HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 07


She heard her best friend ask her father if he liked her body and was shocked when she heard her say, "I'd bet you love to see me out of this dress wouldn't you baby." She couldn't believe her ears when she heard her father groan and say "yes." She then heard her best friend giggle slyly and say, "Well if you weren't such a lazy slacker and didn't have to be a lackey for my grandfather you'd see a lot more of this body. The only thing I'd be wearing right now is my high heels and stockings just for you baby," she added in a hot voice that had a lot more than tease in it.

"Oh god," he moaned as soon as she said it, as his eyes were riveted to her amazing body.

After that she laughed at him and said, "You're so pathetic and spineless dad. Such a looser, depending on my mothers father for everything and the lifestyle we have."

Just then Allison saw Krissy standing in the side door and said in an annoyed voice, "Let's get out of here.

Before they walked out Allison had to get something from her bedroom and ran upstairs quick. While she went to her bedroom, Krissy walked into the living room to say hello to her best friends father. When he stood she almost melted because of how handsome and sexy he was. Her best friends father was the sexiest man she'd ever met. She knew every one of her best friends girlfriends thought so too, and were always telling Allison that her father was real 'hot.' She had a real good idea that her best friend knew it too.

Seeing Krissy dressed the way she was instantly turned him on. Just earlier that day he had seen her with his daughter before they left to go shopping. She was dressed in loose fitting jeans and a loose fitting T-shirt with some sports team's name on it. She had her hair in a ponytail and a pair of sneakers on. The casual look made her look very plain and boyish. But, now her she was standing in front of him with a sinful mini dress that clung to her body like a second skin. Her body was real sexy, but a lot different than his daughters stunning 36DD-21-33 frame.

Krissy was the same height as his daughter, 5' 7" tall but, very thin, and very skinny. She only weighed 85 pounds and her measurements were a flat 29AA-22-33. She had no tits which he found really sexy, as his eyes roamed freely over every inch of her body, going from her high heel pumps, up her long sexy legs to her ultra-flat chest. She had makeup on and looked absolutely wicked. Because of her skinny, boyish frame, and having the tiniest of tits, made her an absolute fuck fantasy. Krissy was real happy to see her best friends father check her out, feeling his eyes scan over every inch of her body deliberately, and very slowly, turned her on like crazy. When he told her she looked incredibly sexy, she felt her tiny nipples get instantly hard and felt her pussy get suddenly wet. She suddenly wished she wasn't going to the party and wished it was just her alone with her best friends amazingly handsome father. The way he was looking at her body, she knew he wanted to fuck her, and she absolutely wanted to fuck him too.

When they walked out Krissy felt bad for her best friends father. She thought her best friend was being an absolute bitch to him, but what she didn't realize was that Allison thought her father was the sexiest man alive too, and that she would absolutely love to fuck him, if he wasn't such a looser. It was a love/hate relationship for her and her father, torn between how sexy he was, and that he couldn't stand on his own two feet, relying on her mothers father for everything they owned, and the wealthy lifestyle he provided them.

In the car Krissy told her best friend that she was a total bitch to her father, and a real tease. She then heard the story about how her best friend loved to dress real sexy and tease her father and belittle him at the same time. The only part that Krissy liked and thought was real sexy was the teasing part. She herself had been fucking her own father for the past two weeks. It was the day after her 18th birthday when he took her on a shopping spree that included a sexy lingerie store in Beverly Hills and a kiss that started there and ended up in his bedroom where they fucked for the entire weekend. Krissy's father is a high powered lawyer and had divorced her mother since she was 5. This was life in the Hills, sexy and very decadent, and extremely taboo, and sinful.

Krissy's pussy was soaking through her tiny white thong as she thought about how she'd love to be the one standing in front of her best friends father teasing him with her sexy mini dress and high heels, but then fucking him. Feeling bad about the way her best friend treated her father she decided to leave the party and go back to his house. She made up an excuse to her boyfriend and her friends that she didn't feel well. She knew Allison wasn't coming back, because she was going to stay at her boyfriends that night, and knew her boyfriend was staying at his friends and that they'd be passed out till the afternoon from partying so hard. She also knew that Allisons mother was out of town and that there was a good chance that her father would be alone.

As krissy drove back to the house she got wet thinking about how sexy her best friends father was. Krissy and all her friends always thought that Allison's father was gorgeous, and even though he was 62, he was in the greatest shape and was drop-dead handsome. She was so glad that she wore a micro mini dress that night and even more glad that she wore a pair of nude thigh high stockings, a black string thong and black pumps. As she drove to his house all she could think about was how sexy he was and how much she'd love to fuck him.

When he opened the door, he looked somewhat surprised to see her, but then instantly scanned her body up and down which thrilled her and made her pussy moist. When she came in they walked to the living room, her high heels clicking in a sexy pattern that stirred his huge cock. They sat on the sofa in the living room and shared a glass of wine together. She was turned on by his charm, and thought he was so sexy. Her tiny nipples were as hard as pebbles as they pushed through her top sinfully and her pussy was soaking wet. She was instantly turned on, and wanted to fuck him real bad. She told him that she felt bad about the way his daughter treated him and that she came back to tell him personally.

As they talked he couldn't keep his eyes off her long, stocking cover legs, as she sat with them crossed, showing her sexy high heel pumps. He couldn't get over how sexy she looked, and had a good feeling that she came back for a different reason other than to tell him how bad she felt. He was hoping it was because she wanted to fuck him. Right after she told him how bad she felt about the way her best friend treated her she was in his arms and they were instantly kissing.

Within seconds she learned exactly what her best friend was going to learn and that was he was an amazing kisser, and had the most amazing hands, as they moved skillfully up her stocking covered legs and across her tiny braless tits, the feeling of his touch driving her absolutely crazy.

"Ummm, your hands feel amazing," she groaned out loud while flicking her tongue out at his.

As they kissed sparks flew through her body like never before. Her pussy was on fire just from the way he kissed her. He had her so turned on. Not even kissing her own father or her black Principal Mr. Jeffers had the same effect on her body.

"You have a very sexy body Krissy," he groaned while he kissed her neck and ran his hands over her flat, non- existent tits. "I always thought you were so sexy," he said which caused her to groan. He could feel the heat rise in her body from the way he was kissing her and running his hands over her body. "So sexy baby. Such a sexy body," he said kissing her neck while he ran his hands up her stockings and over her flat tits.

"Oh god, you're driving me crazy baby," she groaned. "Got me so turned on," she moaned.

He knew she was gonna cum from the way he was kissing her and playing with her tiny tits and sexy legs. She was squirming and moaning deeply.

"Oh fuck that feels so hot," she groaned as he played with her body. She couldn't believe the effect he was having on her body, with just his touch and the way he kissed. Stunned, she felt her pussy begin to tighten, without him even touching her cunt. "Gonna cum," she groaned out loud, as she felt her pussy tighten and shudder in a nice, slow cum.

After a half hour of sexy kissing he pushed the top of her dress off the side and exposed her flat tits.

"Not like hers," she said, referring to her tiny tits, comparing them to his daughter's.

"Sexy baby. Very sexy. I love these tiny tits Krissy. I've always thought you had very sexy tits, and a sexy body," he said hotly and then began kissing her non-existent tit flesh and then her tiny, pink nipples.

His mouth drove her crazy; making her cum 5 times just by the way her kissed and licked her flat tits and little eraser-like nipples.

They kissed for almost an hour, their tongues flicking and twisting in a very sexy display, before he made her stand and helped her out of her tight mini dress. After her dress was off he took in the sight of her body, telling her how sexy she looked. The sight of her slender body dressed in nude thigh high stockings and black high heel pumps was an absolute sexy contrast to her young, almost pre-teen look. The sexy look of her stockings and heels with her ultra-flat chest and eraser-like nipples made his huge cock rage to fuck her. She was so happy that she wore thigh high stockings and a pair or classic black pumps. It just seemed so right to be dressed this way, and added to the excitement of fucking her best friends father. When he saw her in her stockings and high heels he told her she looked real sexy and that he loved her look.

They kissed for a half hour before he stood behind her and slid her tiny thong down her long stocking, covered legs to her pumps. When the thong reached her high heels, she lifted each leg for him as he removed the thong. He then leaned her forward and spread her tiny ass cheeks and ate her pussy and ass from behind, for over an hour. After making her cum 20 times with his amazing mouth and fingers he stood and they went back to kissing. Krissy could not believe how sexy her best friends father was and how skilled he was at making her cum. As they kissed she reached down for his cock.

This is when she discovered that her best friends father had a shockingly huge cock. Once she messaged his cock, it changed everything. What was going to be something sexy and very naughty, was about to turn into a mind-blowing fuck, fueled by him having a monstrous cock. As she massaged it through his pants she thought about her own fathers cock and how big he was (10 inches) but how much bigger her best friends father felt. She thought about her black Principal, Mr. Jeffers who had an enormous cock too.

She fucked Mr. Jeffers one night after a basketball pep-rally party right in his office. She was one his many fucks and like every other teen (most every girl on the cheerleading team) loved his huge black cock, and the way he fucked. Her best friends fathers cock felt just as big, and she was so horny to fuck it. After it was freed from his pants she went wild seeing it, totally disbelieving his freakish size and for the next hour went crazy worshiping it. Throughout the incredible hour, her eyes were always making contact with his.

"Oh god, you have the biggest cock," she mumbled to him repeatedly as she pumped her hands up and down his 12 inch shaft, trying desperately to comprehend his freakish size. "Such a huge cock," she groaned over and over as she sent her tongue out to lick up and down his shaft, as she teasingly flicked her tongue across it.

"Oh fuck Krissy, you're so sexy," he said in a heated voice as he watched his daughters best friend flick her tongue quickly across his huge shaft then pump her hands up and down, while twisting her palms in an effort to massage every inch of his huge cock.

Hearing him groan excitedly while telling her she looked so sexy, caused her to look up at him slyly and flick the tip of her tongue across his grapefruit, sized cock head. She played with his cock, consumed by his shocking size, and her desperation to please him and bring him off. His moans of pleasure filled the air and added a sexy background while she played with his monstrous cock.

"Oh baby, let me take the edge off this giant cock," she said hotly as she increased the speed of her two pumping fists. She then drove him mad and said, in a hot voice, "Oh baby, she was such a bitch to you and this great, big cock of yours. She should have stripped down to her stockings and high heels and let you fuck her with this huge cock." What she needed was a good fucking by this great, big cock," she said in her hottest voice while looking right into his eyes, then added hotly," I could never be a bitch to you, especially knowing you have a cock this fucking big." "I could never be a bitch to you. All I would want to do is to dress sexy for you, and then blow you and fuck you, every chance I got," she added hotly while grinning up at him slyly.

"Ohhh fuck," he groaned in a deep voice, as his huge cock twitched abruptly at the thought of fucking his sexy daughter. The thought of his incredibly sexy daughter, with her pussy wrapped around his huge shaft had driven him crazy for years. And now, the sight of her best friend flicking her tongue at his huge shaft while she grinned at him slyly, showing her shiny braces was driving him insane.

Suddenly, his huge cock began to pour out a steady stream of clear pre-cum. Her pussy was on fire form the unbelievable sight. His pre cum flowed out like an open faucet, going down his long shaft, coating her palms, which filled the air with a loud squishy sound. She felt his huge shaft twitching uncontrollably, the long maze of veins popping off his shaft, and filling with blood. She knew he was about to cum, and that thrilled her more than anything in the world.

"Oh baby, are you thinking about filling her pussy with this huge, fucking cock. Filling her pussy and then fucking her with this big ass monster," she teased, knowing he was, but glad it was going to be deep inside her cunt that night.

"No baby. I'm thinking about your sexy pussy, how I've wanted to fuck you for a long time," he said hotly, even though he was thinking about his sexy daughter, and how bad he wanted to fuck her

"So huge...So fucking big.....Not the little plain, innocent girl that you always see me as, am I baby," she said more as a statement, flicking his huge cock with her tongue, then pumping it up and down with both outstretched palms.

"Oh fuck Krissy. If you only knew how many times I thought about fucking you with this big cock," he said closing his eyes for a few seconds as he imagined her in one of her sexy string bikinis and high heels when she was at the pool with his sexy daughter. Her flat tits and her tiny ass drove him wild.

"And you don't know how many times I thought about fucking you," she said in her hottest voice. "Now here I am, blowing your great, big cock. So fucking big.....So fucking huge," she snarled through clinched teeth.

"So sexy baby," he groaned while watching the sexy best friend of his daughters work his huge cock.

"Oh god, I tried to get you to notice me a bunch of times when I was at your house," she said heatedly, as she pumped his huge shaft.

"Oh god Krissy, trust me, I always noticed you," he said through a deep groan, as he watched the girl he had known for years, pumping his huge shaft with intense passion.

As he watched her pump him up and down, twisting and reversing her palms to please every inch of his huge shaft he looked down at her long crossed legs and took in the sexy sight of her nude stockings and her black pumps. Without a doubt she was "pure" sex. He could see the high arches in her feet which made the effect of her pumping him even more sexy.

He thought about that day last week when his daughter had six girls on the cheerleading team over for a pool party. He remembered how all the girls looked incredibly hot, each one dressed in the thinnest of bikinis and all wearing high heel pumps to accent their sexy legs. He remembered his daughter wearing a white mesh bikini which showed off every sinful inch of her incredible body. Her thong-like bottom showed her amazing ass and drove him crazy as the string in the back went between her ass-crack making her look more nude. Her white, open toe high heel pumps added an explosive effect to her amazing body, as she purposely walked in front of him at every opportunity.

On any day he would have been climbing the walls, imagining his huge cock fucking into his sexy daughter, so deep, but that day it was her best friend Krissy that had his cock stirring in a raging hard on. Her skinny, pale body covered in freckles, with her shiny braces glistening made her look sexy, but then add the string bikini and the black pumps and she was now the ultimate, teen fuck.

He watched her every move and when she bent forward the dental-floss-like string could be seen right through the middle of her ass. That and the sight of the thin string covering just her nipples was the sexiest sight.

After telling her the story about that day, she was so thrilled.

"Oh god baby. That's exactly what I had hoped for," she said hotly as she pumped his giant shaft lovingly. "When I got dressed for the party I picked out something that I hoped would catch your eye, and even turn you on," she said hotly as she looked into his eyes and pumped him up and down.

"Oh fuck Krissy, when I saw you in that hot dress, and those high heels, I was instantly turned on," he said in a low-groan.

"Does that feel good baby," she said as she pumped his huge shaft looking up at him provocatively.

"Oh God yes Krissy."

"God I love pumping your huge cock baby. Pumping it....nice...and slow. So fucking huge," she groaned as she pumped him."

"Ahhh baby," he groaned hotly.

"The bikini I wore last week was to purposely to get your attention," she said as she stroked his huge shaft then kissed it for added effect.

"Oh fuck Krissy. I went wild that day. Your tiny ass. Seeing the sting go right between your sexy ass. Your long legs, and those sexy, tiny tits of yours on that flat chest, drove me wild," he groaned as she pumped him, thrilling his huge cock.

"I always try to wear something sexy when I know your home, buy it's always so fucking hard to get your attention, when Allison is always dressed in something hot around you."

At the mere mention of his daughters name his giant cock began to twitch rapidly. "Trust me Krissy, I've thought about your sexy body hundreds of times, and last week when you were at the pool in that bikini all I could think about was fucking you with my big cock," he said hotly, as he watched her put her mouth over his huge cockhead and suck it then kiss it.

"Did you like my black pumps? After I put on my bikini, I wore my black pumps because I really wanted to turn you on," she said then flicked her tongue across the length of his shaft.

"Oh god, they made your legs look so sexy Krissy."

"Do you like the way they make my legs look with my stockings on?" she said grinning slyly, her girl-like braces and her freckles, making her look so naughty.

His eyes were instantly drawn to her legs and to her sexy black pumps, the arches rising high in the middle of her shoes. "Oh god yes baby. They make you look so sexy. So sexy and so mature," he snarled as he looked at her pale body, accented by the nude thigh high stockings and black pumps, as her hands continued stoking his huge, 12 inch cock.

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