tagIncest/TabooHS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 03a

HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 03a


This is the continuation of HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 02. It continues from the last page (6).

This series features Allison 5' 8" tall. 110 pounds. 36DD-21-33.Raylene Richards look alike.

Mr. Jeffers. 58 year old black Principal. 6'5" tall. 300 pounds. 12 inch cock

Allison's father. 50 years old. 5' 10" tall. 165 pound, slender build. 11 inch cock

Allison's black Principal leaves the room for an hour, telling her and her father to get acquainted. Follows chapter 4:

The next 60 minutes were the most intense minutes of lust and passion I have ever experienced. This time between my father and I wasn't the same as the raw, animistic fucking I had with Mr. Jeffers in his office, or that I would have with my boyfriends father Mr. Hall, or my cheerleading rivals father Mr. Watts, or even the indescribable fucking I would have with my wealthy and powerful 78 year old grandfather, who would turn out to have the biggest, most tireless cock of any of any man I ever fucked or would ever fuck in my life. This was a sinfully deep lust that had been building and building between my father and I for years, and now thanks to my controlling black Principal Mr. Jeffers, and that I just turned 18, the cork was finally popped and sparks were flying everywhere, especially in my turned on pussy.

Our heated kiss, combined with my fathers kissing of my neck and sucking my earlobes while whispering how sexy I was, and that my sexy body has driven him crazy for years, and then kissing my nipples as he told me he's wanted to fuck me for so long, was the most mind-blowing experience in my life. After all of these years dressing in the sexiest cloths and most revealing bathing suits at every opportunity, because of my feelings about him being weak and spineless, and now being here in front of him, pushing all of those feelings aside, and kissing him as if he was the lover I always hungered for, was unbelievable. All I knew was that whatever it was that made me turn-off to my father, I was now more turned on then any time in my life. Finding out he had a huge cock that rivaled Mr. Jeffers made me ever more horny and desperate to fuck him.

Just standing nude, in my black pumps ,kissing my handsome father made it so intensely hot for me. For some reason I couldn't explain, kissing my father passionately while I stood nude, in my black high heel pumps made it even more sexy, so much more naughty, then when I was dressed this way in Mr. Jeffers office.

As we kissed I felt my body tremble in ways I have never experienced before. It was the most explosive kiss I had ever experienced. When our tongues met, my nipples would ache, and sparks would go off inside my pussy, causing me to moan, and when our lips touched, I nearly exploded.

I couldn't believe how incredible my father was at kissing. His skills at kissing were driving me crazy. I never felt my pussy twitch so much, or get so wet, when I kissed my boyfriend or Mr. Jeffers, or any other guy I ever fucked. The way he would just lightly kiss each of my nipples softly a few times, making these soft, popping sounds, then break off, and meet my lips for a sexy two minute kiss, then go back to my nipples and lightly kiss them again, was driving my crazy. When he broke off of my nipples our tongues would meet, raising the level of our groans before his moth met my starving lips. And, the way he would lightly pull my swollen nipples between his thumb and index finger, just barely touching the sensitive, puffy flesh, while he looked in my eyes penetratingly, caused me to moan, "Oh fuck, you are driving me crazy baby."

Instead of sucking and pinching my nipples roughly, the way my boyfriend or any other guy I fucked always did, including Mr. Jeffers, and my boyfriends father, Mr. Hall, who were really rough on my tits and hard nipples, my father would gently push the sides of my tits together, then lightly kiss one nipple, than the other very gently, making soft popping sounds, then he would go right back to my hungry, waiting lips, where we would reconnect in a mind-blowing father/daughter kiss, that would cause me to moan deeply.

As we kissed, he would teasingly run his index finger around the edge of my puffed-out nipple for a minute, as I moaned , "Oh baby," as I looked into his penetrating eyes. He would then insert his finger into my mouth and as I eagerly sucked on it, as I imagined his cock in my mouth, he would use his tongue and lick the bottom of each nipple. I was delirious from the way he was making my pussy snap.

He did this for more than ten minutes, turning me on more and more, and making my pussy flow like a river. Each time he kissed my nipples they would get harder and harder, aching to be sucked on. He knew he was driving me crazy, because every time he would leave my lips and go to kiss my nipples, I would moan out loud saying, "Oh God, you're driving me crazy. You're making my nipples so fucking hard."

I just could not get over how unbelievable my father was at turning me on. He was pushing all the right buttons. The way he ran his tongue all over and under my swaying tits for minutes before he sucked on my rock hard nipples, had me squirming and clicking my pumps on the marble floor. As he licked my tits, I was begging him to suck my nipples, telling him he had me so turned on, so fired-up.

"Oh baby, I've never been this turned on in my life. You've got me so fucked up," I moaned, as he softly put one of my throbbing nipples between his lips, and gently sucked it for a few seconds. He would then torture me with his tongue, running it all over my big tits, stopping at the base of my aching nipples, and circle around them barely making contact with them. This was so hot, I was getting so frustrated, needing to feel his soft lips on my big fired-up nipples.

"Oh god, please suck em' baby....I'm going crazy baby.....Please suck em'," I begged repeatedly. Just when I was on the brink of collapse he finally started sucking on my hard, throbbing nipples, and as soon as he did, I threw my head back and moaned, "Oh God Yes, suck em' baby."

My father would suck one nipple for a second, than the other, then would go back to kissing me softly for a few minutes. After kissing me he went back to licking my tits, and sucking each nipple again for a few seconds each before kissing me again. The way my father was taking control of my body was driving me insane. As he kissed my neck I would moan, "Oh baby, your driving me so fucking crazy." As he kissed all over me, my hand pumped up and down on his huge 11 inch cock, which was as hard as a pipe. The feeling of having my fathers huge cock in my hands was indescribable. Just the feeling of stroking his huge shaft it caused my pussy to spasm and cum.

"Oh god, you are so sexy, and such a huge cock," I moaned as I pumped his long, hard shaft. "Oh fuck, I never knew you had a cock this big baby," I moaned as our tongues met for a soft kiss. "Baby if I knew you had a cock this big, I wouldn't have been teasing you, last week before I left for the party. If I only knew you had this huge cock I would have dressed in something real sexy, then stayed home and fucked this big, sexy cock all night long baby," I said in my hottest voice as I pumped his huge shaft.

I was wetter than I've ever been. My father knew exactly how long to suck my tits, then my nipples, before kissing me. He would expertly kiss my tits, then suck my aching nipples, and just as my mouth was watering to kiss him, he would break away and meet my lips, for that passionate kiss I hungered for. All these years of loathing him, combined with the fact that I found him irresistibly sexy had built up so much sexual tension inside me, that just by the way he kissed me caused sparks to ignite in my pussy.

He seemed to know when I was desperate to kiss. It was as if my father could read my mind, and hear me say, "Kiss me baby." It was so hot to be locked in a deep kiss with my sexy father after all these tension filled years. He met my mouth with his pouty lips and probing tongue, and as he kissed me, his hands would run from my big tits to my skinny waist, then to my ass. The feeling of my fathers hands rubbing, and spreading my soft ass cheeks as we kissed was indescribable.

"Oh fuck. What are you doing to me baby," I moaned as my pussy exploded just by the way he kissed me and played with my body.

As my body exploded, I gripped his great big aching cock, and pumped him lovingly in my palm. This was so unbelievable. Here I was after all these years of tormenting my father, because I secretly loathed him for being spineless, and now here we were kissing and pleasing each other, as I pumped his huge cock like I was his sex-starved lover.

After 10 minutes my father put his hands on my hips and turned me around slowly, so that my back was to his chest. As I turned the clicking sound of my high heels filled the room with a naughty quality. As soon as I turned my back to him he started kissing my neck, telling me how sexy I was, and that my body has driven him crazy for years. As he continued kissing my neck I reached back and messaged his huge, rock-hard cock in my palm, pushing it against his hard stomach, as I rubbed up-and down its length, disbelieving how huge he was. It felt so hot to finally be rubbing my fathers cock in my palm, knowing that I was his fantasy for years.

"I pump off everyday thinking about you baby. You're beautiful big tits, you're incredible ass, and your sexy nipples and those hot legs, are on my mind constantly sexy," he said hotly, as his hot breath blew over my neck.

"Oh baby, that get's me so hot knowing I turn you on, and that you jack this big sexy cock off thinking about me," I said as I ran my palm teasing up and down his long, wide shaft, feeling it throb for me. "Now I'm the lucky one who gets to jack this great, big cock off baby," I grinned slyly.

It was so sexy, so intimate. We needed this time to just play with each other, to let each other know how much we wanted to fuck each other. Just by the way we were playing with each other, without saying a word sent the clearest message that we were finally going to fuck, that we were finally going to become sexy lovers.

After ten sexy minutes passed, I reached back and took his steel-hard cock in my hand and placed it right between my turned on ass cheeks. The feeling of my fathers huge 11 inch cock so close to my pussy, and rubbing against my asshole was making me delirious. As I began grinding my turned on ass against his rock hard cock he ran his hands up my long legs and over my tight stomach until he cupped my big 36DD tits in his hands and then began slowly rubbing my hard nipples between his index fingers and his thumbs. My body was on fire, I was never so turned on in my life. I was moaning non-stop saying things I would never have believed I could say to the man I basically loathed, and disrespected most of my life.

"Oh God baby, I've never been so hot in my life. I'm so fucking turned on by you. "You're driving my body crazy," I said in the most passionate voice, as my hot ass ground up against my fathers huge, fat, steel-hard cock. "Oh god, I love the feel of your huge assed cock between my ass cheeks," I groaned, as I teasingly pushed up against him. "God, I can't believe how fucking big you are, and how hard your great big cock is," I groaned, as I spiraled my ass against his big shaft.

"Oh god, you have such a beautiful ass Allison. An incredible ass," he groaned as I spiraled my ass against his huge cock.

"Oh god that huge fucking cock feels so good baby," I groaned as I slid my ass up and down his huge pole.

I could feel his pre cum oozing out of his big cock head and drip into my ass cheeks. The hot liquid made a soapy sound as the friction of my ass massaged his fat shaft. As he toyed with my nipples he began kissing my neck telling me that he's wanted to play with my big tits and fuck me for a long time. I then turned my head to the side, and just before we met in a sexy kiss said in a naughty voice, "Oh baby, if I knew how much you could turn me on, and drive me this crazy, and that your cock was this big, we would have been doing this a long time ago."

As he played with my aching tits and big nipples while he fucked his rock-hard cock against my burning asshole I kept uttering that he turned me on more than anyone ever has. I was going crazy by the way my father was playing with me and suddenly felt my pussy explode over his cock. The friction of his big, steel-hard cock against my burning asshole was just too much action, and it caused me to start moaning and then cumming real hard. As I came I turned my head and we met in a sexy, very naughty father/daughter kiss, as our tongues met in mid-air, before our lips touched.

After I came we transitioned into a delicious and very erotic 69. Right after I came my father said, "Lets taste each other baby."

"Ummm, I love the sound of that baby," I said in a throaty voice, impressed that my father was finally taking the lead. It showed a completely different side of the man who I used to think was incapable of taking charge of any situation. As we continued to kiss my father lay down on the rug and I instinctively followed his lead. As I put the tips of my black high heel pumps past his head, my legs went along his side. Without missing a beat, my mouth instantly took hold of his huge throbbing cock. I was going crazy sucking my fathers cock. Having my fathers cock in my mouth was the most delicious thing imaginable.

Sucking his big cock was the most intimate thing I have ever done. It felt so sexy to be able to suck my fathers big cock into my mouth and feel it go so far down into my throat. It was something I could never do to Mr. Jeffers or Mr. Hall and Mr. Watts , and the biggest cock of all, my grandfather. I actually felt my pussy spasm from the sensation of my fathers big cock when it twitched inside my mouth.

"Oh fuck baby," he groaned as I took his great, big cock into my mouth and down my throat.

"So big," I groaned as I kissed his huge head than sucked him into the back of my throat. "Such a huge cock," I groaned after releasing him from my mouth and stroked his thick shaft which was coated in my hot saliva.

It was so different from Mr. Jeffers huge cock, or any of the big cocks, especially my grandfathers, that I would fuck. With Mr. Jeffers or the huge cocks I would fuck, the most a girl could suck and get into her mouth on was the head (if she was that lucky), maybe an inch past the head (if she had incredible skills or a very large jaw).

It was such an intimate feeling to be able to suck half way down the length of my fathers huge cock and feel it fill up my throat. He was groaning like crazy as I took his huge shaft into my mouth and throat. 11 inches was real big, and I was so proud and felt so sexy to know I was thoroughly pleasing him, especially after the way he turned me on and made me cum so hard.

"Oh fuck, I can't believe your sucking my cock baby," he said in a delirious sounding voice. Oh god baby, you suck it so good Allison," he groaned as he went back to eating me.

As I sucked my fathers shaft deep into the back of my throat, I felt his tongue shoot way up into my pussy. The sensation was so intense that it caused me to stop sucking his big cock, releasing it from my mouth, than tossing my head back as I rolled my eyes into the back of my head, until I shuddered and came in the most mind-blowing orgasm. I was so feverish from the way my fathers tongue was bringing me off, that I lost all focus on his big, twitching 11 inch cock and had to just enjoy this incredible cum first.

My fathers tongue was stimulating my pussy more than any other guy I fucked ever had, including Mr. Jeffers. The way he used the tip of his tongue to work around the insides of my pussy as his fingers messaged my engorged fuck lips, while his thumb expertly swirled around my big, responsive clit was mind-blowing.

I couldn't believe it, but my father had pussy skills that no other guy I fucked had. He absolutely knew how to control and turn on a pussy. Just before I came I looked back and snarled, "Oh god you really know how to fuck-up a girls pussy and drive it crazy.....OH FUCKKKKK CUMMING BABY."

As I came my father alternated between my asshole and my burning cunt, which kept me in a frenzied state of orgasm that lasted almost 10 minutes. I couldn't stop cumming, and as he skillfully ate me my pussy and my ass, and had me cumming in shock-waves. My father had pussy skills beyond words.

After having sucked on Mr. Jeffers monstrous black cock, which caused my jaw to dislodge, and only allow me to suck a few inches into my mouth, it was so sexy to be able to suck my fathers 11 inch cock half way down my throat. He was squirming, and going crazy, saying that I was sucking his cock better than anyone ever had.

I looked back and asked teasingly, wanting to hear him say it," Better than mom or my girlfriends dad?" He moaned out loud, "Oh God yes baby. You are amazing baby." You're girlfriends are good baby, but nowhere near as good as you." He said as he lifted his hips off the ground. I was so turned on hearing him say I suck him better than my mother, and hearing him admit that he fucked a few of my girlfriends (which I was suspicious of anyway, and later found out that they were my three closest friends, who were also on the cheerleading team).

As I eagerly, and passionately sucked my fathers big cock way down my throat, I sealed my mouth six inches from the base of his twitching shaft. As I held his big shaft in place, I cupped his cum filled ball sac, messaging it, until I was coaxing the cum out of it. I breathed threw my nose as my tongue worked all around his fat shaft. My father was going wild saying I was incredible, and that I was the sexiest fuck he ever had.

Hearing him say it, turned me on like crazy too. He was so turned on that he stopped eating my pussy as he told me how fucking incredible I was at sucking him, and that he was going to cum again. Just hearing him say that, made me even more eager to please him and bring him off, more eager than I ever wanted to please anyone in my life, so I continued to lick his shaft, then suck it as far into my throat as I possibly could. At one point I nearly blacked-out trying desperately to suck him all the way into my mouth. As hard as I tried, I could only manage another inch, leaving four inches of cock-flesh exposed. My fathers cock was just too big to swallow whole.

We could each feel the cum building inside us. It was almost like we could read each others nasty thoughts and feel each others bodies as if they were our own. This was the father/daughter connection that had us on the explosive edge. At one point I looked backed and said, "Oh fuck baby, no one's ever eaten my pussy like you." "We should have been doing this a long time ago baby."

He just groaned and kept uttering that he's wanted to eat my sexy ass and pussy for years, and that he never tasted a sexier pussy. I was going so crazy by the way my father was eating me. I got a little jealous when I thought of him eating my girlfriends. Just the thought of him in this same position eating them the way he was eating me, caused me to get pissed at myself for teasing him all those times and driving him to fuck them. I then thought to myself,

"From now on the only pussy you will ever need is mine baby. Not moms or any or my girlfriends. The way you turn me on and get me off, my pussy is all yours baby."

Suddenly our bodies gave in to the constant stimulus we were giving each other, and we both exploded over each other's mouths and faces. As my fathers cum erupted into the back of my throat, I swallowed blast after hot blast as I instantly came from the lust crazed state he had me in. As my father exploded in my mouth, I came in a long wave over his amazing mouth, as he pinched my aching nipples, further heightening my off the charts orgasm. The pinching of my nipples caused me to groan out loud and slam my turned on ass against his stiff tongue and use it like a cock. It was without a doubt the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced, lasting almost 5 minutes before I was through.

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