HS Senior and Black Principal


"Oh baby, I can't wait to be sucking all over this great big black cock, and then having it buried deep inside my tight white pussy."

As he groaned he said in a deep resonating voice,

"Its all I've been thinkin' about sexy."

We then kissed for a few minutes, while I kept pumping his massive cock. I then broke our kiss, and as I continued to stroke him I said in an aroused state,

"Sit back baby. I've gotta suck that big black cock of yours before I go crazy."

He then smirked and said heatedly,

"This is exactly what I've been waiting for the moment I laid my eyes on your sexy body baby. I've been waitin' years for baby,"

He then sat back in his big desk chair as I bent at the waist and gave him a soft popping kiss on his big pouty lips, as I took his big black cock in my hand. As soon as I took hold of his cock I began darting my tongue over his big cock head wildly. As I flicked my tongue over his huge cock head, I looked up at him with a sly smirk that let him know I loved his giant black cock. As I flicked away at his cock head our eyes were locked onto each other. As I licked away on his huge my eyes told the story of how much lust I had for his enormous cock. As I worshiped his towering black shaft I was so pleased and so turned on, listening to Mr. Jeffers say how sexy I was, and how he thought about my body constantly, even when he was fucking other girls.

After kissing Mr. Jeffers I told him his was so huge, I needed to make love to it. I turned to my side and bent at the waist and kissed his big mushroom shaped cock head. As my lips made popping sounds on the top of his big head, his entire cock twitched and instantly came to full attention. As his freakish black shaft jutted out from his body, he made a deep groaning sound saying,

"Yeah baby. Get that big nigga cock nice and wet. It's been waitin' for you a long time baby. Get it ready for that sexy white pussy of yours baby."

His hot talk, in addition to the size of his black cock really had me turned on, and I responded by giving him a nice wet kiss as I stroked his big black cock and said in a voice I didn't recognize,

"Ummm, baby. I'm going to give this great big nigga cock of yours everything it wants....everything it needs."

I then spit on his huge black shaft with my hot saliva a few times, trying to lubricate it, then pumped up and down on it excitedly, as I emphasized in a heated voice,


As she worshipfully pumped away on the massive cock of her 58 year old black Principal, she marveled at its staggering size as if she was hypnotized by it. She thought about all the girls that were in awe of his huge cock, and the excitement they all felt while they were stroking it. The only thing the sexy big titted High School cheerleader could compare its freakish length and width to, was if someone stacked three beer cans one, on top of the other.

She knew that anyone who had the privilege to fuck it regularly would always be awe - struck by its colossal size, no matter how many times they saw it, sucked it, or fucked it! When she put her two hands on it, amazingily, there were still four inches of cock- flesh and the huge head left uncovered. There was no doubt in her mind that every woman he fucked would have testified that his cock was unmatched by any others they ever fucked. The other alarming thing about his giant cock was the width around. Despite her long fingers, she was barely able to stretch them around half of the jumbo-sized shaft. She knew that this was the private time when a girl was stroking his giant cock and pleasing it for him, while she imagined all the things it was going to do to her pussy once it started fucking.

After a few minutes of teasing his cock head with her rapid-fire tongue, while looking into his eyes, grinning with worship and lust for his superior cock, she began spitting up and down the towering black shaft with her saliva. She than ran her hot tongue along the wild maze of veins that protruded grotesquely from the sides, desperate to spread her hot saliva over every inch of his towering shaft and fully lubricate it, so that she could stroke it, without any friction to it.

She spit her hot saliva over twenty times to completely coat it. By the time his huge black shaft was bathed in her hot saliva, her throat and mouth were completely dry. She thought about how it only took one spit of saliva to coat her boyfriends cock or any other she had ever sucked. Once his cock was completely coated in her hot saliva, she began pumping his immense shaft up and down. The sounds of her hand pumping up and down his long shaft filled the room with a slick-sloshing sound. As she pumped away enthusiastically, she felt so powerful knowing she could turn on a cock this big, and make it so hard. She was also delighted by the words the older black man was uttering as she stroked his foot- long cock, telling her that her hands felt great on his big black cock, and that she really knew how to stroke it.

After a while, she opened wide and sucked the head into her mouth, as she continued pumping away at the shaft. His cock was so wide around that she barely the huge cock head into her mouth; even though her jaw was open to the breaking point. It took her ten attempts before she could expand her jaw enough to take his entire cock head and a tiny bit of his giant shaft. She knew her jaw would be sore later, but, she was desperate to suck on at least a few inches of his incredible black shaft. She knew that once her mouth was filled to the brim with a few inches of his black, steel-hard cock, and she could experience the warm flesh, it would be worth whatever soreness her jaw and her pussy would experience later.

The 58 year old black man groaned as he felt the warm mouth of the sexy white teen cheerleader swallow his enormous cock head and take a few inches of his shaft. He knew there was no chance of her taking more than a few inches into her hot young mouth. It was the one thing he knew his huge black cock would ever experience, and that was being sucked on completely. A few attempts have been made to suck him down to the base, but they all gagged at the half-way point, and a few actually passed out for a few minutes. This was the trade-off for having a 12 inch cock, one that he was glad to make, because he knew that his massive cock got to fuck more pussy than any guy and his average 7' dick ever could.

Once his big cock head was lodged in the mouth of the incredibly sexy young teen, he groaned deeply, as he felt her tongue run circles over the crown, making every effort to please it and keep it as hard as steel. He was groaning deeply, telling her how great her hot mouth and tongue felt on his big cock. She was so pleased when he told her that she was in a special class, saying that only a few could take what she had in her mouth.

As the big titted teen sucked away greedily on his cock head while eagerly pumping his saliva- coated shaft with her hand, he thought of the hundreds, more like thousands of woman and teens that had sucked his cock, and could not remember one as sexy as this one. As she sucked away on his huge black shaft with unbridled enthusiasm, her moans suggested a unquenchable need to please him. It was a familiar sound that he had heard many times before. As he looked over her amazing body lustfully, he watched his massive cock head and a few inches of his shaft disappear between her red lipstick coated lips, inch by inch. As he intently watched the young teen, committed to inhaling and please his massive foot- long tool, it struck him that she was without a doubt, the sexiest thing he'd ever seen.

The sight of his black, foot-long, 58 year old cock, in the mouth of this incredibly sexy, big titted, white, High School senior was too much action for his mammoth cock. He was loving every second of this unbridled devotion, and attention to his big black cock. He witnessed this untamed lust for his huge cock every time a woman or young teen set her eyes on it. It never ceased to amaze him to see this type of animalistic lust come out of the shyest of teens and the most reserved mothers of students before.

Just a week before, the schools official nerdy bookworm came to his office to receive an academic achievement award granted to the top ten intellectual students in the country. She came to his office dressed conservatively in a long ankle length skirt, flat shoes and loose fitting sweater. Her hair was done in pigtails, and her glasses were as wide around as saucers. She wore braces and had freckles all over her body. While the giant black Principal was commending her for her intellectual achievement he noticed her starring at his crotch a few times. He assumed that she had somehow heard one of the hundreds of rumors that always lead a curious teen or a mother of a teen to his office to see if it was true.

Of course curiosity always leads to fucking. He took this as a cue to introduce the nerdy bookworm to his massive black cock. Her shyness quickly disappeared when she got to see that huge black cock that she had overheard numerous rumors from students while she was studying for some exam in the library. The next day every student was shocked to see the school bookworm dressed in a skin-tight mini skirt and high heels and a sheer white blouse that reveled a teasing, white lace bra. The blouse was so sheer; you could read a newspaper through it. At 9am-right after 1st period, she was seen leaving the school with Mr. Jeffers, then getting into his Corvette. Supposedly he was taking her to a competition between students who have the highest I.Q. in the country. Coincidently, Mr. Jeffers and the nerdy bookworm were both out of school the next two days.

As the well endowed black Principal watched the sexy teen suck on his giant black cock, it was a sight he had seen play over and over, in his minds eye a million times. This sexy teen had burnt a hole in his brain every time he fucked. He couldn't get her body out of his mind. Even though he was fucking three or four different pussies a week, sometimes two or three in his bed at once, her sexy body would always creep into his darkest thoughts, regardless how sexy the girl or mother was that he was fucking at the moment.

I then bent at the waist again and took the shiny black python in my hands and began kissing and licking all over it. Mr. Jeffers then grabbed one of my tits in his big black hands and began rubbing and squeezing it, then pinching my big nipple as he said in a throaty voice,

"Fuck that's great head baby. Fuck, I imagined you doing this to my big cock for a long time. Fuck, you really know how to please a big nigga cock."

As he sat back in his big office desk chair, he was taking in the sight before him, as the sexy white teen was passionately worshiping his black, 12 inch pussy pleaser. Even having fucked hundreds of young sexy teens in his life, none had a body like this one. As the sexy white teen was worshiping his 12 inch cock while bending at the waist, he looked at her sexy, thin legs, than down to her classic black high heel pumps. He couldn't help but think that her wearing those sexy high heel pumps when she came into his office was what really got the action started between them. Her pumps were designed in a way that he could see the beginning of her toes towards the tips of her shoe, and the high arches of her feet along the sides. Her legs were long and thin, and her calves had the perfect tone in them.

As she bent forward and worked his cock with a crazed lust that no other slut ever had, he marveled at the sight of her ass. It was absolutely perfect, with the nicest little bubble curve in it. As he stared at it, he couldn't help but drift back and think about how incredible her ass tasted. His eyes than drifted to her tiny 20 inch waist, then to her massive 36D tits. The out-of-proportion sight of her tiny waist and those pendulous tits hanging down, high on her chest, with the huge pair of nipples, pointing straight up off the ends of those big tits as she leaned forward in her black high heel pumps, caused a clear liquid of pre-cum to flow like a faucet, from the tip of his big black cockhead.

As I eagerly licked Mr. Jeffers his huge black shaft, I could feel his eyes all over my body. I was moaning like crazy as my tongue flew out and licked its way up and down his long black shaft, over the wild maze of thick protruding veins. When I got to the head of his cock I flicked my tongue out in frenzy over the huge mushroom shaped head, as I looked up at him with a devilish smirk. As I licked up and down the wild maze of veins that pushed out from the silky skin of his cock I said in total bliss,

"Oh baby. All I want to do is worship this great big black cock of yours. I've been turned on for a long time thinking about it from all the stories I heard. God, I thought about having my hands and mouth on this massive black cock hundreds of times. I couldn't wait to come to your office and see it for myself."

As Mr. Jeffers kicked back and watched me suck all over his 12 inch cock with a depraved lust, he moaned out loud saying,

"Me too baby. I've wanted to introduce you to my big dick for a real long time sexy."

As he enjoyed all of the attention I was showing his massive black cock he said hotly,

"That's it baby. Show me you know how to work a big black cock. That's it sexy; take your time with that big black dick. Get it nice and wet and ready for that sexy white pussy of yours baby"

I was going wild, knowing I was turning on this massive 58 year old black cock that had fucked hundreds of sexy girls. When his cock began leaking the clear liquid I felt my body convulse in these mini orgasms, and eagerly licked the flowing, salty liquid from his big piss-hole, as it ran down the length of his huge black shaft.

As I hungrily licked up and down his sexy, black 12 inch shaft, I began playing with his big ball sack in my palm. I couldn't believe how big, and how much Mr. Jeffers balls hung down. His balls were huge, almost the size of baseballs and his sack hung down almost 10 inches. His huge ball sac was nearly the length of his cock! As I played with his balls with my hands I looked up and said slyly,

"Fuck, these balls are so big; I'll bet they hold a gallon of cum baby."

"Yeah baby. Lots of cum.......Lots of cum for you sexy." he replied confidently.

As I pumped up and down on his long black shaft, I began sucking on each of his oversized balls. I was excited to hear Mr. Jeffers moan in pleasure about the way I sucked on his big black balls. As I lovingly rolled each of his huge balls in my outstretched, wet mouth I pumped up and down on his pulsating shaft vigorously. Mr. Jeffers was going wild, and I could feel his huge black shaft twitching in my hands. I was going crazy knowing that I had him at a place that was going to make him pop, just like the many times he had my body cumming.

I looked at him lustfully and said in a wanton voice,

"Go ahead baby. Let me see that big black cock of yours pop off. Fucking explode for me baby. Let me see how a real big cock shoots! I want to see how it compares to my boyfriends dick, or all the other dicks I've jerked off.

That did it. At that point Mr. Jeffers huge cock began pulsing and spitting out ropes of cum, the likes I've never seen. I could not believe the powerful burst of cum that flew out of his huge black cock. As he continued to cum he demanded that I keep pumping his cock, which I did with a passionate lust to please him. I nearly died as his huge cock seemed to harden and swell even more as it pumped out burst, after burst. I knew my one hand couldn't handle his monster-shooting cock, so I instantly began stroking it with both hands, to better help pump it. As he came, I watched, in disbelief, his huge balls disappear, up- into his sac as he continued to explode in burst after burst of the longest ropes of cum I have ever seen.

As his hot cum flew out of the wide open head, flying across the room, over ten feet, I opened my mouth, lodging his huge cock head to my lipstick coated lips, and began to swallow the thick bursts that flew out. As he came, he instructed me to reach down and stroke my pussy while I drank his hot load. Doing as he commanded, I toyed with my throbbing clit, as I swallowed his endless bursts of thick seed. As I swallowed each powerful blast of cum, it triggered my smoking pussy, and I came like a volcano erupting, and flowing molten lava. After a two minutes passed he finally stopped cumming. After he stopped cumming, his huge cock continued to pulse rapidly, just like a heart would continue to pound after a hard race. Keeping his huge black shaft in my hand, I continued to stroke it lustfully while I licked it clean. As I continued to worship his tremendous shaft, I was amazed that it was still as hard as a rock.

In the minutes that followed we kissed passionately, as the tension in the room mounted for what we both knew was going to come next. As we kissed I continued to pump his big, rapid hardening cock, as I took in mental notes of each black inch that was going to be fucking in and out of my tight, white pussy. Sensing what I was thinking, Mr. Jeffers said in a hot voice,

"So, are you ready to try this big black cock, way up in that tasty, white pussy of yours baby?"

It was more of a statement than a question, because he knew I wanted to fuck the moment I walked in his room with my high heels on. I said in a heated response, as I wildly pumped up and down on his silky black shaft,

"Oh fuck, you've got me so wet for this big black cock of yours baby. For weeks, it's all I could think about. When I walked in your room and saw that huge bulge in your pants, I knew I had to have it buried in my pussy. As you were eating me and when I was sucking all over it, it was all I was thinking about. This great big cock, fucking me like I've never been fucked before."

I then spread my fuck lips with one finger, while I continued to jack his massive, glistening shaft. As he took in the sight of my wide, spread pussy, he grunted approvingly and I said seductively,

"Oh Mr. Jeffers I can't wait to have this big black cock of yours stuffed inside this tight-white fuck hole. It's all I thought about since I heard how big your black cock was. In school and at practice today, I couldn't concentrate on a single thing, except that big black cock I heard so much about baby"

After I said that we kissed and touched each other for a few minutes until he said authoritatively,

"Yeah baby lets get this long, over-due fuck started."

As the 58 year old giant of a black man took hold of his rock hard 12 inch cock and lined it up to the entrance of the smoking-hot, white, 18 year old pussy, he said out loud,

"Baby. I'm gonna take my time fuckin' this one-of-a-kind, fine ass pussy of yours. It ain't gonna be like all your little- pencil-dicked white boyfriends that get in this amazing fine ass fuck-hole and then shoot their little nut before you knew they were even inside. No baby,your gonna get treated to a real fuck now. Your sexy little white pussy's finally gonna learn what its like to fuck a real cock baby. Gonna learn what a big nigga cock can do to a fine ass teenage pussy like yours baby."

He added in a cocky tone that caused me to moan enthusiastically,

'Trust me baby, I fucked so many bitches. Once they get a feel for my big black cock, they want it more and more. Once they get fucked by this big black cock, they all forget about their boyfriends, husbands, and even forget about their kids too."

When I looked up at him, as if surprised by his last statement, he remarked matter-of-factly,

"That's right baby, I've had mothers tell me that they dumped their kids off at a babysitter or a neighbor when I called to see if they wanted to fuck. They couldn't get out of their house fast enough, because they needed me to fuck em with this big black cock. They needed to be reminded of what a real fuck was like."

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