tagErotic CouplingsHS Sweetheart Ch. 02

HS Sweetheart Ch. 02


This is a continuation of my sexual life story. It started with a night of wonder as my busty new girlfriend displayed her love of facials and titfucking, but had to end early before I could actually lose my virginity. Mary Jane promised me she would teach me what I needed to know, and I looked forward to the next time we’d have a chance.

The rest of the weekend turned out to be a bust (or in this case the total lack of anything resembling a bust). Mary Jane’s parents came back unexpectedly on Saturday afternoon from their Alaskan cruise and I had a few family obligations of my own that kept me busy through Sunday afternoon. Mary Jane and I would talk on the phone, but the presence of her parents in the house made it really awkward. She said that her parents were really strict when they were around and expected their daughter to behave properly and in a way that brought respect to her family. The stupid thing about their stance was that they spent more than half the year out of town leaving their ‘pure and innocent’ 18-year old daughter home alone. It was pretty weird how different she was just because her parents were around.

We met at the parking lot at school Monday morning and Mary Jane greeted me with a huge kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck and nearly jumped on top of me next to my car. I could feel her tits press against my chest as our tongues did a dance in each other’s mouths. I instinctively reached my hands down and grabbed her ass, to which she responded by moaning into my mouth. She pulled back, looked at me, and then purred into my ear “I missed you so much”. She ground her hips a little on my now hard cock.

“I missed you too.” I said. “I’ve been thinking about you non-stop since the other night.”

Our embrace was starting to attract attention. I could hear the catcalls and yells from our friends as they congratulated us on finally getting together. Although I was a bit shy, Mary Jane was driven by the attention and resumed the fierce kiss with which she had greeted me.

I was starting to get a little light-headed from the surging hormones and was worried I would forget where we were. My hands were already itching to get to her massive tits. I pulled back and said “We really should stop. I don’t know how long I can control myself.”

She agreed, looked at her watch, and ground against my cock one more time. “Oh well… I guess you’ll have to wait. See you in class!” And then she ran off, leaving me excessively horny, distracted, and euphoric.

The next few days were torture. She wasn’t allowed to date during the week while her parents were in town, so the only times we could see each other was at school. She took full advantage of my 18-year-old hornball status to drive me crazy during the week. She would constantly stand just close enough to me that her tits would lightly rest against my arm or my side. For a girl like Mary Jane, that didn’t really take much. Her 38DDD’s jutted out from her chest for the world to gape at. I knew she did it on purpose. We found a quiet spot for a brief moment on Wednesday during our lunch period and she grabbed my hand and brought it to her chest. I grabbed onto her left tit and said “Damn, Mary Jane, my hands have been thinking about these tits all week.”

“Mmmmm… I love the way you touch them.”

I leaned in closer in case anyone was nearby. “Of course, my cock has too. When do I get to titfuck you and come on your face again?” With the last statement I squeezed a little harder and brushed my other hand along her cheek until my thumb popped into her mouth.

“You’ll get your chance, naughty boy. I wouldn’t want to disappoint you. My tits are aching for your hard cock. My parents are leaving for Taiwan on Friday. They’ll be gone for two weeks. I’m thinking I should have a little cock for dessert every night.” Her tongue snaked out and licked around my thumb. “You know what I like best about dessert? The frosting. And I like to get messy. I always seem to end up with frosting all over my face when I have dessert.” Our breathing and groping was getting hotter and heavier. Teenage hormones can sometimes be a real distraction.

Someone was approaching, so we disengaged and attempted to strike up a casual conversation. They passed and headed to the parking lot. Just then the bell for the next class period rang and hordes of students cascaded out of the buildings. Just before she got lost in the shuffle, Mary Jane shouted out to me “Friday!!” Then she winked, spun around and took her DDD’s elsewhere. I was again left wanting her with nothing to do about it.

Finally, Friday rolled around. I had to walk around all day holding books in front of me, as my cock wouldn’t stay down. I got a note from Mary Jane in Physics that said only “Friday”. The messenger tried not to look confused; since that would have given away that he had read the note. I grinned and watched the clock for the rest of the day, waiting for the end of school. I had told my mother that I would be going to a study group at Mary Jane’s house after school to work on an assignment. They were still pretty clueless about our relationship and accepted this as good study habits.

The bell rang. In a fog, I made my way out to my car. I don’t remember if anyone talked to me, since I had a severe case of sex-on-the-brain. My only thoughts were of Mary Jane’s smooth skin, big tits, and hot mouth. I was unbelievably excited imagining the delights that lay in store. We both had been looking forward to this all week. She greeted my at my car with a smoky deep kiss.

“You taste good” I snuck in between heavy kisses.

“I missed you lover,” she moaned.

She pulled back and stepped away, glancing down at my crotch. “I see you really did miss me,” she said with a grin. Her tongue lightly licked her lips in a sexy way that made my cock lurch towards her. “Easy lover.” She stepped back towards me. After making sure no one was looking she unzipped my pants and reached in to stroke my cock. She moaned appreciatively and whispered in my ear. “Give me a twenty minute head start. I want to slip into something more comfortable after a long hard day.” She gave my cock a not-so-gentle squeeze at the words ‘head’, ‘long’, and ‘hard’. She licked my earlobe, kissed me on the cheek, zipped up my pants, and walked off towards her car. I watched as she waggled her ass at me, exaggerating her already sensual walk with a little extra hip action. I resisted the temptation to chase after her and fuck her on the hood of her car in the broad daylight. She was practically asking for it! All I had to do was find something to do for twenty minutes and heaven would be mine.

Twenty minutes later I pulled up to Mary Jane’s house. I had spent the time getting some flowers and picking up a milkshake from a fast food joint. I knocked on her door and waited anxiously. I heard that musical voice say “It’s open!” I opened the door and locked it behind me.

“Mary Jane? Where are you?” I called out.

“I’m back here!” I heard. I headed through the house towards her parents bedroom. When I walked through the door I was greeted by Mary Jane in silky lingerie sitting on the edge of the bed. I could see why she had chosen to move back here. The lighting was much better and the bed was immense. My parents had a king and this was much bigger than that. She leaned back, sprawled on the bed, and rolled around, showing me every angle of her hot body.

“You’re gorgeous,” I said. My cock was starting to get hard just looking at her. “I brought you some flowers.” I held them out to her and then placed them on a little table by the door to the room.

She put on her best southern belle accent, “Why Thank You! I always appreciate a man who brings his lady flowers.”

Mary Jane looked stunning. The lingerie was sort of a silky sun dress, though it was long enough to conceal whatever underwear she was or wasn’t wearing. Throughout all the action of the week before she hadn’t taken off her pants, so the sight of her legs was amazing.

“Nice Legs,” I said.

The material clung to her body and supported her massive tits. The little spaghetti straps were pulled tight over her shoulders and her tits were pressed together. Her cleavage seemed to be endless as it started just below her neck and disappeared into the dress. I must have stared at her chest for a while before I said “Nice Tits.”

She smiled, arched her back at me and said “Thanks. I wasn’t sure if you’d notice” The maneuver had pulled the material taut across her jugs and displayed her hardening nipples through the fabric.

As she waved them slowly back and forth I could tell she was staring at my cock through my jeans. She seemed to like talking dirty before, so I thought I would try to turn up the heat a little.

“How could I not notice? They’re pretty much the first thing I see when I look at you. Your tits are amazing, Mary Jane. They cry out to me about how much they want to be touched and caressed, kissed and licked.”

Her nipples were getting harder and her breath was becoming heavy. My cock was also responding and her eyes remained glued on the hard rod that was extending under my pants. I kept going.

“Every time I saw you this week I had to stare at those wonderful tits. I guess I’ve always tried to stare at them, but now I knew what they really looked like under your clothes. Now I know what they feel like in my hands as I squeeze them and feel them.”

I started to step closer to her and her eyes remained fixed on my cock. Her hands had started to creep up the dress, and she was softly playing with one hard nipple through the fabric. The other hand was practically mauling her other breast. As I got closer I could see the lust in her eyes growing. I wasn’t really sure about what I was doing. I just knew that the closer I got, and the more I talked, the hornier we both were getting.

“I’ve been thinking about those big tits all week. I’ve been walking around with a boner in my pants most of the week just remembering last week.” I finally stepped in close enough to touch her. I could tell that she had showered and put on perfume in the time she had asked me to wait. She smelled perfect and from this angle I could see further down her dress. My cock lurched at her as I reached down and squeezed one of her tits.

As I continued to talk about my dreams from the previous week, I reached down with the other hand inside her dress and pulled her other tit out. I played with the nipple and lightly stroked her cheek. She was looking with an almost animalistic lust at me and seemed to be quivering all over as I caressed her tits.

Suddenly, she reached up with her hands and rapidly unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, and pulled my pants and underwear onto the floor. She came down off the bed to do this and ended up on her knees with my hard cock casting a shadow on her face. I had to let go of her tits and instead started to stroke her hair. She grabbed my iron cock and felt it pulse under her fingers. She started stroking with both hands, moaning all the while and talking to herself in some unintelligible language. As she stroked more and more she started to become clearer. I pulled off my shirt and was soon standing completely naked in front of her.

She continued to whisper to my cock. “I’ve missed your cock so much. After that first taste I’ve been thinking about sucking you. I wake up each morning and wish I could feel it in my mouth and I imagine going to sleep at night with a hard cock in my grasp.”

I was starting to moan a little louder now that she had started talking. She leaned forward and started licking all around the head of my cock. She then started to lick down from tip to base and lightly fondled my balls.

“Your cock is so big, baby. I love the way it feels against my skin.” She was rubbing it around her face. That left both her face and my cock glistening from the licking she had been delivering. “I love to lick your cock. I love to stroke your cock. I love to suck your cock!” With each exclamation she was getting more and more worked up. She was stroking faster and faster and finally dove down and engulfed my cock in her mouth. I could only hold onto her head so I wouldn’t fall over.

It was an amazing sight. Her auburn hair parted and allowed me to see my cock disappear into her red lips. She had also taken the time to put on makeup and had on a bright red shade of lipstick. Now that red was starting to smear and come off on my cock. She slurped back and forth and I felt her tongue dancing on the underside. Her moans were almost as loud as my own. She was stroking along with the head job and I felt like I was absolutely flying.

“Oh yeah Mary Jane! Suck my cock! It feels so good when you stroke me with your hand and mouth like that!”

She looked up at me and pulled off my cock with a ‘pop!’ “Do you like to fuck my mouth?”

I pulled against her head with my hands that were holding her hair and forced my cock into her mouth. She opened up with a smile and relaxed her jaw until I was all the way in. “You know it! I love to fuck your mouth. It’s amazing to see my big dick disappear down your throat.” I was stroking back and forth, holding on to her head. She mostly let me do the driving and just let me fuck her mouth. I think I might have gotten too rough since she let out a little squeal and twisted away from my grasp.

She looked up at me. Her hand reached out to grab my cock and started stroking. It was super slick from the layers of saliva from her mouth and she slid back and forth effortlessly. Her lips were swollen from the blowjob and the lipstick had smeared a little across her mouth.

“Oh baby Mary Jane you are unbelievably sexy.” I moaned as she stroked me and licked at the head of my cock. “I can’t believe that my fantasy girl is kneeling here before me sucking my dick.” I nudged the back of her head again and she resumed her bobbing on my cock. One hand started to play with my balls and I moaned even louder.

“Do you like that? Do you like it when I play with your balls?” She dipped her head and started licking my balls. Meanwhile, her stroking hand accelerated and started straight out jacking me off. I could feel my orgasm approaching. I was about to slow her down, thinking that I wanted to save it for the night ahead, when she said. “Mmmm.. I can feel your balls getting tight. Are you getting close? Don’t hold back lover. I can tell you’re getting close to cumming. Let me have it. I want to have your cum.”

She took up a position with her head under my cock and her face turned up toward me. She licked her lips and continued stroking my cock and playing with my balls.

“You want my cum? Where do you want it? Do you want me to cum in your pretty mouth? It worked so hard for this. I’d love to explode inside that mouth and give you the cum that you brought out of me. Maybe you want me to cum on your hand. I know you hate to make messes, especially in your parents’ bedroom. If I cum in your hand it should be easy to clean up.” I was egging her on. She knew it, but it still made her hot. And what made her hot, made me hot.

“Baby, you know what I want,” she responded in her smoky sexy voice. “I want you to shoot your hot delicious cum onto my face right here right now. I want it hot and I want it hard and I want it messy and I want it now!” Her face and the exposed part of her chest was turning red as she got more and more turned on. I could feel my orgasm approaching.

Mary Jane kept up her coaxing. “Come on baby, cum for me! I want to watch it shoot out the end of your hard cock and spurt towards me. You’re right. I worked hard for this cum. I want you to spray my face and get it every where.”

I couldn’t take anymore.

“Cum on my face!!!” she yelled one last time, feeling my cock start to jerk.

“Here it comes!!! Here comes your prize! I’m gonna explode on your angel face right here in your parent’s bedroom. Aaaaaahh!!”

I moaned as I shot my load onto her face. She smiled and opened her mouth to receive my cum. She was absolutely beautiful. I kept my eyes open with some difficulty and watched almost removed as my orgasm coursed through my body. My cock jerked with spasms and each jerk was followed by another volley of cum that arched toward her face. The first shot was so strong it hit her on the forehead between her eyes with an audible ‘splat!’ and bounced back from there down her face tracing a straight line from brow to chin. I jerked again and another shot lifted up and curled over her left ear and into her hair. She was twisting her head around and moaning “Yes baby, cum all over me. Cum on me!” The third and fourth were back to back and one ended up dripping down her cheek and the other a little higher across the bridge of her nose. One more strong one arced its way diagonally across her lips.

After that spurt she said “cum some more baby. Cum some more for me.” She opened her mouth and started stroking my cock directly into her mouth. There were a few more weak spurts into her mouth before only little droplets were coming out as she stroked. She said a muffled “Thanks lover” and closed her mouth. She made eye contact and audibly swallowed.

She kept milking my cock and watched as small amounts of cum continued to dribble out. What was already there was starting to slide down her face. She was a mess. There were streaks of cum across her face and down her nose. She had it dripping down onto her huge tits as she begged for more. "Come on baby... cum all over my face!"

I ran out of gas and had to sit down. It was a shame to back away from Mary Jane as she quivered on the floor under another load of my cum.

"Why do you like that so much, Mary Jane?" I asked.

"It's sexy." she replied. "When I go and look at my face in the mirror I see a woman who loves sex and is ready for more. It helps to get me revved up for more to know that even at the very end of your orgasm, I am running fast and hot. What do you think of my new look?"

"I think it is awesome. I never would have thought to do that, but now I think about it all the time. Every time I see you I think about your face and tits covered in come."

"And I think about your monster cock sliding down my throat. There isn't anything wrong with a little fantasy."

I continued. "And when I go to sleep I get these visions of drowning you with load after load of cum"

"Mmmmm..." she purred. "That sounds yummy".

"I know that it looks sexy, but where did you get the idea to try it in the first place?" As I spoke I thought that the answer could have been another boyfriend that did it to her and I was about to hear about someone else's adventures on Mary Jane's face. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want. I'm just curious..."

Mary Jane hesitated for a moment. I could tell she was contemplating what and how to tell me. I was sure I was about to hear about some guy at camp or her previous boyfriend or just someone else instructing her on the joys of sex.

"Umm... I'm not sure how to say this. I just think facials are really sexy. And they feel good. It is so hot to sit in front of your spurting cock and feel the warm cum splashing on my skin. And so far, yours is really tasty too."

"So one day you just said... 'gee I wonder what it is like to get a facial?'" I wondered out loud again. She was avoiding my questions with more about how much she liked getting facials, and I was getting really turned on hearing her talk about it. I almost stood up in front of her again, but I was hoping this time she'd let me fuck her.

"Are you ready again?" She was ogling my raging hard on that was pointing right at her. "We need to do something about your hyper sex drive!"

"I agree!" I was ready for anything.

She opened her arms and beckoned me forward. I was expecting another blowjob, but she pulled me down onto the bed with her. We ended up face to face with our arms and legs wrapped around each other. She kissed me with a warm sweet open mouth kiss that I still remember. Her tongue reached out to me and gave me little licks across my lips. I responded in kind. After a little bit of the tongue tango, she pulled back to breathe. I leaned down and started kissing her neck. She loved it as I slowly licked her smooth skin and grabbed at her breasts with my hands. I tweaked her nipples and lightly squeezed.

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