HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 04


As he clicked away excitedly, my cell phone rang. It was Krissy, saying she'd be at my house in ten minutes. I was a little pissed that she broke the sex mood that was in the air, but I realized that if she hadn't interrupted, I might have gone back to that place of asking my father to fuck me. I told my father I had to leave, and he asked me if he could get some shots of me coming down the stairs.

As I walked down the stair-case, I walked slowly so that he could get pictures of my long legs and my swaying 36DD tits as they swayed from side to side, from the clicking of my high heels, as they met each new step. My father kept clicking away, saying how hot I looked, as he watched my perfect body perform for him through the cameras lens. As he clicked rapidily,not wanting to miss a single movement of me walking down the stairs, he kept repeating,

"God baby, I've never seen a more perfect body. God you look soooo hot in that dress baby....soooo hot!"

As my father clicked away at rapid speed he commented on my long- sexy legs, saying they looked amazing and that my high heels really added a hot quality to my sexy, long legs. When I reached the bottom step I leaned against the hand rail so that he could take some profiles of me. This gave him a perfect opportunity to get shots of my 36DD tits and my long tapered legs, in my high heel pumps. I lifted my right high heel and bent my leg back which caused my father to groan and say,

"What an amazing body Allison. God, you are so sexy baby."

When Krissy beeped the horn, I gave him a few soft kisses on the lips, and told him I had to leave. As I kissed him my tongue came out and instantly met his. I didn't plan on this happening again, but I was so turned on by the way he had kissed my ass, the way he licked my pussy for the few seconds that I let him, that I just had to kiss him. We kissed like this for almost five minutes, as our tongues darted across each others wildily,and all through our heated kiss I could feel my pussy boiling.

"Oh fuck, you really know how to turn me on," I moaned softly, as his lips and tongue met mine.

"God you're so sexy. You drive me crazy," he moaned as his tongue darted across mine.

I reached out and put my hand on his steel hard cock for the first time, shocked by it's size and hardness, and just as I was about to drop to my high heel pumps and take it out and suck him.

He groaned as we kissed. I knew he wanted to say 'stay and let's fuck,' but he couldn't get-up the confidence to say it. It brought back the reason I had no respect for him all these years. He was just to spineless and couldn't take charge. He wasn't built with the same take-no-prisoners skin as my grandfather, the man who owned my father, the man who took whatever he wanted, and I guarantee if this was him instead of my father, we would have been in bed fucking by now, instead of playing this teasing game.

If my father had said, "Cancel your plans, I need to fuck you tonight," or if he took me by the hand and walked me to his bedroom and said," Let's fuck," I absolutely would have. But, no, he just couldn't take-charge like that.

My cell phone rang again, but I didn't answer. I knew it was Krissy saying she was in my driveway. Once again she interrupted what could have happened between my father and I. I then said to him in a sly voice,

"I'm sorry baby, but I really have to go." I then kissed him again for another minute then said," Now you can really enjoy your evening Daddy, thinking of me all night, with all of the pictures you took." " Maybe you'll even imagine fucking me with that big, hard cock of yours," I said hotly as I leaned in and kissed him again while I traced a finger across his huge bulge.

"Oh fuck, it's all I ever think about baby," he said as he held me tight in his strong arms and kissed me back, send his tongue into my mouth and twisting with mine, wrapping in a wild vine.

As I walked away conflicted as to if I should stay and blow off the party, he just groaned in a low pitched voice, as he took in the sight of my body one more time.

When Krissy drove up the drive-way, I reached for the handle, but then walked back to my father, seeing his eyes riveted all over my ultra short mini dress. Although I was annoyed he didn't take charge and tell me to stay because he had to fuck me, I went and kissed him again for another five minutes.

He had me so turned on that I had to kiss him again. We were in the living room, and although the curtains were drawn, our silhouettes could be seen from the driveway. As we kissed his hands went under my dress and he began cupping my ass. I was groaning like crazy and could feel my pussy dripping with lust for my father. I said in a deep breath, "Oh God baby, you really turn me on." I was still hoping he'd say," stay, let's fuck,' but that didn't come. He's too fucking timid I thought to myself.

Suddenly the horn beeped, and broke the mood. I reluctantly told my father I had to go. As I reached for the handle he spun me around and kissed me again for a few minutes, I was groaning like crazy, feeling my pussy boil over. This time, as we kissed he pulled down the top of my strapless dress and began chewing on my huge aching, rock hard nipples through my lacy bra. I leaned back against the door, and went wild, letting him suck my big, swollen nipples. I was groaning as my big tits stuck way out from my chest, and went wild as he sucked each of my nipples softly, but with authority. He was finally taking charge as I was groaning like mad.

"Oh god, suck em' baby. Suck those hard nipples that you turned on," I groaned loudly.

Just as I was about to cum, Krissy knocked at the door. She instantly interrupted what was going to be a earth-shattering orgasm. he had his chance to take me upstairs and fuck me, but couldn't be man enough. I reluctantly put my finger on my fathers lips then told him I had to go. I saw the look of disappointment on his face and ran my finger over his huge raging bulge, letting him know that there might be another time real soon for us to play with each other, and maybe even fuck.

When I opened the door I saw the look of annoyance an Krissy's face, and I apologized for running real late. She looked at my dress and said that she just figured out why, commenting on how tight, short and reveling it was. We then laughed and walked to the car. As my father watched me get into the car, I purposely swung my long stocking covered legs into her car to give him a nice, long look of my stocking covered legs and my high heels, before I closed the door. When I got in the car Krissy commented on my ultra-short dress and said she couldn't believe my father actually let me out of the house wearing it, I said slyly, with a double-meaning,

"Once he saw what I was wearing, he really didn't want me to leave." I then snickered and said," But I did leave him with a few things to remember me by."

She laughed, and called me such a slut for teasing my father like that. She even said, "For a minute I thought I actually saw you two kissing through the drapes." I told her I was helping him with his tie, because he was going out that night too. She then said teasingly, that she would totally understand if I was kissing him, because of how sexy he was.

"Fuck, your dad is so hot, I'd totally understand if you were fucking him, let alone kissing him," she said sincerely.

"Fuck, he is sexy isn't he," I added hotly. As I elbowed her I added with a voice that had a naughty quality to it, "Thanks for the suggestion. Now, I just might think about it, and fuck him," I said with a laugh that had me seriously thinking about it.

With that we laughed a little, as I continue to think about how sexy he was, and what a great kisser he was too, and that he had a cock a lot bigger than I ever imagined he would. That was probably because of how spineless he was, I just thought that he'd have a tiny cock to match his meek personality.

As they drove off Krissy thought to herself," You stupid bitch, if you only knew the size of the cock your father has and how incredible a fuck he is, the last place you'd be right now is in this car going to a party." She went on to think to herself, " Fuck, if you only knew how good he could make a pussy cum you'd be running to that door right now."

As they drove listening to the latest ghetto rap that rich, white, LA kids listen to, Krissy was deep in thought thinking about all the times she fucked her best friend Allison's father when she was out with her boyfriend and her mother was also out. The times she would come to the house dressed in a short skirt and pumps and fuck him by the pool or in the living room. The way he would fill her pussy with a cock five times bigger than her boyfriends, or any other guys dicks and fuck her into the most intense orgasm in her life. She got wet thinking about how amazing he was at eating her pussy too, and how he knew just when to bring her off, in a way that gave her the most intense orgasms.

She even thought of the numerous times she fucked Allison's father, when they were at a party and she would disappear for a few hours and drive back to her best friends and fuck her father, taking full advantage of his 11 inch cock, that made her cum non-stop for over an hour and a half.

What Krissy didn't know was that while she was getting the fuck of her life by her best friends father, he was imagining his sexy daughter's amazing pussy that was constantly teasing him, wrapped around his huge shaft.

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