tagErotic CouplingsHS Sweetheart Ch. 03

HS Sweetheart Ch. 03


Chapter 03: Porn Stash

This story is a continuation. See chapters 1 and 2 for an introduction to Mary Jane and our sexual adventures.

For the rest of the weekend, I found excuses to slip out of the house and meet Mary Jane at her place. We spent most of the time naked exploring each others bodies and fucking in nearly every room in the house. My appetite for this newly found pleasure of sex seemed to be limitless. I was young then, and managed to cum four times on Sunday afternoon: once each in the kitchen, living room, shower, and back in Mary Jane's bedroom. Each of those times was a little different. We were starting to expand our sexual horizons. We would try new positions, usually suggested by her. I had no problem just attacking her as soon as I saw her, but she always liked to change positions as we fucked. I would be in a hot groove banging her with my hard cock from above, when she'd say "Let's do it doggy-style!" and turn over on her hands and knees. Or, I'd come to her from behind and end up fucking her with her bent forward over a table. Then she'd want me to lie down so she could ride me. She just always seemed to be thinking of the next way and angle to get my cock inside her.

She put just as much variety into giving me head. Sometimes she'd just stretch out on the bed next to me, or kneel before me as I stood. She once let me slide in and out for about 20 minutes with her head hanging back over the edge of the bed. I stumbled across the magic of '69' as she started reaching for my cock as I ate her pussy. The moans caused by my licking disappeared as the hot sucking on my cock started. It took me a minute to realize, and then it seemed as natural as walking. Mary Jane kept coming up with more and more creative ways to go down on each other. She wasn't very heavy, maybe 110 including at least 15 pounds of those massive DDD's, so she suggested I stand up as we were '69'ing and hold her up while she sucked my cock. It was amazing. The gravity defying blowjob was intense and I think the blood rushing to her head made her suck even more deliriously than ever.

As much as we both loved watching my cum shoot onto her face, for the magic of the moment we sometimes did it a little differently. I discovered that I loved to watch her face as she swallowed a big load of my cum. With her lips stretched around my spurting cock, I could see her eyes open wide at the feeling of my jizz filling her mouth. She would then stroke me firmly with her hand into her mouth. She would always pull off, sit back, and swallow it all down in one go. She never failed to give me a big smile afterwards.

Over the next few weeks we had the opportunity to get together two or three times a week. On one occasion I opened the door to her house to find her naked on her knees with her mouth open. I closed the door quickly and remarked "Wow, what a sexy new statue. I absolutely love the melons on this thing! It almost looks lifelike."

I watched as Mary Jane struggled not to respond and her nipples hardened. She had mentioned something a while back about the idea of how sexy some statues were and how she was surprised more people didn't try to have sex with them. I didn't want to spoil her illusion, so I tried not to touch her. I did however walk close to her and start a running commentary on her appearance.

"Such a nice ass on this statue. I imagine this one would look really hot on her hands and knees. I suppose I'll have to settle for just knees. And the way her mouth is open and turned up, it looks like she's waiting for something to drink. Those tits are just amazing. I bet the sculptor had a little fantasy going on when he made this. No one really has tits that big and that firm. If they were real I bet they would wrap my cock in a blanket of warmth..."

Her breathing was picking up but she still hadn't moved or said a word. While I was behind her I described her sexy hair and back, and simultaneously unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. It was already getting hard. I stroked it gently as I circled her. When I got back in front of her face I stood in front of her, jacking off to her hot body. Even though it was a real person sitting there, I still felt a rush of excitement at the idea of jacking off to a sexy naked statue. I imagined being outside and coming across this vision of lust. I started stroking faster and aimed my dick at her face.

"This girl is so sexy. Her boobs are hanging down and sticking out. I bet I could fuck them and still have enough cock left to cum on her face. Oh yeah... this girl really wants it. She's just sitting here waiting for some nice man to drop a load of cum on her." I stroked my cock back and forth and drove myself closer to the finish line. "I wish there were real girls that looked like this. But I probably never see them because their boyfriends keep them inside all day fucking their brains out. Oh yeah... but this girl is gonna make me cum!"

I stepped in closer and rested the crown of my cock on her bottom lip. My pole jerked in my hand and I started to shoot spurt after spurt straight into her mouth. I could see it pooling inside building up until it was almost overflowing. I gave one last stroke and the last spurts caused a little bit to flow out of her mouth and go cascading down her chin to her tits and then legs.

I was still moaning and stroking as she broke out of her pose, swallowed hard, and wiped up the cum that had spilled. "Thanks baby... that was perfect. It was so hot to watch you jack off in front of me. I had a mini-orgasm without any touching at all!"

I helped her up and she went and put on some clothes. I pouted a little, but zipped up when she said "We can't just be naked all the time. I get cold sometimes, you know?"

I was experiencing so many new things. She had guided me through all kinds of positions and I had enjoyed every one. She had such excitement about sex that I was still bugged by the question of how she came to enjoy this so much. She introduced new positions and new ways to get cum out of me that I hadn't come up with in my wildest wet dream.

"Hey Mary Jane, Remember how you had me fuck you from behind while you made dinner last week?"

"Yeah. That was fun."

"And how you let me fuck your throat when you lay on the bed and let your head hang over the edge"

"Mmmm yeah let's do that again!"

My cock started to twitch again, but I wasn't going to be distracted again. "And what about all those times you have begged me to shoot my cum on your face?"

"You're really getting me hot. Maybe I should keep my clothes off after all if you're so into making another mess of my face."

"Where do you come up with this stuff? All I think about is just getting you naked and fucking ourselves senseless. I guess I just never thought a girl would be so into all of this." I was a little afraid of the answer. If she freaked out I could be ruining an amazing thing. It might be news I didn't want to hear about a previous boyfriend teaching her the ropes, so to speak.

"What's so wrong with me if I like it? I can't help it if I want your cock juice spread on my face. I miss you fucking me when you leave me at night and I try to think up new ways to get your cock in my tight pussy. If we do the same thing every time your big cock might hurt my tiny little pussy. This way I spread it around... sometime from the front, sometimes from the back, sometimes on top, sometimes on bottom, sometimes standing.... Mmmm... I'm getting really hot just talking about this!" She started to rub her pussy with her hands through her clothes.

She stopped with an thoughtful expression. "Do you like that I'm so sexually creative?"

"Definitely! I just worry that it comes from some unhealthy mental state."

"Oh come on," she replied. "You don't care about my mental state as long as I let you fuck my tits." She grabbed at her tits for emphasis. I loved it when she did that.

"That might be true," I wondered aloud. "You do have really big tits. It can sometimes be a distraction. Just look at how you keep getting B's in physics despite never completing a lab. You always wear that tight low-cut dress and stand really close to Mr. Persons on report card days. I'm surprised he doesn't mark your card with DDD's!"

"A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Besides, I have these tits, so why shouldn't I be able to use them?" she replied.

I chuckled, "I'm fine with that. I just think that the best use for them is to have them pressed around my thrusting cock."

"Mmmm... sounds good, wanna go again?" She started to pull up her shirt. I waited until I could see the bottom of her bra-clad tits before I stopped her.

"You're trying to distract me with sex again. What are you hiding?"

"Do you really want to know why I'm like this?"

"I confess I'm a little worried, but yes, I do want to know," I nervously replied.

"One last chance... Are you sure you can handle knowing what inspires all this sexual energy?"

I gulped and nodded.

She stood up and said, "Come with me." She grabbed my hand and led us towards her parents' bedroom. I remembered the time not-so-long ago when I headed through this door a virgin and left a man. As we walked she started talking, "Everyone thinks that my parents are just the greatest people. They're active in the community, go to church regularly, and participate in PTA functions. That is, when they are in town. But my Dad is a real hypocrite."

I was getting worried. Really worried. By the topic and direction I was getting sure this was going to come to a child sexual abuse issue. Had her father abused her? Was he still abusing her? Did she let others abuse her to take the place of her father?

She continued. "He goes to church and tells other people how to bring religion into their lives. He talks about being pure and innocent and lectures me on how I should behave in a proper and moral way." She reached their bedroom closet and turned on the light. She pushed aside some clothes and cleared away the shoes against the wall. "It's so funny when I hear people talk about how fine and upstanding he is. When he comes home he's just a regular guy."

She pulled gently on a tie hook and the wall slid aside several feet. "A regular guy who loves porn." The hidden compartment was another room that was nearly the size of the walk in closet in which we stood. It contained boxes of magazines clearly labeled with all the major titles. Along the walls were rows and rows of some sort of container. "And I'm just the daughter who found the stash of the guy who loves porn."

I also had gone looking for and found my father's porn stash when I was a young teenager. He had a few anniversary Playboys but that was about it. It was less than nothing compared to the warehouse of porn I was looking at.

"What is all this?"

She stepped into the hidden closet and pulled out a few magazines. "He has a little of everything. Mainstream, swingers, fetishes. You name it, it is here. I don't know where he gets it, but he always has the latest issues." She walked to the wall and pulled out the drawer on one of the compartments. "My favorite... the videos."

In each drawer was about 10 video cassettes. I did a quick calculation and figured that if all the compartments were full, he could have nearly 10,000 videos stashed in this hidden closet!

I gasped "There must be thousands of them!"

"Well, right now he has about 1500," she replied. "Most of these are empty." She went to the other side of the room and pulled out a drawer to illustrate her point. Empty. "When they go out of town I come back here and make a few choices and then make sure to put them back where they were before they return. I get so turned on watching porn. Just thinking about acting out some of the scenes gets me hot and wet. My favorite part is the end where the guy ALWAYS pulls out to cum on the girls face. I guess there is no way to fake an orgasm when the director expects spurts of jizz flying through the air."

She looked back at me a little sheepishly. "Is this okay? Are you okay with this?"

"Mary Jane, I was so worried it was going to be something else. Compared to all those other options this is fantastic. In fact... this is fantastic on its own. I have to wonder why you didn't show me this sooner. Did you think I wouldn't approve? I certainly approve of everything we do together." I was trying to calm her down and let her know I wasn't mad. An idea sprung into my head. "Why don't we watch one together?"

She broke into a big grin. She hugged me and then asked "What's your pleasure? I haven't seen all of them, so I can't really tell which are good."

"Whatever you want. I know absolutely nothing about videos."

She picked out a few videos and some magazines and closed up the hidden door. We made our way to the den and closed all the curtains. With the lights down, she slipped the first video in. "I think you're going to like this one. I've seen it hundreds of times. I think you'll see why it's my favorite." Mary Jane put the movie in and sat down with me on the couch. I had never seen a real porno before, so I was pretty nervous, but I didn't want her to know.

I don't remember the name of the movie. I do remember that the scene opened with a woman negotiating a business deal with a man in some office space. Within moments of the opening, her already revealing suit was on the floor and her large tits were on display. My cock leapt in my pants and Mary Jane immediately reached down to palm my hardness. She snuggled up close to me. I put my arm around her back and reached around to caress her breast through her shirt. I was so shocked by what I was seeing I wasn't really thinking about what was going on in real life. The woman on screen was now completely naked and the man was stroking his cock while she played with herself. My caresses of Mary Jane's tits grew into groping and she was playing at my zipper to release my cock. The man was now kneeling in front the woman and eating her pussy. She had her head thrown back and was playing with her tits, just as Mary Jane had done when I went down on her.

"Wow," I thought, "She really does learn her stuff from these movies."

My arms were reaching further down her body to grab at her ass and hopefully stroke her pussy. The same motions brought her upper body closer to me and pushed her head down. As Mary Jane opened her mouth to take in my cock, the man in the video stood up and stripped out of his clothes. It was a little weird to be doing and watching at the same time, but it was an extreme turn on. I pulled Mary Jane off of my cock and told her to get undressed. "They aren't wearing any clothes, so why should we?" I implored.

In moments we were naked and in each others arms. I immediately started fingering her hot snatch, strumming her clit and then driving two fingers deep into her hot pussy. She had her hands on my chest and was lightly caressing my skin, moaning into my mouth. She pulled away from the kisses, and turned to watch the movie. I kept playing with her pussy as we watched the woman on her knees bobbing furiously on the man's long cock. Her style and technique seemed familiar, especially the way she would whip her tongue around the head of his cock while looking up at him. I could almost feel what she was doing. Then I realized... I HAD felt what she was doing!

"You really learned a lot from these, didn't you?" I asked her while she continued to rock on my hand.

"Did you think I was so good because I'd been around a lot? That's just a rumor. Sure I've had sex before, but it isn't like you've heard. You probably heard that I had sex with the quarterback at a college party and gave a blow job to John Peterson on the bus back from a theater convention, right?"

"Uhhh... Actually, yes." I hoped she wasn't mad, but I had heard all that and more. She was rumored to be one of the most sexually active students in the school.

"It's all lies. That's what happens when jealous girls try to ruin another girls life. I used to get upset, but I learned to just deal with it." She said, with a proud determination. "I realized that every new rumor meant that someone's boyfriend was caught staring at my tits in class or saying my name while with another girl. I know I attract a lot of attention. I just save the goods for the best. I'm not giving out this love to just anyone!"

With that she started stroking my cock. She turned back to the screen to watch the blowjob in progress. "I just love this blow job. I love the way her mouth slides down his pole and she smiles. I can tell she loves it, or at least it's a convincing performance. What's the difference really? His cock is long enough to stroke and suck at the same time." She turned to look at me. "Just like yours, baby."

I smiled and said "Shut up and suck my dick already!"

"I thought you'd never ask."

It was like watching a mirror. Mary Jane had just about memorized the blow job in the movie like a dancer learns choreography. Every dip, every lick, every thing was exactly the same. I LOVED it! "Oh god, angel! This is too intense!" I moaned toward the back of her head. The combined slurping noises of her on my dick and the porn stars going at it filled the room. My balls started to twinge as I could feel my orgasm approaching. I normally lasted longer than these few minutes, but the combined stimulation was too much. Mary Jane could sense it and pulled back. I thought maybe she wanted another cum facial, but she left my cock alone completely and stood up from her position by my side.

She turned around, facing the TV and then backed up to sit on my lab. With her hands behind her to steady her, she spread her legs, and impaled herself slowly on my cock. My orgasm had backed away, so I wasn't in danger of exploding. However, I now had a hot view of her ass, arching back, and my cock disappearing into her pussy from behind. She started to rock on my cock, with her hands on my knees and feet on the ground. I helped by supporting her ass cheeks with my hand. She moaned in approval. I could feel her fingers on my balls as she played with her clit.

I grabbed at her ass and helped her up and down my cock. The only problem with the position was she was completely blocking my view of the television. I didn't really care; I was busy staring at her luscious ass and watching my cock slide deep into her hot and wet pussy. I encouraged her "Come on baby. Ride my cock. Show me how much you like to fuck me. Let's see that ass move."

At that she really started pounding her ass down. I slid closer to the edge of the couch and she ended up basically standing over my cock. I didn't need to support her any more and she just went to town riding up and down my pole. She moaned on every upstroke and gasped as I filled her on the way down.

"Mary Jane, I can't see. Why don't you tell me what's going on? What are they up to?" I knew talking would get her hot, and might help her to ignore the amount of effort she was exerting bouncing on my cock.

In between moans and quick breaths, Mary Jane filled me in. "He's ... fucking her now... she's spread on the table and he's... beside it holding her legs... spread out. He's taking his time... fucking her pussy and watching it slide out slick and wet... Oh... and now they're moving. He's sitting in the chair and she's straddling him..."

"You mean like us?"

"No... she's facing him. That way he can suck on her tits..."

I thought maybe her tits would get jealous if the woman in the film was getting attention. I sat up partially and reached around to grab them. They were heavy in my hand and I supported them as she bounced up and down.

"oh yeah baby... bounce my tits for me... Squeeze them while I ride you." She cried out. I pressed them together and into her chest. I knew from previous times with her that her boobs were so massive compared to her frame, that when they were pressed into her chest, they looked almost ridiculous. I kneaded them and told her to keep up the description.

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