tagLoving WivesHubby Comes Home Early

Hubby Comes Home Early


As the meeting ended sooner than expected, I decided to fly home on Friday night instead of returning on Sunday as previously planned. In order to make the surprise complete, I decided not to call Kathy to let her know of my plans. My plane was delayed in Chicago and by the time I made it to my car in the airport parking lot, it was already 9:30 PM.

"Shit!" I though to myself, "This day is completely shot. Oh, well, at least Kathy will be happy to have me home a few days early."

I pulled up to the house and was a bit surprised a strange Toyota Camry parked out in front. I figured it must be one of Kathy's girlfriends, but I still wondered what she would be doing at the house so late. Curious, I looked for signs of lighting in the house, but didn't see anything except for a small glow emanating from our bedroom.

Heart in my throat, I very quietly let myself into the back door of the house. I opened the door slowly and carefully to avoid making any noise and, immediately, I heard a rhythmic thumping sound and what sounded like loud groaning. After a few seconds, I realized I was hearing the headboard of our bed smacking against the wall and the sounds of a couple frantically fucking.

My legs turned to liquid and I could hardly walk. After many months of snooping and patient waiting, could it be my dream was about to come true? Was I finally going to see a guy fucking my wife in my own house?

I took off my shoes and slowly made my way towards our bedroom. I paused at the top of the stairs, afraid to peek in, because I didn't want to be seen. I knew instinctively, that if I were seen, Kathy and whomever she was with would cease their actions and I would miss out on one of my biggest fantasies. My cock was throbbing painfully in my pants, and I heard Kathy moaning and whimpering, demanding that "Mark" fuck her pussy harder.

From what I can tell he was obliging her, because the sound of the headboard pounding against the wall grew louder and more frequent. After two or three minutes, the banging headboard stopped and I froze. I heard Kathy loudly tell Mark that she wanted to ride his big dick and I then heard the sounds of bodies shifting as the couple moved themselves into position.

Soon, I heard Kathy sighing softly as Mark told her to ride his cock. I risked a quick glance into the room and was relieved to see that I was safe for the time being; Kathy was riding his cock with her back to me; neither of them could see me as I peered around the corner of our bedroom door.

My good friend Mark had both his hands on my sexy wife's firm hips as she slowly fucked up and down on one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. Wild with lust, I began to stoke my own hard cock through my pants as Mark's cock stuffed my cheating wife's tight cunt. Faster and faster he pounded her pussyhole as she begin to squeal and whimper.

"Fuck me, Baby!" She whined as Mark powered his hard cock in and out of her cunt, "Your cock feels so good in me! It's so fucking big and hard! Split me open with it!"

"Bounce on it, Kath," Mark ordered her. "Let me feel you bouncing on my cock. Ride that fucking cock for me, Baby. Ride it like a good little slut!"

I watched, mesmerized, as Kathy's hips made small circles as she expertly fucked Mark's big cock. My eyes were locked onto the junction where his prick slid in and out of her little bald cunt and wet, and lewd smacking sounds filled the room as she bucked her ass all over his rock-hard upper thighs. I saw him take one of his hands from Kathy's hips and forcefully slap her tight little ass.

Smack...smack...smack...smack! A loud slapping sound filled that room as Mark firmly spanked Kathy's humping ass with his open hand.

"Yesssss!" Kathy hissed mournfully, "Spank me, Baby! Spank my ass! Spank it hard! Make it pink! Make it pink!"

Smack...smack...smack...smack...smack! Mark's slapping hand soon turned Kathy's ass a bright red and I could clearly see the imprint of his big hand on her firm quivering asscheeks. His cock was a blur as he slammed it repeatedly in and out of Kathy's clenching pussyhole making her moan with pleasure.

Suddenly, Mark stopped and whipped his swollen dick out of Kathy's wet clasping pussy. I quickly jerked back away from the doorway, afraid of being seen as Mark pulled Kathy from off top of him and rolled her onto her stomach. Lying on top of my panting, wiggling wife, he once again slid his glistening cock into her hot, slippery fuckhole.

"Ohhhhh," Kathy moaned and groaned wantonly as she let Mark's hot fuckrod completely fill her needy pussy. She arched her ass high into the air, and Mark began to eagerly slam fuck her upturned twat.

"Use it, Baby, use that pussy good!" Kathy whined loudly. "Stuff it with that big cock!"

My cock beat heavily in my pants as Kathy urged him on. Fuck it as hard as you like! Fuck it as long as you want! Fuck it all night long! It's yours! It's yours! Use it, Baby! Use your pussy!"

Hearing those naughty, nasty words from Kathy made me dizzy. My wife was a wanton little whore and I love it! "Yes, Kathy," I thought to myself, let him know that it is his pussy to use anyway he wants!"

I can tell Kathy's naughty talk has affected Mark too, because he suddenly slowed down and then held himself almost motionless so as not to fill Kathy's burning cunt with his hot cum.

Kathy, however, mistook his reason for stopping and with a husky moan, asked, "Oh baby, do you wanna fuck me in the ass again? Is that what you want? Is that why you stopped? You want to shove that fat cock up Kathy's tight little asshole?"

In the ass? Again? Kathy's words pierced the fog in my head and I slowly sank to the carpet as the blood rushed from my head. As far as I knew, Kathy had never been butt humped before, I certainly had never stuck my own cock up her impossibly tight ass. I was so hot from hearing those words; I don't know how I held back from cumming, but miraculously I did.

With his cock wedged deeply in her clenching muff, Mark slowly shook his head from side to side. "Not yet, Kathy," he responded. "Later maybe; right now, I want you to suck the cum outta my balls."

With that he rolled off of top of my panting wife and Kathy let out a weak moan of protest as his cock slipped from her pussy, leaving it temporarily empty. Smiling broadly, Kathy pushed Mark onto his back and lowered her hot mouth onto his twitching cock.

"Mmmmmm, mmmmmm. I taste sooo fucking good on your dick," Kathy moaned to Mark as she stared into his eyes.

Mark bit down hard on his lower lip, as he tried valiantly not to cum in Kathy's velvety smooth mouth. Bit by bit, Kathy swallowed more of his trembling cockmeat into her hot mouth and throat. Slowly, she began to bob her golden head up and down, up and down, on Mark's swollen fuckstick. I could hear and see her drooling all over his cock and, after just a few moments, she reached a hand down and began to lightly rub his bloated balls.

"Do I do it good, Baby?" She asked huskily. "Do I suck your cock good? Am I a good little cocksucker? Am I better than your wife? Bet she doesn't rub your balls or suck on them the way I do!"

"You're the best, Baby!" Mark responded with a catch in his voice, "You are the fucking best ever! Gayle could never suck my cock like this!"

Pleased at being informed that she was indeed a better cocksucker than Mark's wife, Kathy closed her eyes and swallowed as much of his big cock as possible. My heart pounded widely as I watched five, then six, and then seven inches of throbbing cock disappear down Kathy's clenching throat. After she had all but the final inch buried in her face, she just held it deep in her mouth and slowly shook her head from side to side. A thick glob of spit worked its way from the corner of her widely stretched mouth and slowly slid down Mark's trembling dick to his bloated balls.

Even from my post at the door, I could see that Mark's balls were beginning to twitch and tighten as he fed Kathy all of his tormented cock. His breathing became more labored and he let out a massive groan as the tightness of Kathy's throat surrounding his engorged cockmeat overloaded him with lusty pleasure.

Looking him at him, Kathy must have felt his cock shudder deep down her throat.

"Mpppphhhcum?" She moaned questioningly, "Mppareyoummmpppgonnacummmpph?"

I could barely understand my sexy wife as, through a mouthful of hot throbbing cock, she asked Mark if he was going to cum! He shook violently, and Kathy quickly pulled his throbbing dick from her drooling mouth.

"Yeah, Baby, do it! Do it!" She demanded with a shout. "Do it now! Squirt it all over my face! Cover Kathy's face! Squirt it right in my face!"

In a lustful frenzy, Mark quickly knelt up and pushed Kathy onto her back. Kneeling beside her, he aimed his twitching cock at her pretty cocksucking, begging face and hosed her with a thick stream of molten cum.

My cock detonated at the same time as his, and I sprayed a thick load of sperm into my pants.

Kathy looked dazed and confused as mark shot jet after jet of sizzling hot cum all over her cummy face. I could hear it splatter as his cock recoiled and another jet of foamy cockcream smacked her in the face.

"All over your face, you dumb fucking cunt! Fucking cum all over your pretty slut face. I fucking covered your cocksucking face!" Mark gloated as he milked that last few drops of semen onto Kathy's open mouth.

Her face was totally covered by Mark's huge creamy load cum and I thought she had never looked as sexy as she did then, with sticky white cum dripping from her gorgeous face.

"Wow!" She giggled excitedly, "What a huge load! That was more than you shot on my tits when I blew you in the car last week!"

Mark laughed too and then, to my great surprise, kissed Kathy's face eagerly, licking up his own hot cum. I took the opportunity to sneak into the guest room, not sure if Mark would be leaving soon or if other action might occur. I closed the guestroom door and lay on the bed, wondering how I was going to announce the fact to Kathy (and maybe Mark) that I was home and had seen the fucking in my own bed. The house was extremely quiet, and I must have dozed off to sleep, because I suddenly awoke with a start. I heard sounds coming from outside the guest room and as I struggled to gather my bearings, I glanced at my watch.

It was early in the morning, 4:30AM, but it sounded like Mark and Kathy were at it again! Confirming my initial indications, I soon heard Kathy's quavering voice cry out, "Yeah, push it in, Baby! Push it in! Push it all the way in, Mark! Bury your bone in my cunt!" From her words, I knew that Kathy was getting nailed yet again.

Slipping off the bed, I was about to return to my spot outside our bedroom door to spy on the cheating couple, when I noticed my cell phone on the dresser in the guest bedroom – I must have taken it out of my pocket when I laid down. I had a wicked idea, and called our home phone number; I had to see how Kathy would handle the situation. I had suspected many times that she was lying to me about where she had been or what she had been doing. Now was my chance to find out how good a liar she was!

The phone rang two times and I heard Kathy yelp, "Oh, Shit!" Mark told her not to answer it, but she replied, "It might be Troy, I have to answer it. He'll wonder where I am! Where else would I be at four in the morning except home in bed? I gotta answer it"

On the fourth ring, Kathy picked up the phone and I heard her husky voice, say "Hello?"

"Hi, Baby, sorry to wake you, "I replied, "But I just had to talk to you. I figured you'd be getting up soon to go to work, and that my calling you would not disturb you too much. How is everything?"

There was no doubt Mark could hear my tinny voice over the phone but, nonetheless, he

continued to slowly fuck his hard cock in and out of Kathy's oozing pussy as she spoke to me.

"I'm fine," she answered. "Is everything, okay? You don't normally call me this time of the morning. Are you alright?"

"I sure am." I replied, "I just wanted to tell you how that I miss you and how much I love you."

"I love you too, Baby," Kathy responded as she pulled her knees back into your tits so Mark could watch his cock slide in and out of her bald pussy."

"What are you up to?" I ask, wanting more than anything to hear her lie to me.

"I was sleeping, Baby. What else would I be doing at this time of the morning?

At that moment, Mark slipped in to his balls and Kathy unintentionally let out a low moan of pure pleasure.

"What was that?" I questioned, "What was that sound? Is someone there? What are you doing?"

"Nothing!" Kathy replied, "I just had a cramp in my leg. It hurt, so I groaned. Honey? Can we talk tomorrow; I'm really busy, uhhh, sleepy right now." As she continued to lie to me, she spread her firm thighs wider and shoved her shaved cunt hard and harder onto Mark's probing cock.

"Okay," I responded somewhat sullenly. "I was kinda horny and was hoping we could "play" some."

"Not now, Troy," Kathy responded someone peevishly. "You know I have to be in the mood for that, and you just woke me up. I have to get up for work in a half an hour. Try not to be so selfish and think about me sometime. Call me tonight and maybe we can play a little."

With that, she hung up the phone as I was saying goodbye. Still fucking her creamy cunt, Mark let out loud, "Busy, uhhh, I mean, sleepy, huh? Think he had any idea his cute little wifey was lying in his bed getting her pretty cunt stuffed?"

"Noooooo," Kathy groaned in bliss. "He has no idea, he never has! Now fuck me like you mean it, Baby!"

Despite the early hour, there was plenty enough light for me to see the action and also enough for Mark to watch his rock hard cock bull its way into Kathy's overheated cunt. He slid into Kathy faster and faster, harder and harder, and my cock throbbed forcefully, as I saw her grab her ankles and spread obscenely wide for him. His cock sank in an additional inch into her and they both groaned in appreciation.

Mark was slamming into Kathy harder than I ever could, and I could clearly hear the sounds of his cock reaming her drenched pussy. I could also hear them both sighing and moaning with passion as they kissed and tongue fucked continuously.

Finally, after 20 minutes of non-stop fucking, Mark grunted, "Kath? Can I, Baby? Can I do it? Please can I?"

"Do what, Mark?" She asked innocently. "What do you want to do?"

"You know," he replied with a groan, "You asked if I wanted to earlier!"

"Fuck my butt, you mean? Is that what you want to do?" Kathy asked. "Fuck little Kathy in her naughty little tight asshole? Yow wanna do nasty things to my ass, is that what you want?"

"You know I do," Mark replied "You know how much I love doing that!"

"Why do you like it so much?" Kathy ask as she fixed him with a wicked grin, "Is it because it's so tight back there, because it's so naughty, or because you know Troy never does it there?"

"All three," Mark muttered lustily. "All fucking three!"

My legs again turn to jelly as I listened to Kathy tell Mark that he was going to get to buttfuck her. I had tried, on several occasions, to cram my cock up Kathy's tiny, perfect ass, but each time, the excitement and the sheer nastiness of what I was about to do had overwhelmed me and I had ended up squirting cum all over her round asscheeks and her back. The idea of another man being able to do what I could not, bury a hard cock in Kathy's little tight ass, excited me almost beyond belief, and my cock throbbed obscenely.

Mark used one of his hands to rub Kathy's oily pussy cream into her ass crack. Slowly and carefully, he lubed up her tight butt with her own cunt cream, and then rubbed his saliva all over his cock to grease it up. He stuck one, and then two fingers into Kathy's ass to prepare it for his thick throbbing cock.

Kathy rolled all the way over onto her belly, glanced over your shoulder at him and hissed wickedly, "Stick it in, Baby. Stick that fucking dick into my tight ass. Shove it in to the balls. Make me take it all!"

I groaned softly as I watched him fist his cock and start to shove it up Kathy's butt.

"Nnnngghhhh," she bleated loudly as first the head, and then a few inches of cock, disappeared up her clenching asschute. Mark plowed in slowly, letting Kathy adjust to his big cock as he relentlessly stuffed her quivering ass. In the low light, his cock looked like a huge spike as he tried to drill it all the way up Kathy's tiny ass.

"It's okay!" She grunted as his thick pole split her buns wide apart, "You can fuck it hard now; it gets easier every fucking time you do it. Just go ahead and pound it!"

Even with that green light, Mark slowly and carefully fed his cock up her butt. I knew I was not going to last long, as I watched one of my best friends fuck my cheating wife's tight ass in my own bed.

"Ohhhhh, Kathy," he moaned with delight. "It's so hot and tight. I don't know how long I can last! That ass is just too hot! I've never fucked an ass this hot before!"

"It's okay, Baby," my butt-stuffed wife responded as her little feet beat a slow steady rhythm into the bed. "This is for you...all for you! Just fuck it anyway you want! Do it slow and deep or just pound the fuck outta it!"

Mark took her words to heart and soon he was fucking her harder and faster; rhythmically ramming his thick hard cock deep up Kathy's throbbing asshole. Kathy energetically shoved her butt into Mark's jack hammering thighs, and I was amazed when his cock sank in all the way to the balls in her tiny ass! He rolled her slightly onto one side, and I could see her busy little hand ferociously clawing at her gooey shaved cunt.

Kathy urgently stroked and rubbed her clit as Mark determinedly pummeled her ass from behind. "Ohhhhh God! Yesssss, Baby!" She sobbed helplessly as Mark stuffed her butt with cock. "Unghhhh, unghhhh aggghhhh, make me feel it! Fuck it hard! Fuck the shit outta me!

Mark's cock turned to lead and he couldn't hold back any longer. Suddenly, Kathy stiffened and whimpered that she was going to cum! There was nothing Mark could do but hold on for the ride as Kathy's lithe body convulsed and her clit detonated. She shuddered and shook, howled and hollered, but Mark's big cock remained firmly buried between her tight asscheeks.

Through the lust haze, I could hear Mark whining that he was cumming, but his voice is almost drowned out by the sounds of Kathy's squeals and screams. I convinced myself that I could see his cock throbbing as he fired volley after volley of cockjuice into Kathy's tight, clenching asshole. Kathy felt him shooting boiling hot sperm into her spasming butt and she continued to cum until he finally collapsed, spent from fucking, beside her.

"Hmmm, baby," She sighed contentedly. "You came on me or in me three times today! Think you can go for four tomorrow?"

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No background info so just no story. 1 star is generous.

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worthless ass story, there was no story.

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You must be as sick as your character!

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