tagAnalHubby Shares Deep Desire

Hubby Shares Deep Desire


Deep desires remain hidden in the heart, sometimes for years. Brian had such a desire and had hidden it from his wife, Teresa. Brian's deep desire was for anal sex. Not in the usual way, though. Brian's desire was for Teresa to make love to his ass.

Years before Brian met and married Teresa he was, for all intents and purposes, bisexual. All through high school, in addition to a few girlfriends, he had boys as "special friends" who would enjoy their sexuality. Once an adult he went into the Marine Corps and found, contrary to the stereotype, many men who enjoyed sex with men. Brian enjoyed many partners and especially enjoyed anal play - both giving and receiving. All the while, Brian also dated women and thoroughly enjoyed being a switch hitter.

Then Brian met Teresa and she took his breath away. She was beautiful, intelligent, and outgoing. They fell in love and married 18 years ago and loved the three kids they had. Their sex life was OK but something was missing. On and off again over the years, Brian would fantasize about have his ass played with ... about something sliding in and out of his ass ... and the great full feeling and how hard he would cum. He would go into the shower from time to time and slide his own fingers into his ass. One at first and then two, and even three sometimes, as he would use the other hand to pump his nice-sized cock. As he came ropes and ropes of hot cum, he felt his ass constrict around his fingers. This is what he missed!

But Brian was in love with Teresa and to cheat on her - especially with a man - was unthinkable! So this began to get Brian thinking. Maybe he could have the best of both worlds with the love of his life? Maybe she would fulfill his desire? But how could he tell her without making her think he was "gay" or something? Would she understand? If he risked sharing this deep desire, would their sex life or marriage be over? Brian thought about it long and hard and looked for that opportunity to share ... to risk.

Months went by. Brian thought of this on and off but never worked up the courage to share his secret desire with Teresa. One particular Saturday, Brian had been teasing Teresa all day with kisses on her neck, and sneaking up behind her and hugging her from behind like she liked. As it was "date night," Teresa was definitely getting in the mood

She was beautiful that night as they went on their date. She was dressed in a navy blue pencil skirt that hugged her full round hips just like Brian liked. She wore a very tight ivory sweater showing off her ample breasts. Her legs were shaved silky smooth and, because she had the legs for it, wore no hose of any sort. And as Brian discovered from coping a feel, she wore a tiny thong underneath.

They enjoyed a meal together at a new restaurant in town and just being together without the kids. Brian looked at Teresa's face with the soft candle light shimmering in her lovely blue eyes and reminded himself of what took his breath away those many years ago. He was deeply in love with this woman!

After dinner, they decided to go walk the mall. Brian enjoyed holding her hand as they browsed the stores. He also slipped his hand beneath the waste of her skirt now and again and caressed the top of her shapely ass - feeling the thong stretched across her flesh. Brian's nice-sized cock began to perk up as he thought of how she would look later with only this thong on and her high heels.

While browsing the bookstore in the mall, Brian saw a section on "Sex and Romance" and teasingly told Teresa that they might need to check that section out. They made their way over and looked at some of books on sensual massage, sexual positions, etc. This is when Brian began to think about his deep desire again.

As they left the bookstore and began the drive home, they talked of the books they saw. Brian remarked to Teresa "I suppose those books are useful, but I think the best way to keep our sex life alive is to tell each other what we really want."

"Yes, it's best to just be open and honest with each other."

Brian asked Teresa "So what's your sexual fantasy, babe? What can I be doing for you sexually that I haven't been?"

Appreciating his question, Teresa thought for a moment and replied "Honestly, babe, you are doing everything I need already. You are good in bed, and I'm satisfied."

"Come on, there's got to be something you've always wanted to try but never asked?" Brian retorted.

Teresa thought again and said, "Well, there is one thing you could do differently .... I love the way you warm me up with oral sex ... in fact you're too good at it. I know you like to make me cum just by using your tongue, and have me cum on your mouth ... and I like it too. But once I've cum, I have a hard time getting back into it. So, when I tell you to stop, and that I need you to come inside me with your cock, I want you to do that."

Brian smiled and said "Well, that's no problem, babe! ... I can do that for you no problem."

Pulling into the drive way, Brian opened the door for his wife and they went inside. They began checking on the kids, and got into the routine of getting them to bed. Brian said that he wanted to take a quick shower before going to bed. She knew what this meant - that he wanted to be clean for love-making. She smiled and grabbed his ass as Brian headed for the shower.

In the shower, the hot water felt good on his skin. His cock was already hard just thinking of what his night would be like. He soaped up and liked the feeling of his hand as his massaged his aching cock. And as he did, he instinctively reached back and ran his fingers down the crack of his ass. He couldn't resist. He ran his index finger down his crack and found his soft rosebud. He began to slowly slide a finger in and stiffened his back as he felt this familiar sensation. Grabbing the wall, he began the in and out motion he loved and, once he was sufficiently loosened up, inserted another finger and continued the in and out motion while slowly stroking his engorged cock. God it felt good!

But he resisted the urge to cum because he wanted to make love to his wife and share that orgasm with her. So Brian slowly slid his fingers out of his ass and let the water trickle over his backside as he regained his composure. He wrapped his towel around himself and headed towards his bedroom. He passed by his little girl's room and saw his beautiful wife tucking his daughter into bed. She was a great mother - another reason he loved her so!

Once in the room, he lit a candle and put on soft music. He took off the towel and pulled the sheets down. The candle light flickered on the ceiling making interesting patterns of light on the ceiling and walls. Soft jazz played in the background setting the mood. Brain laid on the bed and, knowing what Teresa liked, slowly poured massage oil on his semi-aroused cock. He began lightly working his stiffening cock up and down with his hand as he laid on his back with his legs slightly spread.

Teresa entered the room and inhaled the fragrance of the candle and, once her eyes adjusted to the candle light, saw Brian and smiled broadly. She loved to come into the room and see Brian naked on the bed and stroking his cock for her. It made her wet with passion.

"Well ... have you started without me?" She asked him wryly.

"Just getting everything ready for my lover" Brian replied with a grin.

Teresa slowly began to remove the sweater over her head to reveal her breasts being barely held in by her lace bra. He could see that her nipples were already aroused by his "show" for her. She reached behind and undid her bra and her beautiful breasts were released and her nipples hardened more as the night air hit them. Brian's cock was getter harder as he stroked it and watched his wife strip for him. Next she turned with her back to him and slowly unzipped the skirt to reveal the skimpy thong and her nice round ass. Then, with only the thong and her heels left on she approached the bed and laid next to Brian as he continued to stroke his cock for her.

"Let me help you with that, Babe" said Teresa in a lusty voice, as she reached for Brian's cock and began to stroke it with him. Brian always loved it when she stroked his stiff cock and played with his balls.

His cock was not as slick now because the oil had worked its way into the skin, so Brian reached for the oil and poured more on while Teresa went up and down on the shaft and played with his balls, all the while kissing his sensitive nipples. Brian was in heaven ... almost, anyway.

As Teresa continued all this she looked up and said "What's your sexual fantasy, babe? I told you what I wanted ... what do you want from me that I haven't been doing?"

It was now or never in Brian's mind. Dare he risk it? With his aching cock and balls in her soft, warm hands he smiled at Teresa and reached down and placed his hand over hers. With the other hand he poured more oil on his cock and let some run down the crack of his ass. Looking deeply in Teresa's hungry eyes, he said "Babe, this is what I want" ... and began rubbing her fingers along the crack of his ass.

She looked very surprised - never having guessed that this was something he would want. The few times he had tried to stimulate her anus, she asked him to stop. Something didn't feel right about it for her and he respected that. But now, he was gently moaning as he guided her hand and fingers to play with this ass. She was stunned!

Then he took one of her fingers and directed it towards his anus. Teresa hesitated saying "Babe, I don't know if I can do this ...."

Brian was too far gone and pleaded "Babe, it's what I want ... please!"

Seeing the love in his eyes, she allowed him to guide her finger to his puckered, waiting rosebud and she slowly slide her finger inside. Brian moaned more loudly - to her surprise. He was moving his hips up and down as she slowly slid one finger in and out his ass.

Teresa, still somewhat in shock, began to feel herself enjoying giving Brian this new pleasure. Seeing his stiff cock needing attention, she reached for it with her left hand. With her right she fucked his ass and with her left she was stroking his engorged cock, all to Brian's obvious delight!

Then she slowly took Brian's cock into her warm mouth and continued sliding her finger in and out of his ass. Brain was coming unglued at his fantasy being realized. In his ecstasy, he cried out "Slip another in, Babe! Please!"

And without missing a beat, Teresa worked another of her fingers into Brian's ass and was finger-fucking him harder and harder.

Sensing that he was on the edge, Teresa pulled her mouth off his cock and once again began pumping his cock up and down as she fucked her husband's ass with her two fingers. Harder and harder she jerked his cock. Deeper and deeper she plunged her fingers. And then she felt what she knew Brian must have felt hundreds of times when inside her. She felt his muscles contacting tightly around her fingers, as if it were her cock inside him, and saw Brian cum like she had never seen him cum before.

He pushed down hard on her fingers in his ass and rope after rope of hot cum shot from his cock as Brian moaned in ecstasy. He coated his stomach with his cum and Teresa watched as he collapsed from the depth of his orgasm.

Slowly slipping her fingers out of him, she nuzzled up to him and rubbed the hot, sticky semen into his stomach and onto his cock. Brian laid there still not believing that he had experienced this fantasy.

Brian finally spoke up and said "Thank you, babe. I've always dreamed of you doing that .... I hope you didn't feel ... well ... too weird ... " and his voice trailed off.

Sensing the need to reassure him, Teresa cupped his face in her hands and kissed him deeply, saying "I've never loved you more than I love you right now, babe .... I'm glad you told me what you want and need. And to be honest, this was a real turn on! I hope you don't think you're through for the night ..."

With that, Teresa rose up from his side and straddled him. She worked her way up and positioned her wet pussy over his face, and sliding her thong to one side, offered herself to him.

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