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HSN Hotties: Callie's Revenge


Callie was pissed and right now she was in no mood to see or even interact with anybody. Her husband made the mistake of telling her that their neighbor Shari was hot looking. Shari has this nasty "habit" of doing her daily yoga and pilates in the backyard while wearing a bikini. If that wasn't enough, he then tried to limit his mistake by telling her that she was hot "for her age."

Callie Northagen was a shopping host for HSN. She was 5'9", brunette, although she dyed her hair blond, about 135 lbs. and her tits were beautiful even if she was a B cup. She was still pissed because of the "for your age" comment, even though she was only 44. She met her husband back in 1984 after participating in the Miss North Dakota competition. They dated, married, and she's stayed with him since that time. So for him to say that was not exactly the brightest idea in the world.

Callie was walking down the halls of HSN, heading toward her office when she bounced into Scott.

"Hey Callie, good shows today huh?"

"Yeah.. Real good fucking shows today. Big flipping deal.", Callie brushed past him and slammed her office door. She sat down at her dressing table and burst into tears. She heard the knock at the door and wiped her eyes quickly.

"Yeah.... come in.", she tried to compose herself quickly.

The door opened slowly and about three seconds after it stopped, Scott peeked around it.

"Hey girlfriend. Something is going on and you know the brass. If I can't get you cheered up and smiling for your ten or so fans, I might as well be bagging groceries at Piggly Wiggly"

Callie tried hard to suppress a laugh but couldn't. As much as she wanted to be pissed at the world, Scott was the one person who could always make her laugh. He hugged her and asked her what was troubling her. Without going into major details, she re-lived her day and brought him up to speed. The whole time she talked Scott listened intently, nodding his understanding and his face forming a crooked smile.

"Okay Scott. I see your evil grin. You have some kind of evil plan forming."

"Well Callie." he paused and took a breath. " I would love to help you but seeing as I'm gay, I couldn't help in that department. But let me ask you a question."

"Okay, I'm afraid to answer but shoot."

"Have you noticed the new camera guy on the floor? I think his name is Brad, but I could be wrong."

Callie knew exactly who he was talking about. Brad was about 6'2 and maybe weighed in at 195 lbs. You needed muscles to lug around the portable camera and all the hostesses noticed Brad's. Colleen Lopez and Diana Perkovic often talked about what he'd be like in bed.

"Okay. So what are you thinking?" Callie had an idea where Scott was going.

"Well girly-girl. I happen to know that the young man in question has been talking to assorted members of the crew and thinks that you are the hottest creature on the planet. I'm thinking what a better way to boost your morale than to just plain screw him and and prove to yourself that your husband's a jerk" Callie noticed that Scott had a big grin and the more he talked the brighter he seemed to get. Scott looked directly at her.

" Look sister. You are one of the hottest hostesses right now. Your numbers prove it. Your sonuvabitch husband is disrespecting you and is making you doubt yourself. Brad wants to fuck you, and I know of at least five other gals here who would do him in a heartbeat. Either shut up and give him the ride if his life, or agree with your husband and be miserable."

As much as she wanted to, she just couldn't fully get on board with his plan. It's not that she didn't want to fuck him, it was the fact that she was married and even though her husband was a prick, cheating on him was hard.

"I don't know Scott. Doing him would be great, but people would talk and I don't want to be considered a slut."

" Callie don't worry. All you have to do is trust me and everything will be fine."

Callie spent the rest of her day doing the product research and then hosted her four hours of shows. After finishing up and signing off on all of her reports, she changed out of the product clothes she had to wear for her shows and headed toward her car. Callie smirked a little at the inside joke between the hostesses at the network. As she was walking to her car she wondered if all the guys out there in cyberland truly believed she wore the tight dresses outside of work. She wondered if they would be disappointed to know she was in spandex workout pants and a T-shirt.

She approched her car, half daydreaming half tired from her day and was startled by his low voice.

"Hey Ms. Northagen."

She almost let out a scream but caught herself.

" Uh, hi Brad. I didn't realize you were there."

"I'm sorry about that Ms. Northagen. I didn't want to startle you. I was talking to Scott and he said that if I met you down here, you'd give me an idea of what you needed."

Suddenly Callie figured out what Scott's plan was. He told Brad that she wanted to see him and of course this was her chance to fuck him.

"Well Brad.", she was choosing her next words carefully. "Scott was telling me that you think I'm somewhat beautiful." She was watching him turn red and noticed the bulge in his jeans grow. "Scott also told me that your greatest wish was to get to fuck me."

He shuffled uncomfortably.

"Um... well... yeah.... I... Um.....Ms. Northagen, I didn't mean any disrespect but you are a hot looking lady and I'm probably one of a hundred guys here that would love to."

She smiled, opened her car door and dropped her purse inside. She then pulled her T-shirt out of her pants and walked over to him.

"Okay Brad." she looked at him and coyly smiled. " The first thing you need to do is to stop calling me Ms. Northagen and call me Callie."

As she said this she dropped down to her knees in front of him and firmly grabbed at the bulge in his pants.

"I mean, if you're going to fuck me and I'm about to suck your cock, then you should use my name."

She slid the zipper of his jeans down and pulled his cock out of his underwear. She was not ready for the rod that she pulled out. He was fully erect and he was at least 10" and had to be at least 2 1/2" wide. As she grabbed his shaft she marveled that her hand could barely reach around. She began to slowly run her hand up and down, just barely touching it. She could tell by the way his cock was throbbing in her hand that he was excited. Scott was right, she thought, Brad wanted her and she didn't have that feeling of being wanted for a long time. After brushing his cock, she moved her face closer to the head and gently licked it. Brad let out a slight groan and Callie felt his thighs tighten. She took this as her sign and she took his cock in her mouth. The warmness of her mouth around his shaft caused Brad to moan with pleasure. Her lips running up and down on his manhood felt so good.

Callie continued to rub his cock and she picked up speed on her sucking. She couldn't believe that as she was sucking his cock, he was actually enjoying it. It had been some timw since her husband actually "let" her do this. She dropped down on his cock and was sucking like this was her first. She continued pumping his shaft and could feel it growing inside her mouth.

Brad was holding her head and almost pushing her up and down on his cock. He had always dreamnt of this and now it was happening. He could feel the orgasm inside him growing so he knew he would have to work fast. He pulled her away and pulled her up.

"What's wrong Brad. Did I do something you didn't want?

"No Callie, everything is fine. I want you to do me a favor. Take your pants off and just trust me."

She stood up and started to slide her workout pants off. As she kicked of her gym shoes and her pants, Brad looked at her nakedness and the immediate erection of his manhood signaled his pleasure.

"Do you trust me?" he asked.

"What do you mean by that?" she replied tentatively.

"I'm going to do something to you that will seem unorthodox, but if you trust me, it will be one of the best sensations you've ever had."

With that, he wrapped his arms around her hips and gently picked her up. He spun her around and adjusted his grip, firm but not restricting. The move caught her by surprise but she knew what he was doing. By spinning her she was now upside down in his arms with his rock hard cock in front of her mouth. Before she had a chance to react, she could feel his tounge tickling at her now wet cunt. Brad was furiously running his tongue in and out, parting her pussy lips and probing deep into her. She wrapped her mouth arond his rod and started sucking him again. The cock in her mouth combined with the fellatio Brad was giving her was the best she had in forever. As she bobbed her head up and down, she suddenly realized that all of her senses were under attack. The more she moved her mouth on his cock plus the fact that he was eating her out topped with the blood rushing to her head, Callie was in pure ecstasy. She could feel the orgasm building. She wanted to scream but the pole inside her mouth wouldn't let her. As much as she moaned, she could hear Brad as she was pleasing him too. Finally it got to be too much and as she pulled her mouth away, she felt herself totally let go.

"Oh my god......oh..... Oh fuck......"

Her body was betraying her now. She could feel her cunt pulsating, she could feel her love juices flow, her body tensed and relaxed. Brad was right, it was a sensation she never felt before. She felt completly satisfied and almost drained. As Brad slowly let her down, she didn't think her wobbly legs would support her. He gently placed her against her car and she was still riding the wave of the orgasm. She looked into his eyes and barely felt him pick her up again. She thought he was going to do it again, but he had a bear hug on her and before she could speak, he impaled her on his cock. She felt it slide into her, and aware of his size she normally would have wanted to ease the monster into her. But he drove deep into her and she could do nothing but ride. He began to lift and lower her so that his cock was ramming into her deeper than she ever knew her husband had. Normally during sex she wanted to have some control, but Brad was undeniably the boss, and she actually enjoyed it. She was staring into his eyes watching the intensity and fullfillment he was achieving. Each lift and thrust down upon his cock was bringing her closer and closer to another orgasm.

"My god".. She thought..."He's fucking fantastic". She was still shaken feom the first orgasm and now he was bringing her to a second one. She tried to relax, but it was almost like her body was betraying her. She tried at first to fight it, but then realized that this was one great fuck and she'd enjoy it.

"Oh god Brad..... Oh keep it going... Oh god... I'm going to cum.... Oh yeah baby......"

At that point he felt her whole body tremble, stiffen than relax. She almost went completly limp in his arms. Her cunt was contracting around his still rock hard cock. She was breathing hard and the sweat was forming in her brilliant hair. He knew that he was close, but if he still had the drive, this was going to be the time he'd have to do it.

Callie had her second orgasm. Her husband rarely got her to a first, and looking at Brad she began to realize what she had missed. She always read somewhere that women didn't hit their sexual peak until their forties and with her husband she knew that to be true. But Brad was different, his energy and raw sexuality drained her. She was about to kiss him and say something when he did something totally unexpected.

He felt her orgasm and then her body quivered. She was spent and he knew that she was physically drained. She was about to say something when he made his move. He picked her up and spun her so that he was able to drape her across the back of her car. He spread her legs and literally layed across her back.

"Brad.. What are you..... Are you still hard.... You're not thinking....." he words stammered. She realized that he wasn't done! She never had three orgasms at one time and although she was worn out... She was preparing to give herself to him. But surely, she thought, he couldn't be able to continue. He half layed over her and she felt his still erect and throbbing cock on her ass. She loved doggie style and eased her legs apart for him.

Callie spread her legs and Brad pushed in.


Callie thought he was going to fuck her doggie style, but he pushed into her unprotected ass. She let her husband try to fuck her in the ass once, and his four inch dick hurt. Brad's full ten inches were inside her and she loved it. He was ramming into her, his balls slapping against her ass. She thought it would hurt more but now she couldn't get enough.

Brad thought the instant she yelled that he may have crossed the line. Most of the gals he fucked wouldn't even consider this, but Callie his dream goddess was loving it. He was thrusting inside of her as deep as he could go and surprisingly she was thrusting back.

" Oh god baby... Keep fucking me... Give me your cock..."

Brad couldn't believe that Callie was actually begging for this. As he looked down at her he noticed that she was adjusting to fully take him in her ass. He pumped and thrust and could feel that he was going to explode.

" Oh Callie.... I'm going to cum...."

She quickly pushed him away and forced him out of her. She dropped down to her knees facing him and grabbed his rock hard cock. She furiously started pumping on his shaft.

"I want you to shoot all over my face. Just give me everything you have."

As she pumped his cock with a gentle but firm grip, he noticed that she had two fingers in her cunt playing with herself. He felt the orgasm coming and as he let go he could she the cum shoot all over her face. She lapped it up with her tongue and then just as suddenly she stopped and let out a quiet wimper.

She was stroking him when he came all over her face. She enjoyed the warm juice hitting her, it was something that even her husband never did. She stroked his cock harder trying to milk all of his cum. At that point she brought herself to her third orgasm. She felt drained and as she sat down against her car, Brad sat down next to her. He took her into his arms and they just sat there. She felt no energy, no ability to move, but she also felt alive.

After sitting that way for close to twenty minutes she finally spoke.

"Brad, when Scott told me about how much you wanted me I was hesitant. I mean I'm married and I haven't been with another man for almost half my life. I love my husband and I felt that this was just cheating. Plus you add the fact that I thought I'd feel like a whore and you can understand my hesitation. But after what we just had, I feel more alive and sexually healthier than ever before"

" Callie, I just wanted you. I know this was just probably a one time fuck and I'm cool with that. Don't worry about me telling anybody"

He took her face into his hands and gave her a deep pasionatw kiss. He helped her get dressed, got her into her car and watched her drive away. He was going to owe Scott big time for this one.

Callie drove away, still drained, and as she pulled out of the garage and saw him in her rear view mirror she knew this wasn't going to be the only time. Her husband was going to be a prick again, and Brad was more than enough man for her.

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