HS Senior and Black Principal


I was moaning deeply as Mr. Jeffers kissed all over and under my sheer lace bra as his hands pinched my inch long nipples. After a few torturous minutes he reached around my back and expertly undid the three clasps of my bra. As soon as he removed my bra he uttered in a complimentary voice,

"Fuck. Not the slightest bit of sag on your sexy, big ass tits baby. I've never seen a pair of tits this big; sit so high- up on a chest before, without any sag. And that tiny waist of yours makes these big-ass tits look even sexier baby. Fuck, your tits are amazing honey.Shit; I know those big tits of yours make you real popular Allison. Real popular."

As he kissed the tops of my swollen tits, he added in an almost sinister voice,

"Ummmm..great tits baby. Big and sexy."

Mr. Jeffers than put his big hands around my waist. Because my waist is only 20 inches, his big black hands were able to go completely around my waist with his fingertips overlapping each other!

Even though I was standing in my pumps Mr. Jeffers massive frame dwarfed me. Even though I stand 5' 8" tall, and 5'11" with my high heel pumps on, Mr. Jeffers towered over me. His massive 300 pound frame compared to my 105 pounds made me look like a twig in comparison. The other thing that made this sight so sinful was the difference in our skin. His skin was as black as cool and mine was fare white. The 40 year difference in our ages combined with him being so black made this sight so taboo and so sexy. It all just seemed to add to the excitement of this naughty fuck.

As he bent down, he held my waist and began kissing my nipples with his big pouty lips. He was making these loud popping sounds as his big lips kissed the tips of each of my engorged nipples, causing them to explode inside my sheer, lacy bra. The popping sound combined with the friction of his lips trough my sheer bra was making me moan and squirm. As he continued to make those popping sounds on my nipples with his pouty lips I said heatedly,

"Oh fuck yeah. Your driving me crazy baby.Fuck, your making my big nipples so hard, I can feel them popping through my bra."

His attention to my tits was unlike my boyfriend or the other guys I fucked. All they ever did was paw and squeeze my tits, but Mr. Jeffers took his time working me up and I absolutely loved it! I was groaning like crazy when he began sucking each of my long hard nipples between his lips. He went from one nipple to the other, kissing each one while he moaned out loud, saying how much he loved how big and hard my nipples were. When he began kissing my right nipple then twisted my left between his fingers I lost it, and came right there.

After I came we kissed real deep, as our tongues explored each others hotly. I can't describe how sexy and naughty it felt to be standing nude, in just my black high heel pumps and thong, as I deeply kissed my 58 year old black Principle!. As we kissed, his hands were busily messaging my ass as my hands were rubbing along the unmistakably massive bulge in his pants. He then said hotly,

"Ummm.I've gotta get a good look of that wild ass of yours now baby. That fucking ass of yours has been on my mind everyday since you came to this school baby."

I then stood on the tips of my pumps, causing the heels to come off the ground, and gave him a soft, sexy, teasing kiss that made a little popping sound, and said in a naughty voice,

"Umm, I'm so happy you love my ass Mr. Jeffers."

He then said in his deep voice,

"Oh yeah baby, I've had my eyes on your wild ass everyday when I watched you walk these halls, or when you are on the field with the cheerleaders. Now it's time I show you how much I love this amazing ass of yours baby."

As he leered at my ass, he pulled my thong away from it, and then let it snap back between my ass cheeks. This caused him to moan, saying in his deep dark guttural tone,

"Oh YES... You've got the most perfect ass baby."

He did this a few more times, enjoying the sight of my tiny, thin thong pulling away from my ass cheeks, then snapping right back in place, as he moaned in a dark almost sinister voice,

"Yeah baby, I love watchin' this sexy thong you wore for me, settle right back between those sexy ass cheeks of yours baby."

I felt so nude, and exposed, just wearing the tiniest of thongs and a pair of pumps, in front of my Principal who was fully dressed. I was moaning like crazy knowing that his eyes were riveted to my ass, as he watched the string-like material pull way out to the point of tearing, then snap right back. He had me so worked up that I actually came when the thong snapped back between my ass crack! I immediately looked back and said heatedly,

"Oh baby, when I picked out my thong this morning, I stood in my high heels and tried on at least ten of them to see which showed off my ass the best. As I tried on each one, all I could think about was which one would turn you on the most."

Standing in front of my 58 year old black Principal in my black high heel pumps, and my string-like thong, while he toyed with my ass this way made me so fucking turned on. He had my pussy boiling over, with every snap. I was thoroughly enjoying the attention Mr. Jeffers was paying to my ass. He then looked me over approvingly and told me that my body was driving his big cock crazy, and that it needed to fuck. I was so turned on by the way he referred to his cock needing to fuck, as opposed to him needing to fuck. Even though I know what he meant, it gave his huge cock a personality of its own. It also suggested that if his huge cock needed to fuck, it was not going to be denied. As he said this I watched him rub his huge bulge in his pants. His bulge was so big; it even made his huge hand look small.

As I looked at the outline of his massive bulge as it ballooned out five inches, and ran down the length of his thigh, to his knee, I began to tremble, as I took in the staggering sight. Just seeing the freakish outline of his massive cock made my pussy flow, and almost cum. As I looked on in disbelief at the larger-than-life monster in his pants, I groaned out- loud, and said hotly,

"Fuck, I've never seen one so big. That is one huge cock. God, I can't wait to be stroking that big black cock yours with my little white hands."

He smiled and said confidently,

"Oh yeah baby, this 12 inch cock is big for you. It's been waiting to fuck you, and get everything your sexy white body has, for a long time baby, but first my mouth needs a taste of that wild ass and pussy of yours."

As I stood nude in front of my 58 year old black Principal in black high heel pumps and tiny thong, he took me by my waist and turned me around and bent me forward, so that my hands we resting on the edge of his desk. As I looked over my shoulders I watched him take my string-like thong and move it to the side of my ass cheek. Next he surprised me by kissing my ass cheeks the way he kissed my big nipples. He kissed my ass cheeks for almost half and hour driving me wild, as he went from one ass cheek to the other making those soft-popping kissing sounds with his big pouty black lips.

As I watched Mr. Jeffers over my shoulder, kissing my soft ass cheeks, I was moaning like mad from the exquisite feeling of having those big- wide lips of his worshiping one cheek then the other. After 15 minutes of this sexy action he surprised me by inserting his long tongue deep into my asshole. This sent me into orbit. No boy has ever gone near my asshole like this, and it felt wild. He was making slapping sounds with his tongue around the rim of my ass, and then into it, as he said with a dark hunger,

"Fuck. You have a delicious tasting ass Allison. I used to think about this wild ass all the time and what it would taste like baby."

He surprised me and caused me to cum when he confessed that at the pep-rally for the football team in the auditorium the other week, all he could think about, while the speeches were being made by the coaches was carrying me to the piano and eating my ass and pussy right there.

I came right there and moaned out load, saying in a throaty voice,

"Oh fuck. You're making me so fucking hot. Oh baby I wished you did."

As he continued tonguing my asshole expertly, I groaned in ecstasy,

"Oh fuck, that feels so sexy, keep licking my ass. God, you're driving my ass crazy with that fucking tongue of yours."

Mr. Jeffers then brought me over the edge again as he said brazenly,

"That's right baby, go ahead and let that wild white ass cum. I can tell you love havin' this long, nigga tongue all over your hot white ass and pussy don't you baby. GO AHEAD BABY. LET THAT SEXY WHITE ASS OF YOURS CUM ALL OVER THIS LONG NIGGA TONGUE."

I was going so wild from this first-time experience of being with an older black man and his hot talk, that I felt my legs begin to spasm and the heals of my feet coming out the backs of my pumps, as a shock-wave of cum blasted through my ass and shot onto his long tongue.

As I was cumming Mr. Jeffers took my thong in his massive hand, and in one quick motion ripped it right off, as if it were a thin piece of paper! This caused me to gasp,

"Oh fuck!' as I felt the dark strength of this huge, imposing, black man, that everyone in my school feared.

After shredding my thong, he took my slender hips in his hand and began fucking the tip of his long tongue into my asshole, using it like it was a cock. As he guided my hips to his probing tongue I instinctively took his cue and began fucking my ass onto his rigid tongue. As I fucked his long tongue with my ass, I was moaning like crazy and said in a depraved voice,

"Oh fuck yeah baby, let me use that long nigga tongue of yours on tight little asshole. Oh fuck, that feels so fucking good. That tongue of yours has got me so fucked up. God, my ass is on fire!"

As I continued to fuck my ass hard against his rigid tongue, I said in a deep throaty voice,

"Fuck, that feels so fucking good baby. I can't stop cumming....UGGGGGGGGGG!"

After cumming five times, from fucking his long probing tongue, we got into a sexy kiss. As we hotly kissed I was going crazy from the taste of my own ass cum on his mouth. He then grabbed me by the waist and lifted me onto his desk as he said in one hot breath,

"Now I've gotta taste this fine-ass pussy of yours baby. I can't tell you the amount of times I wanted to taste this sexy pussy of yours baby."

As I moaned in anticipation for what was to come, he took me by the ankles, and then pulled me right to the edge of his desk. As the tips of my high heel pumps came to rest on the edge of his desk Mr. Jeffers went right to my Brazilian shaven pussy which was glistening from being so turned on, and so wet He instantly began kissing my pussy with his big pouty lips, just like he did on my nipples and my ass. It was clear that Mr. Jeffers had his personal style when it came to fucking, and my body was absolutely loving all the experience that this 58 year old black man with the 12 inch cock had. Right now I was benefiting from all the years of endless fucking his huge black cock did.

As his hands gripped my high heel pumps, he went from kissing my pussy to licking each of my long, distended pussy lips with his tongue. None of the guys I fucked ever ate my pussy this way. God, my pussy was in heaven! As it got wetter and wetter with each lick of his experienced tongue, I could feel my fuck lips get bigger and bigger, as they became engorged from being turned on by the endless skills of my older, black Principal's mouth and tongue. I was in ecstasy from the way Mr. Jeffers would take each of my pussy lips and suck on them with his pouty mouth, like they were pieces of candy. He drove me over the edge when he began pulling on each of my fuck lips, causing them to stretch out, and get real puffy. I was cumming like a faucet from the way he was sucking on each of my long, engorged pussy lips.

After I came he didn't waist a second, and went right to work on my rock-hard clit. He began by kissing it, than licking it in small circles with the tip of his long, wide tongue. My pussy was snapping like crazy from the way he was working my engorged clit. I began to squirm from the intentional teasing action he was directing to my ultra sensitive clit, which was now popping with every flick of his tongue. If Mr. Jeffers wasn't holding onto my high heels with a strong grip, I would have fallen right off the edge of his desk.

He then took total control of my body, and began sucking on my clit with his huge pouty lips, while one finger went into my soaking pussy and the other bore its way into my wet, flaming ass. As his mouth and fingers were hitting my pussy, ass and clit at the same time, my body went into spasms from being stimulated from all three of these hot- spots at once. I was so turned on from being so stimulated, I pushed down on my high heels and lifted my ass off his desk, and began spontaneously wiggling it around in small spirals, as his well-practiced tongue flicked rapidly against my distended clit and his fingers fucked their way into my pussy and ass. As he worked me up with his skilled mouth and his fingers I couldn't take the torturous sensations he had going through my body a second longer, and shuddered into the most violent orgasm I ever had.

After I came my body went limp on his desk. He then kissed his way up my body telling me how great my pussy and ass tasted when I came. As he worked over my aching nipples and my neck, I was responding to him instantly. It was as if my body couldn't get enough of this 58 year old 300 pound black man. As I lay back on his desk, Mr. Jeffers walked over to me and bent over and we got into another nice deep kiss.

It was so nasty, tasting my pussy and ass over his lips as we kissed. As our tongues met each other in an excited frenzy, his hands ran down from my 36D tits, and played with my big nipples for a few minutes before he continued on to my smoking, wet pussy, which was now wide open, anxiously waiting for what my huge cocked ,black Principal had next for me. In just a few minutes he had me worked up again, as his pouty lips met mine in a wild kiss, while his fingers tunneled into my scorching pussy. As we kissed hotly, I was getting desperate for his big black cock.

As he kissed the high school cheerleader and played with her amazing body, the 58 year old black man thought about all the women he had fucked, and how none came close to having a body like hers. As he took in the sight of the incredible white teen, as she lay on his desk with her sexy, black high heel pumps on, he thought to himself,

"Fuck. I've had so much pussy in my life, but without a doubt this is the sexiest teen bitch I ever fucked. Damm I've been watchin' this sexy bitch all year. No one has driven my big cock crazier than this big titted sexy! Once she walked through my door in that sexy cheerleading outfit and those black high heels, I knew she had fucking on her mind too. Shit, those big ass tits on her tiny waisted frame and those huge nipples are the biggest pair I even or sucked on.

She's got a perfect ass and the best tastin' pussy I ever wet down on, and the sexiest pair of long slim legs too. Shit, even her arms are nice and skinny. Fuck, I can't get enough of this fine white bitch. No bitch has ever had my cock this turned on. I've fucked 50 of the sexiest girls in this school and half of the mothers, and none of them have turned me on like this sexy white bitch. None of them! I think it's time to show her what a real big dick looks like. Up until now all she ever got to see were a bunch of little pencil-dicks form all of those white boys. Its time to get her mouth all over my big black 12 inch cock.... then into that sweet tastin young white pussy."

After they kissed, Allison sat up and looked at him slyly, as she ran her long manicured fingernails against the full length of his giant hard-on. There was a part of her that was terrified to actually see it. Terrified at what a cock this enormous could do to her pussy. She knew this was the same feeling all girls experienced that were about to fuck him. But she also knew the desperation to fill their pussy with a cock more than ten times bigger than their boyfriends or husbands quickly erased those feelings of trepidation and fear. Allison unzipped his fly and tried to reach in and take out his mammoth cock, like she had done to her boyfriend and every other guy before, but she quickly realized that this would be an impossible task, because of the sheer size of her black Principals freakish tool. As she tried to release his huge cock from the confines of his pants, he announced in a superior voice,

"Not as easy to get that big dick out as it is with all your boyfriends, right baby."

Before I could respond he stood up and began taking off his cloths, as he said with a confidence about his body,

"Just sit back and get a good look at a real man and a real cock baby."

As she watched her black 58 year old Principle strip off his cloths, her eyes were glued to the sight of his massive body. She could not get over how black he was, and the muscles that rippled on his body, as she thought pleasingly to herself, how great he looked for 58. As she watched him strip her pussy was snapping just thinking about how taboo this was. A man 40 years her senior who was black as coal. When his pants went down his knee, it seemed to take forever to fully revile his massive black cock. After what seemed like minutes his enormous tool sprung free and bounced off his knee a few times before settling against it. Her eyes were open-wide from the shocking sight in front of her, and as she tried to process the enormity of it, and the damage it could do to a girls pussy,or how it could change a girls fucking habits forever, she cried out in a state of shock,


Just the sight of his monsters cock caused her pussy to gush like a faucet. She had never seen something so big before. Not even in a porn movie she had seen once that stared famous black actors. God his cock was so big and so black! Compared to her boyfriend and the other guys she had fucked this mans cock was gigantic; almost freakish!

Sliding off his desk she walked to him, with her eyes glued to the sight of the 12 inch black snake that was jutting out from his massive frame. As she walked to him her high heels clicked on the floor, announcing that she was coming to please his huge big black hard-on. As she walked to him, his eyes were riveted to the sexiest body he'd ever seen.

As he watched her come to him, he subconsciously took hold of his massive shaft and began pumping alone the endless length to his knee very slowly, causing it to swell to massive proportions. As he pumped his shaft, as his eyes were glued to her sexy thin frame and her huge, big nippled tits that sat way up high on her tiny chest. As her high heels clicked louder with each approaching step, his groans and hunger for her incredible body mixed, making this scene a naughty crescendo of lust.

As she walked to him, her 58 year old black Principal couldn't take his eyes off her big swaying tits on her tiny frame, as they bounced teasingly from side to side and as her two huge one inch nipples pointed straight up off the ends of her tits.

Once she reached him, they embraced and kissed. Feeling his enormous jut way past her left side, she immediately began stroking the length of his foot long shaft, with a lust and hunger to please it. Even though her hand barely went half way around it, she was able to cradle it in her palm and pump along the bottom of his shaft. As she lovingly pumped him, he greedily pawed her white ass with his huge hands.

I was amazed at how big it was and how silky it felt in my soft hands. After a while I broke our hot kiss and said hotly,

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