tagIncest/TabooHS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 07

HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 07


This chapter features Allison and her father
Allison with a Sultan
Allison's father with two of Allison's best friends

My father wanted made arrangements to take me to a very exclusive club in Beverly Hills for dinner. He used my grandfathers name to get the reservation. It was an exclusive club where the richest of Beverley Hills and around the wealthiest people from world went. It was a club with a well-known reputation for seeing the sexiest, youngest women with the wealthiest older men in the world.

For my eye catching outfit I wore the most risqué, wicked slingshot dress. The dress was absolutely sinful, showing every, sexy inch of me. The material was sheer white and had two thin straps that crisscrossed my neck, exposing my entire back. The straps barely covered my nipples, exposing my firm, suckable 36DD tits. The straps crisscrossed my big tits and attached to the side of the very, very, short mini dress, that displayed every inch of my long, sexy, tapered legs. I wore a pair of tan, thigh high stockings and a pair of black, high heel pumps.

When I walked out of the bathroom my fathers eyes were riveted to my body. We had fucked all night and all day, over 12 hours and had both cum numerous times, and I was so thrilled to see his huge cock bulging through his pants at the sight of me.

"So sexy baby," he said as I walked to him. As soon as I came to him he took me in him arms and began kissing me, running his hands all over me. It was as if we were lovers, the furthest thing from being father and daughter, hungry for each other, hungry to please each other, and especially hungry to fuck each other.

This was such a turn of events for me. I had been such a bitch to my father for years, despising him for being my grandfathers pawn, but after the night last week when I fucked my black Principal in front of him for the sole purpose of humiliating him, and then my Principal making me play with my father to tease him, things instantly changed between my father and I once I found out how good he made me cum with his hands and his mouth, and that he had a giant, 12 inch cock, just as big as my black Principals, and really knew how to fuck and make me cum.

As we kissed my fathers incredible hands were all over my body, instantly turning me on and driving me insane with lust. We were in a deep, sexy kiss for over 10 minutes when I felt him push the tiny, thin straps off my nipples. At this point my bud-like nipples were on fire as he began masterfully kissing, licking and sucking each one. My pussy was dripping and as he kissed my nipples then ran his hand over the lace tops of my stockings and began massing my ass and spreading my firm cheeks apart.

"Oh fuck," I groaned, as my father once again took control of my body.

"I've got to suck your pussy," my father said, then instantly spun me around and bent me over the bed. He immediately squatted down and pushed my tiny thong to the side and began eating me, going from my pussy to my asshole.

"Oh fuck baby," I moaned over and over as he ate me masterfully, while his fingers played with my extended clit.

We stayed this way for almost half an hour, and I was going crazy as my father skillfully ate me. The way he used his hands to turn me on, running them up my stocking covered legs to the tops of my nylons, raising the level of heat in my body drove me crazy. I could not believe that the man I used to tease and torture was a master at fucking.

"Oh fuck baby, you are driving me crazy," I moaned as his hands ran up and down my thigh high stockings, softly, sending sparks through my body and deep into my wet pussy. "Oh god baby that feels so sexy."

Finally after a half hour of this luxurious head, my pussy shuddered in a nice, long, slow cum. After I came he pulled me up and we continued our kiss then went to the car. During the ride to the restaurant my father and I kissed at each traffic light, my hand lovingly caressing his huge, bulging cock as he drove his Ferrari through the wealthy streets of Beverly Hills.

The sides of my 36DD exposed tits in my sling shot dress, with the tops of my thigh high stockings showing as I crossed my long legs, and the sight of my black, high heel pumps were driving my father crazy. Every time he glanced over at me I felt his huge cock throb. This thrilled me to no end, knowing that my body turned him on, and that I excited his huge cock.

As he drove I played with his huge cock and talked about how much I couldn't wait to get back to the house after dinner and fuck him again. I had no doubt we'd fuck all night, just like we did the night before, and with my mother being away for another day, I knew we'd fuck right up until she drove up the driveway.

The dynamic changed drastically between my father and I this past week. We were lovers now, both desperate to fuck and please each other. I swore to myself that I'd never be a royal bitch to him ever again, especially knowing that every time I was a bitch to him when I dressed sexy just to tease him with my body, he was fucking one of my many girlfriends with his huge 12 inch cock. Knowing now how my father could turn a pussy on and how great he was at fucking, and that he had a 12 inch cock, there was no way I was going to let him fuck any of my girlfriends ever again. It was my cock now, and I was desperate to please him and desperate to fuck him.

I knew my mother was fucking my boyfriend this weekend, even though she made up some lame excuse about where she was going. Coincidently my boyfriend was going to some college trip, where all senior High School students go, but I knew he was fucking my mother all weekend. I could care less and so could my father, because it gave us the perfect opportunity to get into our long, overdue fuck.

As he drove we kissed at every light, which kept the heat burning in inside of us.

The restaurant was very elegant and stylish. Most of the men were older in their 60's and 70's and all were with young teens like me. Although the dress I wore was sinful, each of the teens wore something to catch the eye of the wealthy man she was with. Every teen was in some type of sinful mini dress, that were all skin-tight like mine, designed to show off their tits, whether big like mine or flat chested, their legs and asses.

When I saw all the sexy, young teens my age I immediately thought of my wealthy and powerful grandfather, who I was certain always, had one, two or even three teens on his arm when he came to the restaurant. I learned from my father that the annual membership to the exclusive club/restaurant was 3 million dollars. It was a place designed for the elite class of society, where discretion and privacy was the unspoken rule.

As I walked into the restaurant my dress and my body instantly caught the eye of everyone in the room, both men and women, but especially the older men. Although the ages of the men varied from their mid 60's to mid 70's, some being well into their 80s, the common thread that ran through each of them was they were all extremely wealthy, and very powerful, and ruthless.

Most of these men had a take no prisoner's attitude in business and in life that gave them whatever they wanted, at any cost, without any regard who it affected. These were ruthless men that could tear families apart to get what they wanted. And, what they wanted was more wealth and young, sexy teens to fuck, to celebrate their power.

Deep down, these were the men that really turned me on. I craved that kind of powerful man, who knew what he wanted and always got what he wanted. Suddenly the thought of my grandfather made my pussy wet. At 78 he was very distinguished looking and very powerful. A billionaire ten times over, who always got what he wanted in life. AT 78 he was in better shape than most 20 year olds. He was always in the company of a sexy teen sometimes two and three at a time. These were sexy daughters or granddaughters of business associates who like me craved the same kind of powerful older man who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted.

My grandfather had just bought me a 70 thousand dollar BMW for my 18th birthday last week and was flying my family including my boyfriend for a parry in his honor (Read the series: Power & Wealth: A Grandfather's Control) The thought of being here with him, then being in his bed washed over me. Nothing stayed in the path of these men taking or getting what they wanted, and if my grandfather wanted me I'd be his instantly, which was something I'm sure he already knew.

My father dressed in an expensive Italian suit which highlighted his incredible slim physique. When I walked into the room my sinful slingshot dress I could read the thoughts of everyman and most of the young girls thinking that they would love to fuck her as they all undressed what little I had on with their eyes. At one point I got up to use the bathroom.

When I came out, I was greeted by a distinguished looking older Middle Eastern man dressed in cloths of a sheik. He looked to be in his mid-seventies, but, I found out that he was actually 84, which I could not believe, because he looked so much younger. He was surrounded by six men dressed in black suits wearing dark sunglasses that looked very imposing.

He introduced himself as a Sultan form a country in the Middle East. He told me that he followed me to the rest rooms because I was the sexiest young woman he'd ever seen. I smiled and thanked him for the compliment. I knew he wanted to fuck me which turned me on like crazy. He immediately confirmed it when he said he would pay me 250 thousand dollars if I would fly to Dubai in his private jet and spend a luxurious weekend in one of his palaces. A little stunned by the offer, I knew he was serious and my pussy began to get wet. I even felt my nipples turn on at the thought of flying to the Middle East and fucking him and coming back with that amount of money. He gave me a cell phone with his direct number, and told me to think about his offer. I smiled slyly and said I absolutely would.

Suddenly I found myself in a deep kiss with a man nearly 70 years older than me. The Sultan looked at his personal body guards, giving them the signal to turn their backs and watch out for anyone coming. He then took my hand and led me around a corner wall and pushed me up against it. We went right back to kissing, as my groans filled the air.

As we were lost in our kiss, I had a thought of my father waiting for me. A part of me knew I shouldn't be fucking another man, especially since I was fucking my father, and was totally loving our weekend fuck we were having while my mother was away fucking my boyfriend, but I couldn't help myself. I was so taken by the assertiveness of the powerful Middle Eastern Sultan; I couldn't break away from him, because I didn't want to.

I was so hot from his aggressiveness that I groaned as he pushed me up against the wall. Our mouths locked instantly in a deep kiss, that had our tongues flying inside and outside our mouths hungrily as his hands roughly pushed the sides of her slingshot straps of my dress off my big tits, to the middle, between my deep cleavage.

For the next two minutes he went crazy, as he greedily sucked and bit my turned on nipples, as I tossed my head back and groaned loudly.

"Beautiful tits," he said in his heavy, Middle Eastern accent, as he greedily sucked and bit my turned nipples.

"Oh fuck baby, bite em," I groaned, encouraging him to keep biting my nipples.

As he hungrily bit my turned on nipples I felt my thong being pushed to the side and his fingers shooting way up into my pussy. I was so wet from being taken so aggressively by the Middle Eastern Sultan. I felt my pussy build-up real fast then closed my mouth down hard on his and threw my head back as I snarled, "Cumming," in a deep throaty voice. As I came I felt the backs of my feet come out of my high heel pumps, from cumming so hard.

As soon as I came, I squatted on my pumps and pulled down his pants.

"Oh fuck, I cried out, as I looked at 10 inches of flesh that shot out through the bottom of his underwear.

As soon as I saw it I knew he had a real huge cock; a giant cock. I immediately started kissing and licking all over the flesh that came out of his underwear, then pulled the rest down and watched it transform into a freakish cock, right in front of my eyes.

"Oh fuck baby," I uttered in a state of shock, as it continued to balloon out menacingly. Within seconds it was over a foot long, and very fat around, and it was still growing I couldn't believe how big he was. He was bigger than my father and my black Principal Mr. Jeffers. I soon learned that he in fact measured 13 inches long and was almost 10 inches around.

"Such a huge cock baby," I said as I spit on it then pumped it with both hands, wishing I had four more to help work his massive shaft, and to really please it. I pumped him up and down as I continued to spit on it with my hot saliva, while looking up at him with a sexy smirk.

"Oh yes baby, you like my big cock," he said in a voice that let me know, and I'm sure every other teen who saw it, how proud he was to have such a freakishly huge dick.

"Oh fuck yeah baby. I love a man with a real big cock," I said as I looked up at him while pumping his huge shaft that was coated with my saliva.

I jacked it for a few minutes and could feel him really swell up. "God he's so fucking huge," I thought to myself as I pumped his gigantic shaft. He then pulled me up and we kissed hard for a minute as our tongues wrapped around each other in a wild fuck-fest.

"I've got to fuck you now, you are too sexy," he said in a voice that was commanding, and led me by my hand. I was so caught up in his aggressiveness and his hunger to fuck me and that he had such a giant cock, that I gave no protest.

Hearing me gasp, "Oh Fuck,"he looked and saw me starring at his huge cock as it bounced off his knee in a loud thumping sound as he walked me to the other side of the sitting area. He spun me around and as I reached out and held the edge of the sitting table, exposing and bringing my ass right to him. I was already groaning in anticipation of getting my pussy fucked by an enormous cock.

As I looked back and saw him take hold of his big 13 inch cock a sudden pang of fright came over me. Even though my fathers cock was huge, this cock looked freakish, almost grotesque, with giant veins running the length of it like a angry maze. This cock looked menacing compared to my fathers cock. I was lucky because I was so wet from fucking my father all day and knowing that we were going to fuck all night that the Sultan's huge, 13 inch cock slid up inside my pussy without too much resistance.

The Middle Eastern Sultan was a man that fucked all the time; the sexiest young teens from all over the world, but this American pussy was different from all the hundreds he had fucked. Her amazing pussy gripped his enormous cock like a glove, sucking him in, allowing him to go deeper than any pussy he's ever been in. With a vast majority of the young teens he fucked, his huge cock could barely go more than a quarter of the way, half way at best and under loud protests, but Allison's sexy cunt took him to the base, feeding his massive cock sensations he'd never experienced before in his life.

As he fucked into the sexiest pussy he had ever had, he began to swell-up and throb within a few pumps. I could feel his giant cock building up to explode and looked back and snarled as I bit my lower lip.

"Oh fuck, I love your huge cock baby," I said and then turned her head to meet his tongue in a wild kiss. "Fuck that tight pussy just the way you want baby. Fuck it just the way you want," I said in a deep, lust filled groan. "Oh god baby your great big cock deserves to be pleased by every pussy you fuck, "I groaned, which made him groan.

"Oh yes baby, the best pussy I have ever fucked, "he groaned out loud as he began to expand deep inside me, nearly causing me to pass out from his immense girth.

As he fucked into my burring pussy, he kept saying how sexy I was, and that I had the most incredible body and pussy he ever fucked. I could not believe that I was so caught up in this wild fuck. My father was waiting for me at the table, and here I was fucking a man I just met. Of course I was turned on by my father and loved the slow, heated passion that we now shared.

The way my father slow fucked me with his huge cock was incredible, but I could not resist the powerful approach of the sultan. He was like all the men I hungered for, that took whatever they wanted, even if it belonged to someone else. Men like Mr. Hall (my boyfriend's father) or my sexy grandfather. They each had a power over my pussy that drove teens an myself fuck crazy.

Although I am only 18, I know exactly what I want I want out of life, and more importantly, out of a fuck! Older men had skills beyond any boy my age, and older men of power knew what they wanted in a fuck. It was mostly all about pleasing themselves too. My father was a very gentle lover, using his 12 inch cock in ways to please me and make me cum. Men like the Sultan, Mr. Hall, Mr. Jeffers and my grandfather were all about pleasing themselves. They fucked hard and came hard. They used a girl's pussy for their sole pleasure. It was an incredible turn on to me. A power I couldn't resist!

I know I should have felt guilty for fucking another man while my father was waiting for me, but I could not resist the power and the assertiveness of this 84 year old Middle Eastern Sultan, and his enormous cock. Right now I was lost in this fuck, and needed to please his giant cock and bring him off with my sexy body more than anything in the world.

I felt like such a slut, as the Sultan fucked his gigantic cock into me recklessly and with angry force, that had the backs of my feet coming out of my pumps, and my pussy spasming all over his angry monster.

"Oh fuuuuck," I moaned as I bit my lower lip, as his huge cock spread my pussy wider than I ever felt it.

"Oh yes, take that big cock you sexy bitch," he snarled, as he pounded every inch into me. "Your pussy is the best I ever fucked," he snarled.

"And yours is the biggest cock I ever had," I moaned as I turned my head and met his tongue in a fierce tongue, flicking battle.

He leaned over me, fucking nonstop, and in a punishing way as he reached around and grabbed my hanging tits.

"Beautiful tits. Sexy tits," he snarled as he fucked into me like a jack-hammer.

"Oh god baby, I love your great, big cock," I moaned as it filled every crevice in my burning pussy. I was caught up in this wild fuck that nothing mattered to me more than pleasing every huge inch of the Sultans giant cock. I loved fucking my father beyond words, but what I needed right now was to give the powerful, huge cock Sultan, exactly what he wanted; my hot pussy.

As the Sultan violently fucked his angry, 13 inch cock into the gorgeous, stacked 18 year old, sitting at his table were four young teens that the older Sultan would fuck that night, and although they were all sexy: one black, two Asian and one white, none came close to having the perfect body as this sexy American teen he was driving his huge, 13 inch cock into. None of the four teens would take his monstrous cock nearly as deep either. This teen was special and he knew that he had to have her at all costs.

Sensing how close he was to cumming, I pulled him out of my pussy which caused a loud pop, and made us both groan. Against his protests to keep fucking him I squatted down on her pumps and jacked his cock off until it exploded. His huge cock shot like a cannon, spewing bursts of cum all over the mirrored wall. As soon as he was finished cumming, I licked his still huge, hanging cock and kissed its entire length, as I looked up at him slyly.

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