HS Sweetheart Ch. 03


After a few minutes of moans and gasps, she started again. It was clear she was distracted. Her hot pussy was getting slicker and her riding was getting more irregular. It was hard for her to catch her breath. "They've moved again... now she's standing leaning over the desk and he's pounding her from behind..."

"Like we did at the dining room table?"

"Yeah... in fact exactly like we did at the dining room table... She's practically sliding all over the desk as he takes her."

This time I suggested the new position. "Mary Jane, angel, are you getting tired? I love looking at your ass and back while we fuck. I want to fuck you doggy-style, rock your pussy from behind."

She didn't need much convincing and slid to the floor in front of the TV. She looked back at me and spread her pussy lips from below. "Come on stud, give me the long hard cock. Fuck me like an animal! Grab my ass and give me a good pounding!"

I kneeled behind her and slid easily into her tight hole. The few seconds break had eased my growing explosion, but sliding back in nearly brought it on again. I waited a few seconds, knowing that the angle here would cause just the right pressure to bring on a monster orgasm. I watched the film and waited while the couple there fucked in a similar position. Finally, after some more ass waggling (with my cock attached) for encouragement, I started fucking again.

We went on like that for just a few minutes. I was really building up a load of steam and she was moaning with her head on the floor. Her tits were pressed against the carpet and her back arched to meet my cock. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back into each of my thrusts and groaned.

Mary Jane said, "Here comes the best part. I'm amazed you've lasted this long. Usually I've cum at least twice by the time we get here." I knew from the times she paused to shiver and grip my cock extra-tight that she had had a few mini-orgasms along the way. "Watch this... this is amazing..." she slowed her thrusts back at me and just stared with awe at the TV.

The man said something unintelligible to the woman and she immediately got up from the desk and kneeled before him. I had an idea what was coming, but I just wasn't prepared for the sheer magnitude of cum that leapt out of the guys cock and coated the starlet's face. She opened her eyes wide and had enough time to say "Cum on my face baby... give me your cum all over my face" while he stroked his angry red cock before the first volley hit her.

By the time it was over, the woman was dripping. She was licking up his cum from her hands and sucking the last of it out of his cock. This was the source of her inspiration. "Wow." I said, still sliding in and out of her.

"Yummy. Let's see that again. Are you ready to blast my face at the same time he does hers?" She grabbed the remote and rewound. I was so amazed at the intense facial I had just witness that I was literally ready to explode.

"You better get your face over here quick or you're going to be cleaning my cum out of the carpet if you want it." I was so close.

She started the movie again just as the woman was begging the man "... cum all over my face!" Mary Jane joined in "give me that spunk! Let me bathe in your sperm! I know you have a big load in there I could feel it in your balls as I fucked you. Now give it to me."

That was more than enough convincing for me at that point. I watched the tape and tried to mimic the porn stud's moves as he sprayed his juice. My orgasm was intense and I could feel my balls contract. I sprayed my cum out onto Mary Jane's lips and cheeks with the first spurt, and then directed it to hit right between her eyes. I pumped my cock some more like he was on the video, and I found that it helped to build up pressure behind my next spurt. It hit her above the left eye and tracked back across her face to her right cheek. I was still going strong. The next shot needed to go into her open mouth, so I aimed and hit on the first try. After that the guy was shooting a few more across her nose and eyes. I let the explosion keep rolling and she grinned as the cum landed across her eyelids.

"Yes baby! More More More! Gimme All your CUM!!" she was screaming just like the porn star, only Mary Jane was much hotter and much more real.

"Come and suck it out of me Mary Jane." I deviated from the script a little, but I wanted to get my cock back into her mouth before this was over. Her eyes opened and she gobbled up my cock like she had been thinking the same thing. Her sucking was intense and my cock was almost too sensitive. When I was done cumming for good, I leaned back and sat on the couch. I hit the pause button as the woman's cum-covered face filled the screen, a big smile on her face.

"Mary Jane, I think we did a good job. You look just like that woman."

She spun around, and then went to look in the mirror. I heard a gasp and then "Oh my god! It's so sexy! You have the most amazing cock and the best cumshots ever!" She ran back in and hopped down next to me. She brought her face close to mine and asked "How do I look? Am I sexier than her?" she gestured at the screen.

"Sexier than whom? Compared to you that woman is totally worthless and without sexuality." The cum was starting to drain down her face. "I wish I could take a picture to keep this image with me at all times. I guess we'll have to keep refreshing it so I don't forget."

She grinned and got up. "Stay right there. I'll be right back". In a minute she returned with a Polaroid camera. She knelt down between my legs and grabbed my cock. "Go ahead. Take the picture. You can have something to remember the best facial cumshot in the history of the world!" I snapped two pictures back to back, and gave one to her and kept one for myself.

"Mary Jane... I am the luckiest man alive. Please tell me I'm the only one that gets to experience this with you."

"Remember, despite what you might have heard, I'm not that kind of girl. This body and face and mouth and these tits and everything else are 100% all yours to do with as you wish. All you have to do is say the word and its yours."

I was too worn out to ask for anything that time. But I could imagine all the sexual pleasures this girl could hand out. My mind was racing, but my cock wasn't going to rise anymore that day. "I think we'll have to wait on that. I don't think my dick is ready for more just yet. Maybe we should get cleaned up and go catch a movie... a regular movie."

"Sure thing, lover. I'll go wash up and get dressed. Can you bring the videos back to my room?"

We headed out the door to a movie. I spent the entire film kneading her tits under her shirt. I tweaked her nipples during the loud parts so no one could hear her gasp. Every now and then we looked at each other, smiled and shared a deep kiss. We were the usual 18-year old lovers, but we also were sharing visions of Mary Jane's face dripping with my cum. She leaned her head on my shoulder and whispered into my ear "I love your cock."

I dropped her off at her house after she sucked me off again in the car. She swallowed my load and thanked me for the evening. I was going to tell her about the little bit of cum she had spilled onto her chin, but I let her walk away. I figured she was running so hot and horny, she'd see it in the mirror when she got in and orgasm on the spot.

I was right.

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