HS Sweetheart Ch. 02


"Mmmmhh. That feels soooo nice." She was putty in my hands.

It was time to push the envelope.

"You said you were going to teach me how to eat pussy. Are you ready?"

Her eyes flew open and she attacked my mouth. I think her tongue went all the way to the back of my mouth and her hands were all over my body. "Oh baby! Am I ready? This is going to be fun!!"

She stood up in front of me and did a little shimmy that made her tits jiggle. Then she pulled the skimpy dress up over her head and threw it across the room. She was standing completely naked before me. Mary Jane slowly turned around and asked “Do you like me?”

I couldn’t say anything. I was absolutely dumbfounded. Her body was perfect. Her ass was round and firm, and her stomach was thin without being to muscular. Her pussy was the icing on the cake. She had trimmed her pussy hair into a little heart shape. She kept her legs close together so I couldn’t see much between them, but I reached out to grab her hips and pull her closer to me. Her nipples were just at mouth level so I attacked those first. I flicked them with my tongue and then sucked hard on her tits. I kissed all around her boobs and then started licking my way along the bottom curve of them. I figured this would be a sensitive area. The underside of her tits was always covered by a bra and hadn’t received much attention in our play up to this point.

I was right. She immediately moaned and pulled my head further into her tits. “Oh lover that is so nice!” she whispered with her eyes closed.

I started to feel slight pressure on the top of my head so I kept moving down her body until I reached her belly button. I swirled my tongue inside as I lightly caressed the skin of her back and sides. As I kissed lower and lower I could feel the heat coming from her pussy and hear the moans from her throat. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, but I decided I was going to just press on and make it up until I either messed up or got it right. Either way, I had the hottest girl in school naked in front of me waiting for me to attack her pussy.

I put my hands on her legs and slowly slid up her thighs. Her legs parted reflexively and she slightly thrust her hips forward. The skin on the inside of her thighs was silky smooth and practically pulled me higher towards her pussy. The heat called me on and my fingertips lightly grazed the area between her legs. At first I just felt skin and short hair. I wondered what all the fuss was about. And then her pussy lips opened.

She was hot. And wet. And moaning. All of a sudden a heat that was indescribable surrounded my fingers. She let out a loud moan “Oh baby!” and nearly collapsed into my arms. I held her up and did a little more exploring of her now exposed sex. I spread her lips apart and basically moved my fingers around until I found the places that made her moan the most. Her legs were quivering and she finally pulled away and sat down next to me.

“Are you sure you want to do this? Isn’t it gross?” she said. This from the girl who still had traces of my cum in stripes across her face.

“Please. I want to play with your pussy. Show me what you like.”

“Okay,” she said shyly. This was the first I had really seen her act this way. Normally she was the aggressive instigator. But this had reduced her to a shy little girl.

She slid back on the bed until her head was against the back wall. She spread her legs and beckoned me towards her hot and dripping pussy. From this angle I could see more of what was there. I could see the hole of her pussy, that legendary promised land, towards the bottom of her sex. I moved forward and reached out with my hand. She was still dripping wet. I slid my fingers toward her hole, and encouraged by her moans I pushed a finger inside. She writhed beneath me essentially riding my finger. It slid in and out. Inside was pure heat. A velvet boiling glove wrapped my finger. Outside was cold and I kept wanting to get in. But the passing back and forth was pleasure. Her pussy gripped my finger as it slid in and out. I pushed in with another finger and tried for three before she stopped me.

“Touch me here, too.” She guided my other hand up to the top of her pussy, where the heart of her hair came to a point. “This is my clit. Rub it baby.” Her tones had taken on a gentle quality. This was a far cry from the sexual tiger that had been begging for my cum on her face not so long ago.

I rubbed where she indicated and a hard nub rose up out of its hood. I treated it basically the same way I would her nipple. This was apparently a good idea. As I had a couple fingers of my left hand sawing in and out of her pussy and my right hand was strumming at her clit, Mary Jane’s body went rigid and she started to scream. If I hadn’t just been led to my own mind-blowing orgasm, I would have thought something was wrong. Instead I kept going until she relaxed and looked lovingly into my eyes.

“That was nice,” she said. “Where have you been hiding?”

“I’m right here. And I’m all yours,” I said with a smile.

She pulled me closer and then pushed my head toward her pussy. “Lick me, baby,” she whispered.

I rearranged my body so I could lick her pussy. I first kissed the skin of her thighs, feeling them quiver beneath my lips. Then I lightly licked from bottom to top her exposed pussy. She moaned and pulled on my head. “Mmmmore.” I licked some more, concentrating a stabbing motion into her hole and a flicking motion at her clit. Either one elicited the same moan. I mentally flipped a coin and went with her clit, but I first slid a couple fingers into her pussy hole. Before my hand had been palm down, but because of my position, it was now palm up. So in addition to poking in and out I naturally was doing a sort of ‘Come here’ gesture with my fingers. My tongue flicked out at her clit much as my fingers had before, only now she could feel hot breath on her skin as well.

I had read in Penthouse or some other porn mag that the key to eating pussy was the alphabet. I never understood until now. I started licking her clit in the shape of the letters of the alphabet. It was instantly successful. I wasn’t even on ‘D’ before she started moaning louder. I looked up to see that the hand that wasn’t on the back of my head was mauling her own tits. Her head was thrown back in pleasure. She was moaning, but most of it was unintelligible.

While my fingers were thrusting in deep, I found a more solid patch of her upper pussy wall. I caressed this momentarily was rewarded with a low and powerful moan. I did it again and the moan got louder. I figured I was onto something and just started rubbing that spot repeatedly. Mary Jane kept babbling about how good it was and I kept rubbing. When I got to ‘Z’ with my tongue I decided to keep going with the lower case letters.

Apparently Mary Jane really liked lower case letters. When I started the tail of ‘g’ her body went stiff and I felt her get even wetter inside. My fingers felt like they were being squeezed repeatedly and her legs started pressing in on my head. She pulled me close to her and let out the most wonderful drawn out sexual moan I had ever heard. I just kept wiggling my fingers and sucking on her clit while she rode through her orgasm. She practically pushed me away muttering something about "too much." She lay there with her legs slightly spread and one hand grasping her right tit. The other was on top of her head as she shook all over.

"Are you okay?" I asked. Honestly I was a little worried. I thought maybe she was having a seizure or something.

"Baby.... Baby... Amazing... Oh..."

She wasn't being very coherent, but her writhing hot body was getting me really worked up. I took her hand and guided it to my hard cock. She immediately grasped onto it and started stroking it in time with her moaning.

"Oh baby... you're so big!" She opened her eyes to examine her treasure.

I actually was feeling bigger than usual, and I was so turned on I didn't know what to do. Her eyes were glued on my shaft and her small hands gliding up and down. Another post-orgasm shudder shook her body. Her eyes turned smoky and she looked at me.

"After that orgasm, I'm totally and completely yours. Whatever you want, you get."

She pulled me in for a kiss. I could feel the heat from her pussy radiating against my leg. My cock was poking into her stomach. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but I didn't know how to say it.

"Anything?" I asked.

"Anything. You name it." A beat passed. "So, baby, what do you want? Do you want more of what I've already given you?" She stroked my raging cock.

"Well sure... but maybe we could..." I trailed off. I couldn't say the words.

"Maybe we could what?" She looked at me with that grin that said she knew but wasn't going to say. She started grinding her pussy into my leg. "You have to tell me. If you don't tell me how will I know what you want? What do you want?"

"I want you" I said weekly. I was building up the courage.

"What about me?"

My cock was already near to exploding when I finally burst out, "I want to fuck you!"

"mmmm... now that wasn't that hard. Okay... we can fuck, but first you have to put on a condom."

Oh no! I didn't even think to bring a condom!

She saw my look of fright and saved the day. "Don't worry lover, I thought we might end up having sex, so I picked up some condoms". She reached into a drawer by the bed and took one out of a box. She opened it up and helped me roll it onto my cock. I was so excited my cock felt like a bar of iron. I couldn't remember ever being this hard!

She rolled us over until she was straddling my stomach. My cock was straining up behind her and I was involuntarily thrusting my hips gently into the air.

"Now, I'm going to give you what you want. But I have a secret for you." As she said this she started to move backwards. She reached behind and grabbed my cock, lining it up with her hot pussy. As I felt the tip of my cock get warmer, she let go and brought the top half of her body against mine.

"Are you ready?" she whispered in my ear.

"Oh god yes! I'm ready."

"Are you ready to fuck me?" She started rotating her hips around, taking just the tip around in a circle. She didn't give me a chance to answer. "It doesn't matter. I'm ready to fuck your long hard cock!"

With each word she dropped a little further down my shaft until she was completely impaled on my cock. She lay still, moaning in my ear for just a moment. Her tits were hot pressed against my chest and her tongue played lightly with my earlobe. Oh... and her pussy was hot hot hot hot hot around my cock. I felt like I had enveloped myself in a pool of hot water that was throbbing and grabbing at my cock.

"Your pussy feels so good around my cock Mary Jane!"

"Oh baby... your cock feels so good in my pussy!"

Then she started moving. She held herself up with her arms and used her legs to rock back and forth on my cock. She stared into my eyes and let her tits dangle across my chest. After a few minutes of undulation and rotation around me, she slid up my cock just enough for me to get cold in the air then impaled herself fully on my rod. “Oooh,” she breathed. “That fills me up so nicely.”

“This is the most erotic thing I have ever experienced, Mary Jane,” I said as I brought my hands up to cup her melons softly swaying in front of my face. I played with her nipples and watched her face as she dropped over and over again onto my cock.

She shifted backwards slightly and I could feel the top edge of my cock grinding against the top of her pussy. The look in her eyes said that her clit was getting stimulated and she really liked it. It was surprising not to hear her talking, especially since up till now she never missed an opportunity to talk dirty when we were together. She must have been so into it that she couldn’t even speak. I broke her out of her reverie by pinching a nipple and reaching back to grab her ass.

She looked down at me, leaned in to kiss me, and then started jack hammering her hips above my cock. She pistoned up and down so fast I couldn’t figure out how she was doing it. She started to whisper in my ear. “Ooh baby it feels so good. I like the way your cock fills up my little pussy. Can you feel me grab onto you? Can you feel how hot you make me?”

“I can feel it. I love it.” I could tell she was getting close to a climax from her ragged breath. I wasn’t really so close because of my huge orgasm earlier, but I loved the way she looked as her climax washed over her. “Go baby... ride my cock. Don’t stop Mary Jane.” I wrapped my arms around her and helped her by pushing her ass down on my cock every stroke. I kept whispering in her ear to keep going and how she should let herself go, and she kept moaning and saying my name over and over.

Finally the dam broke and I could feel her get hotter and tighter around me. Her pussy squeezed my cock and she thrust her tits into my chest and moaned. She pounded down one more time and I felt my cock lodge deeply in her pussy as she came around me. I held her as the shocks and aftershocks subsided, then started thrusting again with my cock up into her pussy. It was basically reflexes at this point. I was so turned on watching her cum that I was actually pretty close myself. My cock was operating on autopilot and it didn’t need any mental direction to get moving into this hot tight pussy.

Mary Jane smiled and kissed me and rolled us over so she was on her back. “That was amazing lover; your cock just gave me my third big orgasm of the night!” She breathed deeply, trying to catch her breath from the aerobic effort of riding my cock. “Now its your turn. Come on baby! Your cock feels harder and bigger than ever. Are you ready to fuck me now?”

She started to pull me into her and thrust her hips up at me. It wasn’t too difficult to figure out what to do. I pushed in, then pulled out. Then repeated that over and over. I tried to mirror her hip rotations by including a few curved strokes. I experimented with clockwise or counterclockwise and she liked all of them. The best thing about it was watching her tits shake. When I went straight out and back they shook violently up and down her body. But whenever I came in on an angle, they responded in the opposite direction. I wondered briefly if they hurt her but then got distracted by the hot pussy engulfing my cock and the heaving titflesh. My cock was getting harder and I started thrusting into her with even more abandon. Her legs were wrapped around my back pulling me into her and her arms pulled gently at my back. Her moans and calls to me egged me on even more.

“Come on lover! Fuck me harder! I love the way you fuck me. Fill me up with your cock. Are you ready to cum for me? You know what I like. Don’t waste your cum in that condom. When you are ready pull out and we’ll put that cum to a good use!”

“Mary Jane you are so hot,” I cried out as I slowed down and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy grabbing onto my cock. “I still can’t believe this is happening to me.” In response she grabbed on with her pussy a few times and thrust her tongue into my mouth.

Somehow the tongue thrust sent me over the edge and I felt the beginnings of an orgasm approaching. As instructed I pulled out and started to take off the condom. At first Mary Jane was disappointed I had pulled out, but then she saw what I was doing and started encouraging me.

“I want your cum! Take off that condom and come put your cock between my tits.” She slid down the bed and let me straddle her chest. She pushed her boobs together provocatively and I placed my raging hard-on in the deep valley of her cleavage. My orgasm was rapidly approaching and her offer of another titfuck sent further towards my explosion. She gripped my cock with her tits and I thrust in and out of her cleavage. “Fuck my tits baby. Fuck these massive jugs with that long cock like it was a pussy or mouth. Come on baby, do it harder than that. Just ram your cock between my tits! I can feel it throbbing and pulsing. You are so BIG! Give me that load of cum I can feel it pulsing!! I want a pearl necklace!”

“A what?” I hadn’t heard the term before.

“A pearl necklace. Shoot your cum between my tits and around my neck. It’s the best kind of jewelry a girl could ask for.”

“Especially a cum-a-holic like you,” I said jokingly. “Okay.. one pearl necklace.. cumming…” I thrust in harder. “right…” I could feel the cum pressure building in my cock. “Up!!!!” I grabbed her tits on both sides and thrust in until my cock was poking out the top of her tits. She looked straight into my eyes as my cum started shooting.

“AAAHHHH!” I moaned. I returned her loving stare and only felt my orgasm rage between her large tits. I heard the cum splash against her neck as my dick twitched over and over again. My hands relaxed on her tits and let my cock up enough to send a powerful volley up onto her face. It nearly went up her nose and landed just below her right eye. She started laughing and reached up to grab my cock. As she milked my cock for the last of the cum, I surveyed the damage. Indeed, it looked like a pearl necklace. There were streaks and ropes of white cum all over her chest, and it looked like a necklace of cum extending back to her shoulders along her neckline. A large pool had collected in her cleavage, either from the weaker spurts at the end or from slowly drifting down her chest. She moaned with pleasure to her self and I complemented her “You look really hot Mary Jane.”

“Thanks, love,” she replied. She started to spread the cum around with her hands, rubbing it into her tits like it was lotion. In the end her entire chest was shiny with my cum. She scraped off the rope on her cheek and licked it off her hands with the rest of the residue from her chest. “Wow. You sure do cum a lot. Have you always cum that much?”

I slipped off of her. “I don’t know. Up till now it has only been me. I never came that much before. I think it has something to do with you. You get me so hot that I just want to explode. You must keep me horny and thinking of you all the time, because by the time I get to cum it is like I have been holding it back for a week!”

“Well you just keep thinking about me. You’ll have to think even harder now, because I don’t think I can stand to wait another week for another dose of your cock. I think I finally wore you out.” With the last statement she was looking at my shrinking and deflating cock. I wanted more, but my cock was momentarily out of commission.

“I guess we’ll have to wait for another time, then. I probably should get home. My parents may like the idea of studying, but they might not appreciate when I study all day and never come home for dinner!”

We got dressed and cleaned up what we could in her parents’ bedroom. At the front door, Mary Jane gave me a lingering hot kiss and grabbed my crotch through my jeans. In response I took her tits in both hands. We laughed and she told me “I’ll be waiting for more of this.”

I said “You’re amazing Mary Jane. I don’t know if I want to know, but I can’t help but wonder how you came to like all of this stuff.” I wasn’t so surprised about the fucking. Doesn’t everyone like to fuck? It was the cum covered faces, pearl necklaces, and titfucks that confused me. Sure, they had been regular components of my wet dreams for years, but I didn’t think girls would actually think about it too.

She winked back at me. “All in good time, lover. I’m not like all the other girls. You should be thankful for that.” She blew me a kiss, smiled, and closed the door.

As I walked away, my cock surged at the thought of the next time we would be together. I thought, “Without a doubt I am thankful. Thank goodness for busty teenagers who love cum sprayed on their faces and cocks deep in their pussys. Or at least thank goodness for the one who just helped me lose my virginity!”

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