes. My fathers eyes went from my big nippled tits that were pushing through the sheer material of my blouse the size of quarters, down to my black high heeled pumps. His eyes were riveted on my long legs in my ultra -short cheerleading outfit, drooling over the sight of my long legs in my black high heeled pumps.

You could just see my father imagining what Mr. Jeffers and I were doing all night, and wishing it was him walking me through the door, dressed in my tight cheerleader outfit and pumps, taking me upstairs to his bedroom where we'd fuck all night. I couldn't believe it, but I was so turned on, by the way my sexy father was looking at my body, so turned on that a big part of me imagined it too, going up to his bedroom and fucking all night.

I wasn't sure if it was because I had just fucked the huge cock of my black principal, and that I was so turned at that moment of my father seeing me kissing him, but all I knew, was at that moment, I had this sinful feeling of wanting to go up to the bedroom with my father and climb onto his bed with just my pumps on, and fuck him all night. "God, my father is so fucking sexy," I thought to myself. My pussy was jumping like crazy. There was so much deep-seeded lust between my father and I at that moment, I was so horny that I just knew if Mr. Jeffers had just dropped me off we would have been kissing and fucking each other within minutes.

As my pussy was tingling at the thought of fucking my handsome father, Mr. Jeffers took my hand and forced his way past him. It was as if he wasn't even there. As the giant black man walked past my father and brushed against him, it caused my father to stumble and nearly fall over. It was comparable to a freight train running over a bicycle! When he entered the living room he looked around and complimented my father on our nice house, to which my father sheepishly said 'thank you.'

Mr. Jeffers then took my hand and forced his way past my father as if he wasn't even there. As the huge black man walked past my father and brushed against him, it caused my father to stumble and almost fell over. It was like a freight train running over a bicycle! When he entered the living room he looked around and complimented my father on our nice house.

As he looked around our house he kept his big strong arm wrapped around my waist. You could tell my father was very uncomfortable with the sight of his 18 year old daughter in the arms of a giant black man, a man 40 years older then her, but he didn't protest out of fear of irritating the giant in front of him. This was because my father was a very weak man, which was something Mr. Jeffers picked up on instantly. Mr. Jeffers also knew from talking from me that my father was basically controlled and owned by my wealthy and powerful grandfather. He knew that my grandfather paid for everything we had, including our house, and my very expensive tuition at school.

In an insincere voice, he told my father that he was sorry he kept me at the school so long, and when my father told him that it was ok, and that he understood Mr. Jeffers said in a commanding tone,

"It was supposed to be a meeting about some cheerleading competition, but when your sexy daughter came into my office and I got a look at this incredible body of hers, my big black dick told me that we needed to turn the meeting into something real hot, like a wild fuck Dick!"

My father was speechless and could only mumble in an almost sheepish voice about 'getting out of his house immediately.'

"I'll get out when I'm fucking ready to get the fuck out Dick," he said in the most menacing voice I ever heard, as he towered over my father. "Do you fucking hear me Dick," he said as he pushed my father back with the tip of his finger.

Mr. Jeffers then turned me towards him and leaned down and kissed me hard. I responded immediately and began moaning, as my tongue flew out to meet his. I was so turned on, kissing my 58 year old black Principal, right in front of my father. Mr. Jeffers then began running his big black hands all over my ass, teasing me, and my father at the same time. As he lifted my skirt and played with my ass, he looked at my father and taunted him saying,

"Look at this fucking gorgeous ass Dick." "Christ, your daughter has the sexiest ass I ever tasted. He added in a deep voice, "If my dick wasn't so horny to fuck her, I'd still have her bent over my desk, eating her sexy ass Dick."

After he said it he ran his big black hands all over my ass which made me moan loudly,

"Oh god, that feels so fucking sexy baby," I moaned then added, "I love the way you play with my ass."

Mr. Jeffers then turned me towards and leaned down and kissed me hard. I responded immediately and began moaning, as my tongue flew out to meet his. I was so turned on, kissing my 58 year old black Principal, right in front of my father, in his house. Mr. Jeffers then began running his big black hands all over my ass, teasing me, and my father at the same time. As he lifted my skirt and played with my ass, he looked at my father and taunted him saying,

"Fuck. Look at this gorgeous ass Dick. I'll bet you dream about this perfect ass all day long, don't you Dick."

My father just steered with his tongue hanging out like a chained up dog, staring at a piece of steak. Mr. Jeffers faced me then turned me so that my father was looking at my ass. He then began spreading my ass cheeks wide apart and said hotly,

"Man did you ever see a finer ass Dick?"

My father moaned in a low voice, as Mr. Jeffers kept spreading my ass cheeks and uttered in a meek-timid voice,


"I didn't hear you Dick. I said did you ever see a finer ass," he said in an aggravated tone that sent a shiver down my spine.

"No Mr. Jeffers, I've never seen a finer ass" my father responded more clearly. Hearing him comment on my ass caused me to moan.

I was so turned on by the way Mr. Jeffers was controlling my father. I knew my father was riveted to what my black Principal was doing to me. He was like a deer in headlights. Mr. Jeffers then had me bed forward and when he spread my ass my father could see the folds of my pussy spreading wide apart. He said teasing my father,

"That's right Dick, get a look at the amazing fuck-hole of your sexy daughters. Look at this gorgeous pussy Dick. You know that your daughters sexy pussy was able to hold my entire 12 inch black cock Dick. Her sexy pussy's one-of-a kind Dick. The kind of sexy pussy I just can't get enough of." He then said arrogantly," You know Dick, I've fucked hundreds of sexy young pussy's, but none drove my big dick as crazy to fuck as your fine-ass daughters pussy." "Your daughters got a magic pussy Dick," he added hotly as he kissed me and spread my ass cheeks wide apart. "Look at her magic pussy Dick, " he said commandingly as he spread my ass cheeks far apart.

I couldn't believe it, but I actually heard my father groan after Mr. Jeffers told him he fucked me, and that he loved my pussy. It actually turned my father on knowing I fucked my Principals huge black cock.

I was totally loving the fact that Mr. Jeffers was controlling the action in the room and that he had my pathetic father under his control.

He then said in a taunting voice,

"Your daughter told me how you watch her all the time when she's wearing sexy cloths or sitting around the pool in a hot bikini Dick."

I was looking back over my shoulder at my father as his eyes and mouth were wide open as Mr. Jeffers huge black hands separated my ass cheeks, and caused my pussy to open wide apart. I was grinning as my father stared hungrily at the sight of his 18 year old daughters exposed pussy. He then taunted my father and said sternly,

"She also has a good idea you wanna fuck her. Is that true Dick?"

I then saw my father rub his big bulge through his pants and stare at my open pussy and whimpered the words almost embarrassingly,

"Oh god Yessssss."

As he said this Mr. Jeffers said in a demanding way,

"Yes what Dick!"

My father then groaned out loud and seemed to turn red and said,

"Yes, I think about fucking her all the time."

Mr. Jeffers then laughed and said to me in his deep, penetrating voice,

"You were right baby. Your daddy does want a piece of that sexy action you've got."

He then rubbed my clit and kissed me hard and said,

"You like that baby. You like hearing Daddy say how bad he wants to fuck you?"

"Oh fuck that's so hot," I said lustfully as I messaged his massive black cock through his pants.

He then looked at my father and told him to take his cock out and show me what it looked like. I was really enjoying this. Although I was excited to finally see my fathers cock, I was more turned on because Mr. Jeffers was making him obey his orders. My father obeyed my black Principal, and when he pulled his cock out I almost died. For some reason, probably because I didn't respect my father I thought he'd have a tiny cock, but when I saw it out of his pants, I realized just how wrong I was.

Although my father wasn't as big as Mr. Jeffers or nearly as big as my boyfriends father, Mr. Hall (SERIES TO FOLLOW-TED HALL),his cock had to be 11 inches long and about 7 inches around. I thought he might be the same size of my boyfriend and all the other guys I had fucked, which was about 6 inches and very thin around, but my mouth started to water when I saw my fathers big, fat cock. I think a big part of me didn't want to accept that my father could possibly have a big cock or in this case an absolutely huge cock, because I had so much resentment towards him growing up. Because of his slender build he actually looked bigger than Mr. Jeffers.

Mr. Jeffers looked at me and said teasingly,

"Wow baby look at Daddy's Dick. Not a prize winner like mine, but not too shabby."

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