tagLoving WivesHubby Learns a Lesson Ch. 01

Hubby Learns a Lesson Ch. 01


I never could have imagined what happened to me. I cannot believe what I did.

I'm a straight-laced woman who has never had a wild tryst with anyone other than my current husband. More often than not, our sexual encounters are alone, in the bedroom, and we have sex once a week like clockwork.

- - -

One evening, my husband, Frank, came home and told me we were going out. "Dress sexy, I'm going to show you off." He declared.

Over the past few years, he has been whispering dirty things into my ear, telling me how much he would like to see me having sex with other people, and how he would like to watch. I'm not into that sort of stuff, but I play along, as it seems to turn him on. But now he is telling me to dress sexy and that he is going to show me off?

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Someplace you have never been before." He replied. "You probably won't meet anyone you know?

I'll confess I was slightly intrigued. I went into my closet and pulled out a tight miniskirt and a tight top that showed off my breasts. I put on a lacy garter and some fishnet hose I have been meaning to show off for his eyes only. Sexy, well I'll show HIM! Over the garters, I slid on matching lace panties before putting on a low cut pushup bra which gave my cleavage some extra oomph. I slid on the skirt and top and went to the bathroom to put on my makeup.

SEXY, huh? I decided to do myself up a little more than I usually do. Some bright red lipstick and heavier on the eyeliner than I usually do, I also decided to try a perfume that I wouldn't normally wear for my daytime office job. I put on some scandalous (well, scandalous for me) high heels, earrings, and a choker, and I had a look that really said, Fuck Me. We'll see how sexy he thinks this is.

I slowly walked down the stairs and I thought his jaw would hit the floor.

"Do I look sexy to you?"

"You're coming out with me like that?" He gulped.

"Well, I think this is how you wanted me to dress." I notice the bulge in the front of his pants, which I lightly caress with my hand. "And I think it's having the effect you wanted. Shall we go?"

He nods, fumbling for the keys, but by the time we get to the car, he regains his composure. He holds open the door for me and says, "You look amazing."

We listen to some jazz as we amble down the highway, talking about our day at work before going completely silent. We head to the outskirts of town to a place I don't ordinarily travel. We stop at a secluded building off the highway. As we walk towards the door, there is someone letting people in. My husband hands him some money, and the man leers at me, undressing what little I am wearing with his eyes. He opens the door and lets us in, no doubt checking my pert ass. The place is dark and a little smoky. The smell of sex is in the air in this place. As I walk down the corridor, I see men and women looking at me, as if they are checking me out. I walk by a passage way and I hear soft moans. The room is dark and lit by candles, are they having sex?

"What is this place?" I ask, startled by what I think I have seen.

"It's a swinger's club." He says, trying to be casual as we walk into the bar.

There are people dancing on the floor and kissing and groping one another. I can't believe he took me here. And now, dressed like I am. I feel like a fly in the spider's web.

"I'll be right back." He says.

"Where are you going?" I plead.

"Just have to go to the bathroom." He says, kissing me fully on the lips.

I order a club soda from the bartender and told him to run a tab. I look around, trying not to make eye contact with anyone.

Then I heard his voice.

"How are you tonight?" He says, his voice deep and strong.

I turn around, and there he is: over six-feet tall with a broad chest and shoulders. Clean cut brown hair and dark brown eyes that seem to pierce my soul.

"Excuse me?" I ask, not believing he is talking to me.

He leans into me, intoxicating me with his musky scent. "I said 'How are you tonight'?"

"I'm fine." I answer, curtly. "I have no idea what I am doing here."

"First time?" He asks.

I nod nervously. "I have no idea what my husband was thinking."

"Well, from what I see, maybe you are too much woman for him to handle!"

"What do you mean by that?" I ask, looking offended.

"I just mean, you are a very sexy looking lady. Many men, and women, would love to take you home."

I must have turned several shades of red. My body flushes and my heart begins to race. They want to have me? Well, of course, silly, that's what they do here, right? Go home and have sex with one another.

"I've never been to a place like this before. I've never done anything like this before. I don't know why I'm here!" I confess to this handsome stranger. I don't confess that his look and his scent are turning me on, as I feel a pool of wetness form between my legs.

"Relax, you're in a safe place. The people here are relatively harmless. They respect people's boundaries and limits. Nobody will give you any trouble." He says in a reassuring way. I feel safe with him, even if he is a stranger. I feel like he will look over me even though my husband has abandoned me here. As I think of my husband, he appears in the crowd, leering at the magnificent man talking to his wife.

"Hello, there!" My husband says. "I'm Frank." He extends his hand to the stranger.


"And I see you've met Cathy."

"Well, we haven't been formally introduced." I say, extending my hand to Rudy, who accepts my hand with a firm grip.

"Pleased to meet you, Cathy." Rudy says, and then turns to my husband. "So, what are you looking for here, Frank?"

"I dunno" Frank shrugs. "Just exploring with my wife. We've never been to anyplace like this before. I mean, uh, a swinger's club."

"Well, what do you think?"

"It's a wild place." Frank replies.

"I was talking to her." Rudy says, his eyes piercing me.

My heart skips a beat as I look into his eyes. I feel so sexy in this outfit, and when I look at him, I want him. Why did Frank take me to this place? The sights, the sounds, the sex! I'm overwhelmed. My head is spinning, and I feel something snap inside of me. As if everything slows down and I'm watching from outside my body.

"I think I've found what I want!" I proclaim, running my hand up Rudy's leg. Looking into Frank's eyes.

Frank looks startled, as I press my body against Rudy, sliding up him as I stand up. He puts his hand to the small of my back until his big hand covers my ass.

"Isn't that why you came here tonight, Frank? To make your wife happy?"

Frank gulps and nods. I don't think he knows what he has gotten himself into. Well, I'll teach him a lesson. If this is what he wants, this is what he'll get.

Rudy presses his hand against my ass and guides me across the dance floor. We walk down a corridor, and find a room. Room, what a joke, a mattress in a partition, open for all to see. I hesitate, but Rudy takes me by the hand and looks into my eyes. I feel safe looking into his eyes, like nothing will hurt me.

We step into the room, and I put my hand on his chest. He puts his hand under my chin and raises him up as he kisses me tenderly on the lips. My nipples harden and I flush with excitement at this soft kiss. I open my mouth and feel his tongue pressed against mine. We hold each other in an embrace and I feel my body drawn towards him, pressing my warm sex against his hardening member.

I push back and run my hand along his leg, feeling his hard cock bulging from his pants. I unzip his trousers and let my fingers wander inside. Oh my GOD! It feels bigger than my husband's. MUCH bigger. My pussy gets wet, wondering if I could fit this behemoth inside of me. I step back and pull it out.

Rudy can see that I am impressed. His penis is several inches longer than Frank's. But it is much, much thicker. I put my hand around it, but my fingers cannot meet! What has Frank gotten me into? He's over there, sitting at the bar. I'll have to teach him a lesson.

I turn Rudy sideways, showing Frank his impressive length, and I get down on my knees. Without hesitation, I wrap my lips around his hardening cock, and taste his musky sweetness. I feel a deep moan vibrating from Rudy's chest. I cannot hear the moan over the dance music, but I pump my mouth on his cock to the rhythm of the beat.

Rudy's hips thrust forward, reflexively, and I take him deeper in my mouth than I've ever taken anyone before. After a few minutes, Rudy pulls me up.

"My turn." He says. His voice bringing me to the verge of orgasm.

He guides me against the wall, and puts his hands on my hips, stroking down my thighs. Then, his hands reach under my tight skirt, finding my panties. In one smooth motion, he slides my skirt up, and my panties down my legs, gently pulling them past my feet. He stands up.

"I would like to have something to remember you by." He says as he puts my soaked panties in his pocket.

His hands cover my chest and pull down my shirt and bra, exposing my breasts and aching nipples. He kisses between my breasts, and flickers each nipple, bringing me closer and closer to the edge. His hand runs up my thigh to my now exposed pussy. I can see Frank leering at us. Looking helpless and excited at the same time. I look into his eyes - This is what you wanted!

Rudy traces his kisses down my breasts and kneels before me, taking my sex to his mouth. I feel his stubble on my thighs as his tongue flickers at my engorged clitoris. His tongue is much more talented than...well more talented than anyone I have ever experienced. My legs almost give out as he takes me to orgasm, lapping attentively at my swollen pussy.

I moan in approval. "Oh GOD, Rudy, that is so good. Take me now!" I push him back on the mattress, and pull down his pants. His cock stands like a skyscraper on the bed. I turn, facing Frank, and straddle Rudy, and guide his massive pole to my waiting sex. His cockhead is huge, but I am so wet, that it pops into me without much effort. As I lower myself onto him, though, I feel like he is stretching me out. His thick rod pushes against every part of my inside. His crown parts every ridge of my G-spot as I slowly slide down his huge cock. I cum hard for a second time, looking across the bar, feeling eyes all around peering at me letting myself go.

Slowly, I pick myself off of him, sliding up his hardness, feeling it touch every ridge inside me as I almost withdraw his penis. Suddenly, I feel Rudy grasp my hips as he thrust his cock deep inside of me. I feel dizzy and almost faint at the overwhelming sensation of his cock thrusting so deeply inside of me. I begin to undulate with him inside of me, looking like a native in some primitive dance.

I ride Rudy for what feels like an eternity. Feeling wave after wave of orgasm run over me. His hands tense, and he pushes me down as he thrusts up, and I feel a warm liquid pulsating inside of me. I scream in ecstasy as he fills my already wet pussy with his seed.

I spin around and plant a long deep kiss on Rudy.

"Thank you for that. I think you gave me something my husband won't soon forget."

"Anytime", Rudy says, gazing into my eyes, standing up and putting his pants back on. He gives me his number and leans over, giving me a long, wet kiss. I lay there as he walks away, legs spread, feeling his cum slowly running down my legs.

I beckon my husband to come over, and I stand up. He looks at me with a sheepish smile as I push him down to the mattress and pull his head between my legs. Frank submissively runs his tongue up my thighs, catching the long line of cum drizzling down my thighs. I pull his mouth into my sex, and I push a mixture of Rudy's and my cum right into Frank's mouth. He looks up at me, wide-eyed, not knowing what to say.

"I think I'm going to like it here!" I push breasts back into my bra and straighten myself up. I take his hand and we walk out of the place and drive home, where I let him ride my already sated pussy.

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