HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 03


Even though I made a little snickering sound when he said it, I was going crazy inside, seeing that my father had a real big cock, huge in fact. My fathers cock was as hard as a rock, because he was turned on. Like Mr. Jeffers, the weight of his big cock caused it to rest against his knee, and curve to the side. I could tell that he was totally humiliated about having a big hard on. But I also knew that he wasn't going to leave the room out of curiosity that he would miss something really hot between me and my giant, black Principal, or out of fear that Mr. Jeffers might get violent. Mr. Jeffers than said teasingly,

"You know what Dick, since your daughter and I feel bad that you never got the balls up to fuck her, we're gonna let you come over here and kiss this wild ass that you've been dreaming about. He then told my father to come over and get on his knees and kiss my ass. As my father almost tripped running to me, Mr. Jeffers and I got into a sexy kiss. As we kissed I suddenly felt my fathers lips on my ass making soft popping sounds. I had to admit I was going wild enjoying the feeling of kissing my 58 year old black Principal, while my father was kissing my ass. I was getting really worked-up by this.

Mr. Jeffers then told me to talk to my father. I looked back and began taunting him saying,

"That's it Daddy, kiss that sexy ass. I know you've wanted my ass for a long time."

As my father skillfully kissed my ass he just uttered, "Oh God....Yessssss. I've wanted to kiss your amazing ass for so long." As soon as he started kissing my ass, I felt the same feelings I had before, and that was how instantly turned on my fathers mouth on my ass made me. I just thought to myself,

"Oh God, my fathers driving me crazy again just by the way he's kissing my ass. Fuck, he's got me so turned on"

After 15 minutes Mr. Jeffers told my father to step back, which he immediately did, although begrudgingly. He then spread my ass cheeks wide and held them apart. I knew my pussy was exposed to my father and I was going crazy. My father was also going wild seeing the sight of my open pussy just a few a few inches from his face. Mr. Jeffers then said in a taunting tone,

"You see this pussy Dick. This is the finest pussy I ever seen, fucked or tasted, and I ain't never had one that fucked my black cock as good and as deep as this one Dick. Your daughters got the most amazing pussy I ever tasted or fucked. Just look at the sight of that gorgeous pussy Dick."

He then added tauntingly,

"How would you like to come over here and get a taste of your sexy daughters amazin' pussy Dick?"

My father instantly moaned in his sheepish voice saying,

"Ohhh god yesss...please. I want to taste her beautiful pussy so bad."

I was going crazy inside, and my pussy was starting to bounce, at the thought of my father eating me.

Mr. Jeffers then said, actually laughingly, and with a hint of sarcasm in his voice,

" You know Dick, your a real fuckin' pervert Dick, but I don't blame you, with a pussy like that I'd want to fuck it too even if she was my daughter."

He then instructed my father to eat my pussy. In a commanding voice he said,

"Ok perv, come over here and get a little taste of your daughters sexy pussy, you've been jackin off to for years, you fucking pervert."

My father immediately went to his knees and began kissing and licking my pussy like a wild man. He was moaning like crazy as his tongue desperately flicked all over my spread -wide pussy that Mr. Jeffers held apart with his big hands. My father was so turned on that he shot a load of cum all over the floor. As cum flew past us Mr. Jeffers and I began kissing again. I was so turned that I lifted the backs of my high heel pumps off the ground and came myself. As I came, I looked back at my father as he continued eating me like a man possessed, and snarled,

"Oh yeah Daddy, you like the taste of my pussy, don't you baby?"

"Oh god yes, he responded in a hungry voice.

I couldn't let on to Mr. Jeffers, but my father was turning me on like crazy, giving me the most incredible head I've ever had. His mouth and tongue were sending electric sparks so far up into my pussy, in places I had never felt from anyone before. I couldn't believe how much my father was turning me on and fucking me up. I couldn't believe how good he gave head.

I thought to myself, "God, he really knows how to give head and make a pussy react to him, and make it cum on command." I would have never have believed that my father was such an amazing lover. This had to do with the image I had of him being a pathetic man who I had no respect for. Well under that clouded image was an amazing lover. It was that exact moment when I thought to myself,

"Fuck, I really need to spend a lot of quality time with my father....Just him and I....ALONE."

My father was moaning out loud as his tongue wiped all over my engorged clit, then across my extended pussy lips. He then began sucking on my hanging pussy lips which caused me to moan heatedly,

"Ohhh fuck..."

My father was moaning out loud as his tongue wiped all over my engorged clit, then across my extended pussy lips. He then began sucking on my hanging pussy lips which caused me to moan heatedly,

"Ohhh fuck thats soooo hot..."

Mr. Jeffers then told my father to back off. My father seemed to be in a trance and continued eating me. This outraged Mr. Jeffers and he reached over and grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the ground. My father went flying and rolled over twice, and moaned in a voice that told me he was in pain. He was scared to death as Mr. Jeffers came and towered over him and said in a stern voice,

"Mother fucka, if you ever don't do what I say again. I'll make you wish you didn't get out of bed today. Do you hear me Dick!"

My father just looked up at the giant 300 pound black man and said in his mousy voice,

"I'm really sorry Mr. Jeffers, I promise it won't ever happen again. Her pussy was just too good. I'm sorry sir."

I was surprised because I actually got upset that Mr. Jeffers almost knocked out my father, but I didn't show it or say anything, because I didn't want him to think I cared for my father, especially after all the things I said about me having no respect for him. I also didn't want to irritate him more than he was. I knew that my 300 pound principal could tear my father in half if he wanted too.

My mood instantly changed. As my father lay on the floor, Mr. Jeffers began playing with my tits and squeezing my rock-hard, inch long nipples through my cheerleading blouse. I was now moaning out-loud and my pussy was starting to pop again from the way he was rolling my big nipples between his finger and thumb. As I felt the rush of cum building inside my pussy, I instinctively crossed my right high heel over the left which forced my pussy to tighten and squeeze together. As I was cumming Mr. Jeffers continued to pinch my fired-up nipples, then smirked at my father and said,

"You see how sexy your little girl looks when her pussy pops Dick? Your sexy little girl is on fire Dick, thinkin' about you suckin' her pussy. Look how just rubbin' these huge nipples can get her off."

After I came, we kissed passionately as my father continued to watch as if he was mesmerized. Mr. Jeffers sensed that my father wanted to play with his cock as he watched, but that he knew not to make a move until he was given permission or told what to do. My black Principal then commanded," Go ahead Dick, play with that dick of yours---Dick!"

My father uttered, "Thank you" sheepishly, then began stroking his big, sexy 11 inch cock again, as I looked right into his eyes and smirked. It was my way of letting him know that I liked watching him pump his big cock as he watched me with my 58 year old black Principal. Mr. Jeffers than said to me,

"Take your top off baby. lets show daddy your incredible tits and big-ass nipples."

He then looked at my father and said in a mocking tone,

"So Dick, you want to see the these amazing tits and nipples you've been dreaming about suckin on?"

My father had a look of almost begging as he nodded and said in a heated low groan,

"Ohhhh god,yesss....PLEASE show me."

Mr. Jeffers then gave me a sexy little popping kiss than said in a low throaty voice,

"Ok baby, take off your top and bra and lets show daddy those beautiful big tits of yours."

"You know how big your daughters tits are Dick," he said teasingly. "Tell me how fucking big her tits are Dick"

"36DD," he said almost embarrassingly.

"Can't stay out of her panty drawer can you Dick," Mr. Jeffers said mockingly.

Bet you wrap your big cock in her bra and panties and jerk off all the time, don't you Dick?" Mr. Jeffers said tauntingly.

"Yes," my father said in a shy, guilty voice.

I smirked when Mr. Jeffers got my father to reveal my bra size, and that he jerked off in my bras and panties.

" Go ahead baby. Lets show Daddy you're big, sexy tits," he commanded.

He then shot me a little grin which caused me to smile slyly at him and I lifted my top off which left me in my sheer white bra. My fathers eyes were glued to my bra as he saw my swollen breasts rise out off the lacy cups and my huge protruding turned-on nipples piercing through the sheer almost transparent material. Mr. Jeffers then stood behind me and unclasped my bra which was so thrilling. As he unclasped my bra he was looking right at my father and taunted,

"You wanna see your daughters big tits real bad, don't you Dick?"

As I watched my father stroke his rock hard 11 inch cock, he said in an almost pleading voice,

"Oh God yessss....please!"

I was really getting into watching my father play with his big cock, as he stroked it in front of me. It was so hot watching him, knowing that he desperately wanted to fuck me, and that my body drove him crazy. As soon as Mr. Jeffers unclasped my bra, my father groaned, as he got to see my big 36DD tits and my inch long nipples in this sex-filled setting. Mr. Jeffers then cupped my swollen tits and began playing with my nipples again which caused me to moan in a deep throaty voice. My father was drooling at the sight of me being totally nude, with just my black high heel pumps on.

Mr. Jeffers taunted my father saying,

"Look at these sexy, big tits Dick. Look how big and heavy they are, but when I stop playin with them, they sit real high on her narrow chest, with no fucking sag at all Dick. Fuck, I gotta tell ya, she's got the greatest tits Dick, biggest fucking pair of nipples too. I've never seen such a big pair of tits and nipples, on such a tiny, thin frame." He added in a raspy tone,

"Fuck Dick, it must be crazy for you, havin' this fine-assed bitch walkin' around this house every day. Fuck, it was hard for me seein' her in my school everyday, with that non-stop body of hers. Don't know how you do it Dick. Must beat your tiny dick every day, thinkin' about your daughters fine-assed body, don't you Dick?"

My father was touching his cock, and said in an embarrassingly sounding voice,

"Yes. I jerk off everyday thinking about her incredible body."

I was so turned on, hearing my father admit, that I drove him crazy. It made me feel so sexy and so empowered over him.

Mr. Jeffers then commanded him to stand up and come over and kiss my nipples. It was as if my father was granted one of three wishes from a genie, and immediately stood and came to me, and began kissing each of my turned on nipples. As he did this Mr. Jeffers was messaging my ass and my pussy from behind. I was going insane and turned my head to meet his tongue for a hot kiss. My father was moaning out loud as he kissed each of my long-fat turned-on nipples. I could tell he was stoking his cock as he kissed them. Mr. Jeffers then taunted him saying,

"Great tits, right Dick?"

My father groaned,

"OH GOD Yessss."

Mr. Jeffers then said in a snide voice,

"Yeah Dick, now when you beat off during the day, you'll think about how great it was to suck your daughters amazing inch long nipples."

My father was moaning like crazy and I heard him say out loud,

"Oh yes. I've wanted to suck her sexy nipples for so long."

As I was moaning, from being so turned on by the way my father was kissing my nipples and the way Mr. Jeffers was playing with my pussy and ass, Mr. Jeffers then asked me if I liked how my daddy sucked my nipples and I moaned out-loud,

"Oh fuck yeah. He's got me so fucking hot. So worked-up."

Mr. Jeffers then told my father to back off. This time my father immediately stopped, out of fear that he would be severely beaten, if he didn't obey the request. When my father stopped, I moaned in a voice of displeasure. Mr. Jeffers sensed this and said,

"Baby, why don't you give your father a nice sexy kiss, and ask him to go back to sucking your beautiful tits."

My father and I began hungrily kissing each other as our tongues entwined with our lips pressed tight together. It was a kiss that built up from years of me teasing him, purposely wearing sexy micro-mini dresses and high heels, when I went out with my girlfriends, or boyfriend, or when I was lying by the pool. Years of teasing my father, when my mother was away, and I'd wear the skimpiest bikinis, that barely covered my huge nipples, and a pair of high heels, to really turn him on and tease him, because I knew that he desperately wanted to fuck me, were now unleashed.

After 10 minutes I broke our kiss and said hotly,

"Please suck my nipples Daddy. Bite um and suck all over the way you were before," I pleaded in my hottest voice.

For the next 10 minutes my father chewed my engorged nipples like crazy. I was going insane as Mr. Jeffers began finger fucking me with two, then three fingers. My pussy was so open and wet from being so turned on. At one point I threw my head back and stood on the tips of my high heel pumps and came real hard. My body was being used by my father and my black Principal, and I was loving every second of the attention they were giving me. It was as if they each hungered and worshiped my body and were competing with each other to get me off, giving my body the attention and pleasure it deserved.

Every few minutes Mr. Jeffers would order my father to kiss me, and he would immediately break away from sucking my nipples, and we would meet for a lusty father/daughter kiss. When our tongues met, sparks shot up into my burning pussy like lightening bolts. These past few years of knowing my father was hot to fuck me, and me deliberately dressing up in outfits to purposely tease him, had us in a wild, and heated frenzied state. Mr. Jeffers could sense the heat building in my pussy as he finger-fucked me. He also knew from my fathers deep groaning sounds that he was about to explode too. He then commanded us both to come. He said brazenly,

"Go ahead Dick, let that dick cum for your daughter. Show her how much you love kissin' her and suckin' all over those big-ass nipples."

He then added in an almost sinister voice to me,

"Yeah baby, cum for your Daddy too. Show him how much you like the way he works you up and how hot he's makin' you. Let all those years of teasing your perverted, spineless old man, cum out of your built-up pussy."

That did it for me and my father. The next 5 minutes were filled with moans and groans coming from the two of us, as we both let out all the years of sexual tension between us, in a mind-blowing cum. My fathers load of cum shoot all the way across the living room floor and my high heels were clicking on the tiled floor, as my pussy fired burst after burst of at least five, mind-blowing orgasms, that lasted over five minutes, before winding down.

After my father and I both came, Mr. Jeffers said he had to use the bathroom and make a phone call. He looked me in the eye with wild lust, and said in a dark heated voice, "I have cancel two sexy dates tonight, a mother and daughter I've been fuckin' the last few weeks, but now I've got my first-choice fuck right here." He then kissed me hard while playing with my ass and tits at the same time. I was very happy to hear that he was canceling a date for me. I was sure that the date was going to be with some young teen, anxious to fuck an please his huge12 inch black cock. As he walked out he said with a hint of sarcasm,

"I'll be gone for about an hour. This will give you two some quality- father/daughter time." ......TO BE CONTINUED

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