HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 03a


This was so different than the incredible non-stop orgasms I had with Mr. Jeffers, or would have with other lovers, including my grandfather. This was an orgasm built up from years of loathing my father. It was an orgasm that was built on total lust and passion. I detested my father for not being much of a man or a real provider for our family, but I had to admit that he was amazing at giving me the best head I ever had, and the fact that he had a real big, 11 inch cock made me hotter than ever.

I then laughed inside as I thought about all these years of disliking him intensely, and now here I was in the hottest 69 position with me stroking and blowing his huge cock as he skillfully sucked my lust-filled pussy.

Suddenly our bodies collapsed and I swung my legs over and went into my fathers arms and experienced the sexiest kiss, as light popping sounds came from our lips touching ever so gently, mixed with the tips of our tongues meeting. We kissed for 10 minutes, feeling the lust between us grow with each passing second. We both knew that this was something we were going to build on. It was too sexy to let it only happen this one time. As we kissed I could feel what my father was thinking and immediately said, "Oh don't worry, we'll fuck baby." "After the way you just got me off we are definitely going to fuck."

I went on in my throaty voice saying, "I've been real insensitive these last few years," I said kissing him. "I had no idea you could fuck me up like this baby, or that you had a cock this fucking big." I then added heatedly, "That sexy mouth of yours and your amazing touch owns my pussy and ass now daddy, and that great, big cock of yours is next in line to own it." I then said slyly, "Baby, the way you just made me cum, you won't need mom's or any of my girlfriends pussy's anymore."

We then kissed passionately for another five minutes, as I felt my pussy turn on again. God, I couldn't believe how crazy my father was making me. I then said in my hottest voice as I kissed his soft lips," Baby, the next time mom is gone for the weekend, the second she walks out the door, I'll turn you and that great big cock like crazy and we'll start our hot, long overdue fuck." I then added hotly," We'll fuck all weekend baby, in her bed." This caused him to instantly get hard again, and after two strokes of my hot hand, caused his big shaft to shoot off again as he groaned saying how he couldn't wait to fuck me.

I couldn't believe what had just happened between my father and I. After years of despising him, because of the feelings I had of him being so wimpy, and spineless, I was now consumed with thoughts of fucking him. I then said, " Oh god baby, you turn my pussy on like no other guy ever has. I've never cum so good." We kissed a little and I whispered , "Fuck, you own my pussy now Daddy," then said in a sexy hot voice, "Oh God, you've got me so turned on, lets go up to your bedroom and fuck all night baby? " I need to fuck this big cock of yours so bad baby. Lets go upstairs and fuck baby."

"Oh god yes. Let's fuck Allison," my father moaned as we stood and kissed. As if we were both in a trance, and forgetting that Mr. Jeffers was in the house, we got up and began making our way to the stairs leading up to the bedrooms. As we walked I had my hand wrapped around my fathers big, hard cock as he held my thin waist. We stopped every few feet to kiss, and as we walked, the sounds of my high heels clicked on the marble floor, adding to the lust between us. As we walked my hand busily stroked his raging hard cock. The swaying of my big tits, along with the clicking of my high heels, mixed with our deep-heated groans added to our naughty fuck scene. When we got to the stairs we went back into a deep passionate kiss, as I uttered in a loud voice, "Oh god, I can't wait to go upstairs and fuck you baby." We went up one stair and stopped and kissed then took another step and kissed again. We were both groaning and lost in lust to fuck each other. We knew we were desperate to fuck, and had to stop on each step to kiss just to release the lust that had been building inside us for years.

Just then Mr. Jeffers came back into the room......to be continued...

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